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bittersweet || billy hargrove

requested by: anon

warnings: curse words

word count: 393

A/N: sorry this is really short i just couldn’t come up with too much

summary: you and billy skip 6th period to go do something on your own.

Skip 6th period and head to bathroom near library -Billy

    The note that started it all. You didn’t usually skip class. Hell, you never skipped class. This stupid kid just did something to you, and you couldn’t grasp what it was.

   You quietly walk down towards the library, glancing over your shoulder every minute or two. You knew Billy just wanted to make out, maybe more than that but contemplated if missing algebra was worth this. Billy was one damn good kisser.

    You open the ladies’ bathroom, Billy’s preference, to find him leaning against the wall, smoking a cigarette. He was the kind of guy to like doing things more if there was a risk involved.

    “Hey, princess,” he greeted with that signature smirk. He takes one more drag on his cigarette before taking it out and flattening and extinguishing it on the floor.

    You shake your head. “You smell like Hell.” Billy laughs, sliding his tongue between his teeth. “And you look like Heaven.” Billy always seemed to flatter you, sometimes without you expecting it.

    You’re both quiet for a short amount of time, your eyes wandering off to your side and his onto your lips. Before your eyes can fully trail back to Billy’s, his mouth moves cunningly onto yours.

    In an instant, you had switched places: your back against the wall and his hands pushing you against it. One of his hands remained firmly on your waist while the other leaned against the wall above you.

    “Billy,” you’d say breathily between breaks, trying to get his attention. Finally, you found it in you to push him off so that he could turn around to face the teachers at the door.

    There stood an old woman and a young man, which you presumed to be the new teacher here. The male teacher seemed quite awkward around the atmosphere, but the woman seemed more than pleased to have caught students skipping class.

    “Mr. Hargrove and, to my surprise, Ms. Y/L/N, if you would follow me please,” the woman spoke, her hands behind her back and her head turned up, showing off her awful smile.

    You looked at Billy, hoping there was a chance he knew how to get out of it, but instead, he only laughed and slid his hand into your back pocket.


Episode 15 “A New Path”

The ghost incidents that struck the Hidden Leaf Village were settled, but the myterious power that was invoked from within Boruto at that time was never awakened again. Both the village and the Academy are going back to the usual daily life, but Boruto and his classmates are still worried about one thing.

Episode 16 “The Year-Repeating (Double) Crisis”

The Academy’s periodic exams are drawing near, so the students are starting to get ready. Depending on the results, there is also a possibility of students repeating a school year. Denki, who is not good at ninjutsu practical skills, has trouble “climbing walls using chakra”, and Iwabe, who is not good at writing problems, has trouble because he still can’t understand the content in the textbook as usual. For the sake of these two, Boruto and his friends start helping them to train and study, but this only confuses them more and more…

Episode 17 “Sarada, Run!!”

In behalf of Sakura(mother), Sarada(daughter) gets to deliver a hospitalized girl’s favorite stuffed toy. However, Sarada accidentally ends up forgetting the stuffed toy’s package in the “thunder car”. Sarada chases after the thunder car in a hurry, but…

Episode 18 “One Day In The Uzumaki’s House” 

Himawari(Boruto’s little sister) gets a cold and causes a fuss in the Uzumaki’s House. By the way, there was another hard time caused by Himawari before… And Boruto remembers it. That happened on the Naruto’s(his father) Hokage Inauguration Ceremony’s day. On that day, Himawari awakened the byakugan, and Boruto and Naruto thought they were going to die…

Episode 19 “Sarada Uchiha”

Two Can Play - Jaehyun

*Competitive nature takes a turn into something more intense.

anon request

Characters: Jaehyun, Reader

Pairing: Jaehyun/Reader

Genre: Smut // M

Word Count: 5.1K

“I’m going to make you eat fucking dirt, Jaehyun,” you growled, setting your feet apart and bending slightly, ready for the set that you were sure would come your way.

He stood just opposite to you, only a couple of feet away and blocked by the hatch-marked lines of the decrepit volleyball net. His smirk was a concoction of tantalizing and infuriating, one dimple caving in his cheek with a description only definable as ‘cute’. It pissed you off. He raised his eyebrows at you, cracking his fingers in theatrical preparation.

“Please, sweetheart, we both know you’re at a disadvantage,” he chuckled, reaching across and upwards to twist a fraying string with his two fingers, the white straggler wrapping around the pale, lithe digits.

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Imagine Harry having no idea what a birthday is or why every other kid seems to be so excited about this one day, but wondering why he doesn’t have one. Then getting the courage to ask Petunia about it one day, and after asking and begging she finally tells him when it is, “July 31st, but don’t expect anything. It’s nothing to celebrate like Dudley’s.” and he’s okay with it.

