period wear

if Hamilton had come out during the Glee Era, this is what the episode basically would be

- Opening scene: ND in the classroom talking among themselves. Schue walks in wearing full period costume. Everyone is confused and a little ashamed. Schue tells them he’s discovered they’re all failing history, and one of them tells him history is just SO BORING. 

 - cut to a scene of somehow all the kids in the same class in various stages of unconsciousness while a Professor Binns type teacher drones on about the war of 1812. 

- Schue assures them history is TOTALLY COOL, informs them about Hamilton, tries to white rap his way through either Guns and Ships or Yorktown. Santana makes that “why am I surrounded by white fools” face that she always makes. Hamilton is the assignment this week, even though COMPETITION looms in the future, but when have they ever actually practiced before the week of? 

- Blaine has been super friendly with some guy from Dalton or from Hairgellers Anonymous or something, is constantly liking his posts on FB. Kurt sings “Burn” over a montage of Blaine ignoring him in ridiculous situations that no one would ever be on their phone during. 

- Rachel has decided this week is one of the weeks where she’s aggressive about becoming a star, sings Satisfied. 

- Tensions are getting high, so Artie flawlessly white boy raps through “What’d I Miss” while Mike dances, to lighten the mood. 

- The kids are learning about Hamilton, but Schue is worried they’re not REALLY learning the point he’s trying to get at. 

- Probably the Unholy Trinity sings “Schuyler Sisters” 

- Schue walks back in on the kids excitedly talking about the show and/or history in general. Smiles that smile he smiles when he thinks he’s a good teacher. “See you guys? History is now. You’re the founding fathers. You’re the underdogs. Your time is coming, you just have to wait for it.” 

- New Directions: YEAH! 

- The group sings “Wait for It” in the auditorium either in full costume, or wearing just vaguely matching outfits. Finn takes lead, but Mercedes comes in on the middle solo. 

- They all smile at each other at the end, while Schue makes that face again. 

- Sue is in the background glowering that ND has managed to not fall apart yet again.

one more oc……………. (and then maybe ill stop L OL)

- 10-11 yrs

- she looks sleepy all the time, but shes actually really enjoying what youre having to say

- mixes dirty laundry with clean laundry (on accident)

- those boots use to be white, but after a long period time of wear, theyve somehow turned a baby yellow (theyre her favorite pair)

- has the weirdest giggle out of the whole squad (cutest u__u)

- she loves playing outside with kito and goggleboi

- her hair gets tangled easily, so comrade brushes it out from time to time


13.11.2016: maiko Ichitomi and Chiyoko of Gion Kobu during their sakkou period by  なお on Twitter

Sakkou is the last stage of maiko’s career. It lasts from two weeks up to a month and it’s finished with a ceremonial hair-cutting. From now on, a maiko becomes a geiko and she’s allowed to wear a wig instead of styling her own hair. 

In Gion Kobu a formal crested black kimono is a mandatory attire for the sakkou period. Maiko wear them with gold obi and special sakkou kanzashi, most often crane-shaped.

Chiyoko and Ichitomi will “turn their collars” next week!

yo hella tmi real quick

but does anybody else get like,, really hungry right before their period? like ive eaten a metric fuckton these past few days and i’m still hungry

also, im not sure if it was just the shirt but these past two mornigns ive woken up with sore boobs, like if i slept in an ill-fitting bra sore

The emo phase is part of being a teenager. I worked very hard in school and I cared quite a lot about getting good grades but I was very weird. I prided myself on being unusual and different. I was obsessed with the ‘60s so I kind of viewed myself as living in the wrong time period. I used to wear these vintage clothes and the other kids at my school didn’t like me very much. [Laughs.] I was very self-indulgently into this image of myself, like I used to read Ulysses during my math class.

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Suggest to play hide-and-seek?
Dress up for Halloween?
Babysit so they have an excuse to watch kids cartoons?
Sing random snatches of songs that are loosely connected to the conversation?
Let a dog lick them for long periods of time?
Wear nothing but there underwear around the house for a whole day?


Adelaide Kane as Mary, Queen of Scots, before her wedding to Don Carlos

TV: Reign (2013-present)

Costume by Meredith Markworth-Pollack

oftd featuring. tezri propie