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6 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as burns, character death, and general harrowing-ness

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Who I Love Isn’t My Choice

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Pairing: Jasper Hale x Reader

Characters: Jasper Hale, Sam Uley, Cullens, the pack, Emily Young

Warnings: I don’t think there are any 

Request: Anonymous: “Can you do an imagine where the reader is Sam’s sister but she imprints on Jasper”

Word Count: 1,491 

Authors Note: This is my first imagine so I’m sorry if it’s horribly written.  

“Come on, let me show you a girls day down in Forks, you won’t regret it and I promise we won’t tell Sam” Em giggles as she sets a tray of cookies on the table for the boys. Being the youngest and newest member of the pack, meant I was left with Emily, the boys thinking I was too fragile to help with whatever it is they do while they’re out.
“Emily, you know I would love to go anywhere for a girls day, but you know I can’t go onto Cullen territory. It’s one of the rules Sam specifically, gave me and you.” I finish rinsing the dishes before putting them in the cupboard.
“What he doesn’t know won’t kill him (Y/N), the only reason he doesn’t want you over there is that of Bella, and how she leads Jake on, he’s just afraid of losing you to one of the Cullen’s.” With a sigh I look around, I love my brother and I respect the pack rules, but maybe Em is right, maybe I need to get out of La Push for a little while.
“Fine it’s a date, we will go and explore, only if we can go to the shops in Port Angeles” I smirk as she gives in, the loud booming voices of the boys ruining the perfect silence in the room as Seth and Embry run into the kitchen. “And in come the dogs” I smirk as they ransack the cookies.


Walking down Port Angeles, I notice a family of blondes, or what I think is a family. Their skin pale and eyes black as an abyss. The tall thin boy, locked eyes with me and that’s when it happened, everything around me didn’t matter, he was all I could focus on all I could think about, a sense of pride and protection coursing through my veins for this strange man. Then the smell hit me, expensive cologne and death, he’s one of them, he has to be a Cullen.
“Why don’t you go ahead to Black Diamond, I’ll meet you there in like five minutes” I glance back at the blonde boy, “I want to go check out that flower shop we passed”  
“Alright, just don’t get lost, we don’t need Sam finding out you were down here.” Em gives a small smile before walking down the street. Waiting until she’s out of sight I make my way over to the small family.
“Hi, um. I don’t mean to bother you but you’re Doctor Carlisle Cullen, right?” I turn to the “older” looking man. My heart beats faster and faster, with the feeling of the young Cullen’s eyes on me, but slowly the thumping in my chest calms down.
“That I am, miss” Carlisle looks at me, “Is there something I can help you with?” Looking into his eyes I can tell he knows exactly you I am, or at least the fact I am part of the pack. I go to answer him when a thin brunette walks out of the store behind them, her nose scrunched in disgust.
“What smells like wet dog and perfume.” Her shrill voice echoing through the air, it takes everything in me to keep from growling at the girl.
“I’m (Y/N) Uley, and before you freak out of something because of the Treaty, I’m here with a friend not someone from the pack.” I glance at Carlisle, and then to the blonde man my eyes lingering longer than they should, he cleared his throat. “Sorry, um….” I glance around the group of vampires my cheeks turning pink. “I know this is uncalled for and completely inappropriate to say when I don’t really know any of you, but I-I have imprinted on…,” I say pointing shyly at the young blonde male, his brows furrowing in confusing.
“What’s imprinting?” The male’s voice rang out, a southern twang lacing his words. Oh God, he doesn’t know, this is not going to end well.
“Jasper imprinting is when a wolf involuntarily finds their soulmate.” Carlisle tries to explain looking between me and Jasper.
“But, it isn’t romantic all the time” I but in looking at the blonde, “It can be a protective relationship, my life is forever bonded in protecting you, it can be a platonic relationship, just being best friends wanting to keep their imprint safe and happy, but eventually over time it usually turns romantic, like one thinks when hearing the word soulmate. But all of it is up to the imprintee, us wolves have no say of what the relationship will be like, it’s really up to you.” I swallow thickly not knowing exactly what else to say. “I-I understand if you don’t want me around ever, as painful as it will be I will follow what ever wish you have, I just want you happy” By this time the rest of the Cullen’s had left leaving me and Jasper alone.
“Um…well darling, that is a lot to process when first meeting,” He licks his lips and rubs the back of his neck, “how about we get to know each other, like you said we can be friends, and if it goes further we will talk about it then” I smile a little and nod, looking at him.
“I’d like that, a lot” I look away quickly “but we can’t tell anyone or let my pack know, as much as I’m happy you didn’t push me away, my brother would be beyond furious that I met you, especially since he doesn’t want me leaving La Push.” With a curt nod, Jasper smiles and leaves to catch up with his family. Leaving my thoughts behind I head to Black Diamond, Emily probably worried sick.


