Society6 t-shirt review, designed by anobviousaside

Just got my shirt in the mail that was designed by the amazing anobviousaside (seriously her art blows my mind every time). I could not be more pleased with how it turned out! I got Cas with Pigeons on a silver women’s fitted t-shirt in a size medium. The shirt is soft and the print itself looks great! The only thing i’d be aware of is that the shirts run a tad bit small in my opinion. That aside, the shirt is perfect and now i’m snuggling up happy with my new purchase :)

Her society6 store can be found here! Go take a look and support this truly deserving artist!!


sketchbook pages from sitting under a tree of capuchins

they move so much its good practice

they got as close as 2 m and tolerated me pretty well. they have wrinkly people faces. the group leader kept a very suspicious eye on me. at one point the smallest baby started screaming after being harassed by the bigger babies and wouldn’t stop, and the leader sprung up and glared at me with its old man face and my first instinct was to scream ‘IT WASNT ME’ i thought i was going to die an unjust death


MY FIRST ETCHINGS EVER (first prints + their ghost prints) 

based-on-the-sculpture-based-on-roommate#3 and self portrait

fairly sure you’re supposed to reetch and fix things like the blacked out eye and etc. but i am Certainly Not Going To