            In Chamber of Secrets, pg. 5, “It was his twelfth birthday, they’ve never given him a real present, let alone a cake.” Pg. 7. “Happy birthday to me…”  “No cards, no presents, and he would be spending the evening pretending not to exist.” He was content with out everything he had seen been given to Dudley, and other kids because he knew that day was his.

            In P.O.A, Pg. 5, says, Harry had never received a birthday card in his list. And in seven he was less fussy without food when they were on the run, pg. 287, “because he had suffered periods of near starvation at the Dursleys.” Like those flipping people….. Like a birthday is one thing, but let’s starve this kid who is our family….. I will hate those fictional characters forever, they were heinous. And that whole thing about the Dursleys’ being affected by Harry being a horcrux is ridiculous. Umbridge wore that necklace for however long after she bought it from Mundungus, but she was no more horrible that she always had been.

            But thankfully it gets better. Finally, in G.O.F pg 28, “And then on Harry’s birthday which the Dursleys had completely ignored he had received four superb birthday cakes, one each from Ron, Harry, Hagrid, and Sirius. (Can you imagine Sirius making Harry a cake, covered in flour, and oh so proud….. Like, yes… proud Godfather Sirius is one of my favorite Sirius’)

On the local news just now they said a judge is ordering a woman to move from florida to michigan so she can live near her rapist cause he wants to be a part of the kid’s life or some shit, the kid that he impregnated her with when he raped her… when she was only 12 years old. wtf.

Eternal Eclipse Fanzine

Eternal Eclipse is a non-profit fanzine for the show, Voltron: Legendary Defender, with a dark twist. Its focus is on horror and horror themed content such as terror, suspense, and violence whether it is set in deep space or in an alternate reality.

To keep the project open to explore various dark themes, the zine will only accept creators 18 years of age or older. This will mean the zine will contain mature content not suitable for younger audiences. This zine is also an inclusive project that accepts all kinds of ships and head canons so please be respectful to one another. However, it is important to know that horror should be the main focus of all works submitted to the zine.

The zine will be printed as a hardbound paperback book at around 6"x9" in color. Zines will also come with a hearty bundle of stickers, postcards, prints, and more. Zines will likely cost around $25 or less so that every contributor receives their own copy free. If profit is made the money will be used for additional items to be added to all pre-ordered zines.

Once accepted, contributors will have a month and a half to complete their works for the zine. Email reminders will be sent out at the halfway point of the creation period and again near the deadline.

Writers will need to create a prompt or short story that is no longer than 2,000 words. Artists will need to create a full colored artwork that is 6.25" x 9.25" at 300dip in CMYK. They’ll have up to two pages or a full page spread for their work. All other types of contributors will also need to follow the same conditions as artists. Help with formatting will be offered when needed.


Application Signups: June 1st - 30th 

Application Results: July 10th [Update: July 14th Artists - July 15 Writers PST]

Submission Check-in: July 30th 

Submission Deadline: August 20th 

Pre-orders: August 30th - September 30th 

Production and Shipping: October - November 

weird thing i love about the Jervis - Bruce dynamic: it seems like 80% of the time Bruce tracks Jervis down he’s either commenting on how something doesn’t fit Jervis’ usual MO, or that he ‘expected better’. There was the comic where he figured out Jervis was being controlled by someone else because, paraphrased ‘it just wasn’t SUBTLE and BRILLIANT enough like Tetch is when he’s on his game’. the animated series episode where he was like ‘you’re just stealing stuff? disappointing, u could be doing better’. 

the only thing i can bring to mind where his reaction was ‘yep, this is normal’ was a comic where Jervis attacked him with a herd of mechanical flamingos, then screwed with his mind six ways from Sunday by almost convincing him the entire world/being Batman was an illusion. even tho Bruce walked in there prepared for an attack on his mind

conclusion: Jervis has long periods of inactivity between fights with Batman/big crime Events because everything he does when ‘on his game’ is (a) ridiculously well executed and (b) really freakin bizarre 

Giant Military* Masterpost for Writers

This is a HUGE file that I’ve been working on for a while and will continue to - feel free to ask for clarification on confusing or missing stuff, so I can explain better!.  Check it out under the cut!

*I am a U.S. Marine, and this is a compilation of my and a few other Marine’s experiences!  Other militaries and branches definitely have different terminology and experiences, and you can take and leave what you want from this for your story.

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designing mobile wallpapers

anyway, since i’m designing some phone wallpapers, here’s some important advice when you’re making ‘em, be it for yourself or for others, and especially for others:

1. golden rule when it comes to designing anything, is asking yourself: would i use this? because if you won’t use your own thing, why the hell would - or should - anyone else?

