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Bygones of the Sun | 07 (M)

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Genre: Angst/fluff/(future)smut || dance captain!hoseok, bad boy!au, uni!au

Pairing: Reader x Hoseok

Length: 6.7k

Summary: Jung Hoseok was once the sweetheart of the school, the dance captain whom every girl, including you, can’t help but fall head over heels for. But like the force of the ever-glowing sun, everything that rises must also set. A year of inactivity later and he’s now the school’s resident bad boy. You’re a firm believer of allowing the past be the past, and yet you can’t help but wonder where the risen sun has gone into hiding—because perhaps its shadows have out-shined its own radiance.

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All Too Well | Pt. 2

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Epilogue

Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 6,357



There’s always a certain rush Min Yoongi gets before, during, and after every performance, no matter how often he participates in them and no matter how exhausted he might be from practices and dieting in the days, weeks before. One would think that after two years of nothing but strict scheduling, traveling the world, meeting fans like clockwork, he would have grown tired of free moments being such a rarity, constantly being busy and never getting to just relax and have a proper night’s rest.

But to Yoongi, it’s something he’s grown to appreciate. Yes, the scheduling is busy and tiring and there are often days when he would be filled with pure frustration over a simple inability to get dance moves down or turn hazy thoughts into song lyrics—but it’s a life that he would not give up for anything.

Because at the end of the day, he gets to do what he loves. He gets to make music and he gets the opportunity to really share them with people he knows would listen to what he has to say. He gets to meet hundreds, if not thousands of fans every month who take time out of their own busy, hard life to see him, let him know that his music reached them, touched them, made them feel something. And when he sees the shy smiles of his fans, their bright eyes and beautiful voices reaching out to him as they sing back song lyrics during one of his many concerts, it makes all those previous irritations and frustrations fade away to the back of his mind. Min Yoongi loves what he does, he really does.

He loves it, even as he’s clamoring backstage after Bangtan Boys has just finished one of three performances for their latest music show appearance, the cheers of success and the usual excitement following the rest of the boys as they rush quickly to get dressed in their new costumes for their new set list. Much like all the other performances, the air is plagued with adrenaline as the boys quickly disregard their previous attire. The stylists are rushing to get shirts buttoned, freshly pressed jackets on. Hair is getting retouched, eye makeup and foundation sponges are pressed against Yoongi’s face. In spite of the cheeriness that usually follows the boys after a successful music show performance, there is still the underlying chaoticness to get everyone ready in time for their next set. Moments like these are always messy, happening so quickly right before Yoongi’s eyes that he can never really keep track of the process.

And yet, Yoongi always feels that urgency, that rush, all with the smile never slipping off his lips because it’s almost been 2 years since Bangtan Boys experienced their debut, and every single day of his life still feels like some strange, out-of-body sensation. It still feels like a dream.

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13 Going on 30 (Part 3)

Summary: When your 13th birthday party goes awry, and you make a life changing wish - you wake up to discover you’ve flash forwarded 17 years ahead. 

Word Count: 1,719.

A/N: This part was super fun to write! Hope you enjoy, and feedback would be greatly appreciated. (also can we take a moment to appreciate this beautiful gif)

@spidweeb - you’re a gem, and thank you so much for always being a great help.

Part 1 Part 2

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Sherlolly. 33. For the theme n short fic ask

celebrity/fan au - Fun! Thanks, Gee!! This turned out a wee bit longer than I intended. Hope you like. ~Lil~ (I’ve got lots more to fill. I’m working on them and appreciate them all!)

John Watson was pissed. There were about a thousand places he’d rather be at the moment. (Like on a date with the lovely Miss Morstan, which he had to cancel when Sherlock had stormed into the clinic, demanding his presence just as he was getting ready to leave!) Riding in the back of a cab on the way to some book signing with his broody best friend was nowhere on that list. 

“Are you going to explain this?” he asked. 

When Sherlock had said ‘book signing’ John had waited impatiently for the upshot. Where was the murder? Where was the puzzle?

“No,” the detective answered.

The doctor clenched his fist and cracked his neck. He’s your friend. You will not strangle him in the backseat of a cab. John took in the other man’s appearance for a moment. That’s when he noticed the difference. Sherlock The Body’s Just a Transport Holmes always wore the most expensive clothes and took far too much care with his hair to really believe in that ‘beauty is just a construct’ nonsense. But today… today the man was polished within an inch of his life! Also, he was undoubtedly nervous. John couldn’t remember ever seeing the man so unsettled.

“Sherlock? Are you..?” 

The detective’s head whipped toward him. “What?” he asked with thinly veiled aggression.

There is something going on here. Though Sherlock often pointed out that his friend didn’t see ‘certain things’ - not observing, he called it - John had learned a lot about the man sitting next to him in their two years of friendship. That’s when it hit him; he had to force himself not to smirk.

“Does this have something to do with that book? The pathology book?” John asked, almost certain that he had it figured out. 

Baker Street was never quite ‘clean’ (even though John bitched at his friend like an old fishwife) but it was somewhat better than when he had first moved in and the man-child did make some effort to put away his toys. In the last month, however, John had often noticed a book sitting next to Sherlock’s chair. Then he noticed it in the kitchen late one night and on the settee the next afternoon. He even found it in the bathroom one day. At one point he had wondered if the detective didn’t own several copies of the damn thing. 

“This isn’t a case at all. You just want to meet the author of that book.”

The detective smirked, though it lacked his usual confidence. “It seems I’m finally rubbing off on you, John. Keep paying attention and soon you’ll know the difference between a suspect and a witness.”

“At least I know who the prime minister is,” he mumbled under his breath.

Twenty-five minutes later they were walking into a small bookstore in Soho. 

“Not much of a turnout,” John commented. There were no lines and the store wasn’t much bigger than the sandwich shop below their flat. 

“How many people do you suppose are interested in forensic pathology?” He said the word ‘people’ like it was tantamount to a single cell organism. And one that he didn’t particularly like.

“Still…” John started as they made their way to the back of the shop. That’s when he saw her. A tiny smiling woman sitting next to a mountain of books talking to a spotty faced teenaged girl in large, ill-fitting glasses.

“… if you’re really interested, leave me your email and I’ll send you some information,” the woman said. 

The girl gasped. “You’d do that?”

“Of course! I wish I had someone to point me in the right direction when I was younger. I’d love to help in any way I can,” the woman returned, smiling brightly.

“I… I…” the teen stammered. “I don’t know what to say. I mean… you’re my favourite pathologist of all time!” 

Favourite pathologist? Do people have favourite pathologists? For a moment John thought the girl was going to cry, but she managed to write down her email and shake hands with the author before hurrying off to join a group of girls standing to the side. They all squealed as they left. Weird

He was so distracted by the spectacle that he almost missed Sherlock’s approach. 

“Hello, Dr. Hooper,” the detective said as he handed her his worn copy of the book. 

I didn’t even notice that! Him and his damn pockets! John did notice, however, that his friend’s voice was even deeper than usual. 

“Hi!” the woman said as she took the book, smiling and blushing up at his friend. 

John had seen this before… many, many times. That man’s looks were such a waste! The woman I could have pulled with those damn curls! He could make a witness, of the right sexual persuasion, sing like a canary with the slightest hint of fake flirtation.

“It seems I got in right under the wire,” Sherlock said.

“Yes. You might just be my last victim,” she replied with a giggle. 

When he smiled John realised that something was off. That wasn’t Sherlock’s false ‘get what he needs from a woman smile’. The man looked genuinely happy. What the hell?

“You’re much better at forensic analysis than comedy, Miss Hooper,” he said with none of the bite of his usual commentary.

Her face started to fall, but Sherlock quickly followed up with, “That wasn’t an insult. This book is brilliant, doctor. But you know that, don’t you? How many weeks has it been a bestseller?”

“A few.” She bit her lip and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “Um, whom do I make this out to?”

Ah, John thought, who will Sherlock be today? Nigel Britwistle? Ridgewell  Luckinbill, perhaps? Felix Pickles was one of his personal favourits.

“Sherlock Holmes,” he said, causing John to do a double take. 

“That’s an unusual name,” Dr. Hooper said as she began to write. “Old English?” 

“It is,” Sherlock answered, practically beaming.

When she finished, she handed him the book and stood up. “Well, I’m finished for today,” she said as she started to box up the books from the table. 

“Did you have a good turnout?” Sherlock asked and then he did the strangest thing of all… he started to help her! 

“I did, actually. About five hundred, since lunch. Yesterday’s turnout was better.”

“Yes, I had wanted to make it to your signing at Waterstone’s. Unfortunately, I had a case,” Sherlock said as he added another book to the box.

Waterstone’s? That store was huge! John was more than a bit shocked. It seemed that this Dr. Hooper was the J.K. Rowling of forensic pathology!

“A… case?” she asked. “What sort of case?”

“I’m a detective,” his friend responded far less arrogantly than usual.

“You’re a..?”

“I should clarify, I don’t work for the Yard. I’m a consulting detective. The only one in the world, actually.”

There’s the arrogance.


“Yes. I invented the job,” he explained as he finished up with the books. “I’d love to tell you more if you’re not busy.”

“Ahh…” She looked at John (possibly for the first time) and then back to Sherlock, seemingly a bit apprehensive.

“Coffee, I thought, if you like,” Sherlock said in a rush. “There’s a decent shop just around the corner.”

She hesitated for a moment longer before saying, “Just let me speak to the manager to let him know that I’m all finished.” She started to walk away but paused and gave them both a pointed look. “And where we’re going, of course.”

Once she was out of hearing distance, John turned to his friend. “All right. I’m flummoxed. What the hell’s going on?”

Sherlock was watching her as she spoke to the store manager. “I believe that I have a date, John. Do keep up.”

“A date? You don’t date! What do you need her for? A case?” he asked, then thought for a moment. “Oh! You found a mistake in her book and want to reopen one of her old cases.”

“That book is flawless, John. As is her work. It’s not a case.”

“Are you trying to recruit her to work at St. Barts?” Nearly everyone at the hospital basically hated the man! “I doubt she’ll give up a lucrative book deal to be your personal whipping boy, no matter how many time you use that voice on her. She seems too smart for that.”

