periwinkle legacy

Simblr Love 🖤

Happy Saturday lovelies, a while ago there was a follow forever tag and I made a post about my favorite simmers, however since I’ve discovered a whole heap of new favorites and I really wanted to share and encourage you guys to go follow these too! So here’s a list of my favorites at this moment! 

Favorite legacies:
@mysteriousdane - Braxton Legacy
@laylasims - Ortero Legacy
@cabsim - Goon Legacy
@anthracite-camelies - Noreau Legacy
@thefoxiesimmer - Periwinkle Legacy
@108sims - Copeland Legacy
@catlover800 - Cohen Legacy
@wrixles - Reynolds Legacy
@blarffy - Greene Legacy
@applezingsims - Lindstrom Legacy
@applepiedimples - Loops Legacy
@simchilla - Jazzberry Legacy
@cookiemonsterrsims - Pancakes Legacy
@samtastic-sims - Jiffy Legacy
@peachunit - Vinton Legacy
@shachum-cha - Sinclaire Legacy
@hoobanoobie - Farris Legacy
@foxbie - Wood Legacy
@freezrbunny - Buttons Legacy

Favorite stories/CC/lookbooks/various:
@wafflekone, @zauglom@tinwhistletoo, @josiesimblr, @simsofapt10, @taultvec, @kokonitos, @budgie2budgie, @catplnt, @nadinemaee, @thosefuckingsims, @unicorninthemosh, @birksche, @pink-fuel, @mohkii, @annabellee25, @pixiestixsims, @piphpancakes, @riice, @syreni-sims, @soft-almond, @ajalisimsy, @stargirl-sims, @simsxolove, @pickypikachu, @blackcatsims, @eirflower, @grassysimmer, @vicarious-sims, @pixelbbs, @adornedsims, @shaysugar, @simzra, @weepingsimmer, @orangesimsnerd, @mlyssimblr, @unaggressive, @gladysmorse, @iheartdinosx3, @kimmmygibbbler, @starkknaked, @oasisprings, @soloriya, @brittpinkiesims, @simduction, @wanderingsimmer, @peacemaker-ic, @simforadream, @valhallansim & @historicalsimslife.

XOXO, Jen 😘