2. size. of course, different mobiles have different sizes. however, think majority. the safest resolution will be 720x1280px, or if you have HD to work with, 1080x1920px. these will be resizable on most mobile devices.

3. colors. like, bro, you do realise that this image is gonna be the background of a lockscreen/homescreen? try not to have too much white or black, and especially not overly insane pastel if you still hope to see shit on your screen. the best way to test is to set the wallpaper on your own phone. remember tip #1? yeah.

4. positioning! this is mainly for lockscreens. for iphones, the clock is on the top, positioned in the middle. for android, it’s either the same as iphone or on the top left. and the color is in white, though on some mobiles i recall they can sense colors and change to black if needed.

take this into consideration when designing a lockscreen. you wouldn’t want too much white where the clock would be, or how the hell would the user see the goddamned time? for ocd people like myself, it also sucks if the main attraction of the lockscreen is blocked by the clock. so, yeah. 

5. just. you know. try the thing out on your own phone if you’re not sure it’d work on others’.

6. remember, you’re designing something people will look at while using their phone. this isn’t a graphic. so please, don’t throw colors and text anywhere and call it a wallpaper, because that is a graphic.


The temple of Aphaia, Aegina:

The sanctuary of Aphaia in Aegina lies above the headland of Ayia Marina on a hill offering a panoramic view over the sea. Worship on the site of the sanctuary goes back to prehistoric times, around 1300 B.C, when  it was associated with a female fertility deity, as is clear from finds brought to light by archaeological excavations.

It was originally thought that the temple of Aphaia was built in honour of Athena, whose figure dominated the two pediments of the temple. During excavations by German archaeologists in 1901, however, an inscription was found referring to the name of the local goddess Apha (Aphaia), making it clear that the temple was dedicated to Aphaia and not Athena.

According to myth, Aphaia, who is identified with Britomartis, daughter of Zeus and Karme, was loved by Minos and to escape his attention, jumped into the sea and emerged in Aegina, where she became “invisible” (άφαντη/αφαία, unseen) in a grove. She hid in a cave, probably the one on the north-east corner of the Archaic enclosure, in which many terracotta figurines and other votive objects dating from the Mycenaean period have been found.

In historical times, three temples were built in different periods on the same site near the area associated with the prehistoric cult. Of the first temple, which is dated to the early 6th century BC, only traces of the foundations survive. The second temple was larger, with an altar in the front of the east side. The surviving temple is the third, which was built in about 500 B.C.

The pediments of the temple of Aphaia, which are dated to 490/480 BC, were adorned with scenes from battles fought inTroy and watched by Athena, whose figure was the predominant one at the center of both pediments. The east pediment depicted the campaign of Herakles against king Laomedon, and the west the Greek expedition under Agamemnon against Priam’s Troy. Part of the east pediment was destroyed during the Persian Wars, possibly from a thunderbolt.

The statues that survived were set up in the sanctuary enclosure and those that were destroyed were buried according to the ancient custom (in general old votive offerings and other objects of worship that had been weathered down, were not discarded, they were either buried, stored, or even “built in” the foundations of the temples).

The old composition  was replaced by a new one with a battle scene featuring Athena at the center. The pedimental sculptures were excavated in 1811 by Baron von Hallerstein and the architect C.R. Cockerell. They were put up in auction in Italy and purchased in 1813* by Ludwig I, king of Bavaria and father of Otto, first king of Greece. They were raken to the Glyptothek in Munich, where they have been on display ever since. Parts of the destroyed east pediment were found furing Furtwangler’s excavation and are now displayed in the National Archaeological Museum, in Athens.

Texts by L. Katsa

Part of the “reasons” listed by foreign museums that forbid the return of artifacts belonging to monuments, is that they have been owned by them for two centuries more or less. However, the greek state still paid off loans plus interest that were taken during the greek war of independence- that is before the existence of the official greek state- well into the 20th century*. Because of these loans greek lands had been mortgaged to foreing banks, and it was impossible for these lands to be redistributed to farmers. And what’s even more is that despite that Greece had loaned a certain amount, it actually received roughly a little over 50% of these money. The state still paid off however the whole amount plus interest on the 100%. So personally, I don’t see how we can both owe and pay off money we never received two centuries ago, but parts of monuments that belonged to Greece for over 2 milleniums can’t be owed to us.

So whenever you hear about the greek debt just replace everything with Greece was the best client of foreign banks for two centuries, and circa 2010 when there was a chance we wouldn’t owe as much we had to have an artificial crisis so we can owe money for two centuries to come. And whenever you hear about greek artifacts belonging more to foreign museums than Greeks just replace everything with Non-Greeks that don’t live in Greece believe that Greeks in Greece are not greek enough to have greek stuff from Greece.

