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Real Time Crystals Cooked for the First Time

Ordinary crystals use a repeating pattern to form a structure. In a time crystal however, it’s the electrons which move in a loop instead of a straight line and occasionally bunch up then flow smoothly again repeating in time the same way regular crystals repeat in space. They are the world’s first version of an enigmatic form of matter.

Norman Yao and his team from the University of California have recently published a paper containing the blueprints for creating a time crystal and the recipe has already been followed by two other teams.

When you expose one of Yao’s crystals to an external force like a pulse from a laser, it triggers the magnetic spin of one ion to shift which in turn causes the spin of the next ion to switch triggering the entire system of the crystal to go into a repeating pattern of periodic motion. Periodic motion is just motion repeated at equal intervals of time for example a rocking chair or a bouncy ball.

These time crystals could play an enormous role in the creation of stable qubits for quantum computing. Unlike the classical bit which can only can only be in a state of either vertical or horizontal polarization, quantum mechanics allows the qubit to be in a superposition of two states at once. So a bit normally codes for either a 0 or a 1, a qubit can represent the 0 and the 1 simultaneously which has massive implications in quantum computing.

whenever i see a post complaining about certain pronunciations or spellings i’m always like….my man my dude….language is arbitrary….it’s all made up….who gives a flying fuck 


Working on the sleeves for The Green Dress. The sleeve is 2 meters wide. You can see it pinned on the door frame in the first picture. I made a draft first for the sleeve and that draft was 1 meter wide, but it wasn’t wide enough. I wanted to make the sleeve heavily pleated and for that it needed to be wider than 1 meter, so I decided to make it 2 meters wide. It was a good decision, because I like it very much. I am pleased with how it looks and how full it is. 

Everything is hand sewn. 

Now I need to make the bottom part of the sleeve. I’m going to make a design similar to this:

- Maria Heller


R. Lutece (BioShock Infinite), Cosplay

Photo Set 1 of ???. Photography by maecatt

My identical twin sister have been wanting to cosplay the Luteces pretty much since the game came out. So pleased with the result!

All shirts, ties, skirts/pants, and undergarments made from scratch using historically accurate patterns (yes, there’s a corset under there!). Robert’s jacket was a thrift store find, with a matching skirt. Fabric from the skirt was used to construct Rosalind’s jacket. Hair-styling by myself. (Yay, no wigs! Though I wish we had done photos on the second day, hair was even better…)

Period patterns from Truly Victorian and Sense and Sensibility Patterns. Cage necklace from Esty, cuff-links made to match. Shoes are thrift store/internet finds, painted to match. Rosalind’s vest from literally the back of my closet.


Medieval skins for Pewds, Jack, Mark and Minx coming right up!

You can probably tell the inspiration to Pewds’ skin, Jack’s is a mix of archer, spy and hunter, Mark is kind of a berserker (the hand. I just wing it. I don’t really know.), and Minx’s an assassin. I pulled up like seven pages of references for these. I’m weak. 

I think I’ll do another post for this, with full-colored designs for every fighter, if I can make some time. This is really fun.

here’s that one post that starts all of this request and idea illustration stuff


fullview perhaps tumblr is not kind to pixels

haha SO. Tiny JS&MN characters! These are sort of a mix of book descriptions and tv appearances. Took about two weeks on and off, I would say?

A quick lecture on Self-Learning

I’ve openly expressed countless times that I do not go to lecture very often. I am not an auditory learner. Noise easily distracts me and it is impossible for me to give me focus to a lecturer for an hour, let alone at 9am, or for 3 hours in the evening. Following are some things I do that may help you, perhaps even more if you are a visual learner.

1. Try Not Taking Notes
This sounds confusing, but let me explain. If you do decide to go to lecture, you really got to focus. I found in my first two years I’d try to write down everything the lecture said or wrote, and frankly I can’t write that fast. All I’d end up with were notebooks full of words I didn’t understand. So give your undivided attention to the lecturer. You have textbooks and the internet if you want to make notes. Or make your notes after. What was important? What questions do you have? Maybe at most, write down the problems the lecturer solves in class: it may be the only time you get to see someone actually demonstrate their ideal problem solving technique.

2. Listen to your body
If you are not going to class then you are at liberty to study when you want, in what environment you want. Make a routine that works for you. Don’t worry about “how the real world works.” Working 9am-5pm, or 12am-8am doesn’t matter as long as it’s natural. Right now is not the time to force yourself into an uncomfortable routine. I like to study at home: I have access to food, water, and I largely control the volume of my surroundings. My style is 3 hours of work, with “biobreaks” every hour or half-hour, and then full hour breaks at the end of each 3 hour period. Figure out what pattern works for you, and stick to it. Eat when you are hungry, monitor your hydration, sleep appropriately. This is the first and maybe the last time you get to dictate how you live, so live how you want.

