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Reason #5643 why American sex ed really needs to step up its game

So today in class, a boy turned to me and I shit you not he said, “I know you are a feminist, but I think they have gone too far, asking to get off of work three days a month for periods. I mean really, you just slap a band-aid over it and go.” Ladies and gentleman, the American sex education system.

Where’s Nat? (Avengers X Teen!Reader)

Character: Avengers X Teen!Reader, Uncle Tony X Niece!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Blood. Looooots of blood. 


REQUEST: teen reader has period and goes to avengers for help but Nat isn’t home – Tony is her uncle!

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You had grown up in Stark towers under the custody of your Uncle Tony since you were little. You loved living with him, since he was funny, kind and like a dad to you. When he joined the Avengers, they all met you. You were about 8 years old when that happened and when it happened Tony sent you out of state to keep you safe. When you came back you rushed into your Uncle Tony’s arms, happy he was alive. The Avengers moved in and you got to have them as your friends now. You grew close to them all rather quickly in their own ways.

Steve was like a second uncle. He’d take you out for ice cream if you were having a bad day and would deal with bullies at school. Clint would let you visit his farm to play with his own kids, especially if all Avengers had to go on a mission, so Lauren could watch you. Thor would sometimes take you to Asgard as well and Bruce would help you with your homework. Natasha was like a sister and being the only other girl, you grew close.

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Hetalia scenarios masterpost!

Hetalia boyfriend scenarios

Waking up next to him (America, China, England, France)

Waking up next to him (Germany, Italy, Japan, Romano, Russia)

First meeting (America, China, England, France)

First meeting (Germany, Italy, Japan, Romano, Russia)

When you’re sick (America, China, England, France)

When you’re sick (Germany, Italy, Romano, Russia)

Another country flirts with you (America, China, England)

Another country flirts with you (France, Germany, Italy)

Another country flirts with you (Japan, Romano, Russia)

Taking a shower… together (America, China, England)

Taking a shower… together (France, Germany, Italy)

Taking a shower… together (Japan, Romano, Russia)

Your birthday (America, China, England)

Your birthday (France, Germany, Italy)

Your birthday (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

You’re on your period (America, China, England)

You’re on your period (France, Germany, Italy)

You’re on your period (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Meeting your friends/family (America, China, England)

Meeting your friends/family (France, Germany, Italy)

Meeting your friends/family (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Christmas! Kinda (America, China, England)

Christmas! Kinda (France, Germany, Italy)

Christmas! Kinda (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He wants to cuddle (America, China, England)

He wants to to cuddle (France, Germany, Italy)

He wants to cuddle (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

You fall asleep on him (America, China, England)

You fall asleep on him (France, Germany, Italy)

You fall asleep on him (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He sees you cry (America, China, England)

He sees you cry (France, Germany, Italy)

He sees you cry (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He has a nightmare (America, China, England)

He has a nightmare (France, Germany, Italy)

He has a nightmare (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Drunken flirting (America, Canada, China, England)

Drunken flirting (France, Germany, Italy)

Drunken flirting (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

First fight (America, Canada, China, England)

First fight (France, Germany, Italy)

First fight (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Canada special

Make up after the fight (America, Canada, China, England)

Make up after the fight (France, Germany, Italy)

Make up after the fight (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

The first “I love you” (America, Canada, China, England)

The first “I love you” (France, Germany, Italy)

The first “I love you” (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Goodbye at an airport (America, Canada, China, England)

Goodbye at an airport (France, Germany, Italy)

Goodbye at an airport (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He misses you (America, Canada, China, England)

He misses you (France, Germany, Italy)

He misses you (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Reunion at an aiport (America, Canada, China, England)

Reunion at an airport (France, Germany, Italy)

Reunion at an airport (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He’s staring (America, Canada, China, England)

He’s staring (France, Germany, Italy)

He’s staring (Japan, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Caught making out (America, Canada, China, England)

Caught making out (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Caught making out (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain) 

You wear his clothes (America, Canada, China, England)

