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do not delete text, comment or self-promote

Hello everyone! Katherine, Patrycja and I are very excited to announce The Jewelry Awards! Here are the info if you want to join!


-Must be following Laila @chalmomile​, Katherine @serehn-dipity and Patrycja @palxvin
-Reblog this post (likes only count as bookmars)
-Be active!
-Don’t delete text, comment or self-promote (will result in automatic disqualification)


-Best Overall: Boodles Diamond Tennis Bracelet
-Best URL: Bulargi B.Zero1 ring
-Best Theme: De Beers Aura Pear Cut Pendant
-Best Posts: Cartier Pink Gold Love Necklace
-Nicest Blogger: Cartier Love Bracelet
-Best under 3k: Bulargi Parentesi cocktail ring
-Laila’s fave: Cartier Rose Gold Love Ring
-Katherine’s fave: ForeverMark Pear Shaped Diamond Ring
-Patrycja’s fave: Sweet Alhambra necklace


-A follow from us, if we don’t already follow you
-A feature on our awards page (under construction)
-Promo a week from each of us (if requested)
-We can help you with anything
-Three new friends!

Higher chances:

-Be friendly!
-Reblog this post more than once
-Talk to us
-Queue from us so we can notice you
-Apply for chalmomile other awards here
-Apply for serehn-dipity other awards here
-Apply for palxvin other awards here


-This magnificent banner was made by Katherine!
-If you have any questions you can ask us
-We will announce the winners once we are happy with the notes
-The proof of being under 3k send here

good luck to everyone!