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Golden Boy

Pairings: Chris Evans x Reader

Word Count: 2165

Warnings: Smut - NSFW

Summary: After playfully sending suggestive pictures to Chris right before he presents at the Oscars you realize that you are in for the night of your life.

Author’s Notes: This wasn’t planned. I had no idea Chris was going to wear a velvet bowtie to the Oscars. I’m basically CEvans Trash. I literally just wrote this – instead of watching the freaking Oscars – so if there are any ridiculous grammar errors – please forgive me… I am tired and hormonal. This is probably trash, ha!

I tagged those of you that liked my initial post asking about this (along with some others). Soo yeah…..

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You hummed to yourself absentmindedly as you applied the rest of your makeup. Chris had promised his mom that he would take her to the Oscars this year, and you had agreed that it was a good idea. After the show was over you were to meet up with him to go to the after parties – which, let’s face it, were always the best part of the night. As you rapped your knuckles lightly on the bathroom countertop your phone dinged – alerting you to an incoming message. You reached for it as you finished putting on your lipstick. Of course it was from Chris.

“Miss you beautiful. Can’t wait to show you off to everyone.” You couldn’t help but smile at this. Of course he would send you something sweet. He had panicked that you would be upset about not going with him to the show, but you had assured him over and over that it was fine.

You had watched him get ready earlier that afternoon – the sight of him in his fitted suit and velvet tie had left your panties soaked. While you had secretly hoped for a quickie before he left for the show you had reasoned with yourself that there wasn’t time. Even the thought of the way he looked caused the tingling between your legs to start again. You checked the time on your cellphone before smiling. If the show was running on time Chris would be presenting within the next five minutes – you turned towards the television playing in the hotel bedroom for confirmation that the scheduling had not gone askew. It hadn’t and you couldn’t help but think how perfect the timing was. You were still only wearing your lingerie – not willing to wear your beautiful dress in fear of getting makeup on it. You positioned your hand over your panties, suggestively touching yourself, and formed a pout before snapping a picture.

“Wishing you could give me a hand.” You texted as you sent the picture. You could tell by your notifications that he had immediately seen it and you couldn’t help but smirk to yourself as you sat your phone down and finished getting ready.

“Jesus Christ,” Chris muttered to himself as he opened your text.

“Everything okay?” Someone beside him asked.

“Oh yeah… yeah,” he nervously blundered as he secured his phone safely back into his pocket. He was due to go on national television any minute, and was now also secretly praying that he could quell his body’s response to your text long enough to present. He chuckled nervously to himself. He knew you had done it on purpose. He had told you when his presentation was, and who it was after so you wouldn’t miss it. “I swear to god, Y/N. You’re going to be the death of me,” he mumbled to himself as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Mr. Evans are you sure you’re okay?” A stagehand asked nervously.

“Never been better!” He announced a little too enthusiastically. Causing his co-presenter to jump beside me.

“Great… you are on in five….four…”

That was fine – he thought to himself – two could certainly play this game and payback was going to be a bitch.

You were nervous. After your text you had never received a response from Chris, but you were sure that he had saw it. Initially you had laughed during his presentation. He seemed maybe just a little flustered – most people wouldn’t have noticed, but most people hadn’t taken him to bed before either. As you exited the limousine you looked around nervously – nearly jumping out of your skin when a warm arm wrapped itself around your waist.

“Hey Babe,” he whispered into your ear – giving you a quick peck on the cheek. You looked up at him and he graced you with one his dazzling smiles. It was only when you really looked into his eyes that you realized he had definitely seen the picture, had certainly reacted to it, and the game was totally on. You swallowed hard – trying to bottle up your excitement as he smirked at you while you walked towards the entrance of the venue. “Just for the record,” he whispered – his beard tickling your ear – “I had to masturbate in the bathroom during the Academy Awards, because of you.” He gave your ass a quick slap which caused you to straighten up in surprise. You couldn’t help but smirk back at him – this was certainly going to be a night to remember.

“Sebby!” Chris shouted as he waived Sebastian over to your table. Sebastian said his hellos before taking a seat between Jeremy and Chris.

“What was up with you tonight?” Sebastian asked with a smirk. His eyes seemed to twinkle with humor as he offered you a wink.

“What do you mean?” Chris asked as he tried his hardest to keep a straight face – failing miserably.

