Group Chat??

Is anyone interested in joining a group chat ? I really enjoy talking to people outside Tumblr and it’s always so much fun to have a group that shares the same interests as you. 😃😃😃
It’s best if you have Skype/WhatsApp.
@obviouslystiles, @zenthisoror @pashmina-dhaage, @lawlietismyfavorite. Also @sybilius, @tartpants, @drawthelinestoallconstellations
@kagarizard too.
And in any case if you really want to speak to me outside of Tumblr, you can definitely find me on Twitter.

     ‘do be smart, dear. you’re living in a world that would love to witness US performing magic just so they could throw us on trial and burn us after.’ even if the cliche of “burning the witch” was more so ENGLISH based than american. it was all for fair warning, he knew the dangers of being a witch or “person of magic” in this world that was so — well, judgemental. ‘you’re quite the fire lover, hm?’ 

@fircborn | starter call