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I'm surprised you're not upset about the identity of TC's rival. In TC's debut episode he referred to "her" as a he! OMG! Some, including Auman, suggested TC was lying which I say is crap! There was no good reason to & there was no way for us viewers to tell if he was. The best shows, animated or otherwise, don't make these kinds of mistakes! Plus, having him try to shoot Alopex was one of the worst things they could've done for his character! He's been dwindling since ELS & that took the cake!

To be honest, I thought it was a little cliché. The whole, “my arch rival is secretly my family member that I thought had perished is still alive and has found me again” thing has been used time and time again in story telling. It even happened in this exact before with Shredder and Splinter in the very beginning.

I probably would have been more offended had they not followed that cliché with the even more common, “you are my only family and I cannot go through with this even though I would have done it a few minutes ago had one of the other characters not given me some heartfelt advice” thing. That was worse in my mind, hahaa. 

Perish Song

Perish Song is not a fatal move, but it induces paranoia and anxiety in anyone who hears it - both Pokémon and human alike. A person under the influence of Perish Song will display signs of severe unrest, biting their nails, pulling their hair, pacing, and often fervently proclaiming that they are going to die. Attempts to calm them down are ineffective. The fear only disappears after they have passed out from the effects of the move; when they wake up, the memory of their agitation seems ludicrous to them. Nevertheless, Perish Song is still an illegal move, and any trainer caught using it can be heavily fined.

The only legal use of Perish Song is among law enforcement. Rather than incapacitate criminals with tear gas or anything physically harmful, police will direct working pokémon to perform the move within the vicinity of the target, raising such crippling fear in them that they forget their motivations. Absol are most commonly used for this purpose, as they are stealthy and easy to train, but misdreavus are sometimes chosen to diffuse hostage situations, as they are smaller, harder to detect, and able to pass through walls. Perish Song is, however, only used in dire circumstances, when apprehension by other means is impossible. The distress it invokes can cause some criminals to act unpredictably.          

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#i mean doesn't everyone make blogs about their celebrity crushes?#especially about their biceps?? AU where Amy has an Instagram account solely dedicated to Cerberus' biceps. It started out just for her and her friends but somehow obtained an inordinate amount of followers. She is conflicted about this.

An AU…ahaha…yeah that’s the ticket…*hides @cerbsbiceps Insta from all my followers*

I am not against people looking at Cerb’s biceps…touching them however, that’s a whole other story

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we’re different and that’s okay ch 1

summary - In which Newt finds Credence on the ship as he is going home, and he vows to help him in any way that he can.

word count - 898

rating - G

Newt had expected to find many things in his cabin on the ship. A bed to sleep on, a dresser to put his things in. But what he had not expected to find was the young obscurial whom he had thought perished in New York just a few short weeks ago.

   But the minute he entered his room that was exactly what he did find. And now he found himself sitting cross-legged on the bed across from Credence, still somewhat in state of shock.

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  • Athena: Hey Aphrodite, have you seen my spear?
  • Aphrodite: Yeah Hephaestus left it on our place, you can come over and we could chat a lil bit.
  • Athena: this another of your lame attempts to hit on me with a bunch of cheap inuendos isnt it?
  • Aphrodite: perish the thought athena, this will be a completely innocent chat between two gals.
  • Athena: seriously?
  • Aphrodite: seriously.
  • Athena: promise there wont be any flirting?
  • Aphrodite: girl scout honor.
  • Athena: well then I accept your invitatiom.
  • Aphropdite: then I see you later Athena.
  • Athena: I will see you then for our completly innocent and non perverted chat.
  • Aphrodite: ....
  • Athena: ....
  • Aphrodite: we are gonna fuck.
  • Athena: Godsdamn it Aphrodite!
Use cheats to kill me in a video game because I'm injured and slow?

My character was injured and thus walking slowly, whilst the other two healthy players, hereafter referred to as Player1 and Player2, were speeding along to the end of the level. Unknown to me, I had joined a personally hosted game, not a dedicated server. The host must’ve thought he could expedite the end of the level by using the cheat Kill “targetnamehere” on me, instead of waiting for me to arrive, or actually coming to assist me, perish the thought. So without warning, I drop dead midstep. Now, I’m not one to get in a twist if someone TK’s to move the game along, but I was given no advance notice, and Player1 didn’t even have the stones to look me in the eye first. So, now knowing that cheats were enabled, I entered the command “Kill Player1; Kill Player2”, thus triggering the “All Players Deceased” sequence and causing the map to reload. I then left the game. Enjoy replaying that entire level, random videogamers.

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So you want to jump the bears bones eh?~

“Now who said anything about that?
I’m an innocent little flower.
It’s not like I think about sucking him off until he can’t walk straight for a couple of days, perish the thought.”

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“ you sure seem to be good at ignoring the fact that we’re together. ” -ferocioushonesty

{Secret Relationship} @ferocioushonesty 

“That’s not true!” She objected. In frustration keeping her back to him and focusing on a nearby mirror to adjust herself, moving the silver comb in her hair to the other side of her coif – really only as means of distraction. “Tut-tut, and perish the thought, dear.”

If there was a moment of reckoning when Priscilla’s conscience was so pricked she couldn’t even look at herself straight in the mirror – now was one of those moments. She was in blatant denial, and she knew it. Neither of them could deny her acting can sometimes be perhaps only too good.

She took a deep breath, swallowing. Her expression softened, “What I mean is…”
Her charm and collection within a moment melted away and she turned to face him with an all too real expression of disappointment. She opened her mouth to speak, but felt mute – she was so used to snapping back with a response. But not this time, when he was the one correct.

“I’m not one of Paris’ greatest actresses for nothing –” She started light, trying to appease the situation before cutting to the raw confession “But I promise you I can never ignore… us. I, I acted foolishly earlier today by being far too familiar in front of the new patrons and catering to the attention. Call it old habits dying hard or call it a mistake –" 

She stopped, stubbornly hesitating. As if she were being force-fed fowl-tasting medicine. But even rebellious pride can finally relent to humility. “I’m sorry, Aristide, forgive me?”

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             ❝ PERISH the thought, Herr Fürst, friends today may become enemies tomorrow, and I certainly wouldn’t want you to land in hot water

     It was an answer the Bavarian hadn’t expected, and it made feel a small twinge of guilt at his blunt rudeness. “My apologies. I mean to say that I am not familiar enough with you to hand over my trust. Though, from what I have heard, you do your job well.”