With ❤️ Elizabeth Tran @ElizabethTran626 at #WekFest #WekFestLB #WekFestLA.
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#MR2 #SW20 #TRD2000GT
#TheDevil #PeriodRed 😈 (at The Queen Mary)

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Why I love BTS

Because of Jeon Jungkook:

International playboy

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Still the main dork in the group

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His voooiceee

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His puberty period

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Real visual of BTS KPOP

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Girls, girls, girls

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Sexy mashine

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And still pure kid

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Low angle shot brings the pebbles and fallen leaves in the foreground into focus.
Straight side profile shot fools people into thinking that the wing is complete.
The trees and green vegetation in the background pops the #PeriodRed nicely.
The old skool raised-antenna creates the illusion of an RC car.
The double staggered 18/19 Wheels accentuates the natural sporty rake.
And the widebody completes the package.

There are many ratchets on the roads, but this bitch is mine 😈
📷 by Ryan Jouhari 👍👏
#MR2 #SW20 #TRD2000GT #RRydes #ETLGarage #SteebSpecd #5One #Blitz #TechnoSpeedZ1 #MothersPolish

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Next time you arrive at your destination (or come back home), take a good look at your car, one more time.

The way life works, is that it might be your last time seeing your car in one whole piece.
Theft, flood, fire, earthquake, tornado, hit & run, anything might happen afterwards.

Never take things (and people) for granted, as every good thing, must come to an end.
You just don’t know when…..
Today’s #deepthought post is brought to you by #PeriodRed 😈

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I took out 185 lbs worth of stuff from my car today (please check my previous post).
The drive home was awesome!

The car rubs a lot less on bumps, it corners flatter with less sway, it accelerates easier, and on little road imperfections I can feel them more.

This is what my car supposed to be! (OK, maybe that’s just over-reaching. What an MR2 supposed to be is on 16" wheels with grippy tires, without widebody kit and this pretentious camber and stretch shiet) 😂🙈😈
My MPG should be better and the handling has improved, yay!

(But now I am driving around without my emergency tools.
I have confidence that my newly built engine will not fail me, and my fitment will not cause me problem.
Horns crossed, knock on titanium 😈)
#Candid #RollingShot by Erik @ayooo_e 👍
#MR2 #SW20 #TRD2000GT #PeriodRed

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Back on the road!
My #PeriodRed bitch is back! 😈🚗🔥💨

After replacing the failed parts due to being 21 years old (master & slave cylinders, broken throw out bearing plus broken fork), @ETLGarage installed @ClutchMasters #FX500 unsprung, replacing Exedy Stage II.

Let’s see how many miles I can get out of it 😈 (at ETL Garage, Inc.)

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#TowTuesday #MR2uesday

So on my last post I said it took me 70 minutes to load #TheDevil onto the trailer.
Funny thing is, it took @ETLGarage 10 minutes to unload.

This proves me again that I’m good with a mouse and a keyboard but should just leave car stuff to the professional & don’t try to help, lol.

Thank you again #ETLGarage!
My only place that I trust to work on my #RedBitch 😈
By the way, @ETLGarage diagnosed the problem to be bad seal on Master/Slave cylinder, and not failed clutch.

Cheaper to fix, but that means I need to crank up the boost until the clutch fails due to too much power…
LOL 😂😂🙈😈

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