peridot brooch

Treasure It

Steven gets everyone together for the season finale of Crying Breakfast Friends, but chaos ensues when an ad for a jewelry shop is shown during a commercial break. Steven then organizes a trip to the store to soothe the weirded-out Gems, but things only get more confusing for them as Pearl sees highly-valued Earth pearls. Amethyst wants to steal one of the displays to “free” its gemstones, while Garnet considers buying either a ruby or sapphire necklace. Meanwhile, Peridot can’t decide which peridot-jeweled brooch is her favorite; one paired with an amethyst or one paired with lapis lazuli.


The Habsburg Peridot Parure

This impressive parure is a rarity as it uses peridot, a semi-precious stone that can be found in jewelry from as far back the early 2nd millennium B.C.. Peridot comes in shades of green ranging from a vivid yellowish/olive green to a brownish green. The Habsburg Parure features a selection of exceptional peridots with few inclusions, huge size, excellent cut, and a deep olive color. The diamond and peridot parure consists of a large tiara, earrings, 2 brooches, a devant de corsage, and a necklace with seven pendents. These pendents can be removed and attached to the tiara as uprights.

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