15 Real Women Reveal The Life Advice They Wish They Knew Before Puberty

In a very sweet show of affection, a single dad posted to a Reddit subthread, Ask Women, asking female users what they wish they knew before puberty so that he could help his daughter as much as possible. These ladies responded with tons of helpful advice about dealing with periods, boobs, vaginas, and more.

Here’s me wearing Clashist’s new “Period Panties” while being showered with tampons (photographed by Joyce Kim, hair and makeup by Daniele Piersons). 

I was so excited to shoot this because I think it’s something that needs to be more openly talked about. People need to stop shaming women for having periods. We should not be made to feel embarrassed about a natural (and pretty amazing, although annoying at times) bodily process that we have no control over. #notashamed

Some totally rad euphemisms for periods or the menstrual cycle

(If I lose followers over this I s2g)
- satan’s waterfall
- the red scare
- code red
- cellphone in the back pocket
- cramp machine 2000
- shark week
- fuck everything
- fuck this list
- fuck periods
- they suck


How An Underwear Brand Is Trying To Change The Conversation About Periods

Period stories have traditionally been relegated to the “most embarrassing moment” section of teen magazines. Now, a women’s performance underwear brand is trying to change that.
Dear Kate’s “First Time” video, directed by Process Media’s Mary Harron, includes short interviews with over 20 women about the first time they got their periods. 
Watch the full video for stories that don’t shroud periods in shame or the “ick” factor, but has anecdotes that are funny, honest and varied.

hey guys, so recently my friend emailed my entire school about this fundraiser she started for helping homeless women on their periods. her goal is to gather up enough money to be able to distribute appropriate products for feminine hygiene during that time of the month - which you can understand how important that is, (especially when you’re out of tampons/pads when your period hits) ESPECIALLY for homeless women. considering the fact that feminine products are considered expensive by people who are lucky enough to have homes, imagine how difficult it is for these women. no pressure to donate, but please try and spread this. thank you!

i was explaining to one of my friends how they should throw tampons at someone if they’re harassing them and one of my other friend said “ew gross” and we both were like “really you’re grossed out by a tube of cotton” and he says “it’s more where it goes than what it is” so i just give him this confused look and was like “But you want to but your penis in the same place”

needless to say i got some high fives

Periods are terrible. But can we just take a moment to think about all the girls and women who don’t have access to pain meds, tampons, pads or any of the conveniences that we do? I’m not talking about our great, great grandmothers. I mean the millions of ladies who are living in the third world who get their period. Hell, there are poor and homeless women living in the first world who can’t afford this stuff. It sucks having your period and it sucks that we have to spend so much money on dealing with it, but please try not to take your access to feminine hygiene products, chocolate and other drugs for granted.