“You seemed a little flustered is all,” Sebastian shrugged as he laughed. “Can’t imagine what would cause Chris to lose his cool,” he added to which Jeremy chuckled.

“I was a little distracted by something,” Chris added seriously as he turned his gaze to you. You knew the more his friends joked the more you were going to pay once you were alone with him.

You smiled shyly as you brought a glass of wine to your lips. “I guess you need to work on that babe,” you shrugged before turning your attention back to your conversation with Jeremy’s wife.

The following hours seemed uneventful – at least where Chris’s revenge was concerned. You gushed over celebrities like Emma Stone, as he politely introduced you – never taking his eyes off of you as you interacted with his friends. Everyone continued to drink – the alcohol seemed endless. Each time a bottle was finished at least two more arrived to replace it.

“Everyone should be dancing!” Sebastian declared as he rose from his chair.

“Oh come on man,” Chris muttered as he shook his head. His face was tinged pink from the amount of alcohol he had consumed. “I don’t know if I can even stand right now,” he laughed.

“Y/N?” Sebastian asked as he offered you his hand. You took it willingly looking over his shoulder to see Chris’s reaction. He was watching you like a hawk – good.

You left the table with Sebastian hand-in-hand. Out of all of Chris’s friends you liked Sebastian the best – probably because you had known him before you had ever met Chris. “You are going to have hell to pay,” Seb laughed as you danced against him.

“A girl can only hope,” you laughed as you smirked in Chris’s direction. He was already rising from his chair – his eyes trained only on you and his best friend.

“That didn’t take long,” Sebastian laughed as Chis meandered his way through the crowd. As he neared Sebastian shouted, “She’s all yours,” before laughing and walking back to the table where everyone else had stayed.

“Do you have any idea what you do to me?” Chris muttered into your ear as he pulled you roughly into him. He placed his hands on your hips –guiding them to grind into him as you felt his growing erection. “You kill me,” he muttered breathlessly against your neck. You could feel the wetness between your legs grow as he continued to harden against your contact. The feeling caused you to let out a soft moan. “Oh do you like that,” he whispered seductively into your ear.

“Yes,” you responded breathlessly. “Chris, I…” but he cut you off.

“Follow me,” he demanded as he took your hand, guiding you towards one of the many private bathrooms. Being a celebrity had its perks – at least you had a room to yourself.

You sighed as Chris looked the bathroom door behind him. You were ready. Ready for him to ravage every part of your body.

“Not so fast,” he chuckled as he pushed you gently onto the couch – you never quite understood the need for couches in bathrooms, but for once you were glad to have one. You pouted quietly as Steve took you in. “Now listen here baby girl – you’ve been torturing me all night. Sending me that naughty picture of you and grinding yourself up against my best friend. Now it’s my turn,” he muttered softly as he slowly removed his tie. “Give me your hands,” he commanded. You obeyed giving him your hands. He took them in his hands and tied the velvet material around them securely. He spun you on the couch – making you lay on it fully before raising your hands above your head. “These better not move, do you understand me?” He asked. You nodded as you whimpered your assent. You would do whatever he said if he would help the aching feeling between your legs.

He smirked as he worked your dress up to your waist – admiring a portion of the lingerie he had seen earlier in the picture. He slowly planted kisses up your leg causing you to squirm uncontrollably. More than anything you wanted to twist your fingers through his hair and you soon found your hands moving from their position. “What did I say?” he asked calmly as you placed your hands back above your head. “Good girl,” he hummed – kissing your wet core through your panties. “I think we can get rid of these,” he murmured against your skin as he worked your panties off. He gently circled his thumb around your sensitive clit causing you to buck your hips. “Mmm, my naughty girl. You’re so wet,” he remarked as he slid a finger inside of you causing you to moan out his name. “That’s right baby, you’re mine,” he said fiercely as he added another finger – pumping them in and out of you as you squirmed with pleasure. You could feel your walls tightening at his touch and your moans became louder. You didn’t care who heard you. “Not yet baby,” he whispered as he removed his fingers.

“What?” Your head snapped forward at this. He couldn’t just get you close and then stop. “Chris,” you whined as you tried to sit up. He pushed you back gently with a smile before moving his face between your legs. He smirked up at you before burying his face into you. As he lapped at your wetness you moaned his name louder causing him to suck on your sensitive clit. As you bucked your hips he slid a finger into you. His mouth and fingers were too much – causing you to cum all over his face. He lapped away your orgasm – causing more moans to fall from your mouth – before he broke away with a smirk. His beard was glistening with the remnants of your pleasure which immediately made you ready for round two.

