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How would Todoroki deal with a girl on her period?

Omg that would be so cute. I’m gonna write it in the form of s/o if thats okay?

Todoroki Shouto

  • When he’s first asked if he can get his s/o sanitary towels/tampons, he panics because he doesn’t know which type to get. Ends up buying 3 different packs just in case.
  • Not really knowing what to do so he looks up information online. Manly tears after he sees how brutal it is.
  • Curling up with his s/o on the couch and watching old Disney/Pixar movies, comforting her if she starts to tear up at some of the sad scenes. He can kind of understand….UP is a very sad movie.
  • Using his left side as a heat pack, he’d place his hand over his s/o’s stomach to try and soothe the pain.
  • Getting his s/o all the chocolate she needs.

it’s only a small starter for him so why not post it at 2:30 am lmao

aaa i caved and made a bnha oc, this is kousuke reizo and his quirk is emotional control! he can take the strongest emotion a person is feeling at any given time and either amp it up or nullify it completely, altho he really only does the latter. he wants to be able to help people who are in high states of panic/fear etc, the effects of his quirk last for up to 12 hours (currently) 

i will def have more on him later, but i got to this as soon as i could a;asklf

where a superhero gets dumped by their long time significant other (for the usual reasons - the lies/the secrets/the late nights/the excessive use of their sewing machine/never telling them when the day resets/breaking the sink/etc) and is just in a funk and their superhero disguise has suffered

they’re wearing sweatpants and a mask, they forgot to add the grease paint over their eyes and the hood is actually a hoodie, they are really rocking the post-break up look 

a lot of the villains decided to give them a grace period. but what the hero really wants is to get back into the swing of things - yet half the villains are MIA and yeah, so what if they showed up to a bank heist in crocs and a band t-shirt. ppl still knew who they were - they drew their logo with a sharpie on the shirt - the ex got the sewing machine in the break-up along with the washing machine

enter their main nemesis who is just upset with the lack of professionalism and also on the other hand - secretly pleased they’re single now - not that the supervillain was hoping for that or anything (they have a sewing machine they wouldn’t mind sharing, tbh)

I love this idea so this is for @timwaynetheloser

Nico was in pain. Not the pain one would get from fighting monsters or from training. No, he was suffering from the worse pain of them all. He had period cramps and a headache.

He knew his period would come someday. Especially now he wasn’t suffering from malnutrition. (Well directly anyway, he still was in poor health.) Also he had a lot less stress on his shoulders. And he wasn't​ even fourteen yet, since his birthday was in January.

So with how much pain he was in, he didn’t leave his bed unless it was too use the bathroom. Hazel brought him water and food when he asked the first two days. He could tell she was getting very worried. But he didn’t know how he could just tell her that he was trans.

But in the third day, Hazel dragged Reyna into Cabin 13.

Reyna had a grocery bag in her hand.

“Nico… Hazel could’ve helped more if you had just told her.” Reyna said.

“I know…” Nico grumbled.

“We got you Midol, a Coke, chocolate, pads and tampons because we don’t know which you use. Also Mythomagic cards. This pack has dad in it.” Hazel smiled at him.

“Thanks…” Nico smiled, he felt tears forming in his eyes, “Seriously, thank you both.”

“What are sisters for?” Hazel hugged him tightly.

“They’re for giving me the Midol before my head splits open?” He hugged her back.

“Here ya go, drama king.” Reyna said, tossing him the box of Midol and the Coke.

Omg first Aizawa request!! i love this guy thanks for the request!! and the compliment huehuhe everyone loves compliments B) And yes I know all about the horrors of periods DX

When Aizawa Shota got back home from work, he was more than surprised to see you, his girlfriend still curled up in bed. He grinned, “Someone’s been sleeping the day away,” he teased, but instead of a proper reply he only got a groan. “[___]?”

“Ugh, I don’t feel well,” you mumbled as you woke up. Your boyfriend - half worried, half convinced you were faking it - walked up to the bed and pulled the covers off of you. And saw the red stain on the bedsheets beneath you.

Aizawa understood immediately that you were on your period, and at once the worry alleviated. “Come on, it can’t be that bad–” You threw a pillow at his head before he could even finish the sentence.

“What the hell do you know? You don’t get to tell me what hurts and what doesn’t. Asshole.”

Shota’s eyes widened at your burst of anger, but that also made him rethink things. You had a point.  He took another look at you, and saw the fatigue and pain in your eyes, and really did reconsider his words. You were still curled up in fetal position, but when you noticed the blood stain on the sheets you shot up, groaning. “S-Sorry, I’ll go clean that up-”

“It’s fine,” Shota reassured you, “You go take a shower, I’ll take care of this. Okay?”

He was surprisingly unaffected by the blood, unlike most men would be, but as a hero, Aizawa kind of had to know how to wash off blood, so it was fine. You thanked him and went to take that shower, meanwhile your lover stripped the bed of the bedsheets and went to wash those in a separate bathroom.

