10 things we will remember in 4 years about euro 2016
1) portugal becoming champions by winning one game within 90 minutes in the whole tournament (ha ha ha)
2) zaza’s penalty
3) perisic’s hair cut in the game against spain
4) iceland beating england, wales beating belgium (= these two countries living the dream and every european being proud of them)
5) conte being crazy af while coaching
6) great irish, northern irish, icelandic fans (the clapping!!!!)
7) will grigg being on fire
8) the moths in the final
9) ronaldo not being able to play the final (bonus: ronaldo coaching the team)
10) antoine griezmann

Best & worst hair of Euro 2016

Me: Good question. I need to think about this for a second, but the one that immediately springs to mind, probably because it was yesterday, is Quaresma’s gold feather. I kept thinking of him as the Golden Snitch.

Brother: I think you have to start with Iceland, and the two guys are Bjarnason and Gunnarsson. Bjarnason has a great head of hair, and Gunnarsson’s beard is on point.

Ledley’s beard also looked great.

Quaresma’s golden feather was awesome, even though he did nothing to live up to it.

El Shaarawy looked great as well.

The losers of the tournament were Pogba (those stripes in the opening round were horrible), Bale (it was bad, even for a manbun), Ramsey, and Fellaini (they should have stopped the match to make him shave it or dye it back).

Me: Iceland had the best and the most nationally relevant hair overall. Even their managers looked good. Gunnarsson definitely had the most awesome look of the squad. And I’ll give it up for Eidur looking all grizzled now.

I always like Buffon’s hair.

Bonucci’s hair and beard make his head almost symmetrical, which is entertaining.

As previously discussed, we disagree about Ramsey, since I weirdly liked it.

Aside from Halgrímsson and Lagerbäck, the best coiffed manager was angry architect Adam Nawalka.

The worst hair of the tournament, hands down, was Persic’s cheese grater accident situation and Fellaini’s hideous bleach job.