“Is Bella here?” Jacob yells from the kitchen, no one like the dense except you Jake, I silently yell. Why would she be here, why would he think she was here? That’s when it hit me, the smell of the Cullen’s is probably on me from being so close to them. Getting up I make a run for the bathroom to shower off the scent, but end up running face first into Sam.
“I found the source of the smell, Jake” Sam growled through gritted teeth, swallowing thickly I look up at him, his eyes glazed over in anger. “You left La Push…. You disobeyed me, my orders, I am the alpha of this pack, which means you listen to me.” Backing up I glance at the rest of the pack who have gathered to see what was going on.
“Sam, all I did was go to Port Angeles, I promise I went nowhere near Forks.” I glance around my heartbeat racing in my chest, and I know for a fact the boys can hear it, my mind starts spinning as I think of Jasper. “I had no idea he would be there,” I whisper to myself, or at least I thought I whispered it to myself. From the look on Sam and the pack’s face, I can tell they heard what I said.
“(Y/N) what do you mean by him?” Jared asks as Paul pulls Sam a little further away from me. Whimpering a little I look at all of them, I know they can’t hurt Jasper, it’s the pack’s law, but I fear they will try to keep me from him.
“I didn’t mean to…I promise, I just glanced at him and everything changed, if I could change what happened I would-”
“YOU IMPRINTED ON A CULLEN!?!?!” Sam shouts his voice ringing throughout the house, causing me to jump. “I forbid you from ever seeing the filthy fucking bloodsucker!” Tears well in my eyes at the town in his voice, feeling like a kicked puppy I look down at the ground ashamed for finding my soulmate, wait ashamed?!
“Forbid me?! Sam, you can not forbid me from seeing my imprint, you know it and you also damn well know you can’t do anything to him, you so much as touch him and I will rip you to shreds” I yell, my body shaking as anger courses through my veins. Before I know what’s happening I’m dragged out of the house by Seth and Embry followed by Quil. My breathing slowing down as the smell of the woods fills my sense.
“(Y/N) just give him time, as much as we all hate the Cullen’s, we know there is nothing to do, he’s now part of the pack whether we like it or not, and Sam will realize that sooner or later. Just let him calm down and process all of this, he loves you and only wants what’s best for his little sister, I promise” Quil speaks as he steps in front of me. I sure hope he is right about Sam because right now it feels like I’ve just been kicked in the chest.

A Changed God

Summary: Few years after the Battle of New York, Loki goes to the Avengers Tower, with a precise objective in mind.


It was a beautiful night, the kind of night that makes you look up. The sky was so bright, so starry, but not in New York City. Without any hesitation, Loki jumped on the glass window of the Avengers Tower and started running. Not inside the building, no, he vertically ran on it, thanks to his magic stolen boots. If he had wanted to, he could have run on rainbows or waterfalls, but he was here for a reason.

Soon he had reached the floor he was looking for, the 76th. Without a noise he cut a hole through the window and easily entered the room. The also stolen shadow-thread from his coat made him invisible to everyone, but not to any heat detector. Fortunately for him, Frost Giants have a low body temperature.

Nobody was around, the God walked to the third door on the right.

As he opened it, a soft lullaby started playing. He came in and a dim light turned on.

There she was, sleeping in her cradle.


It looked so comfortable it hurt him to pick her up. He slid one of his hand under her head and neck and put the other under her hips and bottom, then lifted her. She didn’t wake up. For a few second he stood there, transfixed. The three-month-old looked fabulous with her big tuft of black hair. She opened her eyes, emerald-green, just like his own, and looked at him. He smiled… She cried. He rocked his baby, trying to soothe her.

“Please don’t cry. Please, my little bird, don’t cry.” He pleaded.

