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All Too Well | Pt. 2

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Summary: You and Yoongi shared a loving relationship with one another until you both agreed to end things and pursue your separate careers. But two years later, Yoongi is a member of the ever growing Bangtan Boys, and you are a new makeup artist for their upcoming tour.
Pairing: Yoongi | Reader
Genre: Fluff/Angst/Smut; Idol & Makeup Artist AU
Word Count: 6,357



There’s always a certain rush Min Yoongi gets before, during, and after every performance, no matter how often he participates in them and no matter how exhausted he might be from practices and dieting in the days, weeks before. One would think that after two years of nothing but strict scheduling, traveling the world, meeting fans like clockwork, he would have grown tired of free moments being such a rarity, constantly being busy and never getting to just relax and have a proper night’s rest.

But to Yoongi, it’s something he’s grown to appreciate. Yes, the scheduling is busy and tiring and there are often days when he would be filled with pure frustration over a simple inability to get dance moves down or turn hazy thoughts into song lyrics—but it’s a life that he would not give up for anything.

Because at the end of the day, he gets to do what he loves. He gets to make music and he gets the opportunity to really share them with people he knows would listen to what he has to say. He gets to meet hundreds, if not thousands of fans every month who take time out of their own busy, hard life to see him, let him know that his music reached them, touched them, made them feel something. And when he sees the shy smiles of his fans, their bright eyes and beautiful voices reaching out to him as they sing back song lyrics during one of his many concerts, it makes all those previous irritations and frustrations fade away to the back of his mind. Min Yoongi loves what he does, he really does.

He loves it, even as he’s clamoring backstage after Bangtan Boys has just finished one of three performances for their latest music show appearance, the cheers of success and the usual excitement following the rest of the boys as they rush quickly to get dressed in their new costumes for their new set list. Much like all the other performances, the air is plagued with adrenaline as the boys quickly disregard their previous attire. The stylists are rushing to get shirts buttoned, freshly pressed jackets on. Hair is getting retouched, eye makeup and foundation sponges are pressed against Yoongi’s face. In spite of the cheeriness that usually follows the boys after a successful music show performance, there is still the underlying chaoticness to get everyone ready in time for their next set. Moments like these are always messy, happening so quickly right before Yoongi’s eyes that he can never really keep track of the process.

And yet, Yoongi always feels that urgency, that rush, all with the smile never slipping off his lips because it’s almost been 2 years since Bangtan Boys experienced their debut, and every single day of his life still feels like some strange, out-of-body sensation. It still feels like a dream.

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mr. neighbour || 13

Genre: Neighbour!Jungkook
Notes: I finally finished! I should be studying for my exams, but I procrastinated a bit to finish this up. Thank you for waiting! You guys are the real MVPs :D ALSO, it’s not Jaewoo!
Series: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12

You and Jungkook went back to being just neighbours, just like it had been from the very beginning before that fateful drunken night. Rarely did you see him and if the both of you somehow bumped into each other, your gaze was downcast and your earphones were stuck in your ears to avoid him. He was the same way.

Hours turned into days and days turned into weeks. The season was beginning to change from fallen leaves and frigid temperatures to blossoming buds on tree branches and warmer nights. Despite the passing days, the hole in your chest remained the same. Some days you half expected to hear that familiar knocking on your door and other days your heart would jump up into your throat when your phone buzzed. The disappointment would settle quickly after though. The pain of losing a love and a really great friend at the same time was still too fresh, no matter how hard you tried to keep it away.

But time waited for no one, and life would move on with or without you. That was the cruel reality. What little hope you had in the depths of your heart dimmed and withered away, leaving behind a hole instead.

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An Unexpected Valentine (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Originally posted by she-who-nailed-it

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day! I love and am so appreciative for every single person who follows this blog. I am so incredibly lucky to be able to write for you, and I hope you enjoy this little writing! As always I am very grateful for likes, comments, and reblogs, and please send in your requests!

Warnings: None other than adorable Hogwarts!Newt fluff!

You were in your fifth year at Hogwarts, and you had never had a Valentine. That is not to say that you hadn’t been on dates or had boyfriends before, you just never had anyone to share that one day with. To be honest, you were quite over the idea that love should be reserved for one day a year. You thought that the people you loved should be shown and appreciated every day, and you began to resent the ridiculous expectations of the day.

A week before the dreaded day that made you sick to your stomach, you were spending time in the Hufflepuff common room with your best friend Newt Scamander. Truthfully, you had a huge crush on the adorable, creature-loving Hufflepuff, but you refused to risk your friendship for something so silly and uncertain. You were cuddled up with Newt’s newest find, a small baby niffler, by the fire, lazily reading a muggle book you had read at least 5 times before. Newt sat across from you in an armchair, seemingly engrossed in his latest rental from the library, this book about mermaids and their various abilities. 

You looked up at your friend, feeling his eyes on boring into your skull. You gave him a questioning look, but he looked down, a blush rushing across his freckled face. You turned back to your book with a small shrug, bringing the niffler closer to your body. 

You felt his eyes on you again, and without looking up, stated, “Yes, Newt?”

You heard him change positions before his voice came, “Nothing, (Y/N).”

You closed your book, looked at him and smiled sweetly, “Newt, if you keep looking at me, I’m going to keep asking if something is wrong, so you should just tell me now and we can avoid another 3 rounds of questions and answers.”

Newt blushed again, looking away and sighing. He briefly made eye contact with you again before continuing, “I think we should do something on Valentine’s Day. I know that you detest the holiday, but I was thinking that we can have our own celebration, perhaps an ‘anti-Valentine’s Day’ day.”

You gave a small laugh, and Newt quickly added, “No, you’re right. It is a dreadful idea. I apologize for even suggesting-”

You cut him off, “Newt, I think that sounds lovely. You know I adore spending time with you, and you’re the only person I could imagine being with on such a joke of a day.”

He gave you a large grin before he pushed himself off of his chair, exclaiming that it was time for bed. He gently picks up the niffler from you lap, placing the creature on the armchair he just vacated before holding onto your hands, guiding you up. You blushed as you held on just a bit longer than you had to, quickly stammering out a goodnight before heading to your bed.

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bully [newt x reader]

prompt; Hey babe! So it was your 10th? Drabble for newt I think where he goes to the reader after being bullied, and I was wondering if you would make that a one shot or just longer story? (multipotens <3 )


words; 1180

warnings; bullying, sadness, fluff


“Freak!….You’re a freak, Scamander, you know that?” the menacing laughter to go along with those harsh words burn him harsher than hell flames as with a heated breath he pulls his books closer to his chest and swiftly turns away from the taunting students by the steps of the library. Newt Scamander was quick to enter, obvious to everyone how humiliated he feels, though no one dares to intervene, not even the librarian. To be completely fair, she hardly cared about anything living and that showed clearly when she stepped out the maze of bookshelves and greeted Newt with a friendly smile that never reached her eyes. Figures. She must not have even heard the commotion, too preoccupied with reading some interesting fiction.

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Newt Scamander X Reader – Only Friend Part 1 of 3

Description – The reader meets Newt in their first year at Hogwarts and their friendship goes through the years at school.

A/N – I was up at 5AM with this in my head and I finished it at 10AM but then I had to go to work so I couldn’t upload it till now. 8 pages long, so proud. I’m thinking of doing a part 2 with the ball itself, what do y’all think?

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

Link to Part 2 -

Link to Part 3 -

First Year

Your heavy bag weighed you down as you pelted down yet another identical hallway to your next Charms class. If you didn’t hurry, then you would most certainly be late once again and that was something that you really couldn’t afford right now. You constantly tried to be a good student but with all the moving staircases, trick doors, and such, it really didn’t take much to disorient a clumsy student such as yourself.

As time marched forward, you pressed on, struggling to keep pace as you ran out of breath. It was when you ran around a corner that you slammed into another student. Both his books and yours skidded across the stone floor.

“S-sorry.” The boy stuttered, hurrying to reach his scattered notes with shaking hands.

“No, it was my fault, I’m sorry.” You apologised, helping gather everything up, no longer caring if you were late to your lesson; you had always been raised to believe that if you created a mess then you should stop and help fix it.

The boy couldn’t find the words to respond. Nobody had ever apologised to him before, mainly because they all found him to be weird. It surely meant that you didn’t know who he was then because no one in their right mind would apologise to the “Freak of Hogwarts” Newt Scamander.

You looked down to his books, the main titles were ones such as, “The Heroism of Killing a Creature” by Vladimir Greystock, “The Only Uses of Animal Parts” by Henrietta Bagmiles, and “The Trapping of Magical Creatures” by Elie & Brunhilda Gardham.

“Jeez, that’s a lotta books about killing creatures. Why do you want to hunt them so badly?”

