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nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

Just in case you’re wishing there was more Downton Abbey

I’ve got a few recommendations:

The Bletchley Circle: A group of former WWII code breakers take a series of unsolved crimes into their own hands, seeing as how no one will listen to them. Just being women and all.

Call the Midwife: How many different words for “amazing” can I use before they start to lose meaning? I love this show SO much! The characters are so engaging and this snapshot into 1950s-60s Poplar life is endearing, heart-breaking, and eye-opening.

Also, definitely read Jenny Worth’s memoirs on which the series is based, titled either The Midwife or Call the Midwife (after the TV tie-in).

Home Fires: Series two is airing now in the US and it is a lovely series with the same dosages of scandal, small-town life, classism, and fabulous costuming as Downton Abbey, only in the 1940s.

The Crown: A truly great Netflix original about the young Queen Elizabeth II which offers a fascinating insight into her young life.

Pan Am: Oh, Pan Am! What a fabulous show! Beautiful costuming and soundtrack, as well as a pretty good plotline. But beware of watching on-demand - ABC aired the series out of order because they thought that would be a good idea for some reason. The story-line straightens out about half-way through,and by that time you will probably be hooked.

Rebellion: Haven’t watched it yet, but it seems promising. From Netflix, “As World War I rages, three women and their families in Dublin choose sides in the violent Easter Rising revolt against British rule.

Victoria: Jenna Coleman is an absolute vision as young Queen Victoria. The first season shows Victoria’s ascent to the throne, her young love with her advisor, Lord Melbourne, and then eventually her husband, Prince Albert, as well as the mine-field of intrigue and ulterior motives from her family and household. Spectacular!

The Paradise: Not as great as some of the others, but still a pretty entertaining look into the birth of the “one-stop-shop” in Edwardian England.

Mercy Street: I think this show is pretty amazing, although it is not for the squeamish (like my husband) who gag at the slightest sight of a putrefied wound. As a southerner - a Virginian, no less - what I love about this show is that it shows that there are good and bad people on both sides of a decidedly horrible issue, meaning not all Southerners are evil bigots, and not all Yankees are heroes in blue. Still true today, keep that in mind. Rant over - watch the show.

And last, but not least,

Vikings: A delicious mix of The Tudors and Game of Thrones. Quite a bit more violent and vulgar than Downton Abbey, but I still can’t help myself from recommending it to anyone who will listen. I find myself rooting for people who, if I met them in real life, would make me run for cover. Prepare to spend several hours at work looking up awesome braided hairstyles on Pinterest!

All that being said, I would also love to hear some others’ recommendations for fabulous period dramas. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

herbal remedies for pms symptoms:

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xx Marissa

I love the way in the movie it makes out like Marius is one of the leaders of the rebellion, when in the book Marius is literally the goofy friend that says something dumb and everyone fondly rolls their eyes and goes ‘classic pontmercy’


This beautiful period house is here home to B&B Italia design furniture: a perfect balance between old and new, and a terrific interior styling with even some remarkable vintage pieces, such as that astonishing mid-century pendant lamp, designed by Bruno Gatto for Stilnovo, c1950… so chic!!!!

Do you live in fear of the supervillain down the block? Do you have a bat infestation in more than one sense of the phrase? Is your insurance rate killing you faster than the omnipresent smog?

Well don’t worry! With this simple list of tips, you too can survive in the city that hell rejected.

  1. Invest in climbing plants! If your building is covered in greenery, you don’t have to worry about Poison Ivy. She may even protect your home during periods of destruction. Remember, kids– it pays to care about the Earth.
  2. The Cold War is over, but bomb shelters are forever. Be sure to properly construct your shelter a minimum of twenty yards from the sewer line (to account for Killer Croc’s surface commute). You live in a city that averages two apocalyptic events per year! Let’s learn from Bludhaven’s mistakes.
  3. “I am built upon the mountaintop, trapped by the stone. I wait for the leaves to drop among the valley’s bones. What am I?” Can you solve this riddle? You cannot. This riddle is nonsense. We recommend you construct similar rhymes to use as distractions, should you encounter a certain prominent citizen.
  4. 4. Pigeon spikes are just as effective on other, less literal birds. Line your ledges with deterrents to bat-proof your roof– we appreciate them, yes, but statistics indicate that property damage increases by 28% for every vigilante that gains access to your home. Sorry, Bats!