Turning to him with a glare, Sherlock said, “Of course she’s smart, John! She’s brilliant! And I don’t need another whipping boy, I’ve got you for that. No, I need her for something else entirely.” His tone softened at the end and his face… well, that was a look John had quite literally never seen before.

“And what is that, exactly?”

Sherlock smiled brightly then turned his attention back to the woman across the store. “Pay close attention, my friend, because I believe you’ve just met the future Dr. Holmes.” 

After several seconds of stunned silence, John finally found his voice. “Are you screwing with me?”

“Or perhaps I’ll take her name, who knows?”

“You’re joking!”

“There’s nothing wrong with taking the woman’s name. Don’t be so provincial.”

“I’m not talking about that, you tit!” John hissed. “Are you winding me up, because…”

“No, John,” Sherlock interrupted. “Not about this. Not about her.” He picked up his signed copy of the book and looked at the inscription with a grin before turning back to his friend. “Come with us and have one cup of coffee, then make some excuse and bugger off. Got it?”

He nodded mutely still too stunned to respond. Sherlock didn’t do relationships and had never mentioned marriage in the entire time John had know him, at least not reverently. Not only that but he had just met this woman. Even having read her book, how could he possibly be contemplating spending the rest of his life with her? It went against everything he thought he knew about the man. Then there was the woman herself. What if she was married? Or gay? What if she had a deep and burning hatred for tall, curly-haired, cocky bastards who thought they knew everything?

Just then Dr. Hooper walked back up. “Okay, Thomas knows I’m going with you so if my body turns up in the Thames, he’ll know who to blame.” She looked at John and said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch your name.”

Sherlock beat him to the introduction. “This is my best friend, Dr. John Watson.”

John paused before offering the woman his hand. Sherlock had never introduced John as his best friend before. Associate, blogger, assistant and even friend on the very rare occasion, but never ‘best friend’. Finally extending his hand he said, “Nice to meet you, doctor. Sherlock is a big fan of yours.” He was proud of managing that much in his shocked state.

She blushed as released him to pick up her coat and bag. “Nice to meet you too.”

Once she was ready, the three of them proceeded out of the store and onto the pavement. John hung back, letting the pair walk in front of him so that he could observe them. A tiny part of him wanted to see the detective crash and burn, knowing for a fact that Sherlock knew nothing about women, at least nothing about how to date them.

“So, did you have questions about the book?” she asked.

“Not so much, no.” 

She didn’t respond, just looked up at the detective curiously. 

“I’d actually like to know more about you, if I’m honest.”

“There’s not much to tell, Mr. Holmes.”

“I beg to differ. And please, call me Sherlock.”

“Oh, well, then you should call me Molly, I suppose,” she replied with an awkward laugh. “What would you like to know?”

John wondered as well. Sherlock usually knew whatever he deemed important about a person at first glance.

“Everything, I should think. But let’s start with how you got that scar on your left index finger. It’s not a scalpel cut, far too ragged.” He stopped walking and took her hand in his to study closer. “Too old as well. You were eleven? Perhaps twelve.”

“Yes,” the woman answered breathlessly.

Sherlock gently ran two fingers across the old scar then looked up. “A soup can,” he said with a knowing smirk on his lips.

Dr. Hooper had never taken her eyes off of his face the entire time. “How did..?”

“It’s my job to know, Molly. And I’ll tell you all about it.” He started walking but didn’t release her hand.

“You will?” she asked, seemingly unconcerned that she was now holding hands with the man that she’d just met.

“Indeed. But I believe that we have plenty of time for that.”

“What does that mean, exactly?”

“Come now, you’re the famous writer, Molly. Can’t you see that this is just the first page of the book?”

John never knew why Sherlock had brought him that day and he certainly didn’t know why he’d been allowed to witness such an overtly romantic display, but he was grateful nevertheless. 

Besides, it made his best man’s speech a breeze to write.

Thanks again, Gee! Love you!

I was wondering if any [past or present] Jonerys, Pro-Daenerys fans like myself feel this way.....?

Firstly Id say please be nice i just enjoy analyzing the shit out of fandoms I like, (im a history/polysci major ((with an emphasis on Peace Justice and & Conflict Studies)) all i do is analyze and try to be diplomatic lmao) but considering all they petty drama between both ships as well as pro/anti Daenerys stans ON BOTH SIDES I’m going to be “That Person” and at least ask for people to be respectful/civil, I want to hear from everyone and their metas/what they think which is why i tagged like, all the tags, no matter if you love her/the ship or cant stand it, as long as everyone can keep civil

So firstly I’ve loved Dany both books and show from the beginning. She’s gorgeous, wants to be the best person she can be, and her hair/fashion style game is always ON POINT.  That being said, somewhere around season 5 i think i’ve found my opinion on her cooling a little bit, ep after ep, till now. Like I still like her bc she was my first character love on the show but I’ve def soured in my opinion on her. Maybe it’s because I love learning about the subject that im more baised (im hoping thats the case) but she just seemed to have no interest in actual governance, just the reputation (esp of being the ‘rebel queen’)/the awe/the power/the thrill of the adoration that went along with it to the point where I feel like though she still wants to be a ‘good queen’ or at least wants to be seen that way, she doesnt want to do much work for the title. Like yeah she freed all the slaves and that was a def progressive and awesome move on her part (major props! slavery is sin and im glad someone recognized that who had the power to do something about it) but she didnt handle that aftermath or ensuing problems well at all nor really mulled heavily on the subject to find the best solution. She just got fustrated with pretty basic/common (albeit complex in themselves) issues of standard governance and kind of went agh! fuck this! (obv not actual quotes but that was the vibe I got). And then ESPECIALLY after season 7 her character has kind of nagged at me in the back of brain which i hate but its inherent like its just a feeling i cant help it?? I just dont know why to be honest that Im feeling so negative towards this character i used to love.  The whole ‘ bEnD thE knEe ‘ thing w/ Jon and yet pinning it on Jon’s pride not equally on his and her own was more than a little hypocritical, when hon they can discuss it later like at that point they have two common enemies the WW and Cersei they both want to do away with, and then again with the Bend the Knee or Die bit w/ the Lannister soldiers. In fact the whole sequence before that point felt kind of villinous I dearsay, I mean  deliberately burning the harvest that most of westeros needs for the winter or even strategically not willing to try, and well, nOOt intentionally burn the food considering its winter, the harvest is over (so likely not much is gonna grow in the time being) when she has a G I A N T ass army of her own to think of feeding???? Like i get it is war shit happens soldiers die but the F O O D ? Was that an impuslive in the moment mistake or did she just not give a fuck? And back to the aftermath scene/Bend the Knee 2.0, her speech was again quite hypocritical…and burning dickon?????? not willing to keep prisoners???? either bend or die??? I actually am glad she did away with Papa Tarly bc he was an awful human, but dickon????? a young idealistic man about to loose his father??? the heir to a major ally/house???? And honestly that bend or die strategy is soooooo dumb bc now she cant trust any of them like theyre only bending the knee out of self preservation homie, no one wants to die. they bend  the knee to survive and now they all of the sudden think youre their queen? Nah fam, prisoners were better, all you got are spies in your camps or people willing to backstab you at the smallest promise of coin. And i dont want that for my girl

IDK the whole “im gonna BREAK THE WHEEL,,,,,,,,yet im stating my claim mainly on my housename (aka the predominant force of said wheel for a literal dynasty) and the fact that i can scare people who otherwise are unconvinced bc lets be real westeros has had a bad run of rulers a lot of which were Targs in the past couple decades, into submission bc ill burn you otherwise???” doesnt sit well with me nor does it feel like the character ive been rooting for the past five-ish seasons. She just doesnt seem to put into effort on understanding Westeros, why things go wrong, being self-critical or sharing the blame,thinking on what a “good” ruler would do…. anyone else feeling this way and if so do you think this is just shitty writing? D&D butchering her character? or a new arc for her? perhaps the way shes always been? She just seems like a tantruming child bratty and entitled idk (a beautiful child but still) 

As for jonerys…… im not gonna go into it much but how are other shippers happy????????? I honestly dont understand. I was SO looking forward to this season/this ship. like so much! But it felt so forced? And i know a lot of people claim its cause its rushed but tbh we’ve had a lot of romances in a similar time frame that felt like A C T U A L romances…..even Talisa/Robb who the Northerners will prob compare any of this too were so much better. THIS WAS MY EPIC SHIP DUDE. I feel the dany side of things (took a while but theres def heart eyes) and yet Jon???? He felt hollow. Still does even after sex. Im so disapointed but more than that I cant see the romance or the chemistry. He looks constipated. Hes never smiled like with his teeth around her the way hes done w others he cares deepily about (ygritte, toramund, sansa, even fkin gendry in the first scene they had together). He never reveals anything about himself. And between the “my queen” ep (and remember he was look warm when discussing her to toramund throughout it) and the previous the only thing that changed was that he saw the actual difference dragons made against WW. You could argue she saved them all too but that doesnt make you fall in love w someone out of the blue and also people have saved his ass before and??? Sansa w the vale anyone??? (Not an argument for jonsa js its happened) (though ill admit ive transitioned to loathing jonerys and loving jonsa more as a potential couple in the space of seven eps where if you asked me I wouldve been like PSH u cray. I never thought it would happen in a mill years but D&D ruined my ship and here i am! Shipping aside tho since its best too look at these things as neutral as possible).  Anyways the sigh of his after she left and when he pretended to be asleep…. idk. The only scene that felt genuine and where Jon smiled and it didnt look like a full on grimace and they actually kinda joked around was really nice and at the pit at the finale and if they do a LOT more of basic romance stuff like that I could ship it again but. It was followed by boatsex and boy. 

I was hoping boatsex might rekindle my like for the two together. I could see the chemistry the passion. I was hoping the passion would overwhelm me and make up for the rest. But instead……like there was no foreplay, it lasted 2 seconds, and it was overplayed by brans voice and a reminder of future conflict or at the very least major angst b/w the two. i didnt see the parallel between regear and lyanna playing alongside their scene as anything romantic or that it should be taken as such. and the look they shared…. I was hoping jon would bring it bc Dany’s look in her eyes is like soooo smitten and adorable and say what you will I still have a space in my heart for her and still dont want her to suffer, but again Jon looks like oh shit/constipated. And not in a good oh shit way either. 