Newt was taken aback by the question, it meant that unlike the other students, you really didn’t know who he was or about his interest in preserving the lives of magical creatures, “I- I don’t. I-it’s just that the material on magical c-creatures is somewhat sparse and the only people who know w-where they are do so b-because they h-hunt them. I-I-I’m going to change that.”

It was only after the bold statement that Newt lost his little confidence again, he was awaiting the taunting laughter, name calling, or some other such manner of teasing; perhaps a hex or jelly-legs jinx of some form.

“Wow,” you beamed a toothy grin, “That’s really cool. I’m (Y/N).”

You stuck out your hand, Newt recoiled momentarily, wary of some new form of prank. You waited patiently and after about a minute he gently grasped your hand, you shook it heartily. For a fleeting second Newt dared to look you in the eye, he was astounded when he found your gaze to hold no malice or contempt, just genuine happiness that he had shook your hand.

“So, do you have a name or am I stuck to calling you new friend?”


“Yep, we shook on it, didn’t we?”

“R-right. I’m Newt Scamander.”

“Newt? That’s a funny name.”


“Yeah, I like it though. Muggles don’t have names like that, but I’m finding that a lot of witches and wizards have great names like that.”

“You’re muggle-born?”

You nodded, unashamed, despite some of the mean comments you had received due to your heritage; it seemed that you were one of only a small handful of muggle students, perhaps that would one day change.

“It’s okay though,” You beamed with pride, “because I’m in Hufflepuff and they haven’t had much to say about it. Hey, check out your tie, I guess you’re in Hufflepuff too. How come I haven’t seen you in the common room before?”

“Oh, I um, I usually spend time in the l-library. S-so who bullies you? Is it the S-slytherins?”

“Hmm, no, not in particular. It’s mostly Gryffindors, I guess all that bravery gives them something to hide behind. We’ll see how they hide from a good hit in the nose though, see ‘em try to magic their way out of that. Say, are we going to just sit on the floor and talk or are we going to head somewhere comfier? How about the common room?”

Newt swallowed, he had never had a friend, not even one in his own house. If you were truly his friend then surely, he could confide something, albeit something small, other things would come later, “I don’t f-find the common room to be all that c-comfortable.”

“Oh… Well how about the owlery? Since you like animals so much. I’d say the paddock but I’m not supposed to be seen right now, seeing how I’m accidentally missing class right now, never mind though. Better to ask forgiveness than permission.”

“Okay… The owlery then.”

Second Year

It had taken almost an entire year but Newt finally stopped stuttering around you. Mostly. To say he had a small crush on you would be an understatement. He adored the way you listened to all his ramblings, even when they just tapered off into a comfortable silence. Then there was the way you always remained loyal to him despite what the others told you about his strange ways, although he wished you weren’t so confrontational about it. Once someone had cursed him with a spell that made him trip into the mud whenever he tried to walk. By the time you found him, there was quite a crowd gathered and you had received a detention for punching the boy who had done it as well as throwing his wand into the lake; it took the teaches quite the effort to convince the merpeople to give it back. Another thing that added to Newt’s adoration of you was the many times you’d covered for him with the other teachers; Newt would often wander into the Forbidden Forest until the late hours of the night, it was at these times that you would create some excuse of where he really was or what he was doing.

As a way of thanks, Newt had taken you to the Forbidden Forest more than once to show you some of the creatures he had met. On occasion, you would help him build nests for the various unusual creatures that inhabited it. You even sometimes helped write notes on the creatures’ behaviours and lifestyles.

Newt couldn’t tell you his feelings of course. If he did that would surely be the end of him. He expected that a hole would appear on the ground to swallow him up; after all, stranger things had been known to happen.

“Newt?” You approached him in the owlery, disrupting his many wonderings.

“(Y/N)!” He squeaked, falling off the wall he had been perched on.

You snickered, offering a hand to help your fallen comrade.

“W-what are you doing here?”

“I looked for you in the paddock but you weren’t there so I rushed over here instead.”


“Because you’re my friend and today’s super important.”

“It is?”

You eyed up Newt incredulously, “Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten.”

“Forgotten what?”

You shook your head in disbelief, then pulled a card out of your cloak, “Happy Birthday Newt.” You rejoiced loudly, sending a couple of the owls into a panicked frenzy.

Fresh tears hit the back of Newt’s eyes as he took the card with tentative hands. He never made much of a fuss on his birthday since nobody else did, you on the other hand had been planning the day for months, awaiting it with eager anticipation.

“Come on, open it, open it, open it.” You bounced up and down on the spot.

Newt did and found a card with a Beagle puppy in a party hat with a colourful ‘Happy Birthday’ at the top. The inside had a crudely drawn stick figure with the word ‘Bowtruckle’ written next to it, followed by lots of X’s.

“(Y/N)…” Newt was almost speechless. “It’s lovely, thank you. I-I think it’s broken though, the- the pictures aren’t moving.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s supposed to be like that. Muggle cards don’t move.”

“Oh, right.” Sometimes Newt tended to forget that you were muggle born, “Hey um, what are the X’s?”

“They’re kisses, silly.”


“Yep,” You continued, oblivious to the Newt’s growing panic, as well as the red spreading over his cheeks that wildly contrasted his ashy brown hair, “We put them in our cards when we’re friends or family with people. Don’t wizards do that?”

“I-I-I’m not entirely sure. I d-don’t often s-send cards.”

“Hey, you’re stuttering, are you okay? Oh, are you unwell?”

You placed your hand on Newt’s forehead. He backed up as far as he could against the wall, leaning as far as he could. “Come on Newt, stay still, you’re too tall for me to reach up there.” You pandered, “If you’re unwell it’s okay, we can go to the hospital wing.”

“I-I’m fine, I just liked the card, that’s all.” Newt’s voice was still fairly squeaky until you relented and backed off, giving him some room to breathe.

“Alright. Oh, I need to give you your gift.”

“Y-you got me a gift?”

“Of course I did, now close your eyes, I left it at the bottom of the stairs so you wouldn’t see it.”

Newt did as ordered while you hefted his gift up the spiral staircase. You set the gift down in front of him with a light thud. “I uh, couldn’t find anything to wrap it in,” You stated, “but you can open your eyes now.”

Once again, Newt followed your instruction. In front of him sat a brown suitcase. He reached out for it delicately, stroking the smooth leather in awe, “(Y/N), it’s beautiful.”

While Newt truly did find it to be the best thing he had ever received, he would have said the same thing about any item presented to him by you, even if it were just a leaf you liked; any gift from you was sure to be precious.

“That’s not the best part.” You twitched excitedly. “It’s enchanted, you can climb in it and everything. Not sure why you would, but you never know. It’s so you can travel like you wanted. I know you can’t really use it now but when you’re older you can go everywhere and have enough room to keep, like an entire house in there. There’s even a muggle mode so they won’t catch on.”

Newt looked up to you guiltily, “(Y/N)… Those kinds of enchantments don’t come cheap… How much did you-”

“Not another word Scamander, this is my gift to you – no returns or exchanges. The cost doesn’t matter.” You folded your arms to show that you meant it. It truly didn’t matter that you’d saved up for the better part of a year to buy him the gift, your logic being that you didn’t have any other friends to buy for since they avoided you because of Newt.

“Thank you (Y/N), thank you.”

Newt wanted to hug you for the thoughtful gift, instead he reached out, unsure of what to do, pulled back his hand temporarily, then settled for patting your shoulder awkwardly. You smiled brightly, as far as you were concerned Newt had practically jumped on you in his own way; any form of contact was his very own, anxious way of showing affection.

Third Year

Newt searched the castle grounds frantically for you. He had heard about a particularly rough interaction between you and another student over your muggle heritage and although the stories of what had happened changed between each passing student, one thing was for sure, you hadn’t come out on top.

“Excuse me. Pardon me. Please let me through.” Newt rushed past the milling students, searching over the tops of their heads in the hope of finding the merest glimpse of you.

“Oy, creature lover, looking for that filthy excuse of a date you have?” A Slytherin heckled, much to the delight of several other students.

Newt froze in front of the Slytherin, wishing that he could be braver or even simply look the other student in the eye, “(S)he’s not my- Never mind… W-where i-is (s)he?”

The student sneered, proceeding to take the mick out of Newt’s stutter, “T-t-try the b-b-b-broom closet where all the l-l-losers b-b-belong.”

Newt rushed to the nearest broom closet where he could hear you whimpering from within. The throng of students had since dispersed, each heading to their own classes.

“(Y/N), is that you in there?” Newt called through the door.

“Go away.” You yelled through a muffled sob.

“(Y/N), please come out. At least tell me what happened, please? I promise there’s no one else here, it’s just me.”

