GMing 101

So I get a lot of questions from people who want to start their own gaming groups but feel like they don’t have the experience or are too anxious to DM. DMing is a lot more rewarding than just being a player character, imho. You get to be the spinner of an entire cosmos! It’s heartbreaking and hilarious and unexpected. It is also a lot easier than it seems. It basically just boils down to “make shit up”.

Anyway, I thought I’d write a “cheat sheet” of sorts that tells you my GMing mindset, what I find that works, and what I suggest avoiding. Now obviously DMing isn’t an exact science and everyone plays differently and finds different things fun, so if you’re an experienced player and you read something on this list that you disagree with, cool! That’s fine! I’m just saying how I roll, yo, it’s not an attack on anyone else’s playstyle.

This doesn’t really go into any technical stuff, it’s just an overview. At some point I might run a q&a/troubleshooting session over on Twitch for new GMs that’s a little more in depth but only if that’s something people show interest in. Until then though, plz enjoy this ridiculously long post!

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I made my twin brother watch voltron

This is a list of things my brother screamed at the tv as we watch the first eight episodes of voltron

•"God damn it Shiro you motivational fuck"(said about 20 times in the first episode)

•"Shiro you zen bastard" (during the nose dive in “some assembly required”)

•*had to pause for 10 minutes after coran was introduced cause he was laughing so hard* “I LOVE HIM”

•"so they each control a limb?? Thats… inefficient"

•(im going to do a perimiter check- shiro) “thats a good idea a very verry good idea, not sven”

•*roles over back of couch* “i cant i CANT THATS SO AKWARD” (when Alluras talking to pidge about her gender)

•through out 8 episodes everytime allura or coran show up “its the space elves! They are space elves! Pointy ears and they are beautiful! THEY ARE SPACE ELVES”

To: Dr. Julian Bashir
Chief Medical Officer
Deep Space 9


How odd you humans are. Or is it just the Starfleet people? Captain Sisko has just invited me to join the invasion–for which I am eternally grateful. The opportunity to liberate my homeland renews and animates my sluggish spirit. But the good captain makes no mention of the fact that this invasion is now possible because of the incident with the Romulans. I am simply to report to his office at “oh-nine hundred hours” with ideas as to where the Dominion defense perimiter might be vulnerable. Oh, our dealings with each other are nothing less than proper (“Mr. Garak,” “Captain Sisko”), but what’s so odd is that he pretends the incident never happened. And you and I both know how deeply affected he was by the whole business. Only when we exchange direct looks do I perceive a flicker of … what? Anger? Betrayal? Violation?

Odd people.

Humans seem to walk through life’s infinite variety of relationships and situations taking them all at face value. They rarely look behind the facade or the mask, where real intentions–the truth of our motives–live. And the fact is, more often than not they deny that they have any mask at all. These humans (and I do exclude you Doctor–I will come to that shortly) believe that what they present to the world and, conversely, what the world presents to them, is the truth. It’s this belief that makes them dangerous.

In Cardassian society, we are taught from an early age to mask all feelings and thoughts, to deflect all outside perception and observation. The objective of this education is to create a citizen who can work within the group to accomplish a group goal established by the leader, and at the same time work in such a way that none of the other members of the group knows what he or she is doing. As long as the goal is accomplished, it’s nobody’s business how you went about your work.

So why Captain Sisko is so upset with me because I accomplished the goal (which he established!) of getting Romulus into the war against the Dominion baffles me. And it’s not because of the few lives that were sacrificed. Federation expansion has taken a toll in countless life-forms–about most of which they are blissfully unaware. The moment you step into a garden and begin to cultivate and prune, you become a killer. Perhaps the captain was upset because he had hesitated to do what was necessary to insure the integrity of his garden. Sentimentality is another trait that makes humans dangerous.