She kept wailing. He decided to put her back in her crib. She rolled onto her side and smiled. He kneeled to be at her level and looked at her delighted face behind the cradle’s bars.

“So you are actually happier when you are caged?” He chuckled “They want to put me in a cage too, you know… Is that why you don’t want me to hold you?” He lamented. She just looked at him and squealed.

“Don’t take it personally, she just really doesn’t like your perfume.” An unfamiliar Scottish voice behind him affirmed. He turned to face a grey-haired man in a red velvet jacket.

“How do you know that?”

“I speak baby.” The stranger replied as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Who are you?”

“I’m the Doctor,” He answered before taking a bite out of the hot dog he had in hand. “And you’re wanted for trying to take over the Earth and subjugate more than 7 billion people. Along with other countless crimes.”

“All in the past.” He retorted. “I’m a changed God; I swear I’m here on a purely friendly visit–”

“You’re not my friend.” A familiar voice boomed “You’re my brother.” There were Thor and a suited Tony Stark. “Why are you here? Are you insane?” the Thunderer asked.

“The voices tell me I am entirely sane.” Loki grinned. “I just want to see my daughter and my better half…” He looked behind the two superheroes. “Where is she?”

“Right behind you,” You breathed. “Now, am I here to kick your ass or kiss you?”

“I’ll take the latter, pretty bird.” He answered in a low voice as he leaned forward. When your noses almost touched he stopped and smirked. You seized his wrists, pulling him closer. When your lips met, and your tongues touched, he groaned softly, closing his eyes. His arms circled you. You broke the kiss and took his hands. Click! You had handcuffed him.

“Really? You could have waited until we’re in private.” He joked and Tony vainly tried to hide his grin.

“I designed them, especially to restrain you.”

“How considerate of you.” He replied with a fake smile.

“We’re taking you to your cell. Just don’t do anything stupid.”

He looked at the ceiling of his cell, everything was so white, so coldly impersonal, but he could not care less. Of course he would escape, but not without saying goodbye to the woman who had stolen his heart… Speak of the devil and in he walks.

“Thor and I spoke on your behalf, but Midgard’s laws are as they are. And you did cause the death of 74 people and deeply damaged the city.” You said, sitting next to him, your sleeping baby held against your chest with your right arm. “They want to condemn you to lifelong imprisonment. I thought you’d want to see her before you inevitably leave.”

He lifted your left hand and kissed your knuckles.

“Take care of our little bird.”

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Thanks for reading! Comments, suggestions and feedbacks are welcome and awaited. Sorry for the mistakes, English isn’t my first language. LLAP

- Ram


‘Mommy, you look so beautiful.’ My 8-year-old daughter, Gabbi said while she was looking at me holding her favorite teddy bear.

‘Aw. Thank you, baby!’ I said while I kneel down at her.

‘I mean you always look good, mom!’ She said and hugged me.

I was so lucky to have Gabbi in my life, she changed everything in a good and better way.

‘So I have to go, Nana and Papa will take care of you while mommy is going out with some friends ok?’ I said.

‘Okay.’ She said with a big smile.

‘Promise me you will behave and you will follow Nana and Papa ok?’ I said.

‘I promise.’ She said and we pinky promise.

I hugged and kissed Gabbi and hugged both my mom and dad before I leave. My friends decided to have lunch at Brian’s house since he’s engaged. All of our friends are there, including the only guy I love, Shawn.

I arrived at Brian’s house and everyone is there already.

‘Wow! You’re not that late huh!’ Samantha hugged me and dissed me at the same time.

‘Hey, I have a little one!’ I defend myself.

‘Yeah, whatever!’ Maine said and hugged me as well.

I hugged them while they tease me because I’m late. I’m the one in our group who’s pet peeve is late people and here I am late. And my eye caught Shawn, smiling at me while I’m mingling with our friends.

‘Hi!’ I said while smiling.

‘Hi, how are you?’ He asked then hugged me so tight. I missed this, he’s hug, he’s perfume, he’s voice. I miss everything about him.

‘Good, I mean great. You, I mean wow, you’re so huge now!’ I said. Admiring he’s achievements.

‘Thank you.’ he said.

‘Okay, people! Let’s now sit and eat because I’m now a professional chef you guys should taste my cooking!’ Brian announced while everyone just bash his cooking skills.

