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Summary: A series of firsts; Betty and Jughead explore the steamy side of being a couple.

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(Warning: MUCH SIN AHEAD! This is a pure smutty fic, way explicit and utterly graphic. It follows Betty and Jughead down the road of testing the waters with each other until the inevitable happens ;) You asked, so I deliver :P I also tried to incorporate it into the plot of Rivedale in order for the story to have a much more realistic sense in a way! Anyway, thank you so much darlings for your compliments and your amazing feedback!! I hope you all enjoy!)

 La Petite Mort - 1. Innocence Lost

I’m a high school lover, and you’re my favorite flavor

Love is all, all my soul

You’re my playground love

A light breeze caresses the leaves of the oak tree next to Betty’s opened window and twirls inside her dimly lit room to the beat of some mellow tunes that echo lightly from her golden rose laptop. The ruffle curtains sway under the feathery force of the physical change that disrupted the otherwise calm evening, the shadow of the sheer material dancing over the profile of the two teens that are tangled up with each other on the princess-like double bed at the center of the room.  They are in their own world of first time loving and blissful adolescent ignorance, enjoying the momentary peace and quiet of their hectic small town, drama-filled lifestyle, getting lost in the feeling of drowning deeper and deeper in a sea of amour and lust.

Wet sounds of tongues lazily exploring the new-found territory of each other’s lips and steady beating of two Eros wounded hearts are suppressed by the singer’s voice that urges them to carry on in the background and Jughead is ashamed to admit that his mind fails to register what movie that song musically decorated, even though he swears it’s in the tip of his tongue. But then again the tip of his tongue is now being sucked by Betty Cooper’s voluptuous lips and he can hardly pinpoint anything anymore, not even his own name.

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pearlescent periwinkle glitter slime 🦋  (x)


★Kitty portrait frame series★

*Reservation: 28th February 2017 ~ 15th March 2017
*Shipping: 17th April 2017 ~ 30th April 2017

★Shipping fee★
*USA&Europe&The other countries-30USD
(We are using EMS)

★Kitty Long sleeve op(260USD)-M,XL size
★Kitty Jumperskirt(220USD)-SM,LXL size
★Waist shirring skirt(145USD)-Free size
★Kitty bonnet kachusha-65USD
★Kitty headbow-45USD
★Frill Ecobag-55USD


White / Periwinkle / Black

*Highwaist Onepiece size
M / XL size, 2 pockets
-Bust(cm) M(Approx.90cm) XL(Approx.104cm)
-Waist(cm) M(Approx.82cm) XL(Approx.96cm)
-Sleeve(cm) M(Approx.62cm) XL(Approx.64cm)
-Upper length(cm) M Approx.33cm /XL Approx.35cm
-Shoulder-M (Approx.36cm) XL (Approx.38cm)
-Skirt length :Approx.63cm

*Back shirring jumperskirt
JSK SM / LXL size: Side zipper, 1 pocket
-Bust(cm) M(Approx.90cm~Approx.97cm) XL(Approx.104cm~Approx.112cm)
-Waist(cm) M(Approx.70cm~Approx.80cm) XL(Approx.84cm~Approx.92cm)
-Upper length(cm) M Approx.37cm /XL Approx.39cm
-Skirt length :M Approx.62cm

-Shell Fabric: Polyester Jaquird 100%
-Iace: Polyester 100%

★Care Instruction★
Dry Cleaning please


Please send any inquiry/order to
※If there is a simultaneous inquiry or order, the email

inquiry/order takes the priority.
———- Order Form ———-
** Please note we do not accept cancellations under any circumstances

- all orders are final**
1. Name
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Sora 158cm
Photo by LaLa
All produced by Lief, 2017


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White, cinnamon, periwinkle, blush and burgundy

WHITE = You scare me.

CINNAMON = You’re a really cool person and admire you from afar.

PERIWINKLE = You make me laugh

BLUSH = Seeing you on my dash makes my day a little better.

BURGUNDY = I get excited when I see posts from you

Me?? Scary?? Why?? I don’t understand, I literally use Chopper gifs for most asks and I try and be friendly and approachable??? But i’m glad I make your day a little better and that I make you laugh, aaaa that’s all I want from this blog tbh

- Mod Strawhat