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Life before death. I choose, and will continue choosing, to live.

Strength before weakness. My shortcomings and my bad days do not define me. I will celebrate my victories and take pride in my strengths.

Journey before destination. Each day is an opportunity. I will fight. I will learn. I will grow. It’s not ‘when’ and ‘if’ and ‘maybe someday.’ It’s ‘here’ and ‘now’ and ‘I can do this.’

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hey everyone, guess who’s back ! it feels like it’s been forever since i’ve been on here & i’ve really missed a lot of you & writing yang ! obviously, i’ve gotten the login for this blog back meaning i can start roleplaying again, however, i still have a lot going on in my life, especially with school, so activity will probably be real slow or completely dead for a bit. & while i do have spring break next week, i want to work on cosplay, specifically making yang’s robot arm & i’m not sure how long that’ll take. i’m also … planning on a new rp blog for a character from t.wau but i don’t know if i’m gonna go through with it yet, we’ll just have to see !

but yeah, long story short, i’m back & i’ve missed you all so i’m really excited to be back !

Yesterday was World Poetry Day so, here in OUP Archives, we enjoyed spending the day flicking through old OUP staff magazines for poetic examples. This poem was written by May Wedderburn Cannan, a British poet active during World War One, and also the daughter of Charles Cannan who ran Oxford University Press from 1895 until his death in 1919. It was published in The Periodical in 1923.