There is a bunch more too but Imma stop there bc Im just tired at this point. 

So many things were just….off this season. And it cant all be blamed on the “rushed” time frame. I’ve read the undercover lover theory and hon it makes the most sense (not perfect sense but still, more than what we’ve been poorly spoon fed) but im not willing to believe it just yet. Still, maybe D&D are just butchering a lot of things like making the romance believable and stuff for the sake of time that could be true i guess. But they like to go AHA GOT U so 

Idk I dont find a lot of meta in the jonerys tag bc honestly (((((i think its bc the tag and ship are more popular and theirs more people both good and bad)))) it doesnt seem like snowballing theories is something all fans take really well in the tag at all. But whatever. I really want to know, is there any meta or theories im missing to either validate the icky feeling Im haveing about D or her “romance” or on the flipside anything that might make me change my mind about it? Theories, meta people!

I just want to reiderate im not trying to hate on anyone or any point of view and I will flag any comment anti one ship or person or another if its plain hateful or rude. I just want to understand it and see what Im missing, esp because of how much I was looking forward to her arc and jonerys’ dynamic and how much the words “falling short” dont seem to cover it. And to see if im not the only one to either have critique on the ship or her character [or even actually change ships]

Also i apologize for how much ive said “IDK” i just….. I DONT KNOW 


request: “Hey! I was the anon who requested the Draco imagine with a hell lot of numbers (Hatred) I really loved it! Your writing really is good. I was wondering if you could a part two? I know you’re busy and all and I completely understand if you don’t want to do it. Thanks for your time. 😊” — by anon

a/n: thanks for your kind words, anon! i hope you like this part two hehe 😊 and also this will the first time i would portray pansy as a good person lol.



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mr. neighbour || 13

Genre: Neighbour!Jungkook
Notes: I finally finished! I should be studying for my exams, but I procrastinated a bit to finish this up. Thank you for waiting! You guys are the real MVPs :D ALSO, it’s not Jaewoo!
Series: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

You and Jungkook went back to being just neighbours, just like it had been from the very beginning before that fateful drunken night. Rarely did you see him and if the both of you somehow bumped into each other, your gaze was downcast and your earphones were stuck in your ears to avoid him. He was the same way.

Hours turned into days and days turned into weeks. The season was beginning to change from fallen leaves and frigid temperatures to blossoming buds on tree branches and warmer nights. Despite the passing days, the hole in your chest remained the same. Some days you half expected to hear that familiar knocking on your door and other days your heart would jump up into your throat when your phone buzzed. The disappointment would settle quickly after though. The pain of losing a love and a really great friend at the same time was still too fresh, no matter how hard you tried to keep it away.

But time waited for no one, and life would move on with or without you. That was the cruel reality. What little hope you had in the depths of your heart dimmed and withered away, leaving behind a hole instead.

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anonymous asked:

scenario where reader has a crush on toshinori and doesn't know he's all might, and accidentally admits to all might she has a crush on him?


It all had happened so fast; one minute you’re as happy as can be, grocery bags full of ingredients on your arms, and the next you’re thrown roughly to the ground and are suddenly looking up into the eyes of a very pissed off villain. They towered over you, their shadow engulfing you and leaving you feeling like an ant compared to their size. There wasn’t much of an everlasting shape, it’s body a mass of black color morphing and rolling over itself. Three eyes poked up from the top of it, and those eyes were staring right down at you.

You couldn’t even move, finding it hard with the blinding sun to meet the villain’s gaze directly. Around you, you could hear gasping and varying shouts from other pedestrians trying to leave the scene, some pushing through the crowds to come closer and watch the events unfold. 

A vague shape of a limb slid out from the villain’s glob-like body, fingers protruding from the makeshift fist. You turned your face, body tensing while you waited for impact. 

Instead of a life ending blow you felt an arm wrap around your waist, heaving you up off the group and tossing you effortlessly over a broad shoulder. Once again the speed of the event was head spinning and you barely grasped being moved a few yards away until suddenly your feet were planted steadily on the ground and you were looking up at the one, and only, All Might. 

“Don’t worry,” he said to you, hands on your shoulders to keep you upright. “I’m here.” With his size he blocked the sun, the glow cascading around him like a solar eclipse, and then he was gone again. 

You were on the opposite side of the street and in a flash he was back at the monster, yelling his famous move, and then blasting the villain into literal pieces that stuck to the ground and walls of the surrounding buildings. Thankfully, none of the substance landed on you, but it did land on a pedestrian who made a quick effort to wipe the goop off. 

All Might lingered for a moment or two and you watched in awe as he went from tearing a villain to picking up the things that had scattered all around the cement from your grocery bags. Before you knew it he was right in front of you again, that sun making him seem like an angel, holding your grocery bags out in front of him.

“Here you are, Miss!” He said cheerfully. You took them from his large hands, face burning abashedly. 

“Y-You didn’t have to do that,” You said nervously. “You already saved my life.”

He gave you a massive thumbs up, his usual bright smile on display. “It’s no problem! Please, if you’d allow me, Miss, let me see to it that you get home safely!”

You blinked up at him. “Th-Thank you so much!” It was like a dream, you were to be escorted to your home by All Might. A few people around you chatted with one another, one child in particular shouting out All Might’s name and cheering when the Hero gave him a thumbs up as well. 

Before you could even start to lead the way you felt All Might’s large arm once again pick you up off the ground while he carried you. “Off we go!” He shouted before pushing off his legs, sending the two of you flying into the air. You clung to him and all your grocery bags, eyes squeezed shut as to avoid looking down and seeing how high up you were. The wind blowing in your ears and the fear of falling was enough to distract you from a crucial thought- How did he know where you lived?

“Fear not! I won’t drop you!” All Might said though it barely reached your ears. You just nodded, eyes shut even tighter. 

He didn’t drop you, either. It was mere seconds before you were right at your familiar front door, and All Might had set you back down.

“Here we are!” 

You set your groceries on the floor and bowed, glad to have your feet touching something again. “Thank you so much, All Might!” 

He gave you a thumbs up and placed his hands on his hips, chest puffing out. “It’s a Hero’s duty! By the way Miss, I must ask, you’re carrying an awfully large amount of food! What are you planning on doing with it all?”

It didn’t stick out to you why he even cared in the first place but since he was All Might, he could ask you anything and you’d answer with starry eyes. You did, however, blink a few moments to process his question before jumping, a smile forming on your face as remembering just what you had been bringing home. 

“I-I’m actually preparing on making a nice dinner tonight for the guy I’m interested in,” You said, not caring even if you sounded like some schoolgirl in love. Toshinori was an excellent man and you couldn’t not allow yourself to gush a little. “I think I’m going to confess to him tonight.”

You didn’t see how All Might seemed taken aback by this news, too focused on imagining a sweet dinner with Toshinori. “I see,” All Might said, his cheerful voice having just a hint of disappointment. “Well, I must be going now! Good luck on your date tonight!”

When he lept off and sent himself hurdling feet into the air you watched him in awe at just how talented he was, then brought yourself back down to earth, picking up your groceries up bringing them inside. 

Now in his smaller form Toshinori sat at his office, sitting on the couch and relaxing from his earlier transaction with a villain and one pedestrian who was particularly special to him. He shouldn’t even have been out when he was, his power already dangerously close to weakening and reverting him, and even taking the time to make sure you were home safely was risky, but he would have been upset with himself if something had happened to you. 

Leaning back against the couch and feeling even worse than he had when he first left, he sighed at the ceiling. You were having someone over tonight. He felt happy for you, he did, especially at seeing how happy this person obviously made you. However something was eating at him and left a pretty bad taste in his mouth- he actually had a thing for you, and had for quite some time. All the nights out together, all the time spent together, he had really begun to grow on you. You had no knowledge of his Hero form, however, and seeing you look at him less of a person and more of an Idol felt… Weird. He’d rescued you and you had no knowledge it was even him, and it was likely he’d hear about your rescue the next time you two saw each other.

Toshinori vaguely wondered who it was you would be confessing to. You hadn’t brought up any crushes to him, though perhaps maybe that was a little personal. Still, if you were serious about someone, he should have known about it. He truly hoped this person was good hearted, and would take care of you in the ways he’d love to.

His phone lit up beside him and he eyed it, picking it up when your name came into view. Another troubled sigh left his lip as he prepared to see a text of you telling him your awesome encounter with All Might, but that was not what he was met with. No, instead it was something that made his heart feel like it was fluttering. 

“Hey, do you want to come over for dinner tonight? I’m making your favorite!″

For a moment he almost choked on air, re-reading your message over and over again. The dinner, the groceries you’d been hauling, those were for him? Along with the dinner, and the confession?

Suddenly he felt guilty, like he’d ruined the surprise you’d been setting up for him. He knew it was a nosey question but he couldn’t help it seeing how much food you were carrying- your cooking was lovely, and at the time he could only imagine the magic you’d create with that many ingredients. But, they were specially for him. 

For the first time in a long time he felt his face heat up, fingers shaking as he frantically typed out a very, very enthusiastic ‘yes’.


Chapter One HELLION

Summary: A swift stab to the heart, that was all it took. It should be a simple task, but dealing with Kylo Ren was anything but simple. People called him Lucifer, because it was said that he grew bored in hell and came to terrorize the humans instead. You didn’t believe the tales. Yes, he was an extremely powerful vampire, strong enough to unite the clans under his rule, despite this you believed for every vampire there was a hunter that could take them down. And just maybe, that could be you.

A/N: Renne and I have been planning this fic for a bit and decided it’d be perfect to put out now since it’s October! And, like I said, I wanted to put out ‘spooky’ fics. I’m happy to be releasing this right when the month starts! Enjoy!

Warning: Mentions of blood (this is going to be a constant warning)

Word Count: 4.4K+

“Straighten your back when you swing, your legs are too far apart. Yes, that’s good.” You critiqued your trainees as you paced around them, noting their progress. Some of them wouldn’t be ready by graduation, but you would never let any of your students enter this dangerous world if they weren’t ready for it.