The table is full of laughter, no awkwardness thank goodness. I mean even though they’re teasing me and Shawn but it was a fun dinner for our friends and for Brian and his fiancée. It was full of great stories. Hearing my friends stories makes my heart so happy knowing when we were just little kids we dream of these and now we’re doing what we love.

‘How’s Gabbi, you didn’t bring her tonight!’ Alice, Brian’s fiancée opened up. I can feel the awkwardness now as everyone looked at me and Shawn.

‘Uh, she’s fine.’ I said. And smiled awkwardly.

I mean Shawn and I  didn’t get a chance to talk after our break up which is like a long long long time ago. A lot of things changed.

‘Who’s Gabbi?’ Shawn asked. And I can feel the tension now in the table.

‘My daughter.’ I simply said and smiled at him.

The table went quiet, even our friends are not mentioning it to him because I asked them not to. I still love Shawn, I never unloved him, he’s my first and I thought he’s going to be my last. And even how many years had passed, I still want him to mine, I want him to be Gabbi’s father figure. I will always choose him. And it hurts because I know that’s not going to happen anymore.

The dinner went well, although there’s an awkward part. I was about to join Ian because he told me that he’s going to drive me home but then Shawn insisted to drive me home. I don’t know why but there’s a lot of things going on in my mind while there’s a awkward silence inside the car.

‘How old is she?’ He asked while looking at the road. ‘I mean, Gabbi.’

‘She’s 8.’ I answered.

‘Where’s her dad?’ He asked.

‘He left us.’ I said while looking down.

‘I’m sorry.’ He said.

‘No, don’t be. I mean I’m happy right now with just me and Gabbi.’ I said.

He didn’t answer. And just like that I’m home. I asked him to come in and he didn’t refuse, by that time my mom and dad went home already and left Gabbi with her babysitter since Gabbi’s babysitter is still in school before I left that’s why my parents took care of her.

‘Claire. Thank you for tonight.’ I thanked her. She’s the sweetest babysitter.

‘No problem, Ms. Y/N. I’ll see you again tomorrow.’ She said while catching a glimpse of Shawn. ‘She’s upstairs already sleeping.’ She continued and waved goodbye to me and Shawn.

‘Shawn, take a sit.’ I said.

‘Thank you.’ He said and he sat down.

‘This is a great house, just like your dream house.’ He said and I smiled. He still remember my dream house.

‘Yeah.’ I simply said.

‘Can I see her?’ He said and I’m surprised.

‘Yeah sure, but she’s already sleeping so-‘ He cuts me off and said ‘I’ll be quiet. I just want to see her.’ And I nod at him.

When we went upstairs and I opened the door of Gabbi’s bedroom there she is sleeping peacefully. Shawn sat down at the chair beside Gabbi while I stand beside Shawn.

‘She just looks like you.’ Shawn said while smiling and staring down at Gabbi.

I just smiled.

‘She’s perfect, Y/N.’ He said. ‘Like you’ He continued as he looked at me.

He stayed there looking at Gabbi, admiring Gabbi while sleeping peacefully. There’s a lot of things going on in my mind. There’s a lot of what if’s.

‘It’s actually getting really late.’ I said.

‘Yeah.’ He said and stood up and we went downstairs.

‘Thank you for giving me a ride.’ I said.

‘No problem.’ He said. We looked at each other for a while and in just a moment our lips met and it was the most beautiful and magical kiss I’ve ever had. I missed it. I missed his kiss, those lips that I’ve been craving for, for years.

I can feel that we both don’t want to pull away. But I did.

‘That was-‘ I said.

‘Amazing.’ He continued. And smiled.

I smiled. ‘I missed you, Shawn.’ I said. While holding both of his hands which is on both of my cheeks.

‘I missed you more, Y/N.’ He said and we kissed again.

That kiss was magical.

‘You make me happier, Shawn.’ I said.

‘And you make me the happiest.’ Shawn said.

That night we created another chapter of our lives.

Seventeen Mafia Scenario Hoshi Part One : “Do you trust me?”

*Gif by me do not reedit!*

Okay this is part one of the Hoshi scenario in the Mafia Au! Hope you guys like it! <3 Luna (Links to Jun part one, and Joshua part one) Let me know if you guys like this - but I’ve made a crossover with another group… ;) 

Theme : Mafia AU, suspense, angsty, thriller kinda!