But why am I writing this to you, instead of waxing philosophical over one of our lunches? I see that overly polite smile, your “Get to the point, Garak” mask. Patience, dear Doctor. First, let me explain why I can exempt you from this human bondage to appearance and sentiment. Long before it was revealed that you were genetically “enhanced,” I recognized in you an intelligence, a capacity for understanding that I found lacking in other humans. As much as the subject irritates you, you have not been so much genetically enhanced as “arranged”. The people who did this to you had specific reasons, which you have long since outgrown. And having assimilated these changes you’ve accommodated yourself to this “arrangement” according to the demands of your life. For me, this means that in a sense you are more Cardassian than human. Which is why I am able to share this document with you … and why I sat down to lunch with you in the first place.

Before you cringe with horror at the thought of being a Cardassian, let me give you an example. Human memory is selective and linear. Simply put, a human remembers the best of times in progressive order, beginning with earliest childhood. The rosy memories are only challenged by nightmares. A Cardassian remembers everything on every level all the time. For us, past and present are not neatly separated. We live with everything in the moment–including the nightmares. And so do you. To a human this would be chaotic, unbearable. For us it’s just the way it is.

This is one reason I am addressing this recollection to you. Fate lines are converging, like memories to a dying man. I need to write this, Doctor, and you’re the only person on this station who will understand. The invasion of Cardassia is momenus. Many will die. If I don’t survive, I want you to deliver copies of this to some people I will name at the end.

There’s another reason. I know that we have grown apart and that’s as it should be. We learn what we can from certain people, then we move on after we’ve taken what we need. When we learn nothing new about ourselves in a relationship that’s when the relationship is over. Or it’s over the moment when we’re afraid to learn something new about ourselves. But what I have been learning about myself … whatever it was inside me that was sparked and challenged when I first met you … is deeply connected to this story. I’m an unfinished man, Doctor, like a suit of clothes hanging on a display rack waiting for the final touches that may never come; I need to tell this story to make a peace with those parts of me that were left unfinished. A healing. Indulge me, if you will; I need you as a witness. A stitch in time….

—  Andrew J. Robinson, A Stitch in Time
Not the Bounty You’re Looking For

Grabbers interlaced as the little minicon wheelied nervously closer to the odd ship, peering around him for anyone else out here in the gloom and he was slowly performing a lap of its perimiter with a calculating optic till he reached the drop ramp.

Even he was not so foolish to climb into mystery ships of unknown origin or faction. Doesn’t mean he can’t literally roll under it and move around scanning for what make, model and loyalty he had discovered.

It was usually somewhere on the ship undersides, as docking arms at space ports had readout equipment and it was the logical place for the effective ‘license and registration’ of a ship to be. At least, Autobot ones.


A beginners thrifty equipment & tools list for witchy beginners!

Always I see people asking various tumblr witches what the basic things they need to start off as a practicing witch are… every witch has a different answer because every witch is different. I tend to find that some of the answers from witches who have been so for quite a while leave a lot of really basic stuff out, or add too much advanced stuff in, not on purpose but just due to the passage of time or the thought that with hindsight they wish they’d had this or that in the beginning. Most lists, are infact very useful. For me, half my problem was budget. I want to be able to buy all of the awesome potions and lotions and spell kits available but I just do not have the funds! I know it’s not necesary to have them but it would be nice because they’re all so pretty! Anyway for those of you with all the want but none of the dollar… here is my thrifty beginners guide…. from a beginner!

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A precious embrace

Originally posted by canon-autopsy

Nnghh. Can’t find the source to the imagine this drabble is based on, and I gotta go to work so I’ll have to continue the search another day, sorry! But if my memory is correct the imagine is something like: “Imagine telling Thorin how you can’t sleep because you had always had your dog to hold during the night and Thorin letting you hold him instead.” Or something like that hehe ^^

Word count: 784

Characters: Thorinxreader

Gender: Works for anyone I guess!

Warnings: *stammering* a-a fluff warning, maybe? :D

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Siel: Part Three


Authors Note: I really tried, I SUCK at writing fight scenes but I tried! Here is part three of Siel! Do you ship them yet ;)

Flinging out a hidden hunting knife, Sam cut through the air. Ciel turned, missing the blade and grabbed it mid-air. Turning, he sent it back at Sam. He spun, the blade melting through flame.

