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Day 1:

Staying up Late | Pick-up Lines | Riding

Day 2:

Holidays | Part 4 Time Period | Lingerie/Uniform

Day 3:

Cold Winter Day | Scars | Sex Toys

Day 4:

Apologies | Laughter | Biting/Scratching

Day 5:

Flowers | Double Dating | Bathing

Day 6:

Watching a movie | Rain | Standcest

Day 7:

Travelling | Reincarnation | ANYTHING YOU WANT

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A technical and not-at-all-sexy guide to 1920s/30s lingerie for people intending to write Fantastic Beasts steaminess

During this period, women wore three basic item categories under their clothes for most purposes, consisting of some next-to-the-skin layer (layer A), some shapewear layer (layer B), and stockings.  You needed all three layers to be properly dressed…and no, this does not mean women were constantly overheating.

Layer A’s purpose was manyfold.  It protected your skin from the structure of your shapewear.  It protected your shapewear and clothes (both of which were laundered only with difficulty; they wore a lot more wool and silk then) from your sweat. It might keep you warm in winter, though the vast majority of surviving ones are very sheer and would not have contributed to overheating.  There were several options for this “layer A”, including slips (exactly like the full slips of today), teddies, camiknickers, and step-ins (think full slip but with a strap to connect the front and back hems between the legs, which most often could be unfastened with a button), a combination of camisoles and French knickers (like teddies/camiknickers but separated at the waist), and a combination of camisoles and bloomers (the latter being pant-like garments that gathered just above the knee, almost always worn with sporting gear).  Based on Tina’s propensity for trousers, she probably wears camiknickers or camisoles and bloomers.  Queenie, obviously, wears slips but might own a teddy or two.  One thing should pop out at you: the lack of a true equivalent garment to today’s panties.  This is really important.  There’s a practical reason why “true panties” didn’t develop at this point that we’ll explore when we discuss layer B, but the real reason there wasn’t an equivalent is that womankind literally hadn’t seen the need for such a garment yet.  The “drawers” worn by prior generations were all completely open at the crotch.

(If you’re wondering how women could have possibly handled That Time Of The Month without modern-style panties, they pinned rather long sanitary pads—either disposable ones made of cellulose like today or reusable ones made of rags—to elastic belts worn under layer A. Think kind of like a modern thong where you can change out everything but a waistband.)

Layer B was shapewear…and yes, even in the liberated 1920s, women wore shapewear.  Like layer A, there were options.  Corsets were still worn in the 1920s, mostly by women who had reached adulthood when corsets were the be-all-end-all of shapewear, but by this time they extended from the underbust to the hip.  Corselets were cut along the same lines as a slip but were much snugger.  Girdles extended from the waist to the low hip.  All of these options would have garters (suspenders for you Brits) at the bottom to hold up one’s stockings, and all of them were designed to help achieve the ideal banana figure of the era, not a tiny waist.  Queenie most definitely wears a corselet, and Tina probably wears a girdle but might also wear a corselet depending on the scenario.  Now for the important bit: remember that layer B fits snugly to the body in order to do its shapewearly duty, and you’d have to remove it before you removed your layer A.  If you’re going to use the bathroom, you either have to completely disrobe, or you’re going to have to remove no garments whatsoever…and this is where the open-crotch lingerie designs come in handy, because you only need to pull up your skirt to use the facilities.

(A quick word on brassieres: while they existed during this period, brassieres in the 1920s provided almost no support, functioning mostly like a layer A piece to conceal nipple topography under thin dresses, and they were altogether pretty rare since the other layer A styles worked better to protect dresses from sweat.  They became more popular in the mid-1930s, particularly among younger women, and they provided some more support…but not by much.  Busty women of this era would have been stuck with corselets.)

Stockings were mandatory for everyday wear, full stop.  This is an era before shaved legs, so they were essential to get a smooth look.  Stockings basically all came in the same style, fully-fashioned with a back seam coming to mid-thigh, where they would be held up by the garters/suspenders attached to the shapewear layer.  That is, unless you were a mid-1920s flapper.  For the flappers—who, it needs to be noted, were a counterculture that did not describe the majority of women in the 1920s—there was a short-term fad for women to wear elasticized garters below the knee and roll their stockings down to that level.  This was so they could go without shapewear and its garters, but I stress again—this was a short-term fad.  Even flappers returned to their girdles after about two years, and stockings held up by garters were the only real option throughout the 1930s.

Madam Susan Gampre; The Infamous Whore

Appearance -

  • Gender: Female
  • Race: Human
  • Height: 5′1″
  • Eye Color: Hazel
  • Hair Color: Brunette

The Facts -

  • Birthday: April 21
  • Occupation: Owner of the Sisters in Sin Brothel, Brand Owner and seller of “Sinful Secrets Adult Toys”
  • Sexual identification:  Female
  • Romantic identification: Pansexual
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Criminal History:
    Documented: Harboring Fugitives, Robbery, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Arson, Domestic Violence, Possession of Narcotics, Public Indecency.
       Undocumented: Murder, Vandalism.
  • Relationship Status: In a relationship with Gwynepaine LaCrux.

Favorites –

  • Favorite food: Stew meat and rice
  • Favorite drink:  Whiskey
  • Favorite artist: Kissandra
  • Favorite scents: Gwyn’s cologne and freshly fallen rain
  • Favorite person: Katrios, keep’s Susan sane

Randoms –

Ten facts about your muse:

⚫ Susan doesn’t like sweets, save for dark chocolates. She thinks they are too rich for her taste buds.

⚫ Susan is aiming to acquire one big cat from every species to form the ultimate pride. A large group of protective felines to ensure the safety of her family and loved ones.

⚫ Susan will go into a blind rage if she hears anyone speak any form of ill about her family. A nasty rumor, a death threat, or joke in their expense… To say it around the Madam is to risk the loss of a limb.

⚫ Susan often prefers the diplomatic route of fighting. Unless she has to, she will never shoot her gun.

⚫ Susan has many, many brothers and sisters. Many.

⚫ When she was 15, Susan often inflicted some form of harm to herself to remind herself that she was alive and could feel. She went through a depressive spell that brought her to near suicide.

⚫ For a short period, Susan modeled lingerie.

⚫ Susan is currently (as of 9/19/2017) 6 weeks pregnant.

⚫  The Madam finds comfort curled up beneath the sheets of her blankets and cuddled up to her tiger.

⚫  Susan has very few friends, and she secretly aches for more.

Five Things -

Things they like:

- Big Cats
- Her boyfriend
- Making people uncomfortable
- Reading and the seclusion it requires
- Respect

Things they dislike:

- Disrespect
- Lying
- Thieves
- Those who kill innocents “simply because they can”
- Child molestors/rapists in generalmolestors/rapists in general

Good traits/habits:

- Puts her workers and family’s well-being before her own (counts as a bad).
- Loyal
- Hardworking
- Sometimes found handing out coin and bread to orphans.
- Protective

Bad traits/habits:

- Greets everyone with a resting bitchface.
- Crude
- Curses too much.
- Overconfident.
- Self-absorbed.

Personalities they gravitate toward:

- Loyal
- Reliable
- Rational
- Respectful
- Self-respecting

Personality types they avoid:

- Rude
- Toxic
- Selfish
- Greedy (at least in potential business partners)
- Clingy


- Dying in vain.
- Never knowing how it feels to lead a semi-normal life.
- Being mutinied out of her title of Madam.
- Her family or friends being killed at her expense.
- Never living long enough to see her children grow up.

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