Warning - there is mild violence (shooting) and swearing! 

Prompt : The disappearances, the police investigations, they were taking a toll on all the members. Not even Hoshi believed there was a snitch in their midst. But, it was starting to get too hard to disguise nowadays. Who is behind it? 

Words : 981 

*As always this is just a scenario and is in no way real, and is in no way meant to offend anyone!*

“Stop doing that!” you bellowed watching Hoshi nervously snatch at his head with the barrel of the gun for the fifteenth time that night. “You’re going to shoot yourself one day. And, I’m not going to clean you up!”

“Oh god,” Hoshi mumbled, leaning against the wall and smirking down at you. “The safety’s off Y/N, and I look cool so shut it.”

The snort left your mouth before you could stop it. His attitude was getting worse, but he still managed to make you smile. His attitude didn’t annoy you, not when you knew what was going on. Jun, Vernon, Wonwoo, all missing. Joshua narrowly managing to escape arrest. And now, Woozi hadn’t shown up to help find a new hideout. 

“Being an idiot doesn’t mean you look cool Hoshi,” you snapped back, hoping your stern tone would bring him back to reality. It didn’t. Checking the ammunition in your own gun you asked, “Where is Woozi? He said he’d…”

Hoshi’s hand wrapped around your mouth instantly. His eyes forced you into silence. “Shh!” he hushed releasing his hand. He poked his head around the corner, snapping it back just in time as the voices filtered down the alleyway.

“They’re here I can smell Y/N’s perfume,” one voice barked, and you could feel the chill settle in your spine. Your hands began shaking with the memory of him. Taeyong, the leader of the rival gang gaining prominence within your area. You could feel your heart beat in your throat, quickening to the sound of his deep voice.

Hoshi could sense you stiffen beside him just at the sound of Taeyong’s voice. “I can’t, I can’t,” you stammered, clinging to your hair, unable to calm yourself down. You knew what would happen if Taeyong found you here. “No, no, no, no…” 

Hoshi cupped your cheeks quickly forcing you to look at him. Your hands instinctively hooked at his wrists staring straight into his eyes. “We’re going to be okay Y/N,” he promised, his hands brushing a tear you hadn’t even realised had fallen from your cheek. He was calm, collected, willing you to keep going. “I won’t let him hurt you.”

You could sense the anger in Hoshi as he remembered just exactly what had gone down between you and NCT. But, he remained calm for you. “Do you trust me?”

The gunshots echoed around you. Thundering in the large abandoned car park you found yourself sprinting through. You needed to keep moving. If they caught you…well you didn’t want to think about that.

“Hold your fire! Do you want the cops to hear us?!” Taeyong bellowed, his voice low, growling and echoing. His very tone seemed to make the walls come alive. It sent a shiver down your spine as you collapsed to the ground behind a car. You tried to control your breathing. It was so loud, panting from both fear and exhaustion, you were starting to debate whether shooting your way out was the only remaining option. 

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anonymous asked:

i absolutely adore your worldbuilding, so, this is a question i've been wondering for a while, but is there a specific meaning attached to the dragon tattoo? or is it just a very impressive denotation of rank, or..? thank you!!

Thank you so much for answering this question, I am actually gonna use this to post a meta about Yuuri’s tattoos, because I put a lot of thought into them. 

This is what I went off for the dragon, I already knew beforehand what they represented, but this one fit exactly for my purposes. 

“In the west, it is a greedy, fire-breathing, cave-dwelling, and fear-inspiring creature that jealously guards its hoard.  in the Japanese dragon tattoo, however, it symbolizes something very different.  Oriental dragons are equally at home in the air or in the water. Usually embodying wisdom, strength and manipulating the forces of the universe for the benefit of people.

The face of the oriental dragon is generally not the face of one creature but many and can be different from dragon to dragon. The dragon can take on characteristics of animals it encounters through its life. The eyes can be of a demon, or rabbit, while the ears are those of a cow, the neck and belly of a snake, the horns of a stag and the scales of a koi. Its hands or talons are from the hawk or eagle and it has saliva and breath like perfume, a voice like the musical ringing of a copper bell or basin.  The Asian dragon is usually the bearer of profound blessings. Like other Oriental tattoo designs, the choice of a dragon is generally an aspiration to the qualities of great goodness, wisdom, and power.

