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Hi. What can we do to make sj #1 on music charts and music shows? Like can you enlighten us about what we can do? :)

Hello! The majority of music show wins depend on digital and physical album sales since they make up a large percentage of the show’s ranking system that guarantees a win. As I-ELF, the most important things to do to help them win Music Charts and Music Shows is to buy the physical album, download and stream songs digitally, vote online, and increase MV views. One of the main goals for ELF is to promote SJ’s album/songs on Korean sites so it’s important to digitally stream their songs on k-sites like MelOn, Bugs, Soribada, etc. 

‼️ Digital Sales and Album Sales 

  • Buy and stream songs from only legal music websites 
    • Melon, Genie, Mnet, Soribada, Bugs, Naver Music, Olleh, etc
  • Buy albums from shops counting sales towards Hanteo and Gaon
    • YesAsia, Leesmusic, Synnara!! (KpopTown, KTown4U, Catchopcd)
      • you can also order from
      • SYNNARA (Korean site) is the best place to buy since it counts on HANTEO, GAON, M!countdown, Inkigayo, Show! Music Core, Music Bank, etc. 
      • Here is a Guide by Synnara on How To Order for I-Fans.
        TUTORIAL to sign up and buy from the site if you’re interested. (but of course the others are good too so don’t worry if you can’t)
  • ⚠️  Don’t download songs illegally. Won’t count for music show wins.
  • ⚠️  Do NOT buy albums from Amazon. 

‼️ Online Voting

Mnet M!Countdown

  • Sign-up for Mnet account or you can log-in through Twitter or Facebook
  • Go to voting pages (Global, Korea, Japan), search for Super Junior then click vote.
  • One ID can cast two votes per day, 1 vote on Global page and 1 vote on Korea page.
  • Check voting period

MBC Show! Music Core

  • Sign-up for MBC account (tutorial here)
  • Go to this page to vote for Super Junior, you need to choose 4 artists/groups to be able to vote.
  • Check voting period

MBC Show! Champion

  • Sign-up for MBC+Media account (here)
  • Go to this page, find Super Junior then click ‘투표하기’ to vote.
  • You can vote for 3 times per day. You’ll get this message once you’ve used all your votes for the day.
  • Check voting period

Real Time Voting

  • Done when the music shows (Music Core, Inkigayo, & M!Coundown) are live and MCs tell fans when to start
  • Can only vote for Super Junior if they’re in the Top 3
    • Vote only 1 time.
  • Super Junior’s name has to be written in Korean: 슈퍼주니어
  • International SMS charges apply.
    • (for this reason it may be hard for I-ELF to vote so we should focus more on online voting, album sales, and MV views)

‼️ Music Video Views

  • Youtube views are VERY important. 
    • cover 40% of total SNS points
  • Watch MV on SMTOWN’s official Youtube channel
    • ⚠️  DO NOT RE-UPLOAD
      • Chance of increasing views:
        • Watch whole view, no pause and stop.
        • better to not watch it logged-in or in incognito mode
        • after watching, close browser, wait 4-5 mins, then search and watch the mv again on YT 
        • clear history after 10 views 
        • delete cookies after every 1 hour
        • comment, like, share to increase views and SNS points
    • Music Core will count YT if you watch from their site (click here
  • Stream songs on official Korean music sites (mentioned above)
    • important in getting an all-kill
  • If MV is uploaded on SMTOWN’s official Korean channels then you can stream their as well. The main goal right now is to make them trend in Korea when the music and album comes out. 


  • Album sales + Downloads + Track Downloads + Radio Airplay + Social Media (FB, Twitter, YT, Spotify, iTunes, etc) 

You can also check out:

[TUTORIAL] Everything you need to support any SJ Album (how to sign up on music sites, purchase album, use Genie coupons, etc)

All information compiled and translated is from here by SJ-WORLD.NET

[UPDATE] I contact SJ-WORLD for any more information and they got back to me with the following:

DIGITAL: I-ELF can stream through Genie, Naver, Soribada & Melon. Genie and Naver are more accessible as you can get free streams through coupons, streaming links, and events. But you can also purchase a pass on Genie. However, Melon and Soribada require you to buy a pass.

PHYSICAL: According to Leesmusic, no information will be released until a week before release date. Because of [SJ-WORLD]’s long relationship with them they will take our orders as soon as info is released and they will place them quickly. We have made an estimate of prices through the sales of previous albums.

MUSIC SHOWS: STREAMING is the way to go. For award shows/charts, both Digital and Physical are important.

Why I love BTS

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