Period Diaries

Video of myself reading some of the period stories I’ve collected at the tampon drive event…

So like i said i went to the ‘Raconteur Taboo Tales + Tampon Drive’ at the Forrest cafe hosted by Charlotte (who introduced me in the video). Szabi was very kind and videoed me during it. Excuse the stuttering, etc as i was extremely nervous!!!
Period Diaries

Hey! I’m an art student currently looking at the stigma surrounding menstruation. During my…

So today I created a blog to post all the period stories I’ve collected (Please Follow!) I think from now on (with some exceptions of course) i’m going to post all the stuff relating to this project on there just to make it easier. 

In relation to the period diaries themselves, i’ve got a few ideas i want to work with. Ive been thinking about making a book/magazine of sort, which i’ve kind of done by sticking the text into a book. i want it to be more professional, etc so going to look at getting someone else to make it for me? I also like the idea of possibly making a animation with the period diaries being the narrative, but i’ll need to speak to someone about that…

Dear Period Diary,

I was 2 days into my period and hadn’t seen my boyfriend in 3 days. We had only been going out for 4 weeks and were still in the honeymoon stage, still getting to know each other. We were all over each other and wanted to fuck, but I was on my period so I kept pushing him away. My previous boyfriends weren’t into shagging while I was bleeding and I assumed he’d be the same; especially at such an early stage in our relationship. But he was persistent and kept pushing it. He told me he didn’t care, so we threw down a towel and went for it. It was so intimate. He wanted me no matter what and I could tell that he didn’t care; this brought us closer together. It made me feel differently about my period, helped me accept it, made it feel less like a burden and something that I dreaded every month. It was part of me, part of being a woman. It means that I could have children, which in its self is amazing! He helped me see it in that way, and that means a lot. I should probably tell him this.

—  The Period Diaries.

Dear Period Diary,

One time I had sex on my period at a friend’s house and got it on their white carpet. My boyfriend then had to run down and raid their kitchen for cleaning stuff. Luckily they had that Vanish Oxi Action stuff and it cleaned up my mess right away. No ever found out, thank fuck.

—  The Period Diaries