“No. Go away Newt. I don’t want to talk.”

“I’m not leaving (Y/N), not until you tell me what happened.”

There was a long pause before you answered. “I lied to you.”

“About what?”

“Every time I said it didn’t hurt when I got called names. Why does it even matter what my parents are? WHY DOES EVERYONE HATE MUGGLES?”

“… I don’t hate muggles. In fact, I think muggles are wonderful. (Y/N), I’ve seen you fight your way through three years of this, whatever’s happened now can’t be too bad really can it. Now come on, come out here.”

“I’m not coming out.”

“Then let me in.” The words came out as a frantic plea.

There was no sound for what felt to Newt like an eternity, during which he feared he had lost you. Then, much to his relief, he heard the latch click open. When Newt entered, he slammed the door behind him, locking it as promised. The second he saw your face he knew the reason you were so upset. Words such as ‘freak’, ‘pathetic’, ‘worthless’, and worst of all ‘mudblood’ were scrawled over every inch of your face with a scabbing spell; the resulting scabs leaving trails of blood mixed with tears down your previously smooth skin.

“Oh (Y/N).” Newt whispered, reaching out cautiously.

The gentle tone of his voice brought on a fresh bout of tears, you collapsed into his arms. Newt held you tightly against him, slowly lowering himself and you to the floor while you wept. For once in his life, Newt never had to wonder what to do or how to do it, the time spent with his animals had taught him to gently stroke your hair and whisper soothingly.

It was after that day that you allowed yourself to be more vulnerable around Newt, so long as it was just him. In those moments, Newt was always a natural at calming you down and cheering you up with various random facts.

Fourth Year

When the fourth year rolled in, the school announced that the fourth years and above would be taking part in a Christmas Ball.

Ever since the announcement students had flocked to their sweethearts to ask them out and in truth you yourself had received a few surprising invites; each of which you’d turned down in the hopes that Newt would ask you.

Newt had spent endless nights pacing around the empty common room thinking of ways he could ask you to the ball without stuttering or messing the thing up entirely. Should he ask you as a friend even though he wanted to be so much more? If he asked you would he be too scared to dance, to touch you? Would you kiss him? Would you punch him? Could he be bold? Was it wrong to ask by owl? There were simply too many unforeseen possibilities, too many questions. As such, he left it, convincing himself that he would ask you the next time he saw you; it was always ‘next time.’

The days rolled by, turning into weeks. Most students already had their dates, outfits, and entire evenings planned out and you were still alone, hanging your hopes on Newt. You had long since caught onto his crush on you, he was hardly subtle about it, and from your long time spent with him you definitely had feelings for him in return.

One week away from the ball you were lying awake in your dormitory when you heard a crash from the common room, followed by a muffled “Bugger.” You grinned, getting up from bed to find Newt; it was honestly a miracle that he hadn’t woke any of the other students or if he had then they didn’t care enough to check out the source of the sound.

When you reached the common room, you saw that Newt had tripped over one of the many throw pillows left by the other students.

“Lumos.” You whispered, summoning a bright light from your wand.

Newt shifted backwards, tripping into a yellow beanbag with a mumbled “Oh dear.”

“Newt, calm down, it’s just me.”

“(Y/N)? Oh, thank God, I thought I was going to get in trouble for being out past curfew.”

“Yeah well… Hang on, what happened to your shirt? Jeez Newt, you’re bleeding. Give me a sec.”

You cast your wand around the room, lighting the candles and bringing light the room once more. Upon closer inspection, you saw that Newt’s hair was dishevelled, he was covered in dried mud, and that three large gashes ran from his neck to his stomach; fortunately, they weren’t too deep.

You sighed despondently. During your years with Newt, you had become handy with medicinal magic, learning it after you’d seen his other injuries. Some had left scars where you had been too inexperienced or had done a quick patch job but more often than not you had healed him to perfection.

“Alright,” you nodded, “Take off your shirt, let me see what I’m working with here.”

Newt turned crimson, averting his gaze from you. Although you had seen it all before he still got embarrassed every time you had to treat one of his injuries; mainly because it usually involved him removing an article of clothing. Nevertheless, he did as instructed, removing his tattered shirt and getting up to sit on the desk chair where you usually treated him.

“How’d it happen this time?” you asked, stroking lightly at the edge of the first scratch with your thumb to see how deep it truly was.

“Just found out that you need to bow to a hippogriff first. Didn’t get away in time.” Newt muttered in response.

“Ah, I see. Was it Jerry?” You summoned a sponge and water from across the room to clean the wound before healing it.

“J-Jerry?” Newt stuttered, trying not to focus on the shivers your warm touch brought.

“Black one with white tips, when we were watching them I named her Jerry.”

“N-no. I-it was the g-g-grey one with s-speckles.”

“Ah, that would be Wilson. Hmm?” You grunted.

“What is it? What’s wrong?”

“I could use Terago to stop any further bleeding but healing this is tricky, maybe if I combine it with… Yes, that should do it.”

You pointed your wand to the injury, “Terago,” the remaining blood cleared away, “Episkey. Reparifors.”

As suspected, the three spells combined worked to a positive effect, leaving only sore red marks where the gashes had been.

“Alrighty then,” you grinned proudly, “you are good to go Mr Scamander.”

“(Y/N) wait,” Newt shot up off the chair, finally ready to ask you the question that had been weighing on him for weeks. “I know a few people have already a-asked you but i-if you h-haven’t answered them yet then m-maybe y-you could t-tell me, w-would you p-please… um, would y-you uh… lend me y-your potions homework.” He finished lamely, mentally cursing himself for being such a cowardly fool.

You released the breath you’d been holding, shaking your head with a weak smile; clearly you were going to have to take the upper hand. “Sure. By the way, I have something to ask you.”

“What?” he sighed dejectedly, still disappointed in his failure.

“Would you like to go to the Christmas Ball with me?”

“What?! No!”

You raised your eyebrows, “No?”

“Not no. I mean yes but… Oh God I ruined it. I was supposed to ask you and then you did and this is all my fault. I couldn’t just get the courage to ask you because then it would have been perfect and everything would have been-”

You could have watched Newt babble the night away but you decided to end his suffering quickly, “Newt, sweetie, calm down. It really doesn’t matter who asks who, does it?”

“Well… No, I suppose not.”

“So? Is it a yes?”

Newt reached out to hug you, barely hesitating at all now, “Yes.”

“Vulture”, Kisses Drabbles #4

As requested by awesome @jenahid , with the prompt:

Do you remember that one afternoon in crazy excess
I saw you jealous imagining offenses,
I held you in my arms… a kiss vibrated,
and what did you see after…? Blood on my lips.
I taught you to kiss: the cold kisses
of impassible heart of rock,
I taught you to kiss with my kisses
invented by me, for your lips.

I couldn’t do this prompt justice with a drabble, so you get a 1700+ word fic instead :)

Hermione liked to think she wasn’t the jealous type, but it was times like these that reminded her she wasn’t above such base feelings. More than that, times like this reminded her that love and insecurity couldn’t be swayed away by logic alone.

Damn the Auror Department. Damn the officers that thought an inter-departmental luncheon would further unify the ministry. Damn that beautiful brunette that looked at Ron with scarlet-laden eyes and, above all, damn the ginger man she loved that wasn’t doing enough to keep her at bay.

The first time Hermione had seen those greedy eyes set on Ron she hadn’t thought much about it. Ron had grown up to be a handsome man and, objectively, she could understand any woman who stared at him a tad too long. But soon she had realised that the woman was often around them, circling them like a vulture. Ron appeared blissfully unaware. Hermione, on the other hand…

Hermione had gotten more and more hyperalert, keeping tabs on her and her advances. At one point, she had casually waved at them, and the way he raised his eyebrows in recognition, smiled, and waved back told her they knew each other. All in all, she had managed to find Ron by himself three times in as many hours. When Ron had offered to go get drinks for them, Hermione knew there would be a fourth time.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I loved the recent Frederick taking care of sick!Robin story. Can you please do one with Marx? Thanks! I hope all is well with you~

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

Xander always had more than enough on his plate, but worrying about you was something you made sure to keep off it.

You didn’t want to be a burden on your husband, ever. He was always so diligent and strong, the weight of the world on his shoulders yet he held it up like it was nothing. You definitely didn’t want to disrupt that.

So you swallowed the horrible feelings in your head, chest, stomach and literally everywhere else, bidding him a good day when he left your quarters for his office.

You sank back onto the bed with a heavy, labored sigh. You could see in his eyes that he thought something was off about you, but you were glad he didn’t say anything and just left. You weren’t sure how long you’d be able to keep smiling.

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This is a late gift for Ashlee’s (@austennerdita2533) Birthday. You said you liked mates and arranged marriages, so you get both. I hope you like it!

