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Life before death. I choose, and will continue choosing, to live.

Strength before weakness. My shortcomings and my bad days do not define me. I will celebrate my victories and take pride in my strengths.

Journey before destination. Each day is an opportunity. I will fight. I will learn. I will grow. It’s not ‘when’ and ‘if’ and ‘maybe someday.’ It’s ‘here’ and ‘now’ and ‘I can do this.’

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Yesterday was World Poetry Day so, here in OUP Archives, we enjoyed spending the day flicking through old OUP staff magazines for poetic examples. This poem was written by May Wedderburn Cannan, a British poet active during World War One, and also the daughter of Charles Cannan who ran Oxford University Press from 1895 until his death in 1919. It was published in The Periodical in 1923.

As the last feather fell

The first time he saw him, he could tell the dark haired boy was not older than eight years old, probably a little bit less when taking in mind the high the small child possessed. Will bitted his bottom lip slightly as he slowly started making his way towards where the brown eyed kid was playing, his glance wandering around the environment from time to time, watching his surroundings in hope of not getting discovered. He knew he shouldn’t be there in first place, but he couldn’t help it… He was curious, the dark haired had an aura around him that had certainly caught his attention.

He didn’t even know his name, yet he couldn’t help but feel sorry for him… For the pain that he was going to live through.

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Battery City History Museum (Section 4C, Zone Periodical archives)
A series of bizarre papers that appeared in Battery City. The
messages on the posters have been traced back to transmissions
from rebels Agent Cherri Cola and Tommy Chow Mein, but the
maker(s) and distributor(s) of the posters are still unknown.
Date(s) unknown, appeared April 5th-21st, 2020
From an anonymous donor
5.21'' x 5.21'' each
Artifact #005539

Complete collection
Battery City History Museum (Section 1C, Book and Periodical archives)
Excerpt from the school history book United States History,
2016, printed by BL/ind Publishing
Donated by the Battery City Educational System
5.71'' x 6.23''
Artifact #000425
Complete collection
(Please note that I haven't read the comics, so this is all personal
headcanon and shouldn't be taken as the official storyline.
Everything up until 1927 is real history.)