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Boys, interrupted: a Sweet Pool review

Sweet Pool can be seen as an allegory of adolescence: a story that tells us in it’s own fantastic way about the hardships of searching for our own identity and a place where we belong. About what it means to go through so much physical and emotional changes, to face the intensification of our desires and to cope with the expectations that befall on us once we leave our childhood behind.

In this review I will be developing this idea as well as writing a plot summary, main characters guide and explaining how the game works.

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  ‘ how terribly clever you must think yourself , wench . ‘ fallen through so many improper hands , it was fitting for the ring of his guardian’s forgery to find its way to him following the death of his descendant . another of their blood to perish , to see demise over so fickle a thing as niflheim’s contests for power . a fallible , petty emperor puppeteered by his brother was meant for some fitting demise , despite izunia’s squalid tolerance for their ilk . an ability few kings knew of , it was by the signet ring’s daemon-manipulating abilities that he’d found their mother , wretched and dark . with clamorous footfalls in the dungeon conceived of for his brother long ago , it was here she was kept . in chains capable of binding gods themselves , of the make his mother had been tormented by , so too would this arbitrary enemy suffer .

  izunia is dawn-bright n contrast , eyes of dusky amber converted to a honeyed gold as power coursed through him , kept the feminine form of lilith prone and weak . the sword of the wise holstered at his side – his sword at an empty tomb – so was he to come in all auspices . this demi-god whom was the only one of astral’s blood who’d listened to the folk of eos and their pleas .

  ‘ what say you ? you cannot skulk in the shadows here . it is useless to try when this city , this cavern , the walls – all were built by daemons under my wile and control . though , even you must know this . ‘

Title:The Darkest Evening of the Year

Summary: Not all reunions are as happy as they should be. Not all friends withstand the test of time.

A/N: Basically, my HC wheere Hide meets Haise, and Haise tells him to buzz off. For Hidehaiseweek2015. Day 1: First Meets

Haise exited the grocery store with both hands full of plastic bags, that over flowed with produce that he didn’t necessarily need. The grocery store had been a ploy to shake a stalker off of his trail, and going into a crowded supermarket rather than confronting the ominous figure had seemed like an intelligent thing to do at the moment. Though if he exited the store empty handed , he would have seemed suspicious to his said follower. So he purchased what he could.

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