“I’m sorry, what?” Caroline said, staring at Klaus as she waited for her answer, but he wouldn’t meet her eyes, his gaze very focused on his palms laying on top of the table that rested between them.

He let out a long-suffering sigh before he spoke, his voice calm as he chose the words carefully, “It is a tradition in our pack for mates to be married as soon as possible, as long as they’re of age. It is… old-fashioned, I must admit, but our laws are what they are.”

“They are your laws. Not mine,” she reminded him pointedly.

Meeting your mate was supposed to be an exciting moment, like something had clicked into place, but ever since Klaus had showed up in her life, she felt like she had been knocked off her feet. He was from a different pack, which wouldn’t have been a problem if they weren’t both the next in line to assume the leadership of their clans, which meant that a long process of union had to take place.

An union that apparently had to begin with their wedding when she had only known him for three days.

Klaus finally met her gaze, his eyes surprisingly warm, “You know that you’ll have to live by our traditions, love, just as I’ll have to live by yours. It’s the only way our people will accept this change and we have to do what’s best for them.”

She was about to ask him if he was seriously trying to use her responsibilities as future alpha to make her marry him, but she realised that it wasn’t quite his intention. And that he was right – which made her completely hate him.

It was frightening.

Our people. We.

Caroline always knew that this would happen, that she would find her mate and that her life would be forever intertwined with someone else’s, but marriage? She was 20 and she didn’t even know him. How the hell was she going to explain that to her friends?

Besides, the fact that Klaus had been on his best behaviour around her didn’t mean that she hadn’t heard the whispers about him; how his wolf seemed to delight in the kill, how none of his enemies could run fast enough to get away from his claws and teeth.

The stories of how Mikael’s body had been found still made the hairs of her neck stand up.

And, yet, she found herself nodding. It wasn’t like she had much choice, anyway. “Fine. When… When should we get married?”

Klaus shrugged, “As soon as possible, love. If you want a big party, that can buy us a couple of months, but even so, we can only get away with waiting until June before people start asking questions.”

Ugh, now that just wouldn’t do – was there anything tackier than a June wedding?

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DAY 3315

Jalsa, Mumbai                     Apr 25/26,  2017                    Tue/Wed  12:52 am

A hand painted poster of mine done by legendary artist SM Pandit from my film ‘Majboor’ .. what interesting and creative days those were .. and how unique this art used to be .. until the computerised imagery took over  ..!!

The main publicity emanated from these wonderfully creative hand painted posters of enormous sizes all over the city and indeed the entire country .. Delhi has now banned them .. Mumbai still survives .. but the effect of these banners has been overtaken by many other marketing means .. digital, TV, appearances, PC’s and trailer launches etc .,

None of these ‘exciting’ technologies were present then .. none of those then are present now .. and the cycle of time moves on .. films and film industries survive and progress and multiply, as must they should ..

My era depended upon the Screen paper and the adverts., of films it carried .. or the information the Trade paper carried .. perhaps just 1 at that time .. 

NOW ..

A million papers and periodicals carry publicity, marketing and such fare, not getting into the other modern methods just observed ..

Banners hand painted were avoided being put up during the monsoons, because the rain and wind would destroy the posters and the paint on them .. yet the masses came in millions .. but look at the efforts being made now to fill in those first 3 days in order to recover the investment .. cycles move on the tread water mill rotates ..

Unusual methodologies are practised these days to market the films under release .. TV shows .. that really have no reference to the content of the film are popular .. personal appearances at various vantage points to attract attention .. its like the election rallies and methods used by political parties to attract votes ..  write ups on front pages .. cover stories on prominent film magazines, or the like .. 

Just so ..

Just so, the audience does not forget the presence of the star or artist involved in the particular film .. the diversity and the extent of the content available today in the field of entertainment coerces one and all to do so be so and comply so !

It is discomforting for elders and old timers like me .. but we need to move with the time and time we do .. in smaller towns a rickshaw, the human peddled rickshaw carried a hand painted information banner on its sides, with a person on a home made microphone, announcing the arrival of a particular film, peddling through the city .. unusual methods are devised even now, but of a more sophisticated nature .. technically .. !!

Social media has become a huge tool .. many friends ask me to load up their links to their film on my medium and I regularly do so .. some sceptics ask why I promote others’ films .. why not ? .. if someone benefits from my Tweet or FB or Blog or Instagram, why does it bother them .. I am happy doing it !!

The medium of being heard and seen has undergone a revolution .. and each revolution has brought some benefit .. revolutions generally do .. not always .. some revolutions fail .. but most do not .. revolutions not just in the field of science, but in society and morality and politics too .. but of this a discussion later .. this be not the time for it ..

Days come at times when you just wish to sit idle and ponder .. nothing revolutionary .. just .. just some thoughts that invade you in your moment of most activity .. ‘to be or not to be’ of the Russian Hamlet .. divine concept .. being in the midst of the most complicated and intense lecture, yet be in thought of that IPL game that got washed out tonight .. !!

The little things and thoughts of life at times, bring in the most interest and excitement .. like .. 

Naaaah .. ! Not going to reveal them .. heheh .. !

Good night .. thats a revelation .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan

Doused in Bleach

So this is a scenario that popped up in my head. Originally I thought about writing it as a full-fledged story but I have too many going on right now and too many I want to do. So I decided to one shot it. I’ve never done a reader POV before and hope it’s alright. I was inspired by @sexintheseireitei and @soul-reaper-imagines so I hope this is enjoyed!


Doused in Bleach

By: bleachfanficfanatic

Sighing you step outside onto the terrace. The night sky is clear and the breeze chilly but you welcome it. The heat inside is just too much. That or perhaps it’s having had to endure the intense stare of a certain red headed shinigami. You sigh again, thinking back over the months you’ve been here, hiding in plain sight and trying to survive. Because you don’t belong here, not really. You’re not even sure how you got here but you know you have to get back.

You feel his eyes again, staring at your back but before he can make his way to you a gentler and less oppressive figure steps up next to you.

“Are you ok ____-chan?” Inoue-san asks you.

You turn and give her a small smile but you know she isn’t fooled. Inoue-san sees and understands more than anyone gives her credit for.

“Hai, Inoue-san, just…tired I guess. It’s been a long day.” You take another deep breath and push away from the balcony. “I think I’m going to head back, it was good to see you and Kurosaki-san again.” You smile for real this time; you love seeing these two so happy, finally together after everything they’ve been through.

She gives your hand a reassuring squeeze reminding you she’s there to talk if you want. You’re amazed at how welcoming and warm almost everyone has been since you got here. For the most part, they’ve respected your privacy, interpreting your reticence as either shyness or the result of significant trauma, which you know they know all too well. They just don’t know that you know way more than you should.

Because you’re really not from around here. They aren’t even supposed to be real. As you walk through the hall towards the main doors you think back to your first day here. The first day you woke up in the anime Bleach.

You should have known something was wrong the moment you woke up. You just didn’t feel…right. Stretching taught muscles your eyes opened and immediately you sucked in a deep breath. “Where the hell am I?” Looking at your surroundings you’d been startled to see plain wood walls and feel a decidedly uncomfortable futon mattress beneath your butt. Lifting your hand you’d almost screamed…you…you were animated!

Tearing out of the room your eyes widened further. You recognized this place, knew it as much as the back of your hand considering how much time you’d spent watching anime. You were in Soul Society. You were a soul! Not just a soul, but a death god, or at least one in training. Overwhelmed you ran like a freaking idiot only to collide with something hard.  


“Watch the fuck where you’re going!” a rough voice had said and you’d frozen on the ground.


Slowly your eyes trailed up landing on the face of the annoyed male towering over you. Abarai Renji, lieutenant of the sixth division. You just crashed into…Abarai-fukutaichou!


As if the whole situation couldn’t have gotten any worse the first words out of your mouth were, “Am I dead?”


He’d looked at you like you were crazy and at that moment you’d felt you were. It was all just too bizarre. A beat of silence passed before he reached down and hauled you to your feet effortlessly. “Be a little more careful next time,” he admonished a bit softer in tone and then left you standing gaping like a fish.

Your memories move in succession over the last few months. Somehow you and Renji always seemed to be running into each other. Eventually he began teasing that you were stalking him. You insisted that wasn’t the case. In your own mind you knew, if anything, you’d been trying to avoid him. You’d been trying to find a way back home but nothing was working.

“Come out for a drink with us ____-chan,” Renji had said one night standing with Ikkaku, Yumichika and Rangiku. Despite your protests the three shinigami easily dragged you to their favorite bar where you nursed a saucer of sake all night. The last thing you needed was for alcohol to loosen your tongue so you just enjoyed the moment with the three of them, your heart warm that they would want to include you.

