period shoes

~Pair of Shoes.
Period: Byzantine, Late Antique Period
Date: 6th-9th century
Medium: partially gilded leather
Place of origin: Egypt

From the source: The central motif of a cross suggests that this pair of leather shoes was made for a priest, although they could also have been worn by an upper-class man. Many poor people in this period went barefoot, including shoemakers, while those who could afford to wore sandals (government officials); slippers (monks and clergy); or boots (soldiers and laborers.


Help us get back Bill’s gear! Stolen from Cambridge MA, 20th July 2016

To the thieves who steal medieval gear, you are really, really stupid. When do you think you can wear or sell high quality kit without people noticing? This is a small community that is everywhere, and we look after each other. Give it back, and get armour or swords the way the rest of us do- through hard work. 

Please share if you feel the same way.

Anyone going into pawn shops and finding armour like this in the coming weeks, please pay attention to whether it looks like it was from a museum. Bill’s gear was top quality and very distinctive.

Below from Bill, 

“Just when you think it cannot go any worse. Right now I’m crushed.  I was in Cambridge today. When I went to leave, I noticed that my car (and several others) were broken into. The motherf**s took half my armour, and my ammo box of tools

 I’ve lost:
All of my leg armour
All of my arm armour
Two different gorgets
Two different set of gauntlets
A set of sollerets
A handmade brayette
A pair of period shoes.

A bunch of tools, including two hammers, four set of needle nose pliers in various sizes, good shears, scissors, two different punches for leather, a punch for steel/metal, a bunch of various other tools for my armour, leather belts, buckles, straps, rivets etc in a .50 Caliber Ammo box. 

Here is a picture of the arms and legs. They are quite unique.

I now have no real armour, I cannot fight Friday night.  I can no longer do demos. I can no longer sell my art to others in the way I usually do.”

Title: He Was Dragging His Ass (What A Fine Ass It Was)

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa

Syn: During every single passing period of every single day, Mikasa ends up behind the slowest shitbag in school. She’s sick of it.

The bell rang, and Mikasa was out the door.

She’d gathered her things a whole ten minutes before the bell rang, matching Mr. Shardis’s death glare with one of her own. She’d chosen a seat close to the door. Hell, she’d even changed into her gym clothes the period before, her tennis shoes laced tightly around her feet as she tore down the hallway. She would be in her next class in no time. There was no way he could block her off. 

The hall became crowded. Mikasa shoved her peers out of the way, ignoring their complaints.

One more turn. One more turn and she was home free. She would have gone an entire passing period without staring at his back, her feet shuffling behind his. And then, to celebrate, she would have gotten herself some ice cream after school. The day would have been her best in an entire month. Balance would have been restored to the universe, probably. All wars would have ended. Cancer would have been cured. Bagels and cream cheese would finally have stopped being sold in uneven quantities. Everything would have been perfect.

But it was not to be. 

Mikasa slammed face-first into a familiar-smelling varsity jacket. She stumbled backward, almost falling onto a classmate, stepping on another’s shoe.

Their outcries and concerned inquiries were all muted, drowned out by the sight of that varsity jacket, choked down by the bubble of rage expanding from Mikasa’s stomach and out of her mouth.

Her eyes could see nothing but a single word, etched in blocky script on leather.


The crowd of kids parted, watching fearfully. Mikasa knew her face was red. She was angry. She was fucking furious, actually.

The figure in front of her turned, pulling out an earbud, his strong features twisted with confusion and fear.

“What did I do?” he asked. 

Mikasa shoved an accusing finger in his face. “Every. Day. Every single fucking day since this semester started, you have made me late. To all of my classes. Every single one. I’ve shouted at you to move, but you never heard me! I tried to move past you, but the crowd was too thick! I fucking kicked you in the ass once, and you just smirked at me like I was flirting!”

His frown deepened. “You weren’t flirting?”

Mikasa’s eyes were uncharacteristically wild, bulging from her face as though they were trying to squeeze themselves out.


He shrugged innocently. “I mean, I do it.”

“He does!” shouted a girl across the hallway.

“Shut the fuck up, Hanna, you slut!” Mikasa called back.

“At least I get some, Ackerman!”

