The Signs as Queens : Virgo - Elizabeth I of England

Born in September 1533, Elizabeth I of England was Queen of England and Ireland. She was daughter of Henry VII and Anne Boleyn, but wasn’t considered legitimate child of the King, for that his marriage with Anne was annulled. In 1558 however, Elizabeth succeeded her half-sister to the throne and set out to rule by good counsel. Elizabeth passed away in March 1603.

I feel like John Boyega was born to star in a period drama with the flapping coats and tight breaches and elegant soliloquies and dashing expressions and dancing with beautiful and sharp-tongued ladies. I just can’t figure out which one he should star in. 


Miss Elizabeth. I have struggled in vain and I can bear it no longer. These past months have been a torment. I came to Rosings with the single object of seeing you… I had to see you. I have fought against my better judgment, my family’s expectations, the inferiority of your birth by rank and circumstance. All these things I am willing to put aside and ask you to end my agony.