And so it went, day after day, week after week you grew closer to all the people…no characters…from an anime you’d loved for so long. You eventually even met Ichigo and Orihime and every time you met someone “new” you had to hold back asking them tons of questions about things you, for all intents and purposes, had no business knowing about them. The effort to remain purposefully oblivious while maintaining the lies you’d told about yourself had become exhausting and you found yourself, as much as you had grown to love these people even more since getting to know them, missing your world and your home. Plus, this world was really fucking scary. The first time you’d gone on a mission was of course with Renji and you’d almost become hollow food.

“____-chan, watch out!” shouted Renji as a black claw almost took your head off. Thankfully being in the Bleach world had imbued you with the same abilities you’d seen countless times on TV but actually performing said abilities was another matter entirely. You were scared shitless and no matter how much you told yourself you were a shinigami and could do this your legs wouldn’t move. Your zanpakuto felt like heavy lead, trembling in your shaking hands. As the blow was just about to land an orange shield popped up. Inoue-san!


Sending a thankful glance her way you finally were able to get yourself to move, albeit in retreat rather than attack.


Eventually when the fighting was over you found yourself cornered by a very angry lieutenant.


“What the fuck was that? Were you trying to get yourself killed?” he bellowed and you decided he really was as scary in “real life” as you’d always thought he’d be. Tears stung the edges of your eyes but you fought them more valiantly than you had the hollow which had tried to kill you.


Ichigo stepped up then, placing a hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Hey Renji, let up a bit, she’s fine.”


Renji whirled around on him. “She’s supposed to be able to handle herself!” Turning back around his eyes held fire and…something else you weren’t sure of at the moment. “When we get back you can expect a fuck ton of training, got it _____-chan?” You nodded meekly and he walked away, leaving Orihime to comfort you.


He hadn’t lied. The bastard trained you during every spare moment the two of you had which was a lot more than you thought he should have given his responsibilities as a fukutachio, but you were never allowed to refuse. You could see the “special treatment” you were getting didn’t go unnoticed by the other members of division six but Renji either didn’t notice or didn’t care. You had no idea why he was so motivated to help you in particular but because you were under his command you had to go along with his orders.

Though he was tough on you, you were thankful for it when the next time you were sent on a mission with him you managed to take care of two hollows all on your own. The look of pride on his face had been unexpected as had the warm stirring in your heart. And that was when you realized you were in trouble and had to get out of there. You absolutely could not fall for Renji, not for real. Sure, you’d harbored a fierce crush on him while watching the anime and reading the manga (you’d always been a sucker for muscles and tattoos) but actually allowing yourself to truly fall for him was pure idiocy.

Just as you’d made this decision you began to pick up on the tell tale signs that something had shifted with him too. His gaze lingered a bit longer on you during roll call, he was still giving you private training lessons, coming up with any manner of excuse to get you alone and each time your heart was torn between elation and dread.

A particularly intense sparring match the previous evening had nearly undone all your resolve.

Renji had been being even more aggressive than usual, his hits and strikes harder, quicker, and more intense. A leg shot out catching your own sending you to the ground. Before you could get up Renji was on you, pinning your hands above your head and your hips under his own. You struggled but it was no use; he was just too damn strong. This felt like one of the scenarios you’d written in one of your own fanfics but this was…this was real!


Your heart was pounding, eyes half hooded looking up into his gorgeous face that was lined with sweat, the result of his relentless pursuit to put you into submission. A heated look, very different from anything you’d ever seen in his eyes, immobilized you more than his own form had. As if in slow motion he leaned down, his face getting closer and closer to yours, making your breath hitch. Just before he touched his lips to yours you breathed out, “Don’t, please.” The look in his eyes shifted from want to hurt and it pierced your heart but you couldn’t do it, you couldn’t allow this to happen no matter how much you wanted it to.


For just a moment you thought he wasn’t going to listen then chastised yourself; this was Renji. He was respectful and protective of you, even from himself because he finally rose to his feet. You knew how much you’d hurt him when he strode off without a word, not even bothering to help you up. As you heard the training room door slide shut firmly you allowed yourself some tears; you truly cared about that man but had to let him go. Anything more between you would just hurt you both more.


Just as you are about to make it to the door Rukia is blocking your path and she looks pissed. Without warning she pulls you aside and hisses out, “I don’t know what happened or what changed but know this, keep hurting Renji and I’ll hurt you!”

You’re shocked. “Kuchiki-taichou,” you begin slowly, trying to keep your voice even and respectful even though you are boiling mad, “I don’t know who told you what but there is not and never was anything going on between Abarai-fukutaichou and myself.”

Her grip on your sleeve moves in a flash to your collar. For someone so small she sure is strong. “Bullshit,” she spits viciously, “I’ve known him almost my whole life! I know him through and through and seeing him with you…”she trails off, her eyes softening marginally. Oh Kami-sama, has she finally realized how she feels about him and you are getting in the way of it? You, who has no intention of staying here once you’re able to find your way out, are a blockade to these two getting together?

“Kuchiki-taichou,” you say lowly easing your hand to hers that still grips your collar although much more loosely, “Forgive me for overstepping but…perhaps you see something between us because you finally see him for all he’s worth and you don’t want to lose him.”

You see the surprise in her eyes at your bold words but then she surprises you back by smiling faintly. “No, ____-chan, I’ve always known Renji’s worth. I love him, but it’s familiar love.”

“Then why are you so angry at me?” You can’t stop the question coming from your mouth.

She fixes you with a firm stare. “Because for the first time since I’ve known him I see him looking at someone like Ichigo looks at Orihime and I don’t want him hurt. So, whatever happened between you two, please…please fix it.” Her words pierce your heart and you can’t believe this is happening. You know how you feel but to hear from someone outside of the little bubble you and Renji had inadvertently created around yourselves that they see something deeper from him to you…it’s overwhelming.

Unable to say anything you nod. It’s a blatant lie, but you have to get out of here. Satisfied that is the best she is going to get from you Rukia returns to the party. Once the coast is clear you walk out the door.

Your sandals scrape against the gravel covered ground, the quiet of the night discomforting because it allows your thoughts to keep wandering back to Renji. How could you have let this happen? So lost in your own thoughts you don’t sense he’s near until it’s too late; not that you could get away anyway. Even with excessive training you’re still not that great at shunpo. Plus, Renji’s been trained by the best in the shunpo business outside of Yoruichi.

In another move straight out of a shoujo manga Renji has you pinned up against the wall of the nearest building. His hands are on either side of your head, his gloriously firm body pressed against yours. But what is holding you in place more than anything else is his eyes, always his eyes. They are full of pain, confusion, hurt, some anger and…faintly…hope.

“____-chan,” he says and his voice is raspy with the overlaid emotions, “Why are you running from me? I thought…” he trails off, averting his gaze for a moment before forcing it back to your own. He wants you to know how serious he is. “I thought…we have…had…something between us?”

You swallow the lump in your throat. This is it, you have to get him to believe there’s nothing here and he should just move on.


“Renji,” he interrupts and your downcast eyes shoot back up to his face. You shake your head. No, you can’t call him Renji, you can’t increase the already too deep intimacy between the two of you. You try to pull away forgetting the wall behind you but he sees the movement nonetheless and frowns. “____-chan, you…you’re not afraid of me, are you?”

Truthfully, yes, you’re terrified but it’s not because you think he’ll hurt you. It’s the complete opposite. You know, instinctively and from the little bit he’s allowed to show his care of you, that he’d been amazing as a significant other. So you shake your head, a few stray tears sliding down your cheeks. His calloused hands move to cup your face, thumbs brushing away the salty trails of pain and he leans his forehead against yours. Both of your eyes are closed, breaths mingling between you as the silence carries on.

“Tell me why,” he says breaking it, “Tell me why you told me to stop last night.”

You hitch your breath. You can’t open your eyes, can’t allow yourself to be swayed by his intense stare, the emotional storm brewing in his eyes.

“___-chan, look at me,” he says in a pleading tone and it cracks your heart more. He’s breaking through, slowly tearing down the wall you’d barely constructed to keep him out. Shit, you really are a weakling.

Opening your eyes you can’t believe how he looks. His face is completely open, completely vulnerable. Without a word he’s baring his heart and soul to you. Taking a deep breath you decide you owe him the truth. Hell, maybe it will make him think you’re crazy and he should stay the hell away from you. The thought hurts but you press on; this has to be done.

“Abarai-“ he fixes you with a glare and you amend to, “Renji.” He smiles faintly for the first time all night and it’s like seeing the sun after a heavy storm. Taking another deep breath you start again, “Renji, it’s not that you’re wrong. I…there is something between us…but mostly it’s lies.” You see confusion flash over his face but before he can speak you continue on, “You see, I…I haven’t been honest with you…at all. About….about who I am…where I came from…” you trail off.