All those bolded bits sung to me, the faces of many (masquerade) different personas in the eyes, hands like talons(his knives) and great goodness, wisdom and power, these all make me think of Yuuri. 

I also put my own meaning/feelings into it, to me dragons are the ultimate being, to me they’re associated with royalty and high standing, like not just anyone can have a full back piece dragon tattoo and Yuuri, being the son of the Katsuki; is someone strong enough and worthy enough by blood and personality to have one on his skin. 

For the peonies I gave him, (it should also be noted that in traditional irezumi that you can only have one type of flower on your body if you get a sleeve or bodysuit done) I went by this, peonies are special to me, I have a huge one on my forearm. 

“The Peony is considered the best of flowers and is known as the King of flowers.  In short it means elegance and wealth. With it’s large and spreading petals, which are delicately curled at the edges, the peony has been called “the rose without thorns”.  Although often depicted in tattoo imagery in deep red, it is today also cultivated in many other colours.

In the ornate, complex, and extensive body coverage that is typically involved in Japanese tattoos, it may seem as though entire gardens appear, but the floral repertoire of traditional Japanese tattoo is not as extensive as it might first appear, among the select flowers that are used is the peony,  it is regarded as a symbol of wealth, good fortune and prosperity.  In addition though,  it also suggests a sort of gambling, daring and even a masculine devil-may-care attitude, quite unlike its character in the west”.

I’m pretty sure the bolded parts speak for themselves in that one haha, but that’s why I gave Yuuri peonies out of all the flowers. 

Fujin and Raijin I have explained a tiny bit in the fic (I think).

The gods of wind (Fujin) and thunder (Raijin) that loom ominously atop a summit of clouds are usually depicted as oni, showing that oni are not evil, but carry out duties and deeds given them by powerful deities and forces.  Although fujin and raijin can be depicted using other than typical oni forms.

They’re both depicted as evil and ferocious, “but both the Wind God and the Thunder God are originally subordinates to the Senju Kannon, and worshipped together with Kannon’s 28 attendants.” (link) so all in all Yuuri is a powerful creature that works for a power higher than him, long story short anyway XD 

There are a few more things I could add, about the spacing in windbars in traditional irezumi in regards to how wide or thin they are represents where in Japan you might be from, but that’s pretty much the basics of all Yuuri’s tattoo for now. 

Most information taken from here.

Ignis x Reader Prompt 37 “Because I love you!”

Note: Happens during the Darkness about like two years into the ten year absence of Noctis. I adore writing for Blind-Ignis like hardcore, just as much as I love writing for self loathing Prompto. (Starting to love writing for hella-awkward Noctis who shoves his giant foot in mouth more often than not.)

Sorry for the UBER LONG delay @h4rvh1 I hope you like it! :D


- Lestallum -

In the low light of the bathroom of the restaurant that you worked at, all the lights in Lestallum were low light. Due to save electricity in the city by orders of Lady Wren the Missing Prince’s aunt who was guiding the refugees of EOS to safety. You were not impressive by any standards at least that is what you felt, your friend Prompto would constantly tell you that you were the best singer of all of the lands and everything you did was magic. You felt the young man’s kindness to you was too much sometimes he was like a puppy in your eyes, a wiry yellow lab.

At the restaurant in which you worked at you were a lounge room singer your fan base had grown since moving to Lestallum and bringing some joy to the depressed people of the Darkness. You only had a few fans that knew of your career before the Darkness as you had been fairly new to the market at the time. Only been in the industry for two years when Noctis went into the Crystal so your fan base hardly stretched past your home town of Cauthess. Walking out of the bathroom with a heavy sigh there was half a hour before the restaurant opened for the night there walking in the room unfolding a crisp pristine white apron was Ignis Scientia. He was blind but managed his way around Lestallum without much help which was impressive as the walk ways were craggy and impossible to keep a firm footing.

