I think we lost it:

the madness that arises day to day

with each miniscule chance

that builds upon a quirk of a 3D puzzle 

and parades itself before the world.

We’re witnesses with deaf eyes

and each day is a bit foggier than before,

so here,

let me breathe over your window

then wipe away the condensation

with clumsy smiley faces and hearts,

recreating fresh the serendipity 

in your childlike heart.  

When I woke up

I checked my phones. Oo dalawa. Get-away sim ko yung isa. 10 lang ata nakakaalam nun, people close to me. Whenever I feel sad lang. Ginagamit ko din yung isa. Yun yung sim na ginamit ko nung kami pa nung ex ko. Nandun lahat ng messages e. One of the steps how to move on? No communication di sa pagiging bitter. pero this is the only way to start :)

My Tito called me early this morning. After, nagtext siya sakin.

Tito; Okay ka lang? Pressured ka, alam ko. college ka na.

Me; Ha? Nope, okay lang :)

Tito; What’s up with the voice

Me; Ah, ang bigat lang ng pakiramdam ko kanina.

Tito; A boy! Break?

Me; Ha? Oo, 2 weeks ago..

Tito; Kaya ka ba nagpalit ng number?

Me; Yup?

Tito: Dapat di ka nalang nagpalit ng number. Let him text you. call you. Minsan, kaming mga lalake you should let us. Pag kami nag-stop of what we’re doing.. Then that’s when you should know.. He’s not worth it. 


It’s 2am nao And Im still awake. I’m remembering my old e-mail adds, passwords and I can’t. I hope one day, I’ll forget old people in my life that made me overthink tonight just as I cant remember my old accounts. Hahaha kidding. Thank you old people in my life, You made me stronger and weizeeeeeer ☺ ☺ ☺

Rmmbrngoldmemorablepeopleinmylife.. Past I’ll always remember and keep in mind all the lessons I learned :’) Next chapter please?

Moving on

Alam mo pag naka-move on ka na.. or you’re getting there, pag..

  • Paggising mo wala ng “Why meeeeeee” feeling. 

Yes, ok na ko. Kasi iniisip ko everyday.. when I wake up, “ANONG SUSUOTIN KO” na. Hahahaha Hayy college life. The fun is yet to come. I have new friends though. Good thing!! :) Looking forward to freshmen night. Haha Quiz on Eng. tom. Geez 



I was just tumblin’ over some blogs, and I saw a post about moving on and having a positive outlook. I’m in a relationship right now wherein nobody really knows what could happen in the long run. I’m scared. Questions rumbling my mind like, how long could it be? What can make it last? Who’s gonna screw up? o___o Paranoid it might be, soon as it takes. If only, we could really make it last..

It's you already

Alam mo yung feeling na you don’t know the what’s the day today? Wala ng weekdays or weekends. Pano, Everyday pasok ko!!!!! UHG pero ox lang, Sige, masaya.

P.s Currently in hiatus because of being a frosh college student. THE FEELING