He pulls back thankfully to give you some breathing room but stays close, his hands resting on your waist. “Tell me,” he says and you look back at him.

“Well, this is going to sound crazy but…I’m not from here and I’m not talking about Soul Society. I’m talking about…from this world…this whole world.” You can see he’s confused, who wouldn’t be by what you’re saying?

Huffing out in frustration with yourself you finally just spit it out. “Renji, I’m from a completely different world. A world where all of this,” you trail your hands and eyes around the two of you before fixing your eyes back on his face, “Where you…are not real. You’re all a part of a manga called Bleach.”

For a moment there is complete silence as he takes in your words. Then he bursts out laughing. Shocked at the loud sound you get angry. He’s laughing at you! You push against his chest but his grip only tightens. “Pretending to be crazy isn’t going to deter me ____-chan,” he chuckles. Were you not so pissed off you would think such a thing to be sweet. But he’s laughing at you, laughing at what you are, who you are, your world!

You push again, much more firmly and say with all the anger you can pull from your chest, “Get the fuck off me Abarai.” You see surprise in his face as he registers that you’re serious. You’re serious and you’re pissed. His surprise provides an opening and you slip from his grasp but you don’t make it far before he’s gripping your wrist again.

Before you can yell to let go he speaks. “Alright, ____-chan, let’s say you’re right, that all of this and all of us are really a part of a made up world. How the hell did you end up here then?” He turns to face you as he ends his question.

You feel your anger melting to be replaced by frustration. “If I knew that I would have already made it back to where I belong!” you say heatedly. You’re not prepared for what happens next. Renji pulls you violently into his arms, his lips colliding with yours in a heated, passionate kiss. A deep moan pulls from your throat and before you can stop yourself your hands are around his neck, finger tips digging into the base of his pony tail. His lips massage yours open, his tongue hot and wicked in your mouth stealing your very breath. His arms constrict around your waist tighter in an effort, you swear, to fuse your bodies together.

Finally he pulls back and you both suck in air. Trailing a hand through your hair he grasps the back of your head, firmly holding you still to look into his eyes. “Where you belong,” he says throatily, “is with me.”

Any protest on your part dies in another searing kiss. You’ve wanted this, oh Kami-sama how you have, for so long. It was as if you’d been drawn to him like a magnet and the efforts to alter your polarization has left you weak willed and vulnerable. Renji Abarai, the Renji Abarai, just basically confessed that he wants you.


“Renji,” you breathe out as his mouth moves to suckle your throat sending tingles down your spine. God he’s good at this! Your brain is muddled, fogging more and more the longer he kisses your skin, holds you close, as if you’re his lifeline.

You don’t remember moving but soon you’re down on your back on a futon; his futon. You’re in his private quarters and he’s pinned you to his bed. Kami-sama help you, this is going too fast! It’s not like you’ve never done this before but it was always with someone you were established with. Pushing on his shoulder gets him to briefly come out of his lust filled haze to look down at you.

You’re both breathing hard, chests rising and falling as you struggle to gain back your breath.

“Renji,” you start again, “I…I can’t do this…I’m not meant to be here and taking things this far is just going to hurt both of us.”

He leans down, kissing you gently. His tenderness pulls at your heart and you can’t stop yourself from kissing him back. Pulling away again he trails his hand down the side of your face. His eyes are full of adoration and a slight smirk quirks his lips up. “____-chan, I don’t care if it’s for one more day or until the end of our lives, I want you. I want to be with you, for as long as we have. Please,” he leans down and kisses your neck again pulling a sigh from your lips, “Please let me show you how much I love you.”

Your breath hitches; love? He loves you?! No one…no one has ever said those words to you, never made you feel like you were the most important person in their whole world, or rather made you their whole world. It’s overwhelming and humbling and terrifying all at once because you allow yourself to embrace what you’ve known for a while now; you’ve fallen in love with him too.

“Show me,” you whisper and you feel him pause, possibly from shock that you’ve suddenly agreed. But the next moment he’s flung himself up to his knees and pulled open his kosode. Rippling muscles and tattoos emerge before your hungry gaze. You’ve seen him like this, of course, in all the manga and images you’ve looked up, but nothing compares to it in real life. Leaning up you trail your hands over his heated skin.

“Kami-sama, you’re gorgeous,” you whisper and he grins at you. Clearly the ego had been stroked but you don’t care, you’ve been lying to him since day one and you’re not going to lie to him now. He reaches down and undoes your hakama-himo, pulling apart your layers quickly but gently. When you are bare before him in nothing but a bra and panties his trails his heavy gaze over you, almost like a caress.

Leaning down his rock hard chest presses against your breasts and you sigh. He really is all muscle. Lips tease the skin of your neck, trailing up to your ear whose lobe gets nipped playfully. Strong arms wrap around you and pull up your torso to get access to the clasp of your bra. With one flick of his wrist it’s released and your breasts spill out.

Once you’re on your back again Renji looks at you once more. “You are so fucking beautiful,” he whispers before latching onto a pert nipple and sucking firmly.

“Oh god Renji,” you breath and feel him grin against your skin. His mouth and tongue are weapons of mass pleasure inducement and you can feel your panties becoming soaked with your own essence the longer he laps and suckles your breasts, switching back and forth between the two and alternating the mouth action with a firm massage from his hand. Soon you feel his fingers teasing over your covered core and you groan at this touch, your hand flying to the back of his head and gripping his hair firmly.

He chuckles. “Seems someone’s eager,” he teases and you smack his back making him laugh.

The next moment cool air hits your heated center when the panties are ripped from your body. You’ve read and written this scenario a dozen times but experiencing it is so much better. One finger and then two enter you and your rasping out, “Renji!” The next second you’re moaning loudly as his tongue caresses your folders, teasing you by staying just out of reach of where you really want him. Bucking up your hips you whimper, “Please Renji, please.”

“Well, since you asked so nicely,” he rumbles against your thigh then plunges his tongue fully into you making you scream out.

He delves deeper, pushing what you have now determined to be your most favorite muscle he possesses, further into your dripping core.

“Oh god, Renji, yes, yes, please!” you beg and finally he circles your clit once with his tongue before latching his lips over it and sucking hard. You are sure your throat will be raw tomorrow from your screaming and also sure anyone within a ten mile radius of his home will know just who is doing what to you. But none of that matters because Renji Abarai has just given you the best orgasm of your life and he loves you.

You barely catch your breath before his hakama are whipped off and he’s plunging his full length into you. “Oh shit,” you cry out but it feels so good. You finally open your eyes and when they meet his you can’t help but smile pulling a grin to his lips as well. He leans down and kisses you firmly, tongue slicing through the seam of your mouth to plunder your depths above as he does the same below. His thrusts are hard and fast, his pent up lust and desire for you clearly having been held by a very thin string. That knowledge burns through your veins and as he pounds into you, you cry out, “I love you!”

His sudden halt of motion startles you. He leans down kissing you softly. Then maintaining eye contact he commands, “Tell me again.”

You smile. “I love you.” A firm thrust makes your breath catch.

He kisses you harder then breathes out, “Again, tell me again, ____-chan.”

“I love you Renji, I love you,” you say over and over because it’s true. You’ve finally allowed someone in, someone who sees potential in you and pushes you towards greatness. Someone who is passionate and sweet and caring despite his rough exterior. Someone you can literally trust with your life. Someone who won’t run away when things are hard, who will chase you when you run though you’re never going to run again.

“I love you ____-chan,” he breathes into your ear and you shudder.

He picks up the pace again, driving into you harder than before. Reaching between your legs he caresses your clit and you scream out, another orgasm surprising you.

“Oh fuck,” he growls and you can feel him coming, his warmth spreading all the way to the center of your body. When it’s over he lays on top of you kissing your forehead, your cheeks and then your lips. Cupping your face with one hand, the other occupied with keeping his full weight off of you he trails his thumb back and forth across your cheek.

“I’m yours, ____-chan, for as long as you’re here and for as long as you’ll have me,” he says looking into your eyes.

You’re overwhelmed, tears of joy trailing down your cheeks. Craning your neck up you kiss him. “As long as I’m with you, I’m home,” you say and truly believe it.

Kuro/Mahiru: one step at a time

I’ve been sick during the past week and sort of wrote this to distract myself a little. Is not my best and if I have to be honest, I’m quite not satisfied with it but it helped me to get my mind off other stuff so.. it was worth it in the end. 