Ignis had been a fan of yours since your very first solo hit ‘Steamy Nights in Cauthess’ he had wanted to see your show in Insomnia but he had to take Prince Noctis to Altissa. So the Prince’s Adviser had never actually seen your face as he had only heard you on the radio of the Regalia. He was thrilled to find out that you have survived the Fall of Insomnia and the trek to Lestallum having traveled with Dave and some other hunters for safety. It brought a lot of hope to his clouded mind and heart to find out that you were working at the same restaurant as he was a cook at. Though the two of you didn’t talk much he did listen to all of your songs while you sang and made sure to cook any food for you by his own hands. He listened to what the customers spoke of you how beautiful you are how graceful, elegant and talented. That stopped him from talking to you – the sheer factor that you were too perfect for him in this sad broken state he was in. How could an advisory with no one to advise to be of any use to anyone? His only one marketable talent of cooking was the only thing he could do and that was nothing impressive in his eyes. His eyes…just useless orbs now the left eye was missing as it was burnt completely from the flames that caused him to loose his eyesight so many years ago. His right eye could sometimes in proper light make out slight shapes and occasion see flicks of color if it was intense enough. Ignis never tried to find out if you were ever in enough light at any given time to see if his right eye could make out at least your basic shape. Because then it would be too torturous for him just to have a faint image of your beautiful self that he would find himself constantly trying to see more of that image. Then he would have to approach you and talk to you…then you would see of how much of a broken man he was.

You had to learn how to the piano since the man that had traveled with you originally to Insomnia to do your mini tour died during the Niflheim Invasion. It had been hard to learn it your voice was your only instrument you knew how to use properly so learning how to use a Steinway piano was a challenge. There was days when your arms and back hurt like hell as using the piano was a lot of work while still singing. It took a year for you to be fully capable of playing the Steinway and sing at the same time and not making any mistakes. Making sure all the keys were in tune and the mysterious dust bunnies that make their way on the top of the beautiful black piano were brushed off onto a napkin. A few strands of your long hair got into your eyes falling from the bun you had put it in. There was always a few strands that fought you getting into your eyes causing you to puff up some air to blow them out of the way as you thought that looked cute doing it that way. Your younger brother had gotten you a few butterfly clips that kept those pesky strands out of the way but they had broken in your trek from Insomnia to Lestallum and you had found nothing like them or anything at all meant to keep hair out of the way.

“Another day another dollar~.” You sung softly under your breath as the owner opened the door turning on the sign alerting patrons they were ready for business.


After taking your nightly lunch break enjoying a toasted brioche sandwich that Ignis had prepared for you having watch him take the order from the waitress in the manner in which he always did. He would ask for the waitress to tell him your order ignoring any requests he got from regulars or just orders in general to take care of yours. Though he would never bring it out to you like he did for some regulars he would always hand it off to the waitress to bring to you. One time you had gotten bold and went to retrieve it from him and that became awkward quick which made you sad in a way because you had called out to Ignis asking if it was finish that you were famished for his wonderful cooking. He was calling out for the waitress and he caught the smell of your lavender perfume and sweet voice and he dropped the plate food on the floor and he bolted. His excuse was that you had interrupted his personal space and messed up his sense of order to be able to sense his way around the kitchen and was rather gruff with you about it. So you made point to not step near the kitchen again.

You wanted to learn more about Ignis that is why when his friend Prompto came over you started to make friends with the Sunshine Boy to learn more. With each time that Prompto came to visit he would sit as close as he could to you to listen to you sing specially anything about happiness. Prompto would show you pictures of things he took with the flash of his camera bringing you reminders that the world may be dark but still beautiful. You would weasel stories out of him about Ignis and his past with the others, Gladio and Noctis. That is where you learned that Ignis was a lover of the brand Ebony a type of fine coffee, it was getting hard to find. You had used your influence to get some delivered to you via Talcott that you could surprise Ignis with a box of Ebony to apologize for anything wrong you’ve done and to possibly be friends. You do work together it would be nice to get to him better, since you did find him ever so attractive blindness and all. But really how would he find you attractive after he got close enough to you or that wonderful. Your only talent was with singing not like you could hold conversations about politics, cook, fight, dress impeccably and be a pun master like Ignis. The two of you have worked together for two years now the conversations you two held were small and extremely PC all about the flow of business and the heat. The only conversation that you had that was good was when you first met him explaining to him your role in the restaurant. His beautiful face lit up recognizing your name talking about how he fell in love with your song immediately, you had blushed bright red shocked that you had met someone who knew of your original works before the Darkness. Then all the sudden like a switch had turned on you asked him about how he managed to hear about you and he said “Well Prince Noctis was thumbing through channels on the Regalia. . .”