Ciel threw a punch, Sam turned at the last second, iron claws slicing through air. “You got to be faster than that.”

Ciel bared his teeth, grinning, “You’ve been practicing.”  

Sam kicked out, hitting Ciel in the stomach, he fell back, “Maybe a little,” somersulting into a crouch.

Sam punched out, a blade of fire, Ciel bent backwards, narrowly missing, rounding out, he kicked Sam square in the chest, “I’m still better, right?” knocking him to the ground.

Sam rolled his eyes and grinned darkly, “Not for long,” flipping forwards onto his haunches.

Ciel shot out his arm, three blades of ice, twisted in the sun, Sam held up a block, the blades melting on a shield of invisible flame, steam evaporating in the air.

Creating a staff of pure ice, Ciel swung one end forward. With twin blades of fire, Sam sliced the staff in half. Turning one-eighty, Ciel misted the rest of the staff and kicked an arc of flame. Sam ducked low, twisting outside the flame, landing on his haunches, low to the ground.

Before Sam could launch himself at Ciel, a clapping came from behind him.

Sam stood up, arms at his sides, sweat beading his forehead, “Father. Mother.”

“King Rowan,” Ciel smiled with a bow, “Queen Aelin.”

“It’s a good thing we’re out in a plane. You torched a fifty meter perimiter.” Rowan said, an eyebrow cocked, arms crossed.

Sam winced. He didn’t realize their magic use had gotten that far out.

Aelin elbowed Rowan in the arm, “Leave them alone you buzzard. I did worse when we sparred.”

“You’re right.” He smiled, “You did.”

His mother scowled at him, Sam grinned.

He heard stories of the times his mother and father sparred in Doranelle back when she was ‘Celaena’. She was worse than he was.

Ciel elbowed Sam, His black hair was slicked down the sides of his face, “Tie?”

Sam considered, looking at Ciel’s mismatched eyes, and slowly smiled, “Tie.

yesssss bitch like yazzz


I have like 9 twists in and i’m living for it. ahha. trying to do my perimiter. This video is so mah fookin fanceeeee. 

I have 3 more packs of hair. Girl, that better be enough. ahaha

zootopiajunkie  asked:

I might end up regretting this but I have it on good authority that I'm a masochist. Prompt number eleven please!

11.) You’ve said you’re going to leave, but I don’t want you to go and if I don’t say something now…


“No regrets” by Uzrfrndly


Things had gotten flirty lately.

It felt like, since not so long ago, things had started changing. It wasn’t obvious. It came on subtly, and it was impossible to tell when the exact moment was that it happened. “Dumb fox” this, and “dumb bunny” that just faded away. He couldn’t even remember what they were doing the last time he’d unintentionally called her that.

He actually called her “dumb bunny” just a few days ago, but it was strange because he had to remind himself to do it. He had to go out of his way to insult her just because it felt strange that he wasn’t doing it naturally anymore.

That wasn’t all either… they used to say things like a sarcastic “oops,” or the occasional “idiot” when they played pranks and jokes on eachother. Now, whenever he tried to play a joke on her she would respond with some sort of sexually charged taunt like: “Why don’t you make me?” or “maybe you should show me sometime.”

It persistently bothered him, like poison oak. It should be nothing to waste time thinking about but he was. He was wasting a lot of time on it. He really started to panic when he though about her out of nowhere one night… while he was bathing.

The only thing he could think of to do, was to put all of his effort into being as “chummy” as possible when he was around her.

“Timbeeeer…” he howled as they walked.

She looked up at him, just as he expected, she had no idea what he was doing. He waited a couple of seconds, then stuck his leg out in front of her. It was a flawless execution. She came tumbling down face first with a terrified shriek.

“Nick!” she shouted. She flipped over onto her back with a menacing scowl to see him howling with laughter. “One of these days I’m gonna’ trip you, and you’ll fall for ME!”

