period of sleeps

Things I hate more about my period than my period.

1. Leaking
2. Pads twisting while you wear them
3. Tampons that give you horrible cramps
4. Having to wear the pads because tampons make you cramp
5. Crying for no reason
6. Being a couple days late
7. Being a couple days early
8. Having no motivation because your vagina is screaming


Where are my shameless underwear sleepers at?!

As a professed Connoisseur of Russian Literature, I can definitively state that the most Authentic way to read Crime & Punishment is in a cold sweat, over a period of 48 hours, without sleeping, desperately hiding the book under desks and other textbooks hoping you won’t be caught reading it in your other classes, blowing off plans with friends and family without admitting that you procrastinated reading this book, in an increasingly mounting state of panic about failing your upcoming timed writing about this book that YOU STILL HAVEN’T FINISHED AND IT’S NEXT PERIOD OH GOD WHY. There are themes in that book that won’t fully emerge unless you do exactly that.

Totally unrelated question: Do you ever just have flashbacks to high school?

Nerd!Derek blushing to the tip of his ear when Stiles winks at him in the hallways

Nerd!Derek having trouble breathing when Stiles starts talking to him and his pretty doe eyes just shine

Nerd!Derek looking nothing short of fond as he watches Stiles name 100 reasons as to why Harris is a dick

Nerd!Derek having a small mental breakdown when Stiles kisses him when they’re studying at his house

Nerd!Derek seeing Stiles in his clothes after spending the night gives him an aneurism because the shirt hangs off his shoulders exposing a collarbone (littered in marks that HE made)

Nerd!Derek covering his face in embarrassment as Stiles asks him to be his boyfriend at a lacrosse game IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE SCHOOL using Finstock’s megaphone

Nerd!Derek giggling and turning a pretty shade of pink as Stiles peppers kisses all across his face

Nerd!Derek getting teary eyed when watching Where The Red Fern Grows for the first time and Stiles having to comfort him with hugs and tissues

Nerd!Derek reciting the periodic table when he sleeps

Nerd!Derek loving it when Stiles tugs on his hair as they’re making out and gives a loud moan at a particularly rough tug

Nerd!Derek giving Stiles his favorite sweater (the maroon one with thumb holes) and being all bashful about it

Nerd!Derek taking charge and slamming Stiles against the nearest wall and completely ravishing him because he has bEEN A TEASE ALL DAMN DAY

Nerd!Derek cheering Stiles on in the stands with a sign that reads “#24 on the field but #1 in my heart”

Nerd!Derek being the happiest he has ever been with Stiles Stilinski

  • Me: *yawns* boy am I tired. I think I should go to be-
  • Uterus: *In Mushu voice* I LLLLIIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
  • Me: Oh, hell no not now...
  • Me: No.. God please no... can't this wait until morning.. or never. Never would be nice.
  • Uterus: TIME TO OPEN THE GATES TO HELLL!!!! *begins spouting blood violently and stabbing the inside of my body with a hot poker*
  • Me: *single man tear* I. Just. Wanted. To. Sleep. *curls up into a ball and awaits death*

What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I do anything right? Why do the people I care about the most always leave? Everyone promises that they will never leave me and they love me but sooner or later, they all leave me. Am I really that bad of a person? Am I really not even worth one person? Not even one freaking person stays. I accept people into my heart and trust them but all they do is rip it out and stomp on it until it’s no longer usable. Then someone comes along, repairs it only to destroy it again. I seriously have no one. And it hurts to be physically and emotionally alone. I sit home with no one, talk to absolutely no one. I bother everyone. I annoy everyone. But I understand it, I wouldn’t want to be friends with me either. I’m not worth it so why stick around? That is in my head 24/7. I hate myself too. I just want to drown all these pills and sleep. Never bother anyone, never annoy anyone, never hold anyone back. I don’t expect people to miss me. I honest think everyone will be like, “oh she killed herself, took her long enough, no one wanted her here anyway”. I’m not even worth one single person staying, why stay? My best friend doesn’t even care for me, that’s why she ended our friendship. My high school friends never loved me, that’s why they never texted me after graduation. I’m tired of giving my heart and having it ripped and torn. I’m just tired, period. I want to sleep. Sleep and never wake up to all the pain surrounding me. No more fake smiles, no more fake laughs. I’m not worth it. I’m not worth her staying, why should I stay and get my heart hurt by another person? I can’t.

tips for everyone who gets a period

1. get an old sock and fill it halfway up with uncooked white rice. tie off the ankle and throw it into the microwave for around a minute. use it for cramps, also if your feet are cold at night.

2. if you have no pads, here is how you make a toilet paper pad. first you get one long strip and fold it up a bit, and put it in your undies like a pad. take another long strip and wrap it around the other way to secure the first piece. if you don’t do that second step, the first piece will get caught up in your fiddly bits and it won’t work !!!!!!!

3. take painkillers as soon as you see blood. do NOT wait until the cramps start. take it from me.

4. chamomile tea is a muscle relaxant and will help your cramps.

5. drink water !!!! stay hydrated !!!!!!!!! this is a general life tip but it helps periods too.

6. get to sleep on time. seriously, don’t pull an all-nighter if you can avoid it. it’ll make everything hellish the next day, or at the very least you’ll crash and it’ll be hell.

7. hot baths can also help alleviate cramps. also, if you want to feel all aesthetic-y, you can light a buttload of scented candles and turn out the lights. it’s super cool i promise.

8. take care of yourself friend, i promise you’ll make it through uwu


Half way through the last week of exam period.

⭕️My sleep routine has been improving 😊
❌I didn’t studied as much compare to last week because of being overly stressed about exams 😥

Trans- Joker

I’ve wanted to write a trans joker thing for a while and finally actually got to it. Part 2 is here! Part 3 is here! Part 4 is here!

Joker bit his lip hard, groaning in pain as cramps ripped through his stomach.

He could handle most kinds of pain, some he even he enjoyed, but this?

This was terrible.

He was experiencing his first period in over 10 years.

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