“Stand up,” he demanded as he stood and offered you his hand. You placed your bound ones in his and he helped you to your feet. “I want you to bend over the sink,” he explained as he motioned over to the sink. You did as he commanded – your bound wrists stinging softly as the velvet bit into your soft flesh. You watched in the mirror as he removed himself from his pants – stroking himself a few times before approaching you from behind. He lifted your dress to your waist again before nudging your legs apart with his own. As he slid into you fully you groaned. He began to thrust into you as he held on to your hips tightly. “God – you are so tight,” he exclaimed as his thrusts began to become more disjointed. You groaned as your body reacted to his thrusts – you could feel your walls tightening again with the promise of a glorious orgasm. When he began palming your sensitive clit you came undone around him – your orgasm spurring his own. He stiffened as he filled you with himself. He sighed softly into your hair as he kissed the back of your neck affectionately before removing himself.

“So that’s what happens when I send you nudes when you’re at the Oscars?” you asked with a laugh as you sat shakily on the couch.

“I guess so,” he chuckled as he plopped down beside you – wrapping his arm around you and bringing your head to his shoulder.

“Well I guess I should do that more often,” you shrugged as you both laughed.

“Oh hell,” Chris sighed as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

“What is it?” you asked alarmed.

“Seb and I had a bet on who would have sex at an Oscars’ after party years ago. I never thought it would be me so I’ve given him hell for years about it,” he grimaced.

“Well I guess it’s time to pay up,” you chuckled as you both rose from the couch.

“It was worth every last fucking penny,” Chris responded as he pulled you into him – planting a soft kiss on your lips.

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The Preacher’s Daughter // A Mitch Rapp Smut

Author: @minhosmeanhoe

A/N: This is mine and @stilinski-jpeg ‘s first series together and I’m so fucking excited for y’all to see what we have planned. Love you Nia and thank you for being my best friend. 

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x Reader / Mitch Rapp x OFC

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit Sexual Content, Smut, Fingering, Oral (Male on Female), Sinning, Underage Drinking, and Swearing.

Word Count: 6,176

Song: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” I asked, my nervous voice ringing with the sound of my heels clicking against the pavement.

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That Was Not Acting - Cody Christian imagine

Summary: Y/n is an actress, she stars as Theo’s beta on Teen Wolf and has been for the past 1 ½ years. Her character Rebecca is required to have a steamy make out session with Theo leading into other things. No one knows that both Y/n and Cody are actually in a serious relationship until now.

Warning: Steamy make out sesh,kinda fluff and suggested smut.

A/N: gif credit to their respected owners ps ignore the fact i used Scallison as a gif it was the closest to my imagination XD

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The day started like any other I arrived on set at a quarter to 8 as I always did, as usual Shelley and Tyler were on set first. I parked my car,grabbed my phone and bag then made my way out locked the car and went on with my way.

“Hey Y/n,on time as usual” Tyler greeted “that’s my girl” Shelley embraced me sweetly “So whatcha wanna do till showtime?” I asked “I dunno how bout pull a prank?” Tyler smirked wickedly “yes totally” Shelley moved her hands like a wicked scientist “but who?” I wondered “well we’ve done Dylan,Sprayberry,Ryan,Victoria-” Tyler began but Shelley cut him off “Khylin,Michael, Ian,J.R,Melissa,Holland,Each other” I pondered “Cody..we haven’t done Cody” I smiled nervously “that’s so true” Tyler exclaimed “let’s get a move on it he gets here by before 9″ Shelley expressed.

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Auston Matthews - Perks

Originally posted by at-hannabunton

Request: “  Hey there! I was the one who requested the marner hatred imagine and u did an awesome job with it! Can I request an imagine where the reader and Auston Matthews have been bffs since forever but have always secretly had a crush on one another? Maybe the Auston sees one of the guys hitting on her at a party or somethin and gets really upset so being the awesome BFF she is she asks him what’s good and Auston just blurts out that he’s been in love with her basically forever and then her reaction :) “

A/N: Ahh I’m really glad that you enjoyed the first imagine enough to request again!

Also! Fun Fact: I’m really behind on requests. I have like 23 just sitting in my inbox right now. I’m getting to them, babes, I promise!