*I was born in the 20th century, for all you youngsters.

Geometry Part 2

A/N Okay, so it’s more of a teaser… but it’s something.  (No betas, no editing.  take or leave it, given my current work schedule. )

Part 1 is here


Lily Everdeen died that night.

It was a long night. The death rattle that had started went on for an hour before she finally passed.  Prim spent the time sitting on the bed next to her unconscious mother, holding her hand and trying to whisper words of comfort through her own tears.  

My heart hurt for Prim, but it ached and broke for Katniss.  She sat quietly in a chair at the bedside, her face white with the same numb resignation towards death I’d seen that day we were both children and she was starving and huddled under the apple tree outside the bakery.  

I sat on a stool in the corner, and periodically tended the fire out in the hearth and refreshed the water bowl Prim used for the washcloth she wiped their mother’s brow with.  When the moment finally came and left, Katniss let Prim hug her mother goodbye, and then led us out so she could close the door on the dead.  

No one was hungry, or talkative, and in the early winter dark it seemed like turning in was the only retreat any of us had.  Katniss had a stack of blankets and a pillow already ready for me, and I laid them out on the floor and then started a fire in the living room hearth while she and Prim climbed into the bed they shared against the other wall.  Prim fell asleep in Katniss’ arms with surprising speed, but I could tell from the glints of the hearthflames that reflected in Katniss’ eyes that, like me, she wouldn’t find sleep.  Over those impossibly long hours until morning, our eyes met for longer and longer periods, until almost near dawn, she was weary enough to let silent tears fall while staring across the room at me.

* * *

I found out too quickly what the odd provisions of the contract were for.  The point of the cheese purchase agreement was to make sure Prim would have a little money saved once she was old enough to be married, to help settle her into a new life and twenty credits of the fifty were for buying two baby goats so Prim would eventually have three goats producing cheese to sell to the bakery.

Twenty credits went for savings.

The point of the last ten credits was more haunting.  

It was for the undertaker.

For their mother’s burial, and the carving of a joint headstone to mark the joint graves of Jack and Lilly Everdeen.

A girl from this year was on her period and decided to clog the toilet with her tampon. She apparently flushed it down the toilet with caused it to “explode.” Afterwards, she wrote ‘Fuck you’ on the walls with the period blood. This happened in 7th period and in the bathroom near the front doors. Almost everyone smelled it and complained about it as they went home.

Just dropping by with a quick reminder that Rowan believes Dorian can use his raw magic to shape-shift. Now Lysandra and (insert ToD spoiler here) won’t be alone!

Just imagine…a ghost leopard and a golden retriever cuddled up sleeping at the foot of Aelin’s bed.

A tiny dragon and a hawk chasing field mice for game.

Two sea dragons, one jade green one sapphire blue, appearing periodically near the Mycenian temples.

A kitten and a wyvern sniffing flowers with Abraxos.

A wolf and a lion imitating Aedion and Gavriel.

Please feel free to add your own!


After a long period of near silence, I began writing poetry again. Then it dawned on me that it’s April.

April is National Poetry Writing Month!

It’s time to celebrate!

The @twcpoetry queue is already stuffed, so submissions (and non submissions) during this time will be posted live. Queued posts during the month will be limited.

At least, this is the plan for now.

it’s a big universe (but somehow I found my home with you) by @sleepyowlwrites


You people are really disgusting. Slut shaming and calling someone racial slurs. Why? Cause she said she wants to fuck your bias. Like you don’t? Like you didn’t say that last night? Like you don’t sit on your phone and read smut? That’s horrible. And what really makes me mad about it is that it’s always POC. As a Black Army, as a female, I’m hurt period. I didn’t see damn near as many people attacking the chain smokers like y’all were attacking cupcakke. They sat in a whole interview making racial slurs towards Asian communities. They publicly make sexist statements. Yet y’all were “here” and “ready” for this collab. What’s really the issue? If it was another fellow army who said that on tumblr or on Twitter y’all would not go this hard. Leave that girl alone. Do you feel accomplished chasing someone off the internet. The boys lose respect when y’all act like that. I know it’s not all ARMYs but it’s way to damn many and I’m really tired of hearing that. Like we need to educate each other please. This fandom is becoming to big for petty and childish things like this to continue happening. It’s seems like the only time I see stuff about ARMYs anywhere is because y’all are acting a damn fool. You don’t the think the boys won’t notice that? They probably would have never seen cupcakkes tweet but since y’all blew her up there’s a larger chance that they all will. Just relax like damn.