period propertys

We Muslims are against the indiscriminate killing of people, animals and trees. and the destruction of property. Period. Islam did not create ISIS or ISIL. Western powers and their puppet regimes did. By invading Muslim countries, killing millions of babies, children, women and men, destroying infrastructure and private property, disintegrating families, societies, and whole countries, creating and financing mercenary groups, interfering in the the affairs of peoples and states, and sowing chaos western countries create fertile conditions for extremism, violence, and treacherous behavior and practices to thrive and rein supreme. It does not take geniuses to realize that to end extremism and violence, western powers should learn to live by the legitimate laws that they created and end their meddling in the life, affairs, and sovereignty of other peoples in their countries. Before any one in the west starts blaming Islam and Muslims for the crimes of the few so called Muslims, why not the free citizens of the west blame their own governments for the ongoing heinous crimes against the vast majority of Iraqis, Syrians, Libyans, Lebanese, Yemenis, Somalis, and Palestinians- just to name a few. The example of the daily policies and practices of settler colonial apartheid Israel against the people of Palestine lay bare the position of western powers in the Arab World. Nothing can be said or done to beautify the ugly realities of western colonialism, racism, and violent crimes in our part of the world. Peoples in Iraq, France, Syria, UK, Libya, Germany, Lebanon, Sweden, Yemen, USA, Somalis, Holland, Palestine, Norway, etc want to live in dignity, justice and peace. We the silent majority must come together to end such practices. No more killing and destruction. Not in our names!


The astronomer who brought us the Universe

“What she found from these 25 stars — knowing they were all located at roughly the same distance in this small nebula in the sky — was a relationship between the period of each star, how long it takes to go from brightest to dimmest to brightest again, and how intrinsically luminous that star was.
This relationship between the period and brightness of Cepheid variable stars is still used today, and was the very first correlation between an easily observable property (period of variability) and an intrinsic brightness ever noticed.”

If all we were able to do was look up at the sky and see what we can see, no matter how powerful our instruments became, we would be extraordinarily limited in what we could learn about the Universe. But if we could know some intrinsic properties about what we were looking at, then simply by measuring things like how bright these objects appear, we could figure out the cosmic distance scale; all it would require is knowledge of a “distance indicator” or “standard candle.” The very first one ever discovered — by Henrietta Leavitt — is not only still in use today, but taught us the galactic nature of the spiral nebulae and gave us the expanding Universe.


I should probably stop now. It’s 11:20 pm and I’ve checked 10 out of 18 of the things I had to do this weekend. Today I studied: • History (Middle Ages) • Chemistry (Periodic Table properties) • Algebra • a bit of the SAT’s writing section I guess it was a pretty productive day! oh and I downloaded that tree app and it’s so good that I actually felt bad for killing the tree. /February 28th 2015/