“What!?” All the fur on the back of his neck stood on end.

“Why’re you-” she looked perplexed by his reaction. “Pfff-” she scoffed and started giggling.

“What’s so damn funny!?”

“You uh… you really had to reach for that one, didn’t you Nick?”

Obviosly, he’d taken part of her statement out of context. His head was playing tricks on him. He shook it vigorously, and without stopping to help her up he strutted away.

“Hey!” She hopped up and quickly skipped after him. “What’s your problem?”

“No problem here carrots.” He stuck his nose up, and did his best to ignore her. He snuck a glance at her over his shoulder to watch her roll her eyes. There was a couple minutes of wierd silence before Judy decided she would make it even worse.

“Y'know,” she casually wrapped herself around his arm in a playful manner. “You’d have to be pretty dumb to trip over yourself, lover-boy.”

He pried his arm out of her grip while she cackled like a witch. He hastened his pace in order to get a few feet ahead of her. As she came bounding after him, he stuck his leg out again. This time it didn’t work, she hopped right over it.

He’d actually planned for this. He’d stopped in front of the curb of the sidewalk they were on, and with a quick poke to the back of her head, he knocked her off balance and sent her reeling off the edge of it.

While she was groaning and screetching with frustration, he quickly rounded the corner onto the next street. There was a stip club he used to go to on this street. He wanted to get there before she could catch up. “Nick!”

He glanced over his shoulder to see her bounding after him. Luckily enough for him, he’d gained enough distance to easily duck into they nudie bar before she could catch him.

“Nick!” She stood outside the smokey doorway glaring in. “Get out here so I can kick your butt!”

He rolled his eyes and stretched out in the entryway. From it, he folded his arms behind his head and casually stolled into the bar. She was too… what’s the word… “proud” to enter the bar? He wasn’t sure why exactly, but this wasn’t the first time he’d ducked into a seedy establishment to get away from her.

He picked a stool from which he could watch the entryway. As he sipped his drink he watched her fume and stare him down from outside. Eventually she got tired of standing there, angrily tapping her foot, and decided to give up.

When she was gone he didn’t bother staying much longer. He didn’t actually want to spend his Saturday afternoon at the stip club. Not that it wasn’t usually enjoyable… problem was there were no fox or bunny girls dancing tonight.

“…Wait… or bunny girls?

He quickly knocked back the rest of his beer and haphazardly tossed a wad of bills on the bar. He wanted to get out of here and soak his head…

*Three weeks pass*

“As most of you probably already know,” he casually removed his glasses and set them on the podium. It’s creaking was the only sound in the room. “Officer Hopps has recieved a promising job offer from the homeland security administration.”

It was Monday again, and Bogo was in the same place, at the same time, doing the same thing he always did on Monday. Only, this time it came with some unexpected news.

“So,” he surveyed the room. “We’ll be saying goodbye.”

For Nick, it felt like he was gripping a perimiter shock fence. His whole body was rigid, and he didn’t look at Bogo or anyone else in the room. He’d known for weeks, but didn’t tell anyone.

“Hopps was a good officer, and fine example of what the ZPD stands for…” he was giving some sort of farewell speach that Nick wasn’t paying attention to. He’d been avoiding her since he’d found out. Unable to come up with something to say.

He wasn’t leaving the force. This was his new life now, and in his head, he could do it with or without her. He just didn’t know what to say to her. “See ya later fluff?” Seems a little impersonal after all they’d been through, but what was the alternative? “Please don’t go?”

“Wait… what… where is this coming from?” he though. The thoughts had crossed his mind unexpectedly, he had a lot of those thoughts lately, and he needed to understand why.

“Hey… Wilde!” His chair creaked as he turned around to see who it was. It was Wolford.

“What the hell’re you doin’ here?” The rest of the bullpen quietly shook their heads in disapproval.

“What are you talking about?” Nick gave him a confused raise of the eyebrow.

“Hopps is leaving…” he exasperated, as if Nick aught to know what he was getting at. “Go stop her!”