“She doesn’t even go here!” someone else shouted.

The Jaeger boy blinked in Hanna’s direction, and then turned back to Mikasa. “Look, I’m sorry. I’ll be sure to stay out of your way from now on. Sound good?”

As a matter of fact, it did. But Mikasa was so filled with unholy rage, nothing as peaceful as reasonable resolution would sit well with her. She wanted blood, confrontation, anger.

She wanted to fight.

“No!!” she shouted.  “Fight me!”

The crowd inhaled collectively, some covering their mouths, some digging for their phones.

The boy’s brow furrowed. “What? You want to….fight?”

Mikasa dropped her backpack. Adrenaline rushed through her system. She knew she was being unbelievably stupid at the moment, but GOD. SHE WAS SO FUCKING MAD!


Without warning, Mikasa swung at the Jaeger boy’s throat. Shocked, he scrambled backwards, losing his balance. He reached for Mikasa’s outstretched fist as an anchor, but only ended up dragging her down with him as he fell on his ass in front of a good number of fellow students.

Mikasa’s nose crashed on the boy’s jaw. She yelped and covered her face, tears springing to her eyes. Blood began to stream over her lips.

“Oh shit!” the boy said in alarm. “Holy shit, are you okay?!”

“What’s going on here?” asked a teacher. Mikasa looked up.  Ms. Ral stood above them.

“Mikasa,” she gasped, “are you okay?” 

More teachers arrived around them, shooing students to their classrooms. Mikasa pushed herself off of the Jaeger boy, stood, and nodded.

“Thank god,” Ms. Ral exhaled, offering the Jaeger boy a hand. He took it, groaning as he stood.

“I- I’m sorry,” Mikasa, who had finally come to her senses, stammered. Her cheeks burned, this time with unbearable embarrassment. With her head lowered, she grabbed her things and hurried to her next class.

“Lover’s spat?” Ms. Ral asked with a knowing smile.

The boy made a grotesque face. “Why would you- nevermind. Sure. Lover’s spat.”

“I knew it,” Ms. Ral laughed. “Girls are complicated, Eren. And weird. So don’t feel bad if weird things happen, okay?”

“….Right. See you, Ms. Ral.”

“Bye, Eren.”

As Eren headed to his classroom, he realized he was having some very strong feelings in reaction to the whole affair. And he guessed he wouldn’t exactly call those feelings bad.

The next day, for the entirety of the first passing period, Mikasa did not see a varsity jacket. She arrived to class early, marveling at how it felt to be in a room with only two people in it. Her teacher offered a curt “good morning” before returning to work.

And then he came in.

He took a seat in front of her, straddling the chair and folding his arms atop her desk. He grinned a terribly charming grin and pulled something from his pocket.

“I think we’ve gotten off of the wrong foot,” he said. “Don’t you agree?”

Slowly, Mikasa nodded. She had honestly never expected to hear from him again, especially after the tantrum she’d thrown. 

“Good. Then firstly, I think I should introduce myself. I’m Eren.” He held out his hand.

She shook it gently. “Mikasa.”

He put something cold between their hands. An ice pack. Mikasa started at the feel of it against her skin.


“For your nose. I’m sure it aches still. Sorry it busted yesterday. That was my bad.”

She stared at him, dumbfounded. He smiled in return, reminiscent of a handsome, stupid puppy.

“Oh- here.” Eren put his hand around hers, guiding the ice pack to her nose. “You gotta press these a certain way for them to work.” 

“I- I got it,” Mikasa stammered, pressing it herself. He released her hand. 

“Good. So before class starts, I’d like to know a bit about you.”

“Me?” Mikasa could’ve sworn she was dreaming. This was absolutely surreal.

“Yeah, you. I kinda wanna be friends, y’know? You seem pretty cool. The way you just spoke your mind like that- sorry, pun alert- it speaks to me.”

A strange, incredulous giggled escaped through Mikasa’s teeth. “That was…pretty terrible,” she told him.

He grinned. “Good. I specialize in shitty humor. But yeah, what are you into? I’m curious. Are you, like a straight-A student, a choir girl, a jock, what?”

“I’m into soccer,” she answered. “Varsity.”

“Now we’re getting somewhere!” he cheered. “Anything else?”

Mikasa shrugged. “I like movies from the eighties,” she offered. “And I babysit for money. What about you?”

“Three things,” he answered, holding up three fingers. He folded one for every item on his list. 

“Number one. I’m in varsity football. Number two. I’m obsessed with Fallout Boy. And number three- here’s my personal favorite, it’s a more recent interest- I’m into this thing. It’s pretty cool, nice to look at, it’s got it’s flaws, but so does everything, y’know? I think it’s spelled, like…..Y-O-U?”

Mikasa couldn’t help it. A huge, reluctant smile spread across her face.

“I know you’ve had to watch my ass as I dragged it around in front of you,” he continued, smug, “and I’m sorry. But maybe you could let it work for you now?”

The bell rang. The classroom had filled up. A kid waited patiently in the back of the room for Eren to move from his seat. The teacher was finishing up their last sip of coffee.

Mikasa scribbled down her number and slid it to Eren. He pumped his fist in celebration and winked at her suggestively before exiting the room.

All Mikasa could think was, I almost beat the shit out of him.




Please, take the time to read this.

Why are people making a big deal about gays wanting to adopt? Would you rather have kids be orphans rather than to have two mommies or two daddies? What is the problem with homosexuals adopting babies that have been abandoned (regardless of the reason) by their STRAIGHT parents? Just think about it. (Yes, I got that from the “Legalize Love" campaign. You get the point.)

I read a comment on that post that said:

“Gays are sick and a child needs a mother and a father”.

Please tell me, what is the percentage of heterosexual parents who ACTUALLY stay together in a faithful, loving marriage throughout the child’s entire life? 

But no, let’s not give two men and two women who love each other the chance to save children from being orphans and wanting to have a family. -_-

What the hell is wrong with people. Seriously. If you’d just open your minds and your hearts and see the FACTS, the world will be a much better place. 

And stop trying to use the Bible as justification for your prejudice, because Matthew 7 clearly states:

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”  


(I put “sin” in quotation marks, because everyone has different definitions of what a sin is)

 Lying is a “sin”. Stealing is a “sin”. Cursing is a “sin”. Using “the Lord’s name in vain” is a “sin”. (Yes, “omg” counts.) All of these things are sins according to the Bible, and I promise you that every single one of you have committed at least one (if not all) of these sins.

So if you’re going to use your bible, make sure you read and understand ALL of its laws before you use one in context to hurt others for your own satisfaction. The bible also has laws like: 

  • men cannot associate with women during their time of uncleanliness (their period)
  • you cannot wear shoes or eyeglasses
  • dietary restrictions: (no animal with split hooves [pigs, sheep, goats, etc], shellfish, no eating of fruit from a tree that has been planted within four years, any sea creature that does not have scales or fins, or anything with paws, snails, lizards, turtles, any kind of pure fat, and so much more.
  • no drinking of blood (but I though Catholics drink Jesus’ “blood” at mass..? Hmm…)
  • clothing: you cannot have your head uncovered no matter what, or render your clothes in any sort of way
  • no cutting of hair of any kind. (facial, head hair, shaving legs, ANYTHING.)
  • no tattoos or any kind of body modification or piercings
  • no interbreeding of any animals. (That means no mixed-breed dogs or cats, horses, etc. It’s a sin.
  • no touching or coming in contact with unclean creatures (so what do we do about the abandoned puppy on the side of the street? Let it die because it isn’t clean?)
  • no drinking of alcohol in church (Another contradiction. Catholics drink wine at every mass as part of the celebration of the Eucharist, drinking Christ’s blood..)
  • no work or labor of ANY KIND on the Sabbath; Sunday. It is for worship only.

The list can go on FOREVER.

So, unless all you devout bible-bumpers abide by EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE LAWS, AND ALL THE OTHERS, please do not come and tell me about how homosexuality is a sin. It just makes you look dumb and unaware of yourself.

And also, please do not misinterpret the point of this post. Its purpose is not to bash anyone’s religion, but to shed light on the fact that religion CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be used as an excuse to hurt and offend others.

I hope I educated some people with this post, because I am so done with closed-minded, stubborn, and bigoted people. 


A twenty-first century girl who can see through people’s bullshit