You wear his clothes (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

You wear his clothes (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Valentine’s Day (America, Canada, China, England)

Valentine’s Day (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Valentine’s Day (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

You can’t sleep (America, Canada, China, England)

You can’t sleep (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

You can’t sleep (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Finding out he’s a country (America, Canada, China, England)

Finding out he’s a country (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Finding out he’s a country (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Meeting his friends/family (America, Canada, China, England)

Meeting his friends/family (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Meeting his friends/family (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Norway Special

Moving into his house (America, Canada, China, England)

Moving into his house (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Moving into his house (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

He proposes (America, Canada, China)

He proposes (England, France, Germany)

He proposes (Italy, Japan, Prussia)

He proposes (Romano, Russia, Spain)

Wedding vows (America, Canada, China, England)

Wedding vows (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

Wedding vows (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

How he kisses you (America, Canada, China, England)

How he kisses you (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

How he kisses you (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

The countries as youtubers (America, Canada, China, England)

The countries as youtubers (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)

The countries as youtubers (Prussia, Romano, Russia, Spain)

Meeting the 2p (America, Canada, China, England)

Meeting the 2p (France, Germany, Italy, Japan)


What, you getting sleepy? 

(tiny steve rogers cosplay by me

2p!Allies responding to Girlfriend saying she's on her period:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
Mildly horrified. Sure he’s used to blood spilt from other people, but normally he didn’t feel bad about it. Now he wasn’t sure if he should pamper you or run away. (If you yell at him he will just bolt)
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
“So…we can’t have sex?”
That’s about it. He will be a bit nicer however, even offering you massages.
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
“Oh my.” His face twisted into pity. He’d cook for you and make sure you were comfortable. You’re even more of a princess than normal.
2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-
“So?” Is the best you’re going to get.
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
100% Lowkey concern. You’d find little snacks and other things. He’d never voice his worries but would help out anyway he could.

period pains

(A/N): I hope this helps you anon! I hope you Feel better soon!

 Request: Baaaabe I feel so shitty cause I got my period today 😥 so how about an imagine where you and Mr hot-ass Barnes are a couple and he has to deal with your mood swings going from crying to getting angry and throwing pillows at him ? At the end of the day he carries you to bed, brings you tea and cookies and then you cuddle with a movie? 😊 Hope that’s okay. I was just being curious how Bucky would react hihi

 Warnings: some swearing 

    You groan softly as yet another wave of cramps wash over you, the pain now bordering on ‘I think my ovaries may have exploded’. Nothing was working, not the extra strength ibuprofen, not the heating pad, and not even the copious amounts of chocolate you had consumed. In all honest you felt like shit and all you wanted was for the pain to go away. You groan once again, a few tears leaking from the corner of your eyes. There’s the sound of movement and suddenly Bucky is hovering over you, his expression more than concerned. 

    “I know you told me to leave you alone but your noises are really sad and I just want to help you…” You stare up at Bucky with an expression you can only assume looks like a combination of grimacing and pain. “Is there anything I can do?”

   "Can you-“ you grimace yet again, your cramps hitting your body hard. "Oh my god,” you breathe out,“I feel like satan is stabbing my vagina with his pitchfork," 

   Bucky tries not to smile, he really does but you just looks so sad and you tend to get sassy on your period and that comment was just too much for him. A small chuckle falls from Bucky’s lips and he immediately regrets it when he sees the expression on your face. 

   "I’m sorry,” Bucky breathes out, attempting to reign in his smile.

    “You think this is funny Barnes?” You nearly growl, your anger begin to bubble within you. “I’m fucking bleeding like Niagra falls over here and you’re laughing?”

    “I’m sorry,” Bucky can’t even keep his smile under control anymore and there’s no point to, you’re already pissed at him. “You just get really sassy when you’re on your period is all,” You growl menacingly as you reach behind your head, grabbing your pillow and chucking it at Bucky with all the force you have.