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“At this point, it is very clear that Batman has a type. Your child could be next! Join us for a discussion of preventative measures. Light snacks provided.”

(Yet Another) Arkham Breakout
Terror in the streets. City inconvenienced, unsurprised. See page three for a full list of escapees, updated hourly.

This week’s prize for Robin Bingo goes to David Peterson. Winning row: yelling, wearing wings, with gun, with villain, parkour. Original photos on page seven. Congrats, Dave!
“It’s not as funny as you think it is.” -The Red Hood


the fairy’s daughter and her prince

When Tiz doubled over, clutching at his chest, Agnès recognized what had happened immediately and felt a pang of fear. She tried her best to keep her voice level as she held his shoulders and asked, “Are you all right, Tiz? Can you make it to the bench? I’ll help you,” but she could hear her own voice edging to sharpness. She was panicking.

Tiz did not notice. He rarely noticed such subtle things to begin with, but especially now, when he was still gasping and readily clung to her for support, he was in no shape to notice anything around him. “I-it hurts… Agnès…why does it hurt…?”

“It’s that stubborn princess’s fault,” Agnès told him.

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When your daughter gets her first period when you’re not home

Anonymous : Bts reaction to your daughter getting her first period when you´re not home? Thanks!


When your daughter tells her father she’s bleeding and she doesn’t know what to do, Namjoon’s face goes blank for a few moments. It’s like his brain stopped working. He just stands in front of her, mouth slightly open like he’s going to say something, eyes wide open in shock. When she starts to get teary eyes, Namjoon startles and leads her to the bathroom. He looks for sanitary pads and gives it to her with a serious look on his face. « I read that you should start with that. You have other options but for now I think it’s the easiest one. When your mother comes back you’ll ask her for better advices, okay sweetheart ? » He nervously waits for her to take a hot shower and takes her in his arms when she gets out the bathroom.


Your daughter have to tell his father but she knows he’s gonna be a ball of nervousness. Taehyung is indeed pretty much at the edge of a panic attack. He just anxiously follows her while she’s looking for what she needs in your drawers. When she closes the bathroom door to wash herself, Tae feels completely useless. Your daughter doesn’t blame him at all. In fact, he’s the best father in the world. When she comes back to her bedroom to find a fort made with sheets, she chuckles. Yes, she got the best father in the world. She bend herself to get under the sheets and Taehyung is waiting for her with a big hot bottled water, warm blankets and hot cacao milk, her favorite movie playing on his laptop.


« Baby, our daughter just told me she got her first period. You need to tell me what to do before I begin to freak the fuck out. » Jin sends you a text and waits patiently for your reply after leading his daughter to the bathroom. You text him back and Jin does everything you say. Your daughter gets out the bathroom and Jin explains to her how to use sanitary pads and tells her he’s gonna wait in the living-room. When she’s done, she seems really tired and scared and Jin’s heart breaks a little. He puts a blanket on her shoulder and hugs her tight, rocking her slowly as he quietly sighs : « Why do my little girl have to grow up so fast…? »


Hoseok is simply taken off guard when he sees his daughter getting out the toilet with tears rolling down her cheeks. When she tells him why, Hoseok freezes and can’t say anything else but « what ? ». It takes him several minutes to shut the fuck up and actually do something. He desperately looks for what she needs in the entire house, yelling « Don’t worry honey ! Appa is here for you ! Appa is gonna find it ! ». Even if she’s in pain, he makes her laugh.


« Where the fucking fuck do she puts those motherfucking… » Yoongi is mumbling like the grandpa he is, searching for sanitary pads. He’s really anxious and doesn’t know what to do. His daughter is in pain and he just can’t stand it. And he can’t find those fuckers ! He rushes out the bathroom and knocks on your daughter’s door. « I didn’t find them so I’m going out. I’ll come back soon, okay ? ». Your daughter doesn’t have to wait long. She smiles when she sees how much he actually bough. There’s sanitary pads for six months, noodles and hot soup, donuts, pain killers, hot bottled water and even a little frog plush. Yoongi caresses her cheek and smiles « I know you’re not a little girl anymore, but it was so cute it reminded me of you…»


Jimin is really nervous but try his best to stay calm in front of his daughter. He gets everything she needs and stays on her side, ready to help her with anything. Our little mochi is devoted to his daughter and his golden heart is entirely dedicated to her well being. He carries her to her bed and puts the sheets over her, making sure she’s warm enough. When she begins to cry because of the pain, Jimin gets really emotional. « Don’t cry, honey… I hate it when you cry… » He brings her pain killers and a hot cup of tea, and strokes her hair until she falls asleep.