3. Make use of the school’s resources
I used to drag myself to class (to immediately fall asleep) because “that’s what I paid for.” Tuition is not the only thing you pay for. You have access to libraries and gyms, to office hours and tutorials, weight what you have available to you not in terms of money, but how it helps you learn. If you are more kinesthetic, going to the gym is just as valuable to your education as attending lecture. If you are going to skip class, might as well not skip leg day. If you are more spiritual or existential, take this time to go to your place of worship, or to read something that you have always wanted to know about, or talk to people. It can seem like university is targeted towards one type of learning style, and unfortunately, that’s mostly true. But your learning style can still flourish. You may just needed to be more conscious about it.

(I can left this sit as draft for a month and I forgot what else I was going to add. Whoops.)

What Taking Responsibility For Your Own Vibes Really Means

There’s a well known quote that goes:

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”

I’m going to show you what that means, and how that applies to you in your journey with LOA.

But first, let’s take a look at something.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in a momentum of not so good-feeling things.

And a lot of times when we first start out to deliberately engage LOA, it’s because we want to change something that is stressing us out.

When we have been noticing a bunch of stuff that we don’t like, and stuff that doesn’t feel so good for a long period of time…

Patterns and habits of vibration are then created in that likeness.

Accompanying those patterns and habits of vibration is also momentum in that likeness.

So when you come across LOA, you might start thinking it’s some type of magical way to feel better when really you don’t.

You might start thinking it’s some magical way to deflect responsibility of what you are thinking and feeling and then magically materialize a life that feels better than what you percieve now.

But it isn’t.

And you can’t make the changes like that.

You have to take responsibility your own vibes in order to make the changes.

When we don’t take responsibility for our vibes, we may tend to continuously blame everyone and everything else for why we aren’t making the adjustments necessary to have the desired changes.

No matter how real and justified doing so is or feels. Nothing changes until you do.

And in actuality, you are shifting your consciousness and awareness more so than you are making changes.

Who you really are already knows that your vibes is one of the things that you do have control of.

When you blame everything else and everyone else, you give the power of choice to outside influences that you do not control.

There are many things that you do not have control over in life, but one thing you do have control over is how you direct your vibes.

Law of attraction is always on. It is always working to match, reflect, respond to, and replicate your vibes.

LOA does not blame other people and other things for your vibes when it attracts things to you.

Does it?

LOA does not discriminate.

LOA just responds to vibes.

That’s it.

You are the one that either blames others or takes responsibility for your vibes.

Taking responsibility for your vibes…

It’s not about justfying or explaining why your life isn’t the way you’d like it to be (although when you look at it from multiple angels…doing so helps you clarify what you do want…)…

…or blaming and thinking negatively about others like it’s their fault that you don’t have what you want…

It’s about acknowledging where you are and where you’d like to be, and then doing whatever you can (in positive and healthy ways) from where you are now so you can start heading in the better-feeling direction.

It’s about acknowledging the results of your past focus and then making better-feeling choices and decisions in your now moments.

It’s about acknowledging your old patterns of thought that have attracted what you don’t want and then deliberately choosing better-feeling patterns of thoughts to attract what you do want.

It’s about acknowledging how your thoughts and percpetions are effecting you and your reality…and the realities of others, and then going in better-feeling and more positively harmonious directions.

It’s about making the conscious decision to focus in a different way, to look at things from multiple angles…

So you can align with better-feeling energy and be in harmony with better-feeling and more positive and healthy circumstances.

It’s not about blaming yourself or continuing to see yourself as a victim. No matter how justified it may seem…

It’s about looking for the positive opportunities and what you have learned and then turning that into something beautifully positive and healthy.

And remember, LOA will always match your vibes.

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.”

When it comes to LOA, the problem is not what you don’t have, and the problem is not even your vibes…

The problem is your attitude about your vibes.

Think about that.

Peace be with you.

Why you mistyped a J as their P counterpart and vice versa

(for real, it’s because you didn’t consider cognitive functions, but also…)


- huge tea collection, always a slut for floral patterns and period dramas, quiet until pushed too far then holy shit what happened


- thinks deep thoughts but also talks a lot about how they think deep thoughts, highly creative variations on memes, every tag or text message is a goddamn novel


- probably an 80% chance they’re in the sciences and if not, then most likely something that involves data management or research, loves action movies, would prefer to both show and receive platonic affection in the form of food.