That was it he clammed up like remembering about Prince Noctis was too much for him to handle just yet and walked towards the kitchen. You were floored at how well he managed how to get around the area without much help from the others near him or the use of the cane. His voice was stunning you love listening to him talk to customers when you were in between sets he could speak to them but not to you when ever you got close he would quiet down looking away from you. What was wrong? That was what was went through your mind did he not like that someone who he admired musically so young? Of was your music to much of a reminder of a time that was so much better for him when he could see and when Noctis was around? He would always tell Prompto that he loved certain songs you sung, they were all a mix of them so it wasn’t the subject material. You just couldn’t understand the enigma that was Ignis Scientia.

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JonxSansa in Bedroom Hymns, pretty please! You talked about abt them doing An*l before,so can we go there please? Lol Or any position that you like!

@thefairfleming and I have long threatened this as an installment of Bedroom Hymns, so now is as good a time as any! Thank you, nonny, for providing the impetus lol. Warning for, you know, anal sex.


It’s certainly the farthest they’ve traveled afield, so to speak. The things they’ve done before have been mostly creative variations on things they already do, but this… Well, this is much more creative.

They’d been looking at the book together this time, paging through the illustrations with alternating shock, amusement, and giddy arousal, Jon blushing more often than not. Nothing made him blusher brighter or longer than the page Sansa had often lingered on with more curiosity than actual interest, a picture in lurid color of a man buggering a woman as she balanced on all fours with her mouth open in a silent howl that seemed as likely to be one of pain as of pleasure to Sansa.

“Gods,” he’d muttered, attempting to turn the page as if to protect her from seeing it. As if she hadn’t poured over every page before on her own. It was his very missishness that made her turn back to the page, feeling an uncharacteristic urge to tease him.

“Jon, please, you were in the Night’s Watch. Do you truly expect me to believe you’re too delicate for such things? Perhaps you even kept warm on the long cold nights in such a way yourself, who is to say!”

He’d been aghast, appalled, amused despite himself. Even intrigued, perhaps, the way she was, in a way she hadn’t been before when she was only looking at a picture. As a picture, it aroused little interest. But with Jon…

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Imagine being the love of Sherlock's life.... And not knowing that he faked his own death....

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“Put [Y/N] on the phone John.” Sherlock’s shaken voice flowed into John’s disbelieving ear, as he handed the phone to you slowly…. 

“Sherly please get off that ledge.” You whisper, tears welling in your eyes as you watched his slender figure. 

“You and I both know I can’t do that love, I need you to promise me something though.”

“Sherlock this isn’t how it was suppose to end…. this isn’t our….”

“Promise me you will not dwell on me, I know I promised you many things, and I am….”

“Sherlock shut up.” You cut him off, you could see him wipe his hand across his cheek as you looked at his figure, “You are the only man I want to have those things with. I get it….. you can’t get off the ledge, and this is the ultimate end, but please, don’t make me watch.”

“Turn around,” He whispered as your body turned away, “Now listen to me very carefully, {Your Full Name}. I love you, and you are the only one who will have my heart. Since the moment you walked into my flat as a client I knew you were special in some way, it just took a while to realize why, and maybe if I knew sooner I could have forfilled more for you. Please know that even though I lied about so much, I never lied about my love for you.”

“Sherlock.” You whispered, covering your mouth to control the sob which wanted so badly to escape.

“Goodbye Miss [L/N].” He whispered again…. and then you heard John Scream, “SHERLOCK!”

You turned just in time to see his body fall behind the truck, your eyes widened, and your frame frozen as John ran into action… the only thing running through your mind was that Scott Sherlock William Holmes was dead.

NOW Imagine your Reaction when you learn he is alive!

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You were sitting in your favorite spot, a book opened on your lap as the crisp autumn air blew against your face. 

“You know, I think you would have liked this book very much, however the plot is far to simple, for even a sea monkey would realize that the father was the murder all along, since his wife was clearly having an affair with the accountant. However you would have enjoyed a laugh at it.”

No one replied

“I always loved how you would let me entertain you with my literature. You would stop playing your violin, or working on a case just to lay across my lap and let me read the ridiculous passages to you, questioning the authors motive constantly and muttering as I read. I miss it greatly.”

No response

“Oh did I tell you,” The book now shut on your lap, “I went on a date the other night with John and Mary. It was with one of the blokes who works at their office, and I must say for a medical professