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Look. I don’t expect a week or a day paid leave every month because we get periods. I don’t expect more free sick days or longer​ weekends, or more pay for every hour we work to make up for the hours we can’t.

What I do expect, of both non-period people and people with lighter periods, is some respect and acceptance.

When I’m crying in bed passing out whenever I get up due to excessive blood loss and cramps that make me throw up with pain, I don’t want a “oh boo hoo, suck it up” or a “well MY period never stops me from working”. I want a “that sucks” or “I understand” or even “we can’t give you any more sick days, but I understand you really can’t help this”. A little understanding and realising that someone else might actually be bothered by their periods goes a really really long way.

That’s all, thanks.

Anime/Manga Recommendations

DNAngel phantom thieves, angels, hot dudes, twin sisters, alter ego, little bit of romance, 25 episodes

Pandora Hearts sad, abyss, chains, puppets, Alice in Wonderland, rabbit, time, organization, 25 episodes

Witchhunter (Manwha only) witches, hats, reincarnation, guns, money, family, sad?, hunters

Kekkaishi barriers, demons, supernatural creatures, exorcists, ability users, legends, fighting, sad?, land gods, sacrifice, seal, 52 Episodes

Gakuen Alice cute, sad, children, supernatural powers/abilities, family, school, Alices, festivals, friendship, love, abrupt ending?, time-travel, flashback, death, festivals, 26 episodes

InuYasha sad, funny, fighting, supernatural, demon, half demon, Sengoku period, schoolgirl, monk, wells, jewels, family, shrine maiden, reincarnation, love, 167 Episodes

Ranma ½ martial arts, romance, water, transform, panda, girl, crossdressing (I’m sorry if this is offensive to some…), family, seppuku, school, China, springs, battles, curse, 143 Episodes

Full Moon wo Sagashite magic, wish, music, singing, age, sad, death, Shinigami, sarcoma, transform, friends, cute, 52 Episodes

Kaze no Stigma supernatural, romance, fire, wind, swords, family, demon, contractor, sad, 24 Episodes

Negima! Magister Negi Magi school, teacher, age, magic, dimensions, harem, romance, comedy, fighting, pactio, vampire, father, royalty, cute, 26 Episodes

Special A school, competition, romance, elite, fight, special class, rivalry, romance, 24 Episodes

Magic Kaito (Magic Kaito 1412) phantom thief, family, organization, school, cute, awesome, alter ego, gems, immortality, detectives, 24 episodes

Detective Conan/Case Closed age, detective, mystery, organization, shrinking, love, fighting, death (lots of murder mysteries), long, poison, cute, awesome, movies, 774 episodes (good luck finishing them)’

The Irregular at Magic High School magic, romance, fighting, school, technology, hints of incest (none really but yeah), siblings, segregation, genius, family, 26 Episodes

Darker than Black supernatural, dark (black, lol), contractors, siblings, stars, electricity, dolls, fighting, mystery, alter ego, 2 seasons, 25 episodes, 12 episodes

Tokyo Ravens onmyouji, shikigami, reincarnation, family, crossdressing (not a lot… but sorry?), death, sad, memories, fighting, oni, unsatisfying ending, school, 24 episodes

Nurarihyon no Mago supernatural, fear, family, yokai, onmyouji, succession, half yokai, fighting, friendship, hair, Abe no Seimei, 2 seasons, OVAs, 26 episodes, 26 episodes,

Eyeshield 21 sports, runningback, American Football, speed, guns, gum, team, delinquents, friendship, lose, win, time skip, America, 21, eyeshields, devilbats, cowards, 145 Episodes

D. Grayman identity, dark, fighting, transform, arm, clowns, exorcists, akuma (demon), sad, eyes, innocence, white, Noah, heart, betrayal, swords, 103 Episodes

Kuroko’s Basketball basketball, misdirection, rainbow, miracles, teams, jumping, zone, high school, dogs, friends, sports, 3 seasons, 26 Episodes, 25 Episodes, 25 Episodes

Haikyuu jumping, sports, volleyball, crows, teams, comedy, cute, sunshine, moon, blocking, spiking, high school, height, small giant, friends, bromance, 25 episodes

World Trigger sci fi, neighbors, triggers, trion, death, cubes, bombing, soldiers, competition, defense, portal, gate, monsters, Border, organization, agent, trio, white, black, facial expressions, ongoing, 50 episodes

Hikaru no Go Go, ghosts, internet, divine move, Edo, Heian, clubs, schools, tournements, supernatural, bangs, Korea, Japan, China, 75 Episodes

Shokugeki no Soma food, comedy, cooking, school, love, restaurant, chef, disgusting, red, awesome, new

Nanatsu no Taizai/The Seven Deadly Sins fantasy, knights, Britannia, kingdom, princess, demon, age, giant, fairies, pig, bar, fighting, reflect, immortal, Merlin, Arthur, 24 Episodes

Ace of Diamond sports, baseball, fastball, pitcher, curve, bunt, high school, ace, catcher, translation gap, siblings, roommates, bald, funny laughs, 2 seasons, 75 episodes, 26 episodes

The Knight in the Area brothers, death, World Cup, soccer, football, sports, heart transplant, witch, sports, manager, forward, high school, 37 Episodes

Natsume’s Book of Friends supernatural, cat, grandmother, book, names, spirits, contracts, exorcists, ayakashi, eyesight, sleepdraw, lucky cat, foster parents, 4 seasons, 13 episodes

Initial D racing, street racing, drifting, old style?, Trueno, 5 seasons, (26,13,24,14,4 episodes

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin dark, titans, humanity, shifters, death, scary?, walls, mysteries, royalty, upcoming season 2, great opening (music), OVA, 25 Episodes

Akatsuki no Yona princess, fantasy, romance, dragon, supernatural abilities, elements, beautiful, coup, betrayal, death, tribes, wars, royalty, names, anime not caught up to manga, OVA, 24 Episodes

Jellyfish Princess/Kuragehime dresses, jellyfish, crossdressing (I’m sorry!), nuns, housemates, man-hate (comedy mostly), otakus, neets, cute, redevelopment, romance, fashion, money, 11 Episodes

Big Windup!/Okiku Furikabutte/Ofuri pitcher, stutter, timid, sports, baseball, catcher, school, hate, self-esteem, cute, translation gap in manga, awesome 2nd opening, ace, 2 seasons, OVAs, 26 Episodes, 14 Episodes

Yowamushi Pedal/Yowapeda bicycle racing, sports, climbing, mountains, victory, loss, injuries, cute, flashy, gross, otaku, :D, high school, 2 seasons, 38 episodes, 24 episodes

Soul Catcher(s) (manga only) music, hearts, helping, conducting, awesome

Giant Killing sports, soccer, football, East Tokyo United (ETU), coaching, comeback, nationals, 26 episodes

Get Backers recovery, duo, supernatural, sad, funny, illusions, electricity, past, fighting, gangs, 49 Episodes

ginghateblog, this is for you.

Everyone else, enjoy too!

PS: Add Boku no Hero Academia, Hunter x Hunter, Blue Exorcist, Hetalia

Poldark on Tumblr on Poldark

Ross: Text posts railing on the injustice of mining regulations, vague-posts about “the path not taken,” everything #Nampara, blocks George as soon as he tries to follow and every time George makes another attempt under a different Tumblr avatar

Demelza: lots of gif-sets of evening wear, selfies with Ross, Cornish folk songs, Garrick dressed up for the holidays and then eventually pictures of the children in matching sweaters that Ross insists she blur, prefers to use #blessed!poldark, lots of followers who call her their Queen and always responds to anonymous asks with “Lovely nonnie!”

Francis: articles about gambling, Monaco, Las Vegas, Texas Hold ‘Em, always reblogs Ross’s posts but doesn’t always give him credit

Elizabeth: tea-sets, High fantasy, Maleficent, embroiled in Once Upon a Time fandom and can’t get out, always checks to see if George reblogs her posts and what he puts as hash-tags, only pays attention to the rare ask that Ross posts

Verity: bookish asks are her favorite, lots of library pictures and fiber art, follows opera blogs and third wave feminism, was Demelza’s first follower, checks up on followers who post about family conflict, likes to post recipes, follows lots of museum blogs

George: reblogs anything he thinks will get more hits and followers, doesn’t care about porn blogs following him, Fight Club, boxing, likes every post Elizabeth makes, original content is underwhelming except for the poetry he only posts when he’s drunk which is surprisingly good but homoerotic

Aunt Agatha: made a blog that has no content, follows only George, Francis and Ross, thinks it’s all nonsense

Prudie: lots of food/recipes for meals Ross can’t afford or wouldn’t allow her to make, travel shots of southeast Asia, avid Chelsie shipper

Dwight: medblogger par excellence, lots of posts about Brexit and the junior doctors contract, NHS, vaccinations, very rare posts about Morocco, usually with images of tiles or the Casbah, writes fan fiction about Dr. McCoy or Bashir from Trek on separate blog titled “I’m a Doctor, Jim!”

Caroline: all images, jewels, flowers, period evening wear, anything lush or expensive, many followers, ignores mosts anonymous Asks, never reblogs Ask memes

Jud: random, drunk-blogs all the time, goes months without updating, likes funny animal gifs

Captain Blamey: ardent fan of everything Austen, especially Persuasion, and Horation Hornblower, likes to PM Verity even if they are in the same room, creates lots of memes


2007 - Stardust, directed by Matthew Vaughn. The story is based on the novel with the same title by Neil Gaiman.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Lamia. The costumes were designed by Sammy Sheldon. He described the costumes of the three witches in an interview.

“Our witches have a much more exotic, ethnic feel to them. I kind of based them in the Renaissance period. They wear jewel-like colors: green, red and purple, which are then topped off with a bit of black” he explains. “They are truly like three dark jewels.”

Michelle Pfeiffer’s character, Lamia, wears an outfit inspired by her name, which originates from a Greek mythological figure who is half snake, half woman. “Her serpent-like qualities are reflected in the colors we used greens, golds and blacks” says Sheldon. “There is a heaviness to her costume that emphasizes her large, dark impact on the world around her.”