Warnings: Language

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|| Homecoming ||

{summary: transferring to a new school at the start of your junior year holds many challenges, but befriending two kind boys by the name of ned leeds and peter parker along with his girlfriend, liz, makes things all the more easier for you.

that is, until peter shows signs of developing feelings toward you.}

guys, did you die after that trailer? because i did, and i felt sooo jealous of liz when she was about to kiss peter despite how sweet they looked together. this story is very self indulgent, i admit, but it was made because i adored the trailer so much [♥] that’s why i didn’t write anything yesterday, because i was sooo hyped for the trailer that i knew that seeing it would give me the inspiration to write something for peter ;w;

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @wavy-ley , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

**don’t plagiarize/repost this story. reblogs are fine**

final word count: 6,600+ (holy shit a new record for me for this website!!)

warnings: omg not another love triangle !! who will be endgame? who will it not break even for? find out under the cut!!


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“Everything’s Going To Be Just Fine “ - Brett Talbot and Scott McCall AU Imagine

Requested by @supercarricat - Hello lovely writer, I want to request an imagine (english isn’t my first language, so sorry for grammar mistakes): Can I request an Imagine where Y/N and Brett transfer to Beacon Hills High School and she sees Lydia flirting with him and gets jealous. And she confronts Brett an they fught? just fluffy happy end (with the happy end it can be as sad as you like in the middle. But please, happy end :D) Thank you very much 

Requested by Anon: Oooh. Could you please do a Scott imagine during S6 and the reader is a celestial kitsune and isn’t affected by the ghost riders? Maybe during the lacrosse game or something. Its up to you but mainly like, fight scenes?? Or when Theo comes back. Thank youuuuu

Word Count: 2,993

Warnings: reader being stabbed

Author’s note: Okay, because I was struggling to come up with something long enough to read for both of these two requests, I decided to put these two together. Especially since the person who sent in the Scott request didn’t specify if the reader was a love interest for Scott or not. I decided to have them be best friends and the reader is romantically involved with Brett. I hope y'all don’t mind with the changes I made for this imagine. Happy reading!

[My Teen Wolf Master List]

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When my best friend, Scott, called to tell me The Ghost Riders were in Beacon Hills, I knew transferring to Beacon Hills High was the perfect solution. I’m not a werewolf like Scott and Liam, a werecoyote like Malia, or a banshee like Lydia. However, I am pretty savvy with a sword and know martial arts, the perks of being a celestial kitsune for 500 years.

When I explained to my boyfriend, Brett, why I was transferring schools, he didn’t like the idea at first. He knew Scott was a great True Alpha and had a pack that always seems to beat the impossible, but he refused to let me out of his sight. He transferred with me, as he is very protective when it comes to my safety. You’d think I would find it sweet, or even romantic, but lately it’s been annoying to have someone on your heels of every second of every day.

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Torn (Seth Rollins x Reader) Part 1/2

Part 2

Do not post this story without my consent (on any site or platform), under any circumstance, unless I specifically told you that you could. Thanks!

A/N: Yo. Deal with this, because I can’t. This is like angst and heartache for the sake of it, also I don’t even know who I’m rooting for anymore, but hey it’s all good. First things first: this is a fic for @nuroxic because this gurl needed it and she’s AMAZING, so, that’s that. Secondly, please note that this part contains just as much Baron Corbin as it does Seth Rollins, but fear not, the second part will be all Sethie-poo. Finally, please enjoy my feelings, and tell me how you feel, too!

Summary: Today is day one: the first day of the rest of my life. The first day of falling out of love with Seth Rollins.

Warnings: Swearing, crying, betrayal, LOVE. No but really it’s all good.

Word count: 5745

Tags: @hardcorewwetrash @littledeadrottinghood @caramara3 @i-kneel-for-king-loki @princess3733 @queenreignsempire @lisacarter2016 @stacy326 @alexahood21 @roxannaramona @littlemissava13 @drgns8er @skyereignsrollinsmain @imagineall-the-fandoms @blondekel77 @thiickreigns @m-a-t-91 @valeonmars @ihtscuddlesbeeetchx3 @superrezzy00 @momis30 @laochbaineann @alexispoo @crossfitjesusinskinnyjeans

Laters! xx

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If any literary character could be my best friend, who would I choose?

I’d like to meet Gatsby because he could teach me to dream.
I’d want Miles Halter to idolize me.
I’d run away with Wesley because he’d do as I wish.
I’d want Rudy Steiner to beg me for a kiss.

