perk of being a wall flower

So, I guess we are who we are for a lot of reasons. And maybe we’ll never know most of them. But even if we don’t have the power to choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there. We can still do things. And we can try to feel okay about them.
—  Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower
#17 My wallflower (Ashton Nerd au) part 2 *requested*

Part one here

“Hey! I absolutely loved ‘my wallflower’ can you please continue writing? xx”

Words: 1122

Warnings: Violence

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“Harold, we really don’t need anything on this aisle,” Louis complains, but it’s more giggly than whiny. Harry just ignores him, gripping his hand tighter and pulling him down the wall art aisle of the home decor shop they’re in.

Harry’s eyes dart across the rather cheesy pieces on the shelf, humming thoughtfully like he’s going to take a long time looking. Louis knows he’s just being a little shit. He takes a look at the selection as well, cringing at the paintings of cartoon flowers and cliché inspirational quotes.

After a few moments, Harry perks up. “Oh, Lou, look at this!” he squeals. Louis hasn’t seen whatever Harry is excited about yet, but he already knows that it’s probably going to end up in their basket. Harry picks up the item in question and turns to Louis, presenting the small picture proudly.

It’s just words against a beige background, and it’s kind of ugly to be honest, but.

“You’re my happy ending,” Harry says, interrupting Louis’s thoughts. His smile is huge, and he’s looking at Louis with so much love that Louis thinks they might have to buy two of these things. As much as Louis doesn’t want to admit it, the more he stares at the words on the canvas, the more his heart feels like it’s going to burst from his chest.

After all, Harry is his happy ending, so.

“Quite sappy, but very true nonetheless,” Louis replies finally. He tries not to cackle when Harry lights up like a Christmas tree, dimple popping and nearly looking 16 again. This boy is Louis’s whole world, honestly. He’d buy him a million ugly art pieces with cliché sayings if Harry wanted him to.

“We’re getting it,” Harry declares, plopping it into the basket hanging from Louis’s arm. Louis doesn’t protest.

The next day when Louis wakes up, the first thing he sees is “you are my happy ending” staring back at him from it’s new spot on their dresser. Pretty appropriate, Louis thinks, looking over at his prince sleeping soundly beside him.

The Loser-Taylor Caniff/Cameron Dallas Fanfiction-Part 1

A/N: So I restarted this goddamn fanfiction again… sorry,but i just feel like i haven’t been being myself lately. I hope this fanfic will be good. Never Ending is coming out properly some time in September. Enjoy my terrible writing.


My alarm went off, blaring an obnoxious noise ring through my ears. I lightly pushed it off my night stand. As I got up I slowly rolled out of bed and got dressed. I walked downstairs and walked into my kitchen. I grabbed a box of frosted flakes and a bottle of water. My eyes narrow down at the little note on my refrigerator. My mother was gone. Again. I sighed and threw the worthless note away.

My phone began to ring. Its like 6am in the morning. Who the hell has time to be calling me on a Saturday morning. It’s either my boss gave me the day off or–actually that’s all I really know who would call me at this time.

I picked up and answered it with a simple “Hello.”

“Hey, is this Rebecca?” I looked around my house and was skeptically about who was calling.

“Um, yes. Yes it is Rebecca.” I listened well and it had a hit of a southern accent.

“Its Taylor.” Oh its this bitch… “I was wondering if you have an extra study guide for chemistry…” I rolled my eyes and walked towards my backpack.


“Can you come to my house and deliver it.” I rolled my eyes and bit the insides of my cheeks from bashing out. Taylor Caniff is my neighbor. He’s been my neighbor since we were in kindergarten. Our relationship has drifted apart when we were freshman. He began to be so full of himself for becoming Instagram famous. I kinda drifted away into the gaming and reading some of The Outsiders or The Perks of Being a Wall Flower fantasy world. 

“Fine.” I hung up and grabbed the extra study guide I had laying around. Funny how I habit to follow directions so quickly. I walked over to Taylor’s house. I placed it into his mailbox and left. I made my way to my house and went back into my room. I walked into my small closet and changed for work.


I walked into Sandy’s Diner and clocked in. I was tired and restless. I grabbed my apron and notebook. I walked around taking orders and my hands began to shake as I saw this jaw dropping sight of a guy (did that make sense?). I smiled and looked down at my notebook.

“Good Morning? What would you like today Sir?” This guy looked up and rubbed his chin.

“Could I have a sunny side up-” I was completely mesmerized as his lips moved. I began to lose it. “-oh and could you make that two sunny side ups for my bud.” I snapped out of my day dream and smiled.

“Sure.” I wrote down some of the things I correctly heard. I hope this is all he ordered though. Oh Sandy is gonna get pissed at me. “What’s your name?” I froze up. Why the hell did I do that?

“Cameron.” He smiled his pearly white teeth. I flashed a smile back. “So what’s yours?” I felt my cheeks heat up when he asked that.

“I’m Rebecca.” He chuckled.

“What a beautiful name for such a beautiful girl.” I cracked a smile and felt flustered.

“Thanks. Your order will be coming in a few minutes.” I walked away near the kitchen area and handed one of our Chef’s the order. I leaned against the counter starring at Cameron from a distance. I watched and his eyes went from left to right as he was probably typing something on his phone. The door chimed with bells and I quickly walked up to the costumer.

“Good Morning! Can I take your order?” My eyes met with the customer and that familiar face looked at me. It was not the good kind of familiar. It was bad. He walked past me and sat next to Cameron. My eyes were about to leave their places. What in the world? I walked back to the counter and sat there doodling on my notepad. I doodled a pair of eyes and a beautiful set of lips. I was startled by Sandy yelling for me. I quickly jumped off the dtool and ran to her.

“Ms.Rush, this boy wants one more order. Would mind ifyou could take his order?” I nodded as I saw that look in her face that meant no for an answer. I looked down at my notepad and back up at Taylor.

“Can I get one milkshake and a kiss?” I rolled my eyes and walked into the kitchen. This is gonna be a long shift…

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