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bully [newt x reader]

prompt; Hey babe! So it was your 10th? Drabble for newt I think where he goes to the reader after being bullied, and I was wondering if you would make that a one shot or just longer story? (multipotens <3 )


words; 1180

warnings; bullying, sadness, fluff


“Freak!….You’re a freak, Scamander, you know that?” the menacing laughter to go along with those harsh words burn him harsher than hell flames as with a heated breath he pulls his books closer to his chest and swiftly turns away from the taunting students by the steps of the library. Newt Scamander was quick to enter, obvious to everyone how humiliated he feels, though no one dares to intervene, not even the librarian. To be completely fair, she hardly cared about anything living and that showed clearly when she stepped out the maze of bookshelves and greeted Newt with a friendly smile that never reached her eyes. Figures. She must not have even heard the commotion, too preoccupied with reading some interesting fiction.

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An Unexpected Valentine (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Originally posted by she-who-nailed-it

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day! I love and am so appreciative for every single person who follows this blog. I am so incredibly lucky to be able to write for you, and I hope you enjoy this little writing! As always I am very grateful for likes, comments, and reblogs, and please send in your requests!

Warnings: None other than adorable Hogwarts!Newt fluff!

You were in your fifth year at Hogwarts, and you had never had a Valentine. That is not to say that you hadn’t been on dates or had boyfriends before, you just never had anyone to share that one day with. To be honest, you were quite over the idea that love should be reserved for one day a year. You thought that the people you loved should be shown and appreciated every day, and you began to resent the ridiculous expectations of the day.

A week before the dreaded day that made you sick to your stomach, you were spending time in the Hufflepuff common room with your best friend Newt Scamander. Truthfully, you had a huge crush on the adorable, creature-loving Hufflepuff, but you refused to risk your friendship for something so silly and uncertain. You were cuddled up with Newt’s newest find, a small baby niffler, by the fire, lazily reading a muggle book you had read at least 5 times before. Newt sat across from you in an armchair, seemingly engrossed in his latest rental from the library, this book about mermaids and their various abilities. 

You looked up at your friend, feeling his eyes on boring into your skull. You gave him a questioning look, but he looked down, a blush rushing across his freckled face. You turned back to your book with a small shrug, bringing the niffler closer to your body. 

You felt his eyes on you again, and without looking up, stated, “Yes, Newt?”

You heard him change positions before his voice came, “Nothing, (Y/N).”

You closed your book, looked at him and smiled sweetly, “Newt, if you keep looking at me, I’m going to keep asking if something is wrong, so you should just tell me now and we can avoid another 3 rounds of questions and answers.”

Newt blushed again, looking away and sighing. He briefly made eye contact with you again before continuing, “I think we should do something on Valentine’s Day. I know that you detest the holiday, but I was thinking that we can have our own celebration, perhaps an ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ day.”

You gave a small laugh, and Newt quickly added, “No, you’re right. It is a dreadful idea. I apologize for even suggesting-”

You cut him off, “Newt, I think that sounds lovely. You know I adore spending time with you, and you’re the only person I could imagine being with on such a joke of a day.”

He gave you a large grin before he pushed himself off of his chair, exclaiming that it was time for bed. He gently picks up the niffler from you lap, placing the creature on the armchair he just vacated before holding onto your hands, guiding you up. You blushed as you held on just a bit longer than you had to, quickly stammering out a goodnight before heading to your bed.

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until the end of the line

there’s still a bit of Friday left for a Captain Charming fic (with some Snowing and CS). waaaaay future fic; warning: major character deaths…ish. (you’ll see). thank you to the Abed to my Troy @shipsxahoy for beta’ing! 

AO3 | | ~5.5k words.

There was still something satisfying about relaxing on the porch after a full day of work, even after all these years. Killian basked in the glow of the setting sun, a pleasant ache in his aged muscles as he settled into the weatherworn wooden chair he’d claimed as his own some fifty years back.

(How odd that such a timespan would be considered the majority of most people’s lives and was only a fraction of his—yet was, by far, the best and richest, putting all his previous decades to shame.)

He never thought he’d have such a full life to reflect on. As he sat overlooking the backyard of their home, where a sheepdog was currently chasing after butterflies, he got so lost in the memories of children (and later, grandchildren) playing there that he didn’t notice when someone took a seat next to him; not until the thunk of a beer bottle on the arm of the chair pulled him out of the past.

“What were you thinking about, Hook?” David asked, sinking his old bones onto an equally weathered chair and taking a sip from his own bottle.

“All the things this yard has seen. Remember when my cunning daugthers tried to throw a kegger back here?”

“And instead of busting them, you joined right in, and called everyone over,” Dave finished with a chuckle, deepening the already thick lines around his eyes. “I think we embarrassed them into never trying that again.”

“Whatever works, right?”

“I’ll drink to that.” He held his bottle to Killian, who clinked his own against it, and they both settled back to reminisce, as they did most evenings while watching the sun’s descent.

He hadn’t noticed it the first time around, but the red sky made for an exceptionally beautiful sunset in the Underworld.

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Newt Scamander X Reader – Only Friend Part 1 of 3

Description – The reader meets Newt in their first year at Hogwarts and their friendship goes through the years at school.

A/N – I was up at 5AM with this in my head and I finished it at 10AM but then I had to go to work so I couldn’t upload it till now. 8 pages long, so proud. I’m thinking of doing a part 2 with the ball itself, what do y’all think?

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

Link to Part 2 -

Link to Part 3 -

First Year

Your heavy bag weighed you down as you pelted down yet another identical hallway to your next Charms class. If you didn’t hurry, then you would most certainly be late once again and that was something that you really couldn’t afford right now. You constantly tried to be a good student but with all the moving staircases, trick doors, and such, it really didn’t take much to disorient a clumsy student such as yourself.

As time marched forward, you pressed on, struggling to keep pace as you ran out of breath. It was when you ran around a corner that you slammed into another student. Both his books and yours skidded across the stone floor.

“S-sorry.” The boy stuttered, hurrying to reach his scattered notes with shaking hands.

“No, it was my fault, I’m sorry.” You apologised, helping gather everything up, no longer caring if you were late to your lesson; you had always been raised to believe that if you created a mess then you should stop and help fix it.

The boy couldn’t find the words to respond. Nobody had ever apologised to him before, mainly because they all found him to be weird. It surely meant that you didn’t know who he was then because no one in their right mind would apologise to the “Freak of Hogwarts” Newt Scamander.

You looked down to his books, the main titles were ones such as, “The Heroism of Killing a Creature” by Vladimir Greystock, “The Only Uses of Animal Parts” by Henrietta Bagmiles, and “The Trapping of Magical Creatures” by Elie & Brunhilda Gardham.

“Jeez, that’s a lotta books about killing creatures. Why do you want to hunt them so badly?”

Newt was taken aback by the question, it meant that unlike the other students, you really didn’t know who he was or about his interest in preserving the lives of magical creatures, “I- I don’t. I-it’s just that the material on magical c-creatures is somewhat sparse and the only people who know w-where they are do so b-because they h-hunt them. I-I-I’m going to change that.”

It was only after the bold statement that Newt lost his little confidence again, he was awaiting the taunting laughter, name calling, or some other such manner of teasing; perhaps a hex or jelly-legs jinx of some form.

“Wow,” you beamed a toothy grin, “That’s really cool. I’m (Y/N).”

You stuck out your hand, Newt recoiled momentarily, wary of some new form of prank. You waited patiently and after about a minute he gently grasped your hand, you shook it heartily. For a fleeting second Newt dared to look you in the eye, he was astounded when he found your gaze to hold no malice or contempt, just genuine happiness that he had shook your hand.

“So, do you have a name or am I stuck to calling you new friend?”


“Yep, we shook on it, didn’t we?”

“R-right. I’m Newt Scamander.”

“Newt? That’s a funny name.”


“Yeah, I like it though. Muggles don’t have names like that, but I’m finding that a lot of witches and wizards have great names like that.”

“You’re muggle-born?”

You nodded, unashamed, despite some of the mean comments you had received due to your heritage; it seemed that you were one of only a small handful of muggle students, perhaps that would one day change.

“It’s okay though,” You beamed with pride, “because I’m in Hufflepuff and they haven’t had much to say about it. Hey, check out your tie, I guess you’re in Hufflepuff too. How come I haven’t seen you in the common room before?”

“Oh, I um, I usually spend time in the l-library. S-so who bullies you? Is it the S-slytherins?”

“Hmm, no, not in particular. It’s mostly Gryffindors, I guess all that bravery gives them something to hide behind. We’ll see how they hide from a good hit in the nose though, see ‘em try to magic their way out of that. Say, are we going to just sit on the floor and talk or are we going to head somewhere comfier? How about the common room?”

Newt swallowed, he had never had a friend, not even one in his own house. If you were truly his friend then surely, he could confide something, albeit something small, other things would come later, “I don’t f-find the common room to be all that c-comfortable.”

“Oh… Well how about the owlery? Since you like animals so much. I’d say the paddock but I’m not supposed to be seen right now, seeing how I’m accidentally missing class right now, never mind though. Better to ask forgiveness than permission.”

“Okay… The owlery then.”

Second Year

It had taken almost an entire year but Newt finally stopped stuttering around you. Mostly. To say he had a small crush on you would be an understatement. He adored the way you listened to all his ramblings, even when they just tapered off into a comfortable silence. Then there was the way you always remained loyal to him despite what the others told you about his strange ways, although he wished you weren’t so confrontational about it. Once someone had cursed him with a spell that made him trip into the mud whenever he tried to walk. By the time you found him, there was quite a crowd gathered and you had received a detention for punching the boy who had done it as well as throwing his wand into the lake; it took the teaches quite the effort to convince the merpeople to give it back. Another thing that added to Newt’s adoration of you was the many times you’d covered for him with the other teachers; Newt would often wander into the Forbidden Forest until the late hours of the night, it was at these times that you would create some excuse of where he really was or what he was doing.

As a way of thanks, Newt had taken you to the Forbidden Forest more than once to show you some of the creatures he had met. On occasion, you would help him build nests for the various unusual creatures that inhabited it. You even sometimes helped write notes on the creatures’ behaviours and lifestyles.