Everyone else present nodded their heads in stern agreement. Nick wasn’t dense, he was just in denial. He could connect the dots and find the exit of most puzzles. This one was leading him to believe that the rest of the precinct knew something he didn’t…

“You stay in your seat Wilde.” It seemed the only one who wasn’t on board was Bogo. “Hopps has a great opportunity here, don’t ruin it for her.”

“How’re we gonna’ get throught to this idiot!?” Several officers were were getting visibly unnerved by this situation. They seemed desperate to get Nick to go after her, and he was slowly starting to consider the most obvious reason.

“I’ve got it!” It was Trunkaby, he stood quickly and shook the whole room. “Nick-”

“Trunkaby sit down!” Bogo shouted.

“We’ve got Bogo, whatever you’ve got to say go for it.” Several other officers rose to meet Bogo, who was advancing towards Trunkaby to stop him from saying whatever it was he had to say.

“All of you stand down!”

“Nick,” Tunkaby got Nicks attention back, he was looking nervous to learn whatever it was he had to say. “She never would’ve solved that first case without you… right?”

Nick shook his head in disbelief, unwilling to understand.

“Homeland’s gonna’ be a hundred times worse… do you really think she can handle it by herself? What if she needs you to stop her? You know she’d never admit it, she’s too proud!”

“… And wouldn’t you regret it if she left now?” Francine had decided to casually speak her mind in the midst of the caos in the room. Apparently, that was what Nick needed to hear. Trunkaby looked a little discouraged by it.

“Wilde… stop!” Try as he might, Bogo couldn’t stop him from darting out of the bullpen and down the steps of the precinct…

‘You’ve reached Judy, I’m not here right now so leave me a message ok?’

“Judy!” Nick was running aimlessly. He’d ran off with conviction and confidence, but he was an idiot. He forgot to ask when and were she was leaving from. “Don’t leave you idiot! Call me!”

He was headed for Central Station, it was how she got here, maybe it was how she intended to leave. He mashed the buttons on his phone as he ran headlong through a crosswalk without looking for traffic. He made it through the intersection just fine, but his second attempt to call her ended the same way.

'You’ve reached Judy, I’m not here right-’

He had to come to a slow stop, he was completely out of breath. As he slumped forward on his haunches and gasped for breath, he looked around to get his bearings. There were still twelve blocks at least between him and the station. He had no idea when she was supposed to be leaving… maybe she already did.

As he was getting ready to take off running again, he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket and Rick Astley calling out to him through his ringtone… that was Judy’s ringback. He checked it: -Carrots-



He was still out of breath.

'Why’d you call me so many times?’

“Don’t leave!”

It was quiet on the line.

’… You don’t want me to leave?’ She sounded so happy to hear it.

“No… you… idiot! Of course not!” He tried to get it out in between gasps for breath.

’…Why?’ She sounded nervous, as if she didn’t actually want to know why.

“Where are you? I’ll come tell you myself.”

“…Right here.” She was walking up behind him. She hung up the phone, and held it behind her back. “You seem pretty… desperate to find me Nick.” She looked away.

“That’s a little cliche don’t you think?”


“Walking up during a phone call… kind of early two-thousands romantic comedy don’t you think?” He chuckled.

She looked truly nervous, like she already knew what was coming. He brushed off his knees and stood up straight. He smiled at her, when she saw it she looked away again.

“Hey.” He crossed his arms over his chest like frankenstien, or more accurately, a trust fall. When she looked up she jumped at least a foot in the air with a frightened shriek. He started falling striaght backwards, despite the fact that she was infront of him. She rushed to catch him… but she didn’t make it.


“Well…” She looked so confused. “What’d you do that for idiot?”

“… You don’t get it?” He slowly opened one of his eyes, with a big grin on his face.

“Oh… tripping over yourself?”

“… Yep.”


Sorry for the wait friend. Kind of rushed the ending a little… my back was starting to hurt. Hope you enjoyed it anyways.