I just wanted to write some little thoughts focused on how Kuro’s life changed after he met Mahiru so, there’s some hints of KuroMahi between the lines (I just couldn’t help myself okay!) I’m not sure if it counts as an AU, but I did not mention anything about him being a vampire so  *coughs*

Thanks a bunch @canthydefromthelicht, @crossingworld, @tina-nightray@sleepyshirota & @just-servamp-trash for the support. You all motivated me to actually finish this!! Hope you enjoy it!~ 

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For You Alone

@theybecameanimagi inspired me to write this snippet xP

Arian hadn’t seen Cullen since he had revealed the horrors of his past to her, along with the fact that he was struggling with his lingering addiction to lyrium. And although she had respected his wishes for some time alone while he coped with everything, she couldn’t help but worry about his well-being in the meantime.

He had been so… scared that day, so frail and disturbed. It was completely unlike the Cullen she had experienced up until that point - the Cullen who tried to mask everything with his commandeering facade. She wasn’t blind to the amount of torment the man was struggling with, and although seeing him so distraught should have perturbed her, she found her heart aching for him even moreso than it had previously. 

She loved him. There wasn’t even a loud choir sounding out to deem her observations real; Arian had known she’d loved him for quite some time now, perhaps since the very first time they spoke.

His only concern, his only conclusion that day in his office had been that resuming lyrium use was the solution to commanding their army properly, but she wouldn’t hear any of it. The blasted substance was the only thing holding him back from a proper life - and she wouldn’t risk losing him to it, no matter the cost. All she wanted from him was to get better - to the Void with how the remainder of the Inquisition felt about the matter. From what Cassandra alone had told her, Cullen spent every waking moment trying to do what he felt was right for the sake of others, it was time that others set their time aside to ensure their general didn’t lose his mind.

As the Inquisitor walked along the battlements a couple days later, she was surprised to find the man of her thoughts standing near the spot where they had first kissed, gazing out beyond the Frostbacks with a blessedly serene look to his features. She felt her cheeks quirk when he slowly breathed in the chilly air, a ghost of a smile finding its way onto his own.

“I wanted to thank you,” she suddenly heard him say, and realized he must’ve heard her approaching. She felt her heart pound erratically when he turned to face her, mumbling a series of starters before eventually settling on “This sounded much better in my head,” as he went to scratch the back of his neck.

There he is.

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megansarah11  asked:

Soulmate au where they don't see color until they meet klaroline(and if you make them vampires that would be interesting since klaus did lots of painting before he met Caroline)

Ugh this took me so long and it still turned crappy, sorry :/ hope u like it anyway! I always have a hard time writing canon lol On FF

I Hate You, But Thank You

Klaus had drawn for a millennia, most of them crayon based portraits - black and white, as that was all he could ever see; for him, it still held unimaginable beauty, after all it was all he knew. Even if he had heard the wonders of color and how much it intensified the world surrounding them - Klaus thought everyone mad for thinking such silly things. As if someone else could change your life so fully - soulmates giving color to someone’s life - how could that ever be true?

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The Ice Master

Yay!  It’s Kristoff weekend!

Rating: K

The sign above was freshly painted and affixed to the wall and overhead from the second story with a rather large piece of metal and ornate finial jutting out.  It was a sturdy fixture and would take some effort to remove.  But that was not the plan.  It hung there solid and strong; a silent declaration of permanence.

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Reconnection (a Zen fic-series)

a/n: well hello everyone!! it’s been forever i know….. i actually wrote this quite a while ago with the intention to post it but aaa… idk…. anyways. i hope you guys like it! let me know what you think!! and if you’re at all interested in the continuation!! love you guys so much. thank you for being patient with me. ♥

You were mid-laugh when your eyes locked with him from across the café.  The connection lasted less than a second, but your laughter dissolved and your smile nearly faded completely. You snapped your happy demeanor back as quickly as it went, however. Your hope being that the man sitting across from you hadn’t noticed.  Turning to face him again, though, you knew he had.

“Something wrong?” he asked with a look of only mild concern on his face.

The man you were sharing a drink with was named Joowon. You knew him from work. Your relationship with him wasn’t exactly professional any longer, but it was definitely platonic.

You chuckled lightly in response to his question, contemplating how to answer. Was there really a reason to try and cover it up? You were close with Joowon after all. He’d get it out of you eventually, anyways.

“My ex is here,” you said finally.

Joowon grimaced in a sympathetic way. “Bad break, then?”

You flashed him a small, almost sad smile before responding. “No, actually.”

“Could’ve fooled me,” Joowon said before nonchalantly taking a sip of his coffee.

You hummed softly in response, trying to decide if you should give him more details. It would be nice to get it out. Especially to someone who wasn’t intimately familiar with both you and your ex. He ended up deciding for you while you were lost in thought.

“So, are you gonna elaborate or just deprive me of the details?” he said with a cheeky grin.

He was trying to get you to smile as the atmosphere had suddenly become a bit too tense for his liking, but he was also genuinely interested. His interest spurred from concern of course, though only in part. Truly, he was just very curious as you rarely talk about personal matters such as this.

You took a long sip from your own coffee, closing your eyes and mentally preparing yourself for the untouched feelings you were about to bring to the surface once more. You had been ignoring the nagging thoughts of words left unsaid and things left undone for months. Perhaps it was time to finally face them.

“It happened slowly,” you began while placing your cup down on the table between the two of you. “Like watching something die… powerless to stop it.”

Joowon studied your features intently, wondering if maybe he should withdraw his curiosity.

You continued however, with little hesitation. “It was my fault, truly.”

Joowon started to protest, thinking you were just beating yourself up. You waved him off, though, insisting what you had said was completely truthful.

“Let me explain.”

And so you did. You detailed how your mind and heart began to wander and how you foolishly thought there was something more out there waiting for you. As you spoke, you stole glances in your ex’s direction. Only succeeding in fueling the emotions that had begun to bubble as you told your story.

“It was only ever intended to be a break… time to figure things out,” you said after you’d finished explaining how it had gotten to that point. “But, we didn’t know how to just be friends anymore… and eventually we just stopped talking altogether.”

You took a moment to collect your thoughts after having just spoken about something you’d vowed to keep inside you. You stared at your hands, wondering how it came to be that your ex had shown up here today. Though, the realization hit you suddenly. It wasn’t such a ludicrous thing for him to have been here at this specific café. You two had come here a lot when you were together after all. How you hadn’t realized it until then was truly telling of how much you’d tried to forget him. Part of you knew, though. It had been you who suggested this location to meet with Joowon today. Your subconscious memories of him influenced that decision, clearly.

“Do you still have feelings for him?” Joowon’s voice broke through your thoughts, startling you a bit.

You lifted your gaze and turned it to fully look at your ex as he chatted with one of the baristas. He hadn’t seemed to change a bit. Frozen in time; beautiful as always.

Your eyes were still tentatively glued to him as you responded to Joowon. “I… don’t know.”

Was that true? Or had you just convinced yourself that it was?

“Well, I’m no expert, but it seems there might be something unresolved there.”

He was right, truly; you knew that. But, what could you do about it now? After so much time had passed? Your eyes fell back to your hands.

“There’s not much that can be done about it now,” you smiled weakly as you voiced your thoughts.

In another effort to break the uncomfortable tension, Joowon suggested something of a game. “Let me see if I can guess which guy in here is your ex.”

You looked up at him, smiling wider than you had previously. “Good luck.”

“I’ll definitely need that luck. There’s an alarming number of dudes by themselves in here today.” he chuckled before sweeping his gaze around the café.

“Okay… how about the brunette leaning a bit too close into his laptop?” he suggested.

You didn’t even have to search for the man to know that he was wrong. Your ex was no brunette. You told him to try again, silently worrying what would be said when he finally did guess correctly.

“The dude in the green sweater who seems to be in an intimate relationship with his phone?”

Wrong again. You had stared at your ex long enough earlier to know that he was wearing a leather jacket. His favorite leather jacket, in fact. You shook your head with a small laugh, telling him to try again.

“So, I wasn’t going to guess this guy, but I’m all out of likely suspects,” he explained.

You scanned the café, seeing the two he had guessed previously and silently agreeing you would have been a bit offended had he guessed any of the other lone guys here.

“There’s a guy with long, silver hair over there staring intently at a stack of papers… is it him?”

You almost immediately told him he was right but thought of what he said previously. “Why weren’t you going to guess him?”

Joowon shrugged. “He’s attractive enough, just doesn’t seem to be your type is all.”

“I see…” you trailed off.

Joowon’s eyes widened a bit. “I’m right then?”

You nodded, a tiny blush rising to tint your cheeks ever so slightly.

“Really? Huh…” he rubbed his chin, seeming to think about it for a moment. “What does he do?”

You shifted in your seat, a bit uncomfortable with the fact that he could now put a face to your ex’s name. “He’s a musical actor.”