This kid has no idea what to do. He has no clue on what’s going on and watches his daughter do everything. Like Taehyung, he doesn’t leave her side and stays with her even if he’s useless. When she’s done, he takes her on his arms and leads her to her bedroom. He gets her a warm blanket and asks her every five minutes if she needs anything else. She tells him she just needs him to be there, and Jungkook feels a little better. He lies next to her and let her huddle up against him, the warmness of her father’s arms enough to ease the pain.

Preferences Masterlist #201-300

A collection of all the preferences I’ve written from 201 to 300. Enjoy and happy reading! ✌

♥ = 500+ Notes

☀ = 700+ Notes

⚡️ = 1.000+ Notes

Features: Gang!AU | High-School!AU | CEO!AU | Father!AU

Warnings: Violence

Favourite Quotes: Currently none Quotes

- #201-300 -

Preference 201: He Is Confused By Your Lady Products 

Preference 202: The Boys Interrupt A Heated Moment

Preference 203: Early Morning Flights

Preference 204: Late Night TV Shows You Watch Together

Preference 205: You Turn Him On At The Most Inappropriate Time

Preference 206: He Plays With Your Hair

Preference 207: He Meets Your New Boyfriend

Preference 208: “The Smell of Your Perfume…”

Preference 209: Nightmares

Preference 210: “Can I Kiss You?” 

Preference 211: He Forgets Something Important

Preference 211: He Forgets Something Important | Part 2

Preference 212: Your First Meeting | Gang AU

Preference 213: Baby’s First Christmas | Decorating The House

Preference 214: Baby’s First Christmas | Decorating The Tree

Preference 215: You Do Charity Work For Families Who Can’t Afford Christmas

Preference 216: Baby’s First Christmas | You Bake Christmas Cookies

Preference 217: Baby’s First Christmas | Matching Ugly Sweaters

Preference 218: Baby’s First Christmas | Christmas Eve

Preference 219: Bad Days

Preference 220: You Play Too Hot

Preference 221: You Sleep At His Place For The First Time

Preference 222: You Work For Them And He Fancies You

Preference 223: The Boys Notice Your Sex Injuries

Preference 224: You Are A Nurse

Preference 225: Unexpected Kisses

Preference 226: Your Daughter Gets Her First Period But You’re Not Home  

Preference 227: Panic Attacks

Preference 228: You Think He’s On Tour But He Surprises You

Preference 229: Morning Cuddles

Preference 230: He Smacks Your Butt

Preference 231: You Play The Sims

Preference 232: He Compares You To His Ex

Preference 233: His Nickname For You

Preference 234: Your Nickname For Him

Preference 235: Play Fights

Preference 236: You Break The Bed

Preference 237: “You Lied To Me…”

Preference 238: You Cuddle After Sex

Preference 239: He Can’t Get A Boner

Preference 240: Valentine’s Day

Preference 241: I Wish - One Direction

Preference 242: He Is Sad And Only Wants You

Preference 243: The First Fart

Preference 244: You Meet At A Masquerade Ball

Preference 245: “How Is My Wife More Badass Than Me?”

Preference 246: “Your Smile Is My Only Weakness…”

Preference 247: You’re Best Friends With One Of The Other Boys

Preference 248: Naps In The Bunk

Preference 249: You’re Sick And He Takes Care Of You

Preference 250: He Says ‘I Love You’ For The First Time

Preference 251: You Give Him A Hickey

Preference 252: He Can’t Fall Asleep

Preference 253: You’re Injured And He Helps You Out

Preference 254: You Accidentally Give Another Boy A Boner

Preference 255: Spring Weather

Preference 256: He Does Your Makeup

Preference 257: He Braids Your Hair

Preference 258: “You Want To Kiss Me I Can See It…”

Preference 259: You Buy Plants For Your Garden

Preference 260: He Makes You Breakfast

Preference 261: You Hate Each Other | High School AU

Preference 262: “I Never Lied About How I Felt About You…”

Preference 263: You’re Not The Best Cook

Preference 264: He Catches You Checking Out One Of The Boys

Preference 265: He Hugs You From Behind

Preference 266: He Catches You Checking Him Out

Preference 267: You’re The Background On His Phone

Preference 268: You Meet At A Wedding

Preference 269: Late Night Phone Calls

Preference 270: He Snores Loudly

Preference 271: You Sit On His Lap

Preference 272: You And Your Child Visit Him At Work | CEO AU

Preference 273: “You Think I’m Cute?”

Preference 274: You Fall Asleep At His Place

Preference 275: Your Child Has A Nightmare

Preference 276: The Way He Looks At You

Preference 277: “I’m Your Husband, It’s My Job…”

Preference 278: How You Wake Him Up

Preference 279: You Style His Hair

Preference 280: You’re Afraid Of Flying

Preference 281: He Comforts You

Preference 282: He Asks You To Prom

Preference 283: He Paints Your Nails

Preference 284: He Is Sad About Leaving You For Tour

im skimming aryas chaps for my mental wellbeing and i was reading the scene where she enters the house of black and white and the kindly man tells her it’s no place for arya of house stark. to which arya says “please i have no place to go” and i started crying lmao

BTS Reaction: When their crush is weird

Requested by @wolffoggirl 

Jin: When he came home after practice, he had been surprised to hear BTS blasting from the kitchen. Following the booming noise, he walked into the room to find you dancing violently. Avoiding your arms so he wouldn’t be smacked in the face, he wraps his arms around your waist from behind, halting your movement by laughing into the crook of your neck. 

“This was something I never expected myself to come home to.” 

Originally posted by jjilljj

Yoongi: He had found you sitting by the side of your pool, dipping your legs into the chilly water. Yoongi’s eyes widen when he sees your phone dangling from your fingertips over the water’s surface. After swiping your phone away from it’s death and putting it in a safe place, aka his pocket, he takes a minute to stare at you like you’re the most insane person he’s ever met. 

“What do you even think you’re doing?” 

“I was just thinking about what would happen if I dropped my phone in the water. I think the case is waterproof.” 

“You think the case is waterproof? I have some advice, don’t hold your phone over water period.” 

Originally posted by jeonbase

J-hope: Coming home from practicing new choreography, he was shocked to find you wide awake with it being past midnight. You were absorbed in your phone, swiping through social media with earbuds in. After tapping you on the head and asking why you’re still up, he realized you weren’t listening to music, just sitting on your phone in complete silence. Realizing your little mistake, J-hope bursts into laughter before you can figure out what’s so funny. 

“Are you listening to music?” 


“You realize there’s no music playing, correct?” 

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Namjoon: The waiter had specifically told you not to touch the hot plate of food, and what did you decide to do? You sat and stared at the steaming meal before reaching out and placing the tip of your finger on the edge of the plate. The heat had burned your finger quite a bit by the time you gained sense to pull it away. You looked up to fine Namjoon with an unimpressed expression, but an adoring smile lingering on his lips. 

“Jagi, sometimes I just don’t understand you.”

Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

Jimin: It was a calm day at the lake and all Jimin wanted was to relax peacefully with his beautiful girlfriend. What he didn’t expect was for you to bust his eardrums when you suddenly screamed. You had jumped onto him in the lake water, clinging to his arm as you pointed at the water. You had claimed to see a shark, but when Jimin decided to investigate, all he found was a little fish that must have nibbled on your foot. 

“I swear I saw a shark!”

“Jagiya, that’s a fish and second of all, we’re in a lake.”

Originally posted by jiyoongis

Taehyung: You had offered to play music from your phone while the two of you cooked breakfast, something you guys had been trying for a couple weeks now. Claiming that you’d just shuffle and let the music be, Tae finds it adorable when he catches you flipping through songs still with a determined face. The perfect song for pancake making. 

“I thought you were- Wait! Did you just skip a BTS song?” 


Originally posted by dazzlingkai

Jungkook: Coming home, he found his girlfriend positioned in front of the fridge, repeatedly opening and closing it while peering through the crack in the door. He would understand what you were doing right away and even join you, making it a competition. 

“Whoever can successfully cut off the fridge lights while still seeing it wins! Loser has to buy winner ice cream.” 

(I can low-key see him sitting and doing this forever) 

Originally posted by jkguks