    “Wanna know how you can help me?” You ask as Bucky easily catches the pillow, his stupid smile never faltering. “Get the hell out,”

    Laying on the couch a few hours later you realized how rude you had been to Bucky, he didn’t do anything to deserve that kind of treatment, you were just being a bitch to him. Tears well within your eyes as you realize that Bucky had just been trying to help you and you straight up told him to leave you alone. You sniffle softly as your tears threaten to spill over the more you think about how rude you’d been.

   Eventually your quiet sniffles turn into full out sobs, making your already hurting stomach only hurt more. You can vaguely hear a door opening and closing but dismiss it as some other avenger moving about the tower but then there’s a warm hand wiping away your tears and Bucky’s soft voice is right next to your ear.

    “Hey, what’s wrong? Do you need more meds?” You sob once again, shaking your head quickly.

   "I-I was s-so mean to you a-and all you were t-trying to do w-was help m-me,“ you sob again, clutching your stomach as more pain spread through your body. 

    "Hey,” Bucky coos as he ever so gently runs his hand along the side of your face, wiping away your tears. “It’s okay (Y/N), I understand-”

    “It’s not!” You wail, sobbing even harder. “I-I’m so mean to y-you a-and y-you’re so n-nice all the t-time-” Bucky smiles softly as he leans over you to press a soft kiss to your lips, swallowing up your cries. 

    “It’s okay (Y/N),” Bucky states again, this time firmer. “Your hormones are a mess, I understand,” You sniffle softly as you wipe at your eyes all the while staring up at Bucky earnestly. 

    “S-so you’re not mad at me?” You whimper softly as a few more unwanted tears fall from your eyes. Bucky smiles warmly at you as he presses a tender kiss to your cheek.

    “Of course not doll,” you sigh shakily, releasing the air you hadn’t realized you had been holding. You sniffle once again, pawing at your extremely runny nose. 

    “U-um about earlier, when you asked what could you do to help?” Bucky hums softly as he gingerly traces circles into your skin with his thumb. “Can you just stay here…with me?” Bucky nods, his smile ever growing.

    “I actually have a better idea,” Bucky murmurs as he casually picks you up as though weighed nothing. You squeak in surprise, clinging to Bucky like a koala would to it’s mother. 

   Within a moment Bucmy has laid you down on your bed, pressing a quick kiss to your forehead before murmuring, 

    “I’m going to grab some stuff, just wait, kay?” You nod softly, already missing the warmth and security Bucky provided but in a few short minutes he’s returned, clutching a cup of tea and your chocolate cookies (most of which you’d eaten earlier). 

    “So,” He begins as he sets the tea on your bedside table and the cookies beside you. He snuggles in beside you, resting his arm on your shoulder as you nuzzle into his side. “Wanna watch some Law and Order, house of cards, the sopranos?” You sniffle once again, overwhelmed by Bucky’s patience and kindness towards you. 

   "Um…“ you whisper, biting your lip in thought. "Law and Order?” Bucky gives you a warm smile, pressing another kiss to your forehead. 

   "That’s my girl,“

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There are so many reasons to hate public schooling and I think the main one for me is how they don’t teach you enough about periods.
The last thing my school system taught me about periods was in the fifth grade. That was the first and only time they taught us about periods. And it wasn’t spoken about, at least not often.
I want schools to have classes where they teach you everything you want to know, from which brands of pads and tampons to use at first. (btw never use those cardboard tampons at first, use the plastic ones. They’re more expensive but they are easier to use and hurt so much less). They should teach you about birth control that helps to regulate your period, and how to deal with cramps.
I don’t want to have to google what period cups are. I want to know how to easily remove blood from fabrics of all sorts. I don’t want to have to feel embarrassed about asking a Sex Ed/ Health teacher about periods.
I want a class where they teach guys (and even girls) that they shouldn’t make a girl feel bad about being on her period, and giving them tips on how to keep us happy and not make us mad (example- always saying the girl is “pmsing” when she’s annoyed).
I want the American school system not to be so awful.