- favorite season is ‘indoors’, has walked into a sliding glass door in the past month, listens to more podcasts than you.


- somehow always looks perfectly put together, knows everything about everyone and can use this for good or evil, has a gazillion selfies of themselves with like 20 other people.


- Hugs everyone, knows both what you need to hear and want to hear and the difference between the two, has unironically said multiple cheesy hallmark quotes before (especially ‘a stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet’)


-will step up into the leadership role immediately, probably has kinks rooted in power imbalances, probably also writes poetry that they only show you if they’re dating you.


-is highly interested in the future of killer robots, loves a good debate, probably knows more about powerpoint than you do.

Uche Okeke (1933-2016), Nza The Smart, 1958, etching

“Nza the Smart” is taken from the tale of the trial of strength between Nza, the wren, and Ovu, the cuckoo. “Nza was always despised because of his tiny size, so he angrily threw a challenge to Ovu. They agreed to fast for three full market weeks, three izu. They then placed their nests close together and put a great many brown ants in them…” Ovu spent the first day of the contest sleeping while Nza tackled the ants. Ovu died and Nza made a flute out of Ovu’s bones. Egbe, the Kite, tricked Nza and flew away with the flute. Nza used a trick and retrieved the flute from Egbe’s mother and Egbe in anger burnt his mother’s but killing her in the process. Okeke’s Nza is not the one we know, but a mythical and highly imaginative one. Nevertheless, the creature is shown celebrating his victories over Ovu and Egbe. The beak is open in song and wings are spread out. This drawing exhibits typical linear gestures of Uche Okeke at this period, namely organic patterns that suggest scales, feathers, wood grains, leaves. There are, of course, the ubiquitous cowries which in this instance stand for the eyes.

Nza had tricked Egbe’s old and blind mother by covering its tiny legs with layers of clay and in the drawing this very crucial aspect of the drama has been taken into consideration. All told, “Nza the Smart” is like nothing we have encountered before and as Ulli Beier has rightly observed in his introduction to Drawings “… even if one is not acquainted with Igbo folklore one is tempted to invent new stories and adventures of Nza the Smart, or Ojaadili.

— Donatus Ibe Nwoga (1984). Critical Perspectives on Christopher Okigbo. p. 84.

Anonie, i’m sorry this is a bit late~ But here’s my thoughts on our Hobi!

Jung Hoseok. The best friend-boyfriend.

I imagine J-Hope to be the type of boyfriend that’s also your best friend. He’s a really fun loving type of guy. To his girl, he’d always find ways to make her laugh with his crazy antics such as doing cringe worthy aegyo, exaggeratedly dancing to girl groups (you’d probably get sick of Sistar’s song Touch My Body bc of him too). He’s probably gonna give you some of the cheesiest pick-up lines he can think of at any chance he can get. Heck, I can even see him doing a playful strip tease intending to seduce you, but his corniness would just leave you on the floor laughing.

His playfulness in your relationship would be endless. You won’t have any boring days together. J-Hope has a pretty animated personality. I think you two would never run out of topics to talk about, even on days where both of you are just stuck at home. J-Hope would always have interesting stories to tell. I imagine him talking about every random thing, and you would sometimes just sit there smiling to yourself at how he’s so engrossed into his story blabbering on and on though you no longer have any idea what he’s talking about.

Once he realizes you havent been listening to what he’s been saying, he’d probably come at you by tickling you hard asking you to pay more attention. You’d wrestle and fight back in retaliation. And an endless exchange of play fight commences.

Though he plays hard, he’s actually quite mature and laid back as well. He’s the most comfortable person you can talk to… literally about anything. I can even see you two talking about sex in general as casually as you would talk about any other topic, without necessarily ending up doing it. 😂He’d also be the type to run errands for you whenever you’re sick. Without even asking, he’d buy you healthy food and medicine you need on his own accord. Or maybe even when you’re on your period, he’d walk up to the store and buy you your pads without making a fuss or feeling embarrassed like most guys would. Now that I think about it, I also feel that he’d be the type that would memorize your period patterns, so he would know when to buy you foods that you usually crave for and when not to clash with your temper. You both know each other in the back of your hand. He’d also even be able to tell you’re around just by your breathing or the pattern of your footsteps, heck he’d even know the way you chew your food, and would complain about your loud chewing each time. That’s how familiar you are to him.

He’d be comfortable doing PDA. Though he’d usually show his affections in a gentle, playful or teasing manner whether you guys are in public or in private. I don’t really see him being the jealous-type, as he has full trust on you. He knows you can handle yourself well around other guys, but would also step in if they go over the line. 