Once he was done, he called Recovery Girl:

“You have to come over and treat [___].” “What happened?” “It’s, uh, that time of the month.” Recovery Girl laughed, “I’m afraid I can’t do anything about that.” “But she’s in so much pain, surely this isn’t normal?” She convinced him that pain was, sadly, normal, and that he just had to do his best to help you through this. Aizawa was rather displeased at Recovery Girl’s unhelpfulness, but he hung up anyway.

While Shota lacked experience in helping others through their periods, he knew what to do, theoretically. When you came out of the shower, finally out of your pajamas, he had a hot water bottle ready, along with a decent amount of chocolate. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“My uterus hates me.”

“We’ll just relax today, then. Do you want to watch a movie?” Your lover suggested. That did sound tempting.

He let you choose whatever movie you wanted to see, and once you began to settle down, he offered you his sleeping bag. “It’ll keep you warm,” he insisted, and handed you the hot water bottle to lay on your tummy. Along with the chocolate, you couldn’t help but think Shota was the most perfect person in the world to help you through this painful time-! So wonderful, so thoughtful! What did you ever do to deserve him?

“H-Hey wait, don’t start crying now, [___]!”

Well. He’d get used to these mood swings soon enough.

Dating Jin

Rated R

Day time Jin 

Dating Jin would include:

  • Checking up on you that you eat properly so you don’t skip meals
  • Couple rings 
  • Him taking you to eat at fancy restaurants
  • Him scolding you because you didn’t do your homework that you were suppose to do last night
  • When on your period he’s your hero in what ever you need to be comfortable 
  • Him cooking for you all the time because he knows how much you love his cooking 
  • Him constantly kissing your hand when he holds it 
  • Lil jelly bean when another guy gets too friendly with you

Night time Jin 

Fucking Jin would include:

  • Him kissing every inch of your body and can’t get over how beautiful your body is
  • Posessive sex/ Passionate sex
  • When jealous prepare because Jin isn’t going to have mercy on you 
  • Him talking dirty to you as he fucks you senselessly
  • Giving him a BJ at the movie theatre as he fingers you
  • Jin eating you out like you are his last meal 
  • He’ll tell you to wear an apron with nothing under so he can fuck you on the kitchen table 
  • Him leaving noticeable hickeys all over your collarbone 
random [class 1a] hcs #3
  • Aoyama Yuuga wears spanks, and would spontaneously combust if anyone ever knew.
  • Ashido Mina mixes up Bath and Body Works with Bed, Bath and Beyond regularly.
  • Asui Tsuyu calls people out on their bullshit and will go out of her way to check facts. “No Mineta, you aren’t in a relationship, and the likelihood of a woman willingly dating you is unlikely.”
  • Iida Tenya once got his leg stuck in a pothole while out assisting pro-heroes. His self-confidence went down just a smidge.
  • Uraraka Ochako is the person who poses for a picture the exact same way, every single time.
  • Ojiro Mashirao once got so drunk he tripped over his own tail.
  • Kaminari Denki crashed his car while playing pokemon go. He is a proud member of team instinct.
  • Kirishima Eijiro says “netflix and chill” all the time, though is unaware that it has become a euphemism for sex.
  • Kouda Kouji’s phone ringtone is Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit”.
  • Satou Rikidou believes WWE isn’t scripted.
  • Shouji Mezou attends meditation classes every sunday, and has lowkey tried to convince Bakugou he needs them.
  • Jirou Kyoka loves K-pop. Her favorite group is BTS.
  • Sero Hanta is that guy who always does viral internet challenges for no inexplicable reason. He is currently bothering asking Todoroki to do the cinnamon challenge with him.
  • Tokoyami Fumikage’s current obsession is latte art.
  • Todoroki Shouto does not understand the point of viral challenges. “The internet is a strange place.”
  • Hagakure Tooru sneaks into amusement parks and concerts so she doesn’t have to pay.
  • Bakugou Katsuki was forced by his mother to take up a part-time job in customer service. Within the first 30 minutes of working, he blew up the help desk and punched a customer in the face.
  • Midoriya Izuku trips on uneven sidewalks sometimes and prays religiously in his mind that no one saw.
  • Mineta Minoru catalogs Midoriya’s trips and posts them on U.A.’s subreddit.
  • Yaoyorozu Momo was introduced to Urban Dictionary recently. She proclaims that it is for illiterate people, but secretly reads it during lunch periods.

I still can’t believe Victor Frankenstein spent over a year BUILDING A PERSON, and then when he realises what he’s actually done, he runs away and when he realises that the person disapeared, HE JUST FORGETS ABOUT IT. Like “Whoops, looks like I made a mistake there, let’s just not do anything about it, no one will believe me any way, so what’s the big deal, just another person more on this planet, hehe.”