Newt couldn’t tell you his feelings of course. If he did that would surely be the end of him. He expected that a hole would appear on the ground to swallow him up; after all, stranger things had been known to happen.

“Newt?” You approached him in the owlery, disrupting his many wonderings.

“(Y/N)!” He squeaked, falling off the wall he had been perched on.

You snickered, offering a hand to help your fallen comrade.

“W-what are you doing here?”

“I looked for you in the paddock but you weren’t there so I rushed over here instead.”


“Because you’re my friend and today’s super important.”

“It is?”

You eyed up Newt incredulously, “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten.”

“Forgotten what?”

You shook your head in disbelief, then pulled a card out of your cloak, “Happy Birthday Newt.” You rejoiced loudly, sending a couple of the owls into a panicked frenzy.

Fresh tears hit the back of Newt’s eyes as he took the card with tentative hands. He never made much of a fuss on his birthday since nobody else did, you on the other hand had been planning the day for months, awaiting it with eager anticipation.

“Come on, open it, open it, open it.” You bounced up and down on the spot.

Newt did and found a card with a Beagle puppy in a party hat with a colourful ‘Happy Birthday’ at the top. The inside had a crudely drawn stick figure with the word ‘Bowtruckle’ written next to it, followed by lots of X’s.

“(Y/N)…” Newt was almost speechless. “It’s lovely, thank you. I-I think it’s broken though, the- the pictures aren’t moving.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s supposed to be like that. Muggle cards don’t move.”

“Oh, right.” Sometimes Newt tended to forget that you were muggle born, “Hey um, what are the X’s?”

“They’re kisses, silly.”


“Yep,” You continued, oblivious to the Newt’s growing panic, as well as the red spreading over his cheeks that wildly contrasted his ashy brown hair, “We put them in our cards when we’re friends or family with people. Don’t wizards do that?”

“I-I-I’m not entirely sure. I d-don’t often s-send cards.”

“Hey, you’re stuttering, are you okay? Oh, are you unwell?”

You placed your hand on Newt’s forehead. He backed up as far as he could against the wall, leaning as far as he could. “Come on Newt, stay still, you’re too tall for me to reach up there.” You pandered, “If you’re unwell it’s okay, we can go to the hospital wing.”

“I-I’m fine, I just liked the card, that’s all.” Newt’s voice was still fairly squeaky until you relented and backed off, giving him some room to breathe.

“Alright. Oh, I need to give you your gift.”

“Y-you got me a gift?”

“Of course I did, now close your eyes, I left it at the bottom of the stairs so you wouldn’t see it.”

Newt did as ordered while you hefted his gift up the spiral staircase. You set the gift down in front of him with a light thud. “I uh, couldn’t find anything to wrap it in,” You stated, “but you can open your eyes now.”

Once again, Newt followed your instruction. In front of him sat a brown suitcase. He reached out for it delicately, stroking the smooth leather in awe, “(Y/N), it’s beautiful.”

While Newt truly did find it to be the best thing he had ever received, he would have said the same thing about any item presented to him by you, even if it were just a leaf you liked; any gift from you was sure to be precious.

“That’s not the best part.” You twitched excitedly. “It’s enchanted, you can climb in it and everything. Not sure why you would, but you never know. It’s so you can travel like you wanted. I know you can’t really use it now but when you’re older you can go everywhere and have enough room to keep, like an entire house in there. There’s even a muggle mode so they won’t catch on.”

Newt looked up to you guiltily, “(Y/N)… Those kinds of enchantments don’t come cheap… How much did you-”

“Not another word Scamander, this is my gift to you – no returns or exchanges. The cost doesn’t matter.” You folded your arms to show that you meant it. It truly didn’t matter that you’d saved up for the better part of a year to buy him the gift, your logic being that you didn’t have any other friends to buy for since they avoided you because of Newt.

“Thank you (Y/N), thank you.”

Newt wanted to hug you for the thoughtful gift, instead he reached out, unsure of what to do, pulled back his hand temporarily, then settled for patting your shoulder awkwardly. You smiled brightly, as far as you were concerned Newt had practically jumped on you in his own way; any form of contact was his very own, anxious way of showing affection.

Third Year

Newt searched the castle grounds frantically for you. He had heard about a particularly rough interaction between you and another student over your muggle heritage and although the stories of what had happened changed between each passing student, one thing was for sure, you hadn’t come out on top.

“Excuse me. Pardon me. Please let me through.” Newt rushed past the milling students, searching over the tops of their heads in the hope of finding the merest glimpse of you.

“Oy, creature lover, looking for that filthy excuse of a date you have?” A Slytherin heckled, much to the delight of several other students.

Newt froze in front of the Slytherin, wishing that he could be braver or even simply look the other student in the eye, “(S)he’s not my- Never mind… W-where i-is (s)he?”

The student sneered, proceeding to take the mick out of Newt’s stutter, “T-t-try the b-b-b-broom closet where all the l-l-losers b-b-belong.”

Newt rushed to the nearest broom closet where he could hear you whimpering from within. The throng of students had since dispersed, each heading to their own classes.

“(Y/N), is that you in there?” Newt called through the door.

“Go away.” You yelled through a muffled sob.

“(Y/N), please come out. At least tell me what happened, please? I promise there’s no one else here, it’s just me.”

“No. Go away Newt. I don’t want to talk.”

“I’m not leaving (Y/N), not until you tell me what happened.”

There was a long pause before you answered. “I lied to you.”

“About what?”

“Every time I said it didn’t hurt when I got called names. Why does it even matter what my parents are? WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE MUGGLES?”

“… I don’t hate muggles. In fact, I think muggles are wonderful. (Y/N), I’ve seen you fight your way through three years of this, whatever’s happened now can’t be too bad really can it. Now come on, come out here.”

“I’m not coming out.”

“Then let me in.” The words came out as a frantic plea.

There was no sound for what felt to Newt like an eternity, during which he feared he had lost you. Then, much to his relief, he heard the latch click open. When Newt entered, he slammed the door behind him, locking it as promised. The second he saw your face he knew the reason you were so upset. Words such as ‘freak’, ‘pathetic’, ‘worthless’, and worst of all ‘mudblood’ were scrawled over every inch of your face with a scabbing spell; the resulting scabs leaving trails of blood mixed with tears down your previously smooth skin.

“Oh (Y/N).” Newt whispered, reaching out cautiously.

The gentle tone of his voice brought on a fresh bout of tears, you collapsed into his arms. Newt held you tightly against him, slowly lowering himself and you to the floor while you wept. For once in his life, Newt never had to wonder what to do or how to do it, the time spent with his animals had taught him to gently stroke your hair and whisper soothingly.

It was after that day that you allowed yourself to be more vulnerable around Newt, so long as it was just him. In those moments, Newt was always a natural at calming you down and cheering you up with various random facts.

Fourth Year

When the fourth year rolled in, the school announced that the fourth years and above would be taking part in a Christmas Ball.

Ever since the announcement students had flocked to their sweethearts to ask them out and in truth you yourself had received a few surprising invites; each of which you’d turned down in the hopes that Newt would ask you.

Newt had spent endless nights pacing around the empty common room thinking of ways he could ask you to the ball without stuttering or messing the thing up entirely. Should he ask you as a friend even though he wanted to be so much more? If he asked you would he be too scared to dance, to touch you? Would you kiss him? Would you punch him? Could he be bold? Was it wrong to ask by owl? There were simply too many unforeseen possibilities, too many questions. As such, he left it, convincing himself that he would ask you the next time he saw you; it was always ‘next time.’

The days rolled by, turning into weeks. Most students already had their dates, outfits, and entire evenings planned out and you were still alone, hanging your hopes on Newt. You had long since caught onto his crush on you, he was hardly subtle about it, and from your long time spent with him you definitely had feelings for him in return.

One week away from the ball you were lying awake in your dormitory when you heard a crash from the common room, followed by a muffled “Bugger.” You grinned, getting up from bed to find Newt; it was honestly a miracle that he hadn’t woke any of the other students or if he had then they didn’t care enough to check out the source of the sound.

When you reached the common room, you saw that Newt had tripped over one of the many throw pillows left by the other students.

“Lumos.” You whispered, summoning a bright light from your wand.

Newt shifted backwards, tripping into a yellow beanbag with a mumbled “Oh dear.”

“Newt, calm down, it’s just me.”

“(Y/N)? Oh, thank God, I thought I was going to get in trouble for being out past curfew.”

“Yeah well… Hang on, what happened to your shirt? Jeez Newt, you’re bleeding. Give me a sec.”

You cast your wand around the room, lighting the candles and bringing light the room once more. Upon closer inspection, you saw that Newt’s hair was dishevelled, he was covered in dried mud, and that three large gashes ran from his neck to his stomach; fortunately, they weren’t too deep.

You sighed despondently. During your years with Newt, you had become handy with medicinal magic, learning it after you’d seen his other injuries. Some had left scars where you had been too inexperienced or had done a quick patch job but more often than not you had healed him to perfection.

“Alright,” you nodded, “Take off your shirt, let me see what I’m working with here.”

Newt turned crimson, averting his gaze from you. Although you had seen it all before he still got embarrassed every time you had to treat one of his injuries; mainly because it usually involved him removing an article of clothing. Nevertheless, he did as instructed, removing his tattered shirt and getting up to sit on the desk chair where you usually treated him.

“How’d it happen this time?” you asked, stroking lightly at the edge of the first scratch with your thumb to see how deep it truly was.

“Just found out that you need to bow to a hippogriff first. Didn’t get away in time.” Newt muttered in response.

“Ah, I see. Was it Jerry?” You summoned a sponge and water from across the room to clean the wound before healing it.

“J-Jerry?” Newt stuttered, trying not to focus on the shivers your warm touch brought.

“Black one with white tips, when we were watching them I named her Jerry.”

“N-no. I-it was the g-g-grey one with s-speckles.”

“Ah, that would be Wilson. Hmm?” You grunted.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I could use Terago to stop any further bleeding but healing this is tricky, maybe if I combine it with… Yes, that should do it.”

You pointed your wand to the injury, “Terago,” the remaining blood cleared away, “Episkey. Reparifors.”