Charlie, the wallflower, seems like he’d understand.
And I’d feel so much better with Hermione Granger on hand.
Sometimes I’d want Piggy to remind me what’s right.
I’d want Fang or Max Ride to take me for a flight.

I’d swing in the backyard with Augustus and Hazel Grace.
I’d want the Phantom of the Opera to finally show me his face.
I’d want the great Sherlock Holmes to teach me how to think.
I'd want Frodo Baggins to pull me into the boat when I sink.

I’d want Sydney Carton to lose his head for my sake.
I’d want Noah to row us both out on the lake.
I’d want Legolas and Gimlee to call me a friend.
I’d want Samwise Gamgee to carry me to the end.

But out of all the ideals, I think I’d like to choose
I’m glad at the end my best friend is still you.

—  AN

Hey there! Since I really love all of your blogs, I wanted to do a blog showcase! This is my 1st one, so I hope you’re gonna like it. I love you guys, thks for following me and being the best ever .. Here are how to join :

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After Care (m)

Slytherin!Jungkook Drabble | 01

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,496

Request: When Jungkook gets hurt during a quidditch game, and you want to give him a little extra attention afterwards.

A/N: i was messing around with links and i accidentally deleted this, so i’m just reposting it

A silence swept over the crowd as everyone’s breaths caught in their throats. Your hands cupped your mouth in fear as you watched Jungkook tumble to the ground. Every single one of the stirring brooms in the air ceased to move as they stared down at his body. You ran from your seat, and straight for the wooden edge as tears sprang to your eyes. You feel a hand immediately come down on your back, and you look over to find Yoongi staring back at you with calming eyes.

“Jungkook—” You started, but a sudden whisper began echoing through the mob of people. You quickly tore your eyes from Yoongi and back to the open field, and that’s when you see it. You see the movement of his body as he began to shakily stand up from his position on the ground.

Instant relief floods your heart, and you feel the corners of your mouth twitch into a smile, when suddenly Jungkook raises his hand in a closed fist. You, along with everyone else gasp when you recognize the pose, and you’re all already jumping around like idiots when the announcer finally booms the words of victory.

“Jeon Jungkook has caught the snitch, Slytherin wins!” The wave of black and green immediately erupts, the screams of joy completely deafening on your side of the stadium, and you can’t help but laugh at seeing the noticeable deflation of your gold and garnet rivals from across the field.

You quickly turn to wrap Yoongi in an embrace, which he excitedly returns. You’re smiling from ear to ear when you realize that even though Jungkook caught the snitch he was probably still really hurt. And if he was, there was no way you were going to get to see him tonight to make sure he was really okay. Yoongi must notice your look of distress because you quickly feel a solution being whispered in your ear.

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I need friends!!

I need more friends that are a part of these fandoms: Dan and Phil Shane Dawson Tyler Oakley Rickey Dillon Jacksepticeye Markiplier Zoella Joe Sugg Caspar ||Superwomen|| Dolan Twins Lucas and Marcus Joey Graceffa Connor Franta Glozell Colleen/Miranda Jenna marbles Supernatural Sherlock Full House F.r.i.e.n.d.s Phantom of the opera Hamilton Troye Sivan One Direction 5sos MCR P!ATD FOB TOP PTV Percy Jackson Perks of being a wallflower Harry Potter The walking dead Michael Jackson Elvis 80s and 90s movies Anything Leonardo DiCaprio

Comment any of the fandoms your in if any match my list so we can become like best friends 😂❤️


The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012) - Stephen Chbosky

5 bullets on this film: 

  • Yeah, I know it has become a pseudo intellectual teen cliche, but fuck it, I love this movie. Every time I watch it I feel this urge to text my friends and tell them how much I love them. Man, friends are the best thing in this world, and this film makes you realize that. 
  • God bless the soundtrack. I’ll say it twice and louder for the people in the back: GOD BLESS THIS SOUNDTRACK.

  • The cast is great. Logan Lerman did really well in this film, but let’s talk about Ezra Miller????? He’s perfect as Patrick and he really got into the character. I hate seeing young talented people, it makes me feel kinda worthless. 

  • Stephen Chbosky is the director of the film AND the writer of the book, so all the important details of the story and the cute quotes are still there. I think I had never seen a better adaptation of a book, honestly. 

