perks headers

FR wish

Lair tabs, but like. With Options.

  • Togglable “faction” settings. Not only being able to have tabs in your lair with various amounts of dragons, but being able to label them with the name of the subclans, or being able to not have tabs at all and just have the current “default” lair look.
  • Ways to differenciate between factions of a same clan and an entirely different lore group. 
  • Maybe being able to customize the Look of lair pages a bit, like change the background colors or something - or even just the header, to indicate which flight the subclan hails from, while your account is still tied to One flight, which is the one that determines the nests and forums you have access to, dom perks, etc… with headers serving a purely cosmetic effect. Maybe the clan that is shown as default in your lair has to be of your Flight.
  • Being able to choose which region of your flight your clan is shown as residing in - when can I be an Ancient Lair of the Zephyr Steppes, FR ?!
  • If tabs, maybe the option to have a profile/description box for each subclan, so people don’t have to go dive in the bios for the information they want ?
  • Bonus: bring back the togglable offspring lists

Like really, we have such an incredibly creative community, but if your lair doesn’t follow the One Single Clan scheme, it’s a mess. Help out the lore-creating users!!