david bowie songs are all you ever need to listen to because they put you in a wide range of moods

like, i can listen to heroes and want to sing in a rainstorm but then i can listen to little wonder and want to drive a car really fast

or i could listen to width of a circle and want to cut off all my hair and make love to the devil.

the possibilities are endless.

seramarias replied to your post “AO3 is down, which I guess they warned us it would be, for scheduled…”

well, for my 2 cents worth, I really, really like epics.

Ha ha! It takes all kinds to make a world and we all contain multitudes etc. but can you believe this, I don’t really like reading other people’s epics?

I’m not even being a goof, my favorite-favorite stories are the oneshots. I swear I could read a hundred thousand different “first time” short oneoffs of the same pairings, and love every one. 

But if I tried I couldn’t come up with one myself. I’d start off like that– hell, I had an idea last night that was pretty good– and before I’d even woken up all the way this morning, there was a huge plot twist and an entire enormous backstory I was working out. No! No! I don’t have time! Stop! 


(If anyone’s curious, I thought of a great little first-time vignette with Poe and Finn where Finn was really used to the concept of casual handjobs against the wall etc. and it was only when Poe started kissing him in the heat of the moment that he was like… wait this is new, and freaked out because that was so forbidden under his conditioning and then like a grown-up he used his words about this and they figured it out. Oh that would be cute!

And then suddenly my brain said yes but what if Poe was trans and okay Finn wouldn’t care that’d be fun to have it be a non-issue but then what if they got captured and made Poe wear the slave bikini and Finn gets really righteously mad about it because by now he gets that it’s a big deal for people who weren’t raised androgynous like Stormtroopers are and that was when I was like, okay, brain, enough.)