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How about Todoroki helping out his s/o on their period?

This one was weird to make I’m not gonna lie XD I tried to make it funny and fluffy and it turned out being quite fun to make in the end. Thanks for the request! If you were having period pains as you requested this, I hope you are feeling much better now (?

There had been moments in Todoroki’s life in which he had to make decisions. Serious decisions. Life changing options and answers that had forced him to use all of his capacity, his time and his will to think. Like when he had to decide if he should use his left side for combat or not, or like when he made up his mind and gathered to courage to meet his mother again. Those were key moments on his development as a person. Those were moments in which a decision was able to change his life forever.

And now, while standing at the feminine products aisle at the local pharmacy, he was facing such an important dilema again.

“What brand does [name] usually use???” he bit his lip as he stared hopelessly at the endless amount of packages in front of him “does she need Extra Comfort or Max Absorption??” some of the workers were beginning to look at him funny, and his patience was coming to an end “What does it even mean it has wings???”

He gave up. With a sight of sheer frustration he grabbed the ones he found the most trust-worthy together with some pain killers and paid for them in a rush. You were waiting for him at home, you were hurting, and bleeding from weird places. Being a man he wasn’t able to understan how you exactly felt, but he was sure it couldn’t be nice and so he was willing to pamper you as much as you needed. So when you complained about having to go to the store even though your uterus was trying to kill you, he offered to go in your place. Big mistake.

He walked towads your apartment with hurried feet, not wanting to keep you waiting for much longer and still slightly afraid he had just failed as a boyfriend and bought the wrong brand of pads. Yes, he took the job of taking care of you very seriously. He loved you after all, and if you were feeling uncomfortable then he felt uncomfortable too. Plus, lets just say no girl in the world is able to tame her temper during those days.

When he was about to reach your home though, he passed by a drugstore and decided it would be a nice gesture to buy you some chocolate too. He had heard his sister before saying it was some kind of magical remedy for period pains, so it was worth a shot. And even if it didn’t work…who would deny some chocolate? Maybe it even made up for the fact he surely got the wrong brand of pads.

As he opened the door to your apartment, he found you curled up into a ball on the sofa, wrapped inside a cozzy blanket and hating your life more than anything at the moment. He approached you, not knowing if you were awake as you were giving him your back, and he kindly stroked your arm to call your attention.

“[name]?” He whispered, feeling much at ease as he saw you turn around smiling softly.

“Hi Shoto”

“How are you feeling?”

“Like shit” You giggled and he couldn’t understad how women had grown used to periods to the point of joking about them “Did you buy the stuff?”

“Yeah, I did” He handed you the pharmacy’s bag almost sweating, letting out a strangled breath of relief as he saw you staring at the pads with approbation. Then he remembered the chocolate bar, and took it out of his pocket to hand it to you “I also got you this”

“Oh, thank you! You are so sweet” You cupped his cheek and brought him in for a thankful kiss. You were thankful for him being such a considerate boyfriend, and he was thankful he actually got the damn pads right.

As you pulled away, you opened the chocholate bar and offered him half of it.

“For me?” He asked, taking it between his hands and sitting next to you on the sofa.

“Yes, you deserve it” 

“What am I? A pet recieving a reward?” He joked as he took a bite of the chocolate and pulled you into his arms.

“Shhh, shut up. Don’t let me unload my menstrual-rage on you”

“That’s scary indeed” As he rested his body on the sofa’s armrest you leaned your body on top of his, your back agains his torso as he hugged you, and you began to eat your candy as well. “Feeling better?” 

“Totally” You hummed contently, enjoying the chocolate goody and your boyfriend’s lovely company “though there’s one more favor I would like to ask you…if you don’t find it weird” 

“[name], I just bought you pads. That was a weird enough experience” You both laughed and he kissed the back of your head, meaning you could ask him for whatever you wanted “Bring it on”

“Can you make your left hand hotter?” You asked, giving  him puppy dog eyes.

“Uhm…yes? Why?” 

“Just, do it”

As he handed you his hand and you noticed it began to raise its temperature, you guided it to rest just on top of your hurting belly, a happy sight escaping your lips.

Todoroki was confused. It made sense to be honest, heat was surely good for the cramps. But he still couldn’t get over the fact you trusted him enough to ask him to do something so private for you, since periods were such a taboo. He didn’t mind though, he just wanted you to feel better.

“Does it help?” He asked, even though your relaxed features were a sufficient enough answer. 

“Yes, thank you” You turned to peck him quickly on the cheek and closed your eyes, engulfed on the lovely heat of his touch “Can we stay like this like, forever?”

He chuckled lowly and stroked your belly with his thumb, getting comfortable since he knew you wouldn’t let him move for a while. Periods were still something he couldn’t quite get the hang of, but he was surely doing a good job for an amateur boyfriend.