  • The themes go from sexual abuse and mental illness to friendship and music. AND I LOVE THAT. It’s really inspiring, and if you’re going through a hard time, watch this movie, it makes you feel alive.

@kollyreign’s kollywood challenge 4/41→  A character you’d love to be best friends with

perks of being Deva’s friend:

  • you are now in the Baahubali timeline
  • peak aesthetic without any of the royal mess of having royal blood
  • you are in the presence of the coolest character to ever exist
Holy Trench Coat || Stiles S.

Word count: 1020

After watching Mr. Stilinski get into the police cruiser and drive away, I stepped out of my car from across the street holding the coat tight against me.

Immediately, my almost naked body was freezing underneath the long black trench coat and I wondered to myself if it was actually worth spending the extra twenty-five minutes in the shower shaving my legs if it only took three seconds in the cold to grow back. 

However, as I took more steps toward the house my heart started to pound so hard, it felt as if it would burst from my chest at any second.

“How did you convince yourself to do this Lyla?”  I grumbled, watching as my words came out in a gray cloud of smoke in the chilly night air. 

My uggs slapped against the road as I crossed it, walking up the driveway to the front steps. I thought about knocking, but I wanted it to be a surprise and I knew that Padre Stilinski never locked the door unless no one else was here.

Slowly, I turned the knob in my hand and for a second I thought of how this would look to an outsider. It probably seemed that I was waiting for the sheriff to leave, being all stalker like so I could rob his house, but in all reality, I wasn’t here to rob anything.

Well, unless you count Stiles’s virginity.

Now, that sounded as if I planned to rape him, which I wasn’t. I was only here trying to save both of our lives and because I’d been in love with this schmuck for the last five years and I wasn’t going to let his life end all because some stupid evil creature wanted to have virgin sacrifices.

After opening the door, I quietly shut it and walked up the steps to Stiles’s room. With every step I took, I felt my legs get weaker and my confidence falter.

What if he didn’t want to?

What if he thought I was ugly?

What if he was saving it for my sister?

That last thought struck a chord in my gut and I stopped on the stairs. It wasn’t a secret that Stiles held feeling for my sister, Lydia Martin. Hell, I had even heard him say it once.

It was the first day of sophomore year, the day after Scott was bitten by that stupid alpha, Peter. Lydia and I had just gotten out of her car when I saw Stiles and Scott talking to each other. Instead of following Lydia, like I normally did, I branched from her path and headed towards my two awkward best friends since seventh grade. 

As I walked up to them, I heard Stiles speaking. “Dude, this is the best thing that has ever happened in this town. It’s almost as great as the birth of…” Scott nudged him as I arrived in their presence, alerting Stiles, whose eyes got wide before looking away from me at my sister. “Lydia Martin.”

I raised an eyebrow, trying not to give away how much hurt was in my chest before piping up. “You know, that was my birth too, perks of being twins.”

Stiles stated some joke after that but it never left my mind and it still holds a name to a crack in my heart today. 

Shaking my head, I rid the memories of that day before continuing up the stairs. Soon, I was face-to-face with Stiles’s door and I could hear him talking inside. The sounds of a tv and gunshots rang from outside the door. 

“Take that zombie! Couldn’t get me! I’m the Alpha now, bitch!” All were things that I heard as I waited outside the door wondering how long it was going to take me before I chickened out, walked back to my car, drove home, put on some comfy pajamas, got into bed, and wondered about the what if’s that could have happened tonight.

Memories of that boy tied to a tree with his throat slit burned into my mind. I couldn’t let that happen. Not to me and certainly not to my Stiles.

Once again, I slowly turned the knob and entered the room. Stiles sat in his computer chair with a remote controller in his hand and headphones on his head as he continued to kill the zombies that approached him on the screen. He was barking orders at what I assumed was the other players in the game.

A part of me wanted to continue staring at him, but then I realized just how creepy and Edward Cullen like that really was. So, to get his attention, I cleared my throat.

As if nothing had happened, he continued to play the game yelling out vulgar things and commanding orders. 

Irritation started boiling in my veins. I tried once more to clear my throat, but it was to no avail. Finally, upset with the lack of attention I was getting (I was a Martin after all), I yelled. “Stiles!”

His hands went up in the air, letting go of his controller as it flew above his head and landed on the ground with a soft thud. His chair almost tilted backward from the sudden motion of his body as he jumped and a loud squawk left his lips.

