perkills  asked:

Oh my I come over to check up on you and find out you found yourself a cuddly global relationship hh makes me proud. Also you are a smol??149cm??16??? My need to protect your happiness just sky-rocketed omg 00 liners are babies in my eyes ;A;! Anyways have fun doing whatever you do these days and don't forget to rest~

I am the smollest of the smols!!! Awww you’re too sweet and lovely  ( ˘ ³˘)♥  I hope you have a great day!! and don’t worry, i’m getting tons of rest


Warmup: 10 min run on treadmill as per

Killer LEGS/GLUTES workout - 
4x15 Squats 12kg dumbells
4x30 bulgarian split squats 12kg dumbells
4x15 sumo squats 6kg on bench
4x24 reverse lunge knee ups on bench
4x30 jump lunges
4x15 dumbell squat walks 6kg
4x15 squat jumps
4x24 walking lunges 12kg
4x24 cable kick backs 11.25kg
4x30 single leg calf raises
4x24 cable hip abductors 8kg
4x15 squat press 51kg
4x30 donkey kicks
3x24 hydrants
3x20 flutter kicks
4x15 hip bridges
4x10 box jumps (including one where I went over the bench and almost flew headfirst into the mirror…ooppps…)

LISS today: 30 mins 10.0 incline 6.8kph walk

Have a lovely and productive day! <3