As suspected, the three spells combined worked to a positive effect, leaving only sore red marks where the gashes had been.

“Alrighty then,” you grinned proudly, “you are good to go Mr Scamander.”

“(Y/N) wait,” Newt shot up off the chair, finally ready to ask you the question that had been weighing on him for weeks. “I know a few people have already a-asked you but i-if you h-haven’t answered them yet then m-maybe y-you could t-tell me, w-would you p-please… um, would y-you uh… lend me y-your potions homework.” He finished lamely, mentally cursing himself for being such a cowardly fool.

You released the breath you’d been holding, shaking your head with a weak smile; clearly you were going to have to take the upper hand. “Sure. By the way, I have something to ask you.”

“What?” he sighed dejectedly, still disappointed in his failure.

“Would you like to go to the Christmas Ball with me?”

“What?! No!”

You raised your eyebrows, “No?”

“Not no. I mean yes but… Oh God I ruined it. I was supposed to ask you and then you did and this is all my fault. I couldn’t just get the courage to ask you because then it would have been perfect and everything would have been-”

You could have watched Newt babble the night away but you decided to end his suffering quickly, “Newt, sweetie, calm down. It really doesn’t matter who asks who, does it?”

“Well… No, I suppose not.”

“So? Is it a yes?”

Newt reached out to hug you, barely hesitating at all now, “Yes.”

moonsprongsandpads  asked:

Hello! Im a huge fan of your blog (: i was hoping, if it wasnt too much trouble, if you knew some good fics where Draco and Harry are exs and end up back together? Im hunting for good angsty drarry so your help would be much appreciated!

I don’t know what this says about me, but I absolutely love every single one of these fics! Tbh I promise all of them are worth a read if you’re in for a little emotional masochism. I feel like in order to make the pain easier to read the authors apologetically write these fics with the most amazing amount of skill haha!


My Own Worst Enemy (dysonrules)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 22.3k, Summary: After a night of heavy drinking, Draco wakes up fully-clothed to find that his flat is a wreck and several things are missing. Things only get worse from there.

Close To Ever After (oldenuf2nb)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 15k, Summary: When Harry Potter finds he’s been cursed, he withdraws from the world and prepares to die. But when have things ever gone the way Harry Potter planned?

Says The Magpie To The Morning (Sorrow Take Your Own Advice) (@femmequixotic)

Rating: M, WC: 33.9k, Summary: It’s terribly bad form, sleeping with your ex when you’re still half in love with the bastard. | Warnings: Infidelity

Love From Fire, Loam From Ash (tessacrowley)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 13.1k, Summary: Despite what Harry tells himself, he is not over the firestorm that was his relationship with Draco Malfoy. Despite all their efforts to avoid it, they are forced to confront it all again. Based on and around La traviata by Giuseppe Verdi.

From the Printers of Melvin’s Mauve Mansion of Manlove (AnnaFugazzi)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 17.7k, Summary: A random curse leaves Harry and Draco forced to work together again. It’s quite all right, though; they can be professionals. It’ll be a nice change from the last time they worked together.

Three Boxes And A Scrapbook (dracogotgame)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 30.4k, Summary: One year after being accidentally bonded to each other, Harry and Draco are free to move on with their lives. But perhaps, what they needed was here all along.

Systemic Morality (zeitgeistic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 34k, Summary: One screw-up changes everything. Harry really should learn to lock the door before having sex with Draco when his godson’s around. A tale of hot, steamy, flowing love—for Padma Patil and Theodore Nott. A tale of colossal screw-ups and slow, flangsty (sexy) resolutions for Harry and Draco.

A Song, Incomplete (RurouniHime)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 11.2k, Summary: Draco’s photograph took up the entire top half of the Prophet’s front page. Below the photo: DRACO MALFOY DEFENDS SON OF FORMER LOVER.As if that were breaking news.

Dear Father Christmas (The Boy Done Wrong Again) (thusspakekate)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 22k, Summary: “Dear Father Christmas, It’s strange that I have more cause to believe in you now that I’m in my mid-twenties than I did when I was a child.  I didn’t think magic existed then either, but now I know that it does. I wonder if it’s the same with you There’s nothing that I want for Christmas that could be wrapped in a box and put under a tree. But if you are as magical as they say you are, there is one thing I want that could only be accomplished by a true Christmas miracle. I want Draco Malfoy back.”

After Hours At The Ministry Of Magic (birdsofshore)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 11.5k, Summary: It isn’t precisely how Harry planned to spend Christmas Eve: trapped in a lift with his ex-boyfriend, somewhere between the third and the fourth floors of the Ministry of Magic.

Pocket Full Of Starlight (Never Let It Fade Away) (@femmequixotic, noeon)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 46,314, Summary: When Scorpius Malfoy and Jamie Potter meet at Quidditch camp, they take an instant dislike to each other. Then they discover their lives are more connected than they could possibly imagine. Content/Warnings: MPreg (non explicit)

A Hundred Visions And Revisions (oflights)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 11k, Summary: Harry doesn’t really like remembering. As he’s grown older, he’s found that discovering or creating or even making things up are all much less painful than remembering.

Lush Life (Sequel to Lettered - PG-13, 7k) (pir8fancier)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 21k, Summary: Draco Malfoy has just had his fortieth birthday, is currently editor of a soft porn gay men’s magazine published in the U.S., is the author of a no-holds-barred tell all of his life as a former rentboy, and is perfectly happy. Uh, not really perfectly happy, because we wouldn’t have much of a story, now would we? Enter one Harry Potter.

Let’s Dance To Joy Division (@femmequixotic​)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 12.5k, Summary: Let the love tear us apart, I’ve found a cure for a broken heart…

Black Island (Oakstone730)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 24.8k, Summary: Most people would think that seven days on a tropical island would be a week in paradise, unless they were stranded on the island with their ex-husband.

Second First Chances (megyal)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 15.9k, Summary: There are only two good facts about Harry and Draco’s disastrous marriage: it had been relatively short, and they had managed to produce a very lovely child. However, if they don’t work together, they just might lose him. Content/Warnings: MPreg

Touchstone (faithwood)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 7.4k, Summary: Two years after their break up, Harry and Draco meet again under familiar circumstances: Draco is in danger, Harry saves him.

Under His Hands (skinnyrita)

Rating: M, WC: 20.6k, Summary: Harry’s job is in the public eye but his closely guarded private life is not. When Draco is inducted as the Quidditch physio, will they be able to prevail as platonic and indifferent accqaintances or will Harry finally prove his worth?

Something Always (Brings Me Back To You) (@kedavranox)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 9.9k, Summary: The Centre for Magical Theory and Complex Spell Classifications keeps fucking with Harry’s dig sites, and he’s pretty sure Malfoy has ulterior motives.

Hephaestus (lomonaaeren)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 44.3k, Summary: After Harry returned from torture horribly scarred, Draco rejected him in revulsion. But in the years since, Harry has prospered- and Draco may have a chance to learn that more than beauty matters.

Sæglópur (@femmequixotic​)

Rating: M, WC: 34.2k, Summary: After a difficult breakup, Draco finds himself dragged to the land of magic, law, and natural wonders where, of course, nothinggoes as planned.

From Ashes Reborn (mahaliem)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 33.9k, Summary: Harry and Draco’s relationship didn’t simply die out. It was reduced to ashes. Years later, Draco is teaching at Hogwarts when Harry arrives in search of Fawkes. Can Draco make their love burn bright once more? 

4 ½ Weddings and a Funeral (hazel_wand)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 12k, Summary: Harry’s quite engaging; Draco’s otherwise engaged.

And There Grows In The Mind A Scent (megyal)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 5.8k, Summary: A Veela has killed their Mate. It’s a devastating case that brings the Acting Head Auror and the Wizard-Veela Liaison Officer together again.

Make Me A Headline (I Want To Be That Bold) (@dictacontrion)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 31k, Summary: Draco never expected to see Harry doing that again. Especially with someone else, in a grainy photograph that’s landed on his desk one Monday morning.

Solder (Oakstone730)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 34.5k, Summary: Seven years ago, Harry disappeared out of Draco and Scorpius’s life without a trace after Harry’s addictions destroyed his and Draco’s marriage. Now, Harry’s back, and Draco wants to believe he’s changed. But Harry isn’t the only one haunted by the past.

The Blue Planet (calrissian18)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 8.2k, Summary: Harry and Draco have a tentative relationship but when an Auror case throws doubt on exactly how reformed Draco Malfoy has become, Harry’s left wondering whom to trust.

One April Night (venis_envy)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 17.3k, Summary: They say that when a person loses one of their senses, the others heighten in an attempt to make up for the lack. I think he must have been one of mine. I notice such insignificant things now that I never had before. I can almost taste the sunrise, like vanilla and tangerines blended into one smooth, delicious, summertime kiss. I sit in the park across the street from home, watching the day begin. The sun peeks over the horizon in a futile attempt to catch a glimpse of the night sky that is now retreating in its presence, for no two things so entirely opposite could ever coexist in the same place at the same time…I wonder how that escaped our notice for so long.

Blueprints For A Dream (frayach)

Rating: M, WC: 23.6k, Summary: Harry breaks Draco’s heart, but that doesn’t mean Draco’s going to let him go without a fight

A Wizard’s Memory (ravenna_c_tan)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 5.9k, Summary: At a big Christmas party, Harry runs into the one person he thinks he wants to forget.

Fall To Grace (cylsus)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 5k, Summary: It’s been three weeks since Harry and Draco broke up. Clearly, they should want nothing to do with each other, but being Auror partners makes that just a tad bit difficult.

Packing The Flat (marguerite_26)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 6.3k, Summary: Months after their explosive break-up, Draco insists Harry return to their flat to remove his belongings.

A Broken But Happy Sound (thusspakekate)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 7.8k, Summary: Sometimes we do terrible things for no reason. Other times, we have terrible reasons.

The Unfortunate Truth Of Happily Ever After (angelgazing)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 8.4k, Summary: Living in the aftermath isn’t as easy as it was supposed to be.