Turning to face me, he removed the headphones from the back of his neck where they had fallen as his breaths came to him in pants. “Lyla? What the hell are you doing here and why did you scare the living crap out of me?”

Mustering all the courage I had I let the words flow from me.

“I’m not going to die a virgin Stiles, and I’m going to let you die either.”

With that, I let my hands drop from the trench coat and watched Stiles’s expression as the material pooled at my feet. The only thing left on my body was a matching set of black lace lingerie. 

His eyes went so wide, I almost expected them to pop out. A choking sound left his lips before actual words.

“Holy shit.”

Part 2? With some smut? ;)

Roses - Part 3

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Warning: lots of alcohol consumption

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“You texted everyone?” You sat at Angelica’s vanity while she curled your hair into tight ringlets. Alex, and John, really liked your hair when it was curled.

“Yeah, in the group chat. Eliza and Maria are going to be late, though.”

“More house hunting?”

You nodded and hissed when your hair was pulled by the curler.

“How many times do I have to do this for you to remember not to move? You almost burned your neck off last time.”

“Almost being the key word.” You typed a few texts to the group chat, confirming that everyone should meet there at nine.

“You’re as bad as Lex.” Angelica sighed and finished your last curl. “No wonder you two are dating.”

You turned around in the chair to look up at her. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?”

“I don’t know. Maybe that guy you mentioned earlier? Who likes someone else?”

“Kind of. But there’s nothing I can do about it. And there’s nothing you can do about it either so no meddling.”

You pouted. “Fine. Can I at least straighten your hair?” You grinned and coaxed a smile out of your best friend.

“Yeah, okay.”

“Yay!” You stood up and pushed on her shoulders so she’d sit down in the chair. “We’re gonna look so good tonight, you’re going to be able to go home with any guy you like.”

Angelica snorted. “Just straighten my hair so we can pick out our outfits.”

You had to say you were pretty proud of how good you and Angelica looked. She had chosen to wear a pretty midnight blue dress that sparkled and came to her mid-thigh. It also had a pretty great view of her cleavage. You, on the other hand, picked out a bright red romper with open strips on the back and sky high black heels.

You turned away from the window to face Angelica as the cab reached the street Mulligan’s was on. “Okay. What’s the game plan again?”

Angelica held up a hand to count off each step of the game plan. “Find a hot guy. Get hot guy to buy me a drink. Dance with hot guy. Bring hot guy home.”

You grinned and opened the cab door. “Good. This is gonna be a great night.”

She straightened her dress as she stepped out of the cab and flicked her hair over her shoulder, gaining some appreciative looks from a group of guys walking to Mulligan’s.

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

Angelica rolled her eyes.

“Oh, I have Lex. And knowing him, we’re probably gonna end up having a quickie in one of the bathrooms.”

“I’m pretty sure Herc banned us from having sex in his club.”

You grinned mischievously and linked your arm with hers. “When has that ever stopped me? Or more importantly, Alex?”

She laughed and you joined in. “You’re right. He probably slept through half of the boroughs before you got to him.”

“That’s comforting. How many exes do you think I’d have to fight if this was a Scott Pilgrim movie?”

“Girl, you’d be up against a small army. I’m going to pray for you.”

You laughed again and grinned when you saw Alex and John waiting by the front of the line for you to arrive.

John saw you first and his eyes widened. You’re pretty sure his jaw almost dropped.

Smirking, you held him at arm’s length, lightly squeezing his biceps as you looked him up and down. “Look who cleans up well!” You laughed and hugged him, fully aware of how your chest was pressed against his.

John’s voice was gravely as he hugged you back and spoke into your ear. “Watch yourself, Y/N.”

You smirked and mumbled back. “Where’s the fun if you can’t get caught?”

Alex grabbed your attention when you stepped away by pulling you into a kiss. “You look great, babe.”

“Well worth the two hours?”


You grinned and kissed him again.

Angelica coughed from behind you. “Are we waiting for everyone else or are they already inside?”

You ended the kiss, blushing, but tucked yourself into Alex’s side.

John glanced between the two of you before replying. “Herc’s inside already, of course. And when Laf and Peggy got here they went inside to see him.”

Alex interrupted. “Remember when you dated Herc, John? Laf almost killed you every time you guys kissed in front of him.”

“Wait,” you looked at John with wide eyes, “you and Herc?”

