perhaps the dreams are made of soulmates

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Genre: Fluff / Angst

Pairing: BaekhyunxOC

Summary: They say we’re all bound to our soulmates. So what will happen to your four year relationship with Baekhyun when he finally found his “The One”?

A/N: This would be my first ever story, idk what i’m actually doing hehe this is quite short since it’s just the beginning, I’d make the next chapters longer :-)

You shot up to a sitting position gasping for air. You were sweating and your hands were trembling.

When your mind was a little clearer, you looked at the clock on your bedside table processing the time.

10:24 am it read

You overslept again.

And you had a bad dream.

Yet again.

Not long after, Baekhyun came to your shared room looking so worried. He rushed to your side and sat on the bed and held your cheek in one hand.

“What’s wrong, Y/N? Are you having a bad dream again?” He asked while rubbing circles with his thumb on your smooth cheek.

You only nodded and he sighed.

It had been the same dream for 3 consecutive nights. You would see Baekhyun standing not very far from you with a sad look in his eyes. You would try reaching out to him but whenever you do a girl would always appear from behind him, wrapping her arms around him. Baekhyun would be staring right back at you which was why it felt so real. He would slowly turn around to face the girl, entwining their fingers. You would panic and try calling out to him but whenever you tried to, no voice came out and suddenly there would be a tightening in your chest. You couldn’t breathe, it was like you were drowning. That’s why you always ended up gasping for air when you wake up.

It was strange, and you wanted to know why you were having this dream over and over again. Perhaps it was your fear that you and Baekhyun have a soulmate waiting for each of you was why you were having them. You tend to overthink which was a bad habit Baekhyun wanted you to stop. He just didn’t like seeing you stressing yourself.

“Baby, look at me” He said in a soft voice. You looked at him listlessly.

“It won’t happen, okay?” He tried reassuring you.


“No, listen Y/N-”

“No, Baek listen to me.” You pleaded which made Baekhyun stop talking. He just looked at you with those loving eyes, egging you to continue. He wanted to know what was bothering you. He wanted to ease your pain.

“We’ve been together for four years…”

”And we would be together for four more, and another four, we’d be together until we run out of fours…”

”No….we won’t. Even if we wanted to” You said dejectedly. He removed his hand on your cheek and stared at you with a hurt expression. He looked like a kicked puppy right now and you just wanted to hug and kiss him but you needed to get this out. It was eating you from the inside.

“Four years and you had been nothing but good to me. You were always by my side the same way as I was with you. I wouldn’t ask for a more perfect relationship even if I could. But…..but there would come a time we would have to let go, you know? And I- I can’t….” You swallowed the lump in your throat, not daring to look up.

“Cause sadly, I don’t get a say in this, Baekhyun. And neither do you.” You said. You didn’t even noticed you were crying until a tear fell on your lap. You weakly continued, head hung low.

“It’s inevitable. You will find your soulmate the same way I would find mine. We’re both bound to fall in love with someone else and where does that put either of us? Who finds their soulmate first? Tell me Baek, who would break first?” At this point you were only slurring out the words. You couldn’t speak properly because you were a crying mess and Baekhyun quickly took you in his embrace. Your head was on his chest, tucked in between his arms and he had this strong yet gentle hold on you. Strong enough to let you know that he doesn’t want to let go but gentle enough to give you a choice. So you did choose. And you chose to let him.

“Hey, no one’s leaving no one, alright? I love you so much and I won’t let some stupid destiny-soulmate shit ruin us. If I meet my soulmate, I would kindly ask her to leave me alone since I already have the love of my life right here in my arms. And if ever you find yours, well, I would beat the living daylights out of him until he’ll personally back down from being your soulmate.” He told you softly and it made you chuckle a little although you were still crying. There was something with the way he said it that made you want to believe his words.

“Baekhyun?” You called out after a few minutes of comfortable silence. He hums in reply as he keeps drawing invisible shapes to your back, soothing you.

“You’re such an idiot.”

You couldn’t see his face but when he kissed the crown of your head, you could feel the smile forming on his lips.

“I know, sweetheart. But you love me anyway.”

And you didn’t say anything because he was right. You did love him anyway.

“God, for a second there I really thought you were breaking up with me.” He spoke after a few seconds had passed. You couldn’t stop the giggle that escaped your lips.

“You just started talking about how long we have been together and how thankful you were for having me, I was about to have a panic attack you know!” You rolled your eyes playfully at him even though he coudn’t see you. But knowing Baekhyun, you knew that he knows.

“You’re being dramatic, Baek” You retorted and you heard him snort.

“I wasn’t the one crying!” He held you tighter while he laid back down on the bed bringing you down with him. He kissed the side of your face then whispered,

“And besides, I just can’t afford to lose you, Y/N. I love you too much.”