Joowon raised an eyebrow but quickly shrugged it off. “I think you should try and talk to him.”

Now that really made you laugh.

“Laugh all you want, but I’ve noticed him stealing a few glances in our direction,” he said, crossing his arms across his chest. “Although he looked a bit… put off a couple times.”

The residual smile from your previous laughter curled into a coyer one. “I can guess why.”

You continued to smile to yourself, recalling how easily your ex became jealous. Though you doubted his current motivator was jealousy. He was always protective, especially in regards to other men, even before you two had gotten together. Your heart skipped a beat at the realization that he must still care at least enough about you to worry for your safety.

“What do you have to lose by talking to him?” Joowon asked suddenly.

A great many things came to mind. You had no way of knowing your ex’s feelings or where he currently was in life. So much could have changed since you last spoke.

You shook your head, still smiling. “And how do you propose I initiate this conversation?”

Joowon leaned back in his seat, really seeming to give it some thought.  Why he seemed so intent on helping you reconnect with your ex was beyond you.

After a brief moment, he leaned forward once more and placed his clasped hands on the table. “Finish your coffee, go throw away your cup, and just sit down across from him.”

You gave him an incredulous look – he can’t be serious. “’Just sit across from him?’” you repeated his words.

Your companion simply nodded as if to say “Why not?”. He couldn’t see anything going wrong with that scenario.

You could, of course. Briefly, you thought of your ex being cold to you or even outright ignoring you. However, you quickly cursed at yourself for thinking that way. Your ex didn’t have the heart to be that way. Of that, you were sure. At least… mostly sure. You cursed yourself again for doubting yourself. But, that evil, little voice in your head was being particularly loud right now.

You looked to Joowon, who was looking back at you expectantly. “…Fine…” you said with a sigh.

You had agreed, but if you would really go through with it was another thing entirely. You kept thinking of everything that could go wrong as you downed your last gulp of coffee. However, Joowon’s encouraging smile gave you a tiny confidence boost as you got up to throw away your cup.

Trying not to walk to close to your ex’s table, you made your way to the trash can, taking the long way around to reach it. After tossing the cup in the bin, you braced yourself against it and steeled yourself. You really had no idea what to expect from speaking to him. A million thoughts were going through your head. Taking a deep breath, you turned around, nearly marching towards your ex’s turned back. You rounded his unaware form and swiftly took the seat across from him.

He looked up at this point of course, his warm, red eyes almost chilling you. The look on his face mirrored your own. It was a look of confusion and of subtle pain. Pain stemming from everything that still hung in the air left unsaid when you two had parted ways.

“Hello, Zen,” you managed to say with a tiny smile.

Finally - Chapter 7: Bunny

aka: 9 times Jay tries to win Voight over (intentionally and not so intentionally) and the 1 time he doesn’t need to.

Also on and AO3.

Many, many thanks to @justkillingtimewhileiwait for all of her help, listening to me bounce ideas off her, ramble on about what I wanted to write and mostly, the beta-ing. You are awesome! :)

Jay wasn’t waiting. He really wasn’t. If he couldn’t sleep and was instead laying on their bed, playing solitaire on his tablet, it was simply because he wasn’t tired. Even if they had started the day at nearly 6 a.m. and it was currently nearing 11 at night. It definitely was not because he was waiting for Erin to get home, worried about how her meeting with her mother had gone. Or was going, if that was the case. With Bunny, Jay could never tell if she truly wanted to see her daughter or the cop she was. And with Erin being the woman she was, she would give Bunny the time of day he would not if she believed her mother might have the tiniest inkling of actually wanting to be her mother.

Not that that would be the case today. Not after Bunny had approached them whilst heading back to the precinct after grabbing some lunch together, asking Erin for some time to talk. Insisting she come over to her place that evening, which Erin had brushed off and said she would meet her at the bar she was working at again, the only decent job the fickle woman could hold down.

And especially not when the two of them knew that Bunny’s new ‘friend’ was clearly a drug dealer, if not her supplier. As much as Jay had wanted to tell Erin exactly what he thought of her mother, something he had done so previously and numerously, he knew she still felt the primal need as her daughter to perhaps try to help her. To save her. Because if she could do it, then why couldn’t her mother?

Contemplating opening up Erin’s game of Candy Crush, which he knew she would kill him for but sometimes payback was a bitch when she had no need to play on his tablet, Jay froze as he heard the lock turn and the front door creak open.

He’d left the living room light on as was their tradition when one was home before the other, and he waited for her to appear in the bedroom doorway for a few seconds longer than he was happy to.

Hearing her keys being thrown onto the table by the door, her gun a heavy thump next to it, Jay got to his feet and left the tablet behind on the bed as he made his way out.

“Erin-” he began quietly, not wanting to disturb the quietness of the night. The words died on his tongue, no longer wanting to know what had happened when he saw the nasty bruise darkening her jaw, the corner of her bottom lip split.

She had spun towards him at his voice, having not heard him approach. “I’m okay, I’m okay,” she assured him, heading to grab some ice from the fridge dispenser with a tea towel in her hand.

“You’re not okay, Erin,” Jay all but snapped, unable to control the red hot rage that burnt inside of him at the sight of her marred features. He reached her in a few strides, gently skimming his fingertips over the other side of her jawline in a complete contrast to how he felt. Somehow, she managed to bring it out in him, cooling his hotheadedness and calming impulsive actions. The injury was hidden by the makeshift ice pack she was pressing to both her jaw and lip, so he instead tilted her head up to meet her eyes. “Who did this to you?”

“Don’t-” she began, but he knew the answer the second the question left his mouth.

“It was him, wasn’t it? That dealer Bunny’s been hanging out with recently? Is that why she wanted to see you?” he asked in rapid fire, not even giving her the time to reply to one before the next question slipped out.

“Jay, please-” Erin tried again, her voice somehow calm and soothing though he failed to hear it over his own anger. Dropping his hand from her face, he took a step back and held onto the counter behind him in an iron knuckle grip instead.

“I’m going to kill him,” he stated venomously, features hardening as he conjured up the man’s face in his mind from the brief look that afternoon, and imagining him even daring to lay a hand on his girlfriend, his partner. Jay had no problem with returning the favour ten-fold.

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CHASING SUNS: Chapter 12 Sync

2,062 words


Tagging the baes with soulmate fics of their own, @nifwrites and @blindbae

She had to tell him.

Or show him, for that matter. Cam whipped back against the side of the building, pulled out her phone and opened the camera, sticking only the lens passed the door frame and snapped multiple shots. She checked to see they were in focus, cringing at how clear they turned out before she tiptoed around the building and headed for the showers.

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anonymous asked:

Ironwinter "You need to go." or "I don't want you." because I could use some angst please.

Is this angsty enough for you, nonnie? Because I aim to please ;D

Of all the terrible things Bucky had done, this might actually be the worst. Tony was staring at him in confusion, coffee cup halfway to his lips. Perhaps Bucky should have picked a better time for this, but he wanted to get it over with as soon as possible.

“I’m sorry, what?” Tony asked, but his words lacked their usual confidence.

“I said, we should break up.” Bucky managed to maintain eye contact, but it took everything he had.

Tony blinked, his coffee cup lowering. Bucky could see the walls beginning to slam shut — Tony always hid behind them when he felt insecure or hurt.

“Okay. I admit that was sudden.” Tony sounded indifferent, but Bucky knew better. It was the carefree kind of nonchalance that Tony used whenever he felt like he’d lost control of the situation. Unsurprisingly, his boyfriend of six months suddenly dumping him without warning qualified as one of those times.

With effort, Bucky kept going, reminding himself that he had to do this. There was no other way. “Yeah, I know,” he said. “We gave it a try, but I don’t think it’s gonna work.”

Bucky hated himself.

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anonymous asked:

Seraphina and percival share abernathy as a on call office booty call . Mostly because he's hung and no one would ask questions about why a director of a department went to talk with another or what motives the president would have for a private meeting. Abernathy is a very very tired man.

(( @seasons-gredence  @shameisaname​   Warning for… angst??? Not sure.  It’s not angsty -to me- but I know some of ya’ll react to these stories with sad faces for some reason. Quickly written romance. Mature but no porn))

Originally posted by valliamerie

In the beginning, they didn’t know that they’d been sharing him.  Percival in the wee hours of the morning before the workday was in full swing.  Seraphina during her afternoon break for lunch.  Abernathy wasn’t the type to complain.  Especially not when the extra effort to show up early and work through his break was rewarded so generously.

Especially when said ‘work’ was allowing two rather good-looking superiors to straddle him in plush office chairs and have their way with his body.

((If you don’t see a ‘keep reading’ link or a continuation of this story underneath this parenthesis, open this post in your browser instead of the app))

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