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1. I’m very possessive ^^;

2. SeBaek is love, SeBaek is life  I will ship it forever

3. there are three of my friends that I love enough to die for

4. I have a serious thing for the word “hyung”

5. I listen to SNSD even though all my friends hate/don’t care for them

6. I don’t get jokes a lot of times, and people don’t get my jokes ._.

7. I’m half German

8. I hate writing essays but fanfic writing is my life

9. I’m most likely going to teach English in Korea

10. I am the worst at responding to messages. Ever.

11. Most people don’t understand me lmao

12. Oh Sehun will forever own my heart and soul

13. I’m asexual

14. Perfume is a group of goddesses and I love them so much

15. Before I search up pictures of Sehun I always make sure I look presentable because I feel awkward looking at perfection while being disheveled

16. I got my mom to be an EXO-L, a Shawol and a Carat I’m proud

17. I’m addicted to idol games-

18. SEHUN OWNS MY LIFE but I said that already

19. Chen was supposed to own my life but that didn’t last very long

20. I love Jonghyun’s and Taemin’s voices so much


22. If I’m feeling shy I tend to use big words cause that’s my inner author coming out

23. I love Josie more than life itself

24. Xin is my angel

25. Zina is my hyung :^)))


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