Here is my drawing of Peridot and Lapis!! This took three days to complete, but it’s all worth it! Plus this is dedicated to all Lapidot lovers and those who love them as just friends!! Also, this isn’t meant to be Lapidot, BUT I WILL NOT STOP YOU FROM SHIPPING THEM ANYWAY!!!

This is for #PeriArt! I actually hope this makes it in into PeriArt! I’m really excited!!!

Please enjoy, CREDIT ME IF YOU REPOST IT!!! And please no Lapidot hate pls. Thank chu!!! ENJOY!!!!!!!

“If that’s what you want…”

The image popped into my head after watching Barn Mates and wouldn’t leave until I drew it.  I decided against using my usual style for this one once I had started on the background, so it became kinda a hybrid of my style and the SU style.

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