“There are some things you don’t know about me yet, princess.”

“Like what,” you challenged.

John shrugged. “I hooked up with Madison until I found out he was a Republican.”

Alex laughed and high fived his best friend.

You looked at Angelica and you both rolled your eyes at the two men.

“So other than Maria and Eliza, who are going to be late, everyone’s here?”

You nodded and tugged on Alex’s hand. “Let’s go inside.”

He smiled at you. “After you, my darling.”

“Come on, loverboy.”

The bouncer smiled at the four of you and lifted the rope to let you in, inciting groans from the long line. Just the perks of being friends with the owner.

You quickly made your way through the throngs of people to the bar where Hercules was making his signature “Irish” margaritas that you were 72% sure had absynthe in them. Sitting on the bar next to him and sipping one of those margaritas through a bendy straw was Laf.

You grinned when you saw them and Laf hopped down from his perch to give you a bear hug.

Mon ami! It’s been so long!”

You laughed but hugged him back tightly. Laf gave the best hugs. “We had dinner last week, Laffy.”

“That’s way too long without seeing your jolie sourire. You know, if I wasn’t gay, I’d probably try to steal you from Alexander, here.” He leaned in to whisper to you. But, as Laf couldn’t whisper sober, what he said was announced at normal volume. “You’re too good for him.”

You smiled and tapped his cheek fondly. “That’s not true, Laf. He’s too good for me.”

Alex returned to your side with two margaritas and a smile.

You grinned at him as you took one. “But what will you drink?”

He rolled his eyes. “Drink however much you want but this margarita is mine and I will fight you for it.”

You cocked an eyebrow and smirked at him. “What if I gave you a blowjob in the bathroom?”

You received a smirk in return. “Wasn’t that where this night was ending anyway?”

You blushed into your drink as you sipped it.

John showed up behind Alex with a margarita in hand and Angelica shortly followed with a… water? It was tradition to start off a night at Mulligan’s with one of Herc’s margaritas.

“Y/N showing restraint? Wow, must be a blue moon.” John grinned at you. “You usually chug that so you can get to the shots.”

Looking him straight in the eye, you tipped your glass back and let the rest of the frozen drink fall down your throat without hitting your tongue to avoid brain freeze. You licked your lips smugly.

“Shots anyone?”

Laf and Alex laughed. “Mon ami, did you really think you could say that without getting shown up?”

While the guys laughed, you walked over to Angelica. “You okay, Angie?”

“You’re asking that a lot today.”

“Well, you haven’t been acting like yourself. And now you’re drinking water at the beginning of a Mulligan’s night?”

“It’s nothing to worry about. Some of us just have to get up early in the morning to work. We can’t all sleep in and read books all day,” she teased.

“Those are just the perks of being an editor, my dear Angelica. Tell me again, what do lobbyists do?”

You grinned and you could hear the guys laughing at your joke behind you. An arm circled around your waist and you leaned back into Alex’s chest.

John glanced between you and Alex before speaking. “Do you think you could get me a job at your job? I still haven’t found one.”

“I can try. But it’d be a lot of paperwork, Laurens.”

“I think I can handle it.” He smirked at you. You raised your eyebrows back at him but felt a blush color your cheeks.

Peggy finally appeared and danced by with a tray of tequila shots, handing two to you and taking your margarita glass.

You looked between Laf and Angelica. “Does she even work here?”

Herc came from behind the bar and kissed Laf on the cheek. “No, but if she wants to play waitress for free I’m not going to complain.”

You laughed and took the first shot while holding the other to Alex’s lips. When the glasses were empty you placed them on the closest table and tugged on Alex’s hand. “Let’s dance!”

He planted his feet and stayed where he was. “Oh no. I’m not drunk enough to stave off the embarrassment of people seeing my dance moves.”

You pouted and pulled him close by his belt loops. “You’re telling me that these Puerto Rican hips lie?”

He grinned and dipped his head to whisper to you. “You know they don’t. And I’ll remind you later.”

You bit your bottom lip and fluttered your eyelashes at him. “But I wanna dance now.”

He kissed you and used the distraction to untangle your fingers from his pants. “Let me catch up with Herc first, okay?”

“Fine.” You stalked over to John who had just finished his margarita. “Dance with me?”

“Of course.”

He took your hand and you led him to the middle of the dancefloor. “Come on, maybe we’ll find Peggy the shot fairy in the crowd.”