Once A Fool (Yulliah)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 7.3k, Summary: Harry always held the hope that Draco would come back, and now he had, just not in the way Harry would’ve imagined. Draco had clearly moved on, judging by the three year old clutched to his legs.

Days Of Denial (IamtheLizardQueen)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 2.6k, Summary: Harry left Draco on a Monday. Draco knows when he’ll come home.

A Private Reason For This (@femmequixotic​)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 92k, Summary: When the wife of a star politician in the Scottish Ministry turns up dead just outside Hogsmeade, Draco Malfoy and his murder investigation team are called in from the Edinburgh Auror force to find her killer. What DCI Malfoy doesn’t expect, however, is to have an ex from two decades past end up in his murder room, cocking up not only his case, but also his heart.

Playing The Hero (loveglowsinthedark)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 30k, Summary: Nobody kissed me like Harry did. He kissed like he flew; he kissed like he duelled - with his whole being, not caring about anything else. I had never felt as vulnerable as I did when he kissed me, seizing all and any control I had over myself. But when Harry kissed me, I felt free…


Simon x Reader

Sorry for taking so long x

• Summary:  When Simon’s friends try to play match maker but forgets to turn off their flash.

•Warnings: None , it’s all good in the hood

•Word count- 1,545

Sorry it’s quite bad. Be prepared for cringe

Y/F/N = your friends name (I didn’t know what name to use, so yeah)

There are some POV switches

By the way I know JJ isn’t really like this but hey Fiction right? 

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Emotions Untold

 Prompt: The new video they filmed is making it hard for Patton to keep up his usual happy facade and is acting strangely. Little does he know a certain logical trait is catching on..

Ship: Logicality

Word count: 1,593

 This one was definitely more difficult to write! I’m not used to writing stories that are meant to actually be romantic! I hope it turned out okay!


The video had taken a lot out of Patton, he knew it was all scripted and that the others were all actually okay and all..but he wasn’t. The emotions he had put behind all of his lines was real. At first he had planned only to keep trying to hide his emotions when the video was over, after all, he was good at that. But things didn’t go as planned.

Once the video was over he knew what would happen. Thomas would tell them all they did good before going to edit the video, Logan would probably go try to solve another one of his puzzles, Virgil would go up to his room to try to relax, Roman would eagerly go and start practicing his lines for the next video..and Patton? Patton would normally go start to cook dinner. But tonight as he was cooking he found it harder and harder to just keep smiling. Harder to keep up his facade. But he still tried. He cooked, and still sat down to dinner with the other traits.  However, throughout dinner he stayed rather quiet, immersed in his own thoughts.

“Hey Padre? Are you alright?”  He was brought out of it by Roman,  looking up from his food he noticed all of the others were looking at him and noted the concern in the fanciful sides voice.  He quickly widened his smile. “Of course I am kiddo! I’m fine! Why’d ya ask?”

Even Logan’s eyes seemed to show some concern, and normally Logan wasn’t the best at handling emotions. “Well, you are being rather quiet compared to your usual self.” He pointed out, “Perhaps the video is bothering you? After all, I suppose it could be hard to act like that.”  Logan was partially right. The video had been hard, but not because of his acting.  It was the parts where he wasn’t acting that was hard. It was hard trying to keep up the facade he had been keeping up for so long after letting some of it out for the video. “Nope! I just have a bit of a headache from all of the work is all!”

They seemed to buy it, well, most of them did. Logan did still seem rather concerned, but Patton brushed it off. After all, what were the chances of Logan finding out? “In that case, you should probably get some rest, Patton.” Logan pointed out and Patton nodded in response. Everyone seemed to quiet down after that. After all, they didn’t want to give him an even worse headache.

After they had all finished eating Patton had moved to go start cleaning the dishes, assuring his friends that he was fine to do so and that they should relax and that he would go to bed right after he was finished. He did the best he could to keep that fake smile in place as he did the dishes. It had faltered a few times, after all, it was actually starting to hurt to keep his mask on. By the time he had put all of the dishes away he felt like he was going to break right there in the kitchen with all of the others just a few yards away in the living room. But he just took a deep breath and started to head to the stairs.

“I’m gonna go hit the hay guys! Night!” He grinned widely at them before turning on his heels and heading upstairs. He needed to get out of there. He felt like if he had to say one more cheerful word that he didn’t want to say that he would end up either throwing up or breaking down right there.  The second he was out of sight from all of the other traits he let his smile fall from his face, and that cheerful look slip out of his eyes. All that was left was the face of a tired man. A man who had been pretending for too long and needed a break from the world.

He walked down the hall to his room, opening the door and heading inside. It was nice to not have to pretend for now. He knew he would have to do it again tomorrow, but for right now he could just let it out. Patton sunk down onto his mattress, laying back on the pillows and staring blankly up at the ceiling for a while before his vision started to blur and he felt the tears start to slide down his face. It escalated from there, and in a matter of no time Patton was hugging another one of his  pillows tightly to his chest in attempt to bring some comfort as he sobbed. He didn’t hear the knock on his bedroom door, nor did he hear it when someone opened it and stepped inside. But he did realize someone was in his room when he heard a voice. “Patton?”

Patton’s head snapped up, eyes going wide at the voice, he rubbed his eyes in a vain attempt to stop crying and sat up. “H-Hey Lo..” He spoke shakily, still trying to hide his tears even if he knew there was no point to it. His eyes were so blurry as Logan moved over, taking a seat beside him. “..Are you alright?”

Logan knew that was a stupid question, he knew that Patton clearly wasn’t alright. But he had no idea what to do,  after all, he wasn’t the one who brought comfort most of the time, that was Patton. But now the normally cheerful trait was the one that needed it, so he clearly needed to try. “I-I’m fine Lo…You really don’t need to worry” Patton’s voice cracked when he spoke and Logan’s concern for him only grew.  Logan hesitantly moved to put an arm around Patton’s shoulder in an attempt to bring him comfort.  It seemed to work a little bit as, almost if it was instinctive Patton started leaning heavily on him. It was as if he was exhausted, as if he had been holding this all in for too long.       That’s when it hit him.  Patton, much like in the video had actually been holding his emotions in. He had been pretending to be happy..and lord knows how long he’s been doing it. Now that he looked back on it..Patton had made small cries for help every so often in videos? How could all of them had missed it? Before he knew it both of his arms were around Patton, pulling him close. “..How long have you been pretending?”

Patton was shocked enough when Logan had walked into his room, it was even worse now that Logan had figured it out. There was no point in lying to him anymore, he knew that much. And part of him was relieved. After all..maybe..just maybe he could let his mask down around him now. Despite his previous efforts to stop them he could still feel the tears sliding slowly down his face. “I-I don’t know..” He murmured softly, “I just..I just didn’t want anyone worrying about me..” Patton sniffed, and the gentle arms around him tightened their grip. “Why would you feel you had to do that..? You always help us, so the least we could possible do is help you in return..” Logan’s voice was soft, all thoughts about not knowing how to bring comfort melting away.

“I just don’t..I don’t know. I guess I just don’t want you guys worrying about me..I mean,” He paused to wipe at his tears. “I don’t want to add anymore to all of your plates since you guys are all so busy..besides, I’m the one who’s supposed to help you guys.” He looked up at Logan with tear filled eyes that just broke Logan’s heart.

 “Patton, it may seem like we all have a lot on our plates but that doesn’t mean you should hide all of your emotions away.” Logan sighed softly before continuing. “If you ever feel like this again I would like you to come to me alright? I’m far from the best with emotions but it’s better than you keeping all of your feeling locked away.” Logan looked down and watched as Patton nodded, moving himself so he was sitting pretty much on top of Logan, head resting on his chest. For once it didn’t bother Logan, and instead moved so once again his arms were wrapped around him.

They stayed like that for a little while, Logan silently hanging onto Patton and him returning the grip. Eventually, however, Patton broke the silence.  “..Hey Logan?” He questioned, looking up at the logical trait. Logan returned his gaze to Patton’s, curious as to what he had to say. “Yes?”

Patton then fell silent for a moment, as if he was trying to think of exactly what to say. “I love you.” He spoke softly, and then Logan could feel his face heating up. But either way he still cracked a smile, “I love you too.” He spoke the words for once without thinking, and still meant every last one of them. He watched as Patton’s face lit up with a genuine smile and Logan could feel his own smile widening slightly.

Patton moved closer for a moment before blinking and moving away. “Ah right..I almost forgot! You don’t like the whole sudden physical contact thing right? Can I kiss you?” Logan chuckled, relieved that Patton seemed to be feeling better and nodded. “Of course,” he murmured, moving to tilt Patton’s head up and to give him a soft kiss.

Reverie, Part 2

Pairing: Post-Azkaban Sirius x Reader

Warnings: Language, Eventual Smut

The next morning found you headed back to school, passing through the gates with a shiver as the dementors’ aura washed over you. This was the bad part of living in the village – dementors guarded the gate while the notorious mass murderer Sirius Black was on the loose. Their menacing demeanor creeped you out and made your skin crawl. The Minister of Magic claimed they were on leashes but the threat they emanated told you differently.

What Black had done was horrible, but no one deserved to be surrounded by those creatures for the rest of his life. You decided you’d rather be executed. But then, maybe at that moment life would be precious enough to hold onto under any circumstances.

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anonymous asked:

can we have some master padawan bonding time with ben and jocasta in the twinsuns verse?? and a little more codywan going on as well?

“I hate to ask, but have you found Krell?” Ben questioned softly as he passed his old master a bowl of tea, smiling at the woman.

Jocasta sighed and shook her head. “No, whatever else I can say about him, he knows how to hide at least.” Her lips pursed with disapproval. “But I’ll find him, make no mistake of that.” For a second her eyes glittered dangerously before her face softened into a small smile. “But enough about that, how are you Ben?”

“Better. We’ve been guiding the resources to places that are war torn.” He smiled a bit. “Ryloth really appreciated our help and I think some of the men might be going back once the war ends with how friendly the twi’leks were.” He took a small sip of his tea. “Commander Snow also showed me how to do some very interesting knots and how to escape them should it become necessary.”

“Really now?” Jocasta mused. “Knots.”

That got a small shrug out of the redhead. “He convinced me with the argument that I’ve gotten tied up before. If something happened again I should know how to escape them if I was sans the Force.” He hummed.