J-Hope doesn’t really like making uncomfortable situations. I don’t see him openly telling you he has a problem right away, as he thinks it would be better not to stress or bother you with it. He has this personality where he prefers keeping people constantly happy. For this reason, I don’t think both of you would get into a heated argument often. But because you know each other all too well, you’d be able to tell whether he’s hiding or been keeping something bottled up. So, there would be those occasional fights that gets really ugly, mostly for J-Hope. He’d really lash out his anger on you as he is susceptible for breakdowns because of keeping things bottled in. But those type of fights would end in quick make-ups too. He isn’t the type to drag things out, and would want to quickly resolve things with you. It’s also likely that he’d end up in tears, regretting and apologizing for his breakdown.. 

And trust me, seeing J-Hope breakdown and cry rarely happens, but would literally break your heart more than whatever his harsh words he lashed out on you would. He’d sincerely reassure you that he’d try to be better after the fight. Because end of the day, you are still someone he truly loves and would be scared to ever lose.

Your relationship with him would be pretty laid-back, at the same time full of fun and laughter too. You two are a dynamic duo, an inseparable pair that completes each other.  He is also your best friend, someone you can rely and lean on anytime. He is someone who’d laugh at you when you trip, but would trip himself along with you. In other words, he’d always be with you through all your ups and downs, as you are with him. He’d give you the type of familiarity and love that you won’t be able to live without. 

Send me a BTS or VIXX member and I’ll tell you what I think of them as a type of boyfriend – [BTS Jin , V , Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, Rap Monster] [ VIXX Hongbin, Leo, N ]


I almost forgot to post today! I had a productive afternoon, then spent a couple hours cleaning. I try to do a big clean up before starting new projects and since i’m staring three this week it seemed like a good time to do so! 

Anyway, here is the start of making a french hood. I’m using references from “The Tudor Tailor” and a book by Georgine de Courtais which has hat/headdress/hairstyle references from all periods. 

I drafted the pattern on my own, but it is very similar to no.3 in “The Tudor Tailor”. The crescent is made from buckram, with wire around each edge, and covered with silk dupioni. The  paste is made from felt weight interfacing, also edged with wire, and covered in brown velvet. I used left over lace as trimming.

Very pleased with it so far - but I really hope it fits! 

Search and Rescue

The Lower Hive was crawling with activity but nobody knew it. Vornian strike teams, walking in shadow, methodically combed every last inch, working in a grid pattern. Periodic status reports came in over secure vox links to Remus. The First Sergeant growled, not receiving the confirmation he wanted.

Radcliffe led his own personal team down into the lowest levels of the Hive. Remus was with him, as were Draste and Evagrian. The four men moved like specters, ghosting through the cityscape without raising so much as a single alarm. Street urchins and the homeless remained ignorant of the warriors in their midst.

“Sector clear. Negative contact.” It was the fifth such report in an hour. Radcliffe was growing more and more worried. Only the stench of warp taint, a prickling sensation in the back of his mind, kept him on point.

Where are you, Anam?


Art: what to study
  1. ask yourself, wtf do i wanna make? (ex: character design)
  2. what knowledge do i lack but need to make it? (ex: fashion design)
  3. acquire the knowledge aka STUDY THAT and don’t halfass it (ex: study time periods, materials, textures, patterns, cuts, layering etc)
  4. make it so

Ask Ethan: are we due for a mass extinction?

“The interactions with Neptune or other objects in the Kuiper belt/Oort cloud are random and independent of anything else going on in our galaxy, but it’s possible that passing through a star-rich region — such as the galactic disk or one of our spiral arms — could enhance the odds of a comet storm, and the chance of a comet strike on Earth. The recent American Scientist paper that David asks about claims that there’s a roughly 26-30 million year “periodic” pattern in the extinctions on Earth, which correlates roughly with the 28-32 million year period of when the Solar System passes through the Milky Way’s galactic plane! Coincidence, or could this be the cause of the extinctions?”

Looking at the history of life on Earth, the fossil record shows something incontrovertible: in order for new forms of life to rise to dominance, it requires something to knock the prior forms from dominating their ecological niche. This can come about in any number of ways, but the most striking changes come from catastrophic events that wipe a large percentage of species off the Earth at once: a mass extinction event. While the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs was perhaps the most famous one, there is bountiful evidence that there were many others over the past 500 million years, with perhaps some periodicity to these events. Recently, reports have emerged that our Sun’s passage through the galactic plane, with periods of 26-30 million years, might correlate with these events. Yet a look at the fossil record shows extinction events do not have the required periodicity to account for that, nor do Oort cloud strikes account for the majority of such events on Earth.