You only hummed in response. He looked at you in disbelief.

“I just declared my love for you and you won’t even say it back?”

“Hmmmmm… time”

“You are unbelievable.”

“And you love me anyway.” You copied his words from earlier.

It was Baekhyun now who didn’t say anything else but kissed you while he entangled his limbs with yours because you were right. He did love you anyway. 

You ended up cuddling in bed for an hour and you wanted to stay like that a little longer but Baekhyun had other things in mind.

“Come on stinky let’s go take a shower, we’re doing groceries today” He said nudging you on your cheek with his nose.

You grumbled because you didn’t want to go anywhere today. You just wanted to stay in Baekhyun’s embrace because it was really warm and comfy. Baekhyun felt like home.

“Baby~ let’s goooo~ we need to do the groceries” He urged and he was about to let go of you but you held him tighter.

“Can’t we just stay in bed? I like you hugging me like this and plus, I really have a bad feeling about this day.” You whined like a child. It was true, you felt like something bad was going to happen once you step outside the apartment building and your gut feeling always turned out correct.

Baekhyun found you adorable and almost gave in to your request. But responsibilities are responsibilities. You could always order take out but he wanted to cook something special for you today since you have been so stressed lately. He also loves doing groceries with you because it made him feel like you were a married couple. He also loves showering with you. He just loves doing everything with you. Period.

“Nothing bad is going to happen, silly. Babyyyy I swear you’re just overthinking again. Come on, let’s do the groceries. I love doing the groceries with you.” To your dismay, he was very adamant about his decision. He separated from the hug but immediately held your hand and kissed the back of it.

“Come on, I’ll show the world just how beautiful my wife is. But first, let’s take a bath.” He smiled at you adoringly before pulling you along with him.

“I’m not even your wife, Baek.” You blushed. He was just being his usual sweetheart self but you could never get use to it. 4 years into the relationship and he could still make your heart flutter.

“Hmmmmm….maybe not yet. But we’ll get there.” 

“I can take a bath on my own, you know.” You pouted.

“I know, but you love showering with me.” 

“I do not.” 

“Nuh-uh, that’s not what you were screaming when I was balls deep in you yesterday in the shower-”

“Oh my god Baek!!!” You hit his arms playfully with your free hand. You covered your face in embarrassment.

He smiled cheekily and crinkled his nose at you.

“I’m just kidding, sweetheart” He said while he took your hand away from your face and kissed the tip of your nose before entering the bathroom.

Your “morning shower” took approximately one hour and thirty minutes.

The car ride was filled with laughter and random topics. This is another thing you loved about Baekhyun, being with him was so comfortable. You never ran out of anything to talk about because your thoughts just seem to align with his. He’d steal some chaste kisses whenever he had the chance and you weren’t complaining. It was a 20 minute ride to the small grocery store but it felt like it wasn’t enough.

You and Baekhyun were enjoying each other’s company while walking down from aisle to aisle searching for what to buy, making some good old jokes here and there. Baekhyun was half way through his corny joke when he came to an abrupt halt. You looked at him and his eyes were wide open while he had a hand to his chest, as if checking his heart rate. 

“Hey what’s wrong?” You asked worriedly. 

He didn’t answer you and spun around to look at something or rather, someone. You turned your head towards what he was looking at and you saw a girl staring back at him in wide shock. You’re eyebrows furrowed. They were exchanging knowing glances while you were there left confused. 

Who is she? A friend? A cousin? An ex girlfriend? You grimaced at the last one. An ex girlfriend was something you don’t want her to be. 

“You…” both of them said at the same time which would be cute in a different situation but right now, oh no, Baekhyun was YOUR man. He can’t be cute with anyone else BUT you.

“Baekhyun, who is she?” you asked with an edge in your voice too evident to be missed. You were panicking on the inside. You knew whatever this is that was going on between them must be stopped. This made them snap out of their little trance and the girl shifted her gaze almost looking apologetically to you which you returned with a sharp one. You were not going to back out from the staring contest until Baekhyun cleared his throat and spoke, voice sounding soft similar to a doctor breaking down the news to its dying patient, 

“Y/N….I think I found my soulmate" 


You didn’t know what to say. You couldn’t move from where you were. You didn’t know how to handle the situation because you weren’t ready for it. You weren’t ready for this. 

It suddenly hit you like a speeding train. Those weren’t bad dreams you were having. They were signs. They were warning you for the impending tragedy that was happening right now.

This was why you didn’t want to leave the apartment because something inside you knew that this was going to happen.

Baekhyun was looking at you. Like he was waiting for an answer. “What now?” was what his eyes were silently asking you. 

And you couldn’t do anything else but look back, silently asking him too. 

Perhaps her being an ex girlfriend didn’t sound so bad after all.

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