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why is every single copy of Computer City slightly out of tune / time. literally every copy i've found, including album rips

This was actually discussed a few years back but Computer City and Electro World and a few other Complete Best era songs are purposely detuned. Most likely just a phase Nakata was going through. Here’s an in-depth explanation about it.

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Is there any particular reason why Computer City and Electro World are so similar? Was Nakata just trying to capitalise off the minor success of Computer City or?

This is the first time I’ve ever seen Computer City referred to as a “minor success” but I guess quantitatively it was… I think by the time he made it Amuse had decided on the near-future technopop trilogy marketing angle for those three singles (LMG + Computer + Erewa) so he just kept it thematically similar.

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Hey, just some thoughts here, not an ask. I've noticed that Nakata will deliberately add extra elements to the instrumentals, presumably to fuck up any attempt at extracting vocal lines, or whatever from it. (I am working from some pretty high quality master recordings here, he'll deliberately add extra percussive elements on the instruments lol). I wonder if Nakata is quite possessive of his music, and wants to keep it being presented in a particular way.

Yeah, lots of people have noticed this and thought the same thing. I think he may have some possessive quality about his music, he’s only ever allowed his work to be officially remixed by nine other artists: Ukai Yasuhiro from COPTER4016882 did idol fancy [Cook Coat-mix] on the Retro Memory single; KOFTA did Candy Cutie (Monkey Party Mix) and Plus-Tech Squeeze Box did Candy Cutie (no—-Nashville mix) off the Candy Cutie single; Terada Soichi from Omodaka did a remix of Electro World way back in the day; Dmitri Vegas & Like Mike remixed Spending all my time; Dean Gillard and Matt Ward created the radio mix of Spending all my time; and Danny L Harle, TeddyLoid, and banvox each remixed NANIMONO.

In all these cases Nakata either personally knew them so he sanctioned their remixes of his work or agreed to it otherwise.