She stared at him over the small table they used before nodding. “Good thinking, perhaps I should send Commander Snow a gift.” Jocasta sipped.

The two fell into a comfortable silence Ben recognized from his padawan days, smiling softly into his cup.

Anakin had always been loud and that was fine.

But Ben had different needs, needs he had to take refuge to with his mother at times just for the silence. It had become easier with Jocasta, quiet meditation, soft conversation and Anakin respectful enough of the old master to be calm in their quarters.

Silence together was golden.

What was there to say when you could share in each others Force presence?

“Where do you see yourself after the war Ben?” She suddenly asked and Ben blinked, looking at her before taking the last sip from his tea bowl.


Jocasta gave him a knowing smile and Ben felt himself flush.

But there was only quiet acceptance in her face as she watched him.

“I…don’t know.” He started haltingly before smiling in turn. “But I know with whom.”

“Anakin indicated as much.” She hummed before holding her bowl out to him, Ben picking up the pot and refilling it with care. “I’m glad, you smile more now despite the war.”

That got a guilty little smile out of Ben. “I know. I…”

“No, I wont rob you of your happiness Ben. But I do want to meet him…eventually.” She chuckled quietly.

They may have said more if Commander Snow hadn’t come over at that moment and required Ben’s attention for some of the supplies they had to order and stock. Ben took the pad and went through it thoughtfully while Snow greeted Nu, the commander beaming proudly at the praise the other gave him, a slight flush in his cheeks.

“I’m glad the Council set you to this.” She murmured after he left and Ben raised a curious eyebrow.

“This.” She clarified, waving her hand around. “Relief effort for the planets war has ravaged. It suits you to help people and your…skills help you know what to bring.” Jocasta hummed. “…I will also say that it seems to be improving the reputation of the Jedi.”

“…I suggested it to the Council, the Jedi order needs to improve their reputation and this…this is something we should have been doing from the get go.” Ben whispered, sighing a bit. “I’ll do my best to help people. Its what I’ve always tried to do, help.”

“I know Ben.” Jocasta reached out and placed her warm hand on the slender wrist, smiling softly. “And I’m very proud of you.”

A small part of Ben that still remembered being Obi-Wan cried out at that, cried out at someone genuinely telling him they were proud of him.

“…Ben? Why are you crying?”

“…I don’t know Master. But I’m very happy you’re proud of me.”


How did things turn so badly so fast?

Anakin panted harshly as he dodged another blaster with the shallowly breathing form pressed against him, his arm tight around the others waist and his arm over his shoulder.

‘A fucking relief mission should NOT go this bad.’ He thought, ice in his stomach even as he spotted the evac shuttle, their troopers boarding it.


Covering fire hit around Anakin who had Ben tucked up against his side, his brother barely conscious even as the two raced towards the shuttle.

One Force jump landed them inside and the door slid shut behind them, the pilot taking them into the air with speed.

Anakin couldn’t focus on that, not now, not as he knelt down with his brother and placed him against the cold steel of the shuttle, hand resting on Ben’s chest. “Force damn it Ben.” He hissed, eyes wide and on the verge of desperation. “Why’d you have to play bait?” He growled then YELPED when Ben stopped breathing, eyes closed.

“Oh no you don’t!”

Anakin was intently aware of the mud on his face mixed with blood, aware of the troopers around them watching in quiet fear as he placed his hand to the middle of Ben’s chest and jolted the other with Force, Ben’s legs twitching at it as he gasped out, taking a few sharp breaths as the healer from Ben’s unit knelt down and started giving him several hyposhots. “Easy sir.” He murmured as Ben twitched again.

The blond of the twin duo waited until the healer was done before pulling the other up and against his chest, taking comfort in the closeness.

“Never do that again.” Anakin whispered into his brothers ear,  Ben’s forehead tucked on his shoulder.

Ben gave a raspy laugh, teeth stained with blood and forgotten in the commotion the war journalist quietly filmed it all, her eyes wide even as she got all on footage.

Jedi being human.

Jedi having feelings.

Troopers having feeling.

Sore exhausted men who were just relieved to be alive.

Just taking comfort in being alive.

And an overworked healer slowly doing what was needed of him.

And in the middle of all of it, two Jedi being utterly aware that they could have died.

Bloomingtide, date? ?

awake! and they l eft me alone, it all is pain

skewered like

like a sausage on a spit, right through and then

up so high high I could see all their faces, little moons and thousand gleaming silent starry eyes

hurts like vodi void itself tearing apart inside my ribs

lived anyway, A has me on cocktail so sotrong ste st

keep falling asleep

fuck you Kirkwall fuck you won’t kill me no matter how har hard you try, can’t save anyone else but I refuse I will not die i swear it

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@miraculousfluffmonth day 17


Soulmate AU where you can’t see colors until physical contact with your Soulmate. 

               Chloé and Adrien had always seen in color. Rather, they could not remember a time when they couldn’t. After all, the moment they met, Chloé had been just over two weeks old while Adrien had only a few days. It wasn’t long before the newborns had been close enough to brush tiny, chubby, hands.

               Their parents caught on, of course. The two figured out colors far faster than those children seeing only gray. They were happy that their little ones had found their Soulmates so early.

               But then, Chloé and Adrien were a different kind of happy. They were friends, the best of friends. But they frowned watching cartoons, seeing the main character fall in love with their Soulmate, though they had just met. They protested when several adults said that they’d be just like that too. In love. Because they were Soulmates.

Sure, they loved one another. But it wasn’t the way the Prince loved the Princess. They made an agreement with one another by the time they were six. They’d help one another find the one they’d love, because no one would believe they wouldn’t love their Soulmate.

               That promise was questioned when they were eight. Chloé’s parents hadn’t been Soulmates. Her father had seen color for seven years, been in love for seven years, before his Soulmate died when they were still teens. Her mother had yet to meet her own Soulmate when they were married, and when she found him she tore their world apart to be with him.

               Was that what happened, when you loved someone other than your Soulmate? They wondered if they were destined to be like that, if they should just give in and love their ‘Soulmate’, because anyone else wouldn’t truly love them.

Instead, efforts redoubled. They were closer, and stronger now. They wouldn’t let this tear them apart. They loved each other, and would do whatever it took to make the other happy, because they were Soulmates. Romantic or not, their happiness was important.

               They were scared a few years later, seeing Adrien’s father lock himself in his room for two months, relearning how to tell which gray was purple and which was blue. It made them closer once more, perhaps because they were the only ones who understood one another, but scared all the same.

               When Adrien went to school, he saw a few people who had found their Soulmates, and some who hadn’t.  Rose and Juleka were like Chloé and Adrien, having found one another years ago. But Adrien quickly learned that Mylène had dyed her hair many colors only last year, and he noticed the way her eyes flicked to Ivan as she said it.

               The duo soon got to watch a new pair of Soulmates. Marinette had tripped again, pushing Alya into Nino. They saw the duo’s eyes widen, faces alight with wonder as color overtook them.

               Of course, there were two people Adrien really wanted to know about their Soulmates. Marinette and Ladybug. He pestered Chloé about it, but even she didn’t know if Marinette had met her Soulmate. With Ladybug, the question had come up more naturally. She had teased him a little, asking if he hoped she would be his Soulmate. When he didn’t respond right away, she told him that she’d already met her Soulmate, but they weren’t romantic. They had tried, back when they first met, but they were better as friends.

Chat Noir nearly fell off the roof in surprise.  Another pair of platonic Soulmates. He wondered how to tell Chloé that they weren’t as strange, without telling her that half of the other pair was Ladybug.

               Life went on around them, but there was a growing distance. Adrien had new friends, a secret Hero Life. They didn’t talk as much as they once did. Chloé noticed that the colors were a little less vibrant, but that wasn’t anything to worry about. You don’t lose color unless your Soulmate dies, and while he was in danger, Adrien was even more indestructible than ever. Really, she was probably just imagining it.

               Then she couldn’t see Green. She’d noticed when she looked through the dresses in her closet, coming across one she’d long forgotten about. Then she looked for other green things. The tube of mascara in the bathroom, the cover of one of ‘Adrien’s’ videogames, the leaves and grass in the flowers around the hotel. All gray.

               Adrien was fine. She knew he was. After all, if something had happened, she wouldn’t be able to see pink or blue or whatever other colors. Was it… was it possible to ‘unmeet’ your Soulmate? They hadn’t been with one another as often, and now he was also ‘Chat Noir’. Even though ‘Chat’ was still ‘Adrien’, it was a part of him Chloé had yet to meet. But she was sure it was her fault. She was different around others, than she was around him. He had met her again, and he hadn’t liked it.

               Chloé felt like she was going to be sick. In a panic, she threw open the door, planning on running over to Adrien’s place to sort this out, but she ran into him in the doorway. His eyes were wide with panic, but they were also just another shade of gray.

               As soon as he was inside, he confessed that he couldn’t see yellow. Adrien had noticed it when he glanced in the mirror and saw his hair was gray. He’d run over, seeing how much yellow was missing from the world, seeing her hair and jacket as just more grays.

               She almost laughed when Adrien said it was his fault, when he said it was because he was Chat Noir and didn’t tell her. She did laugh at his expression when she told him she knew the whole time. She would know her Soulmate anywhere.

               She said it was her fault they were growing apart. Because it wouldn’t be happening if she and his new friends didn’t refuse one another’s presence. She promised, she’d do whatever it took to fix this. She’d be a better person if it meant seeing his eyes Green again.

               It took a month. A month of fixing mistakes and crafting new relationships out of what she thought to be shattered chances. She worried, as with more friends for herself they’d be spending less time, but they could spend time with one another and their friends.

               Then, one day, Chloé had been laughing along at something. Just one of those little jokes people with friends made. She heard Adrien’s squeak of surprise. Tilting her head in confusion, she began to ask what was wrong. She took in his expression, hands covering his mouth in surprise, but a near-tears smile was hiding beneath, and green eyes staring at her. That’s when it hit her. Green eyes.

               She tackled him in happiness, both laughing and confusing the hell out of their friends. Still, it didn’t matter. Nothing, not even their own faults, could keep them apart.