perhaps it's the angle

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you are always welcome to post all of your warm up draws because oh my gosh, my heart is ready to be broken and everything. ahhhh, I'm so scared to see what direction you're heading with Reigen, may it not be unsalvageable. And y'know, I also can't help but remember the really angsty au dream you had where the universe was against Reigen and Mob being together, and Reigen just sacrificing his life on Mob's graduation, so like is Reigen going to give up his life for Mob to come back????

that’s quite another idea you have there

Oh my goodness. I need to giggle about this for a minute.

(gif credit to amelliwood )

Just. When Stephen turns around to punch that guy, THAT FUCKING FACE HE MAKES. Eyebrows popping high, eyes wide, mouth open–presumably making punching sound effects, I’d bet. That is just hilarious.

And poor thing, if it were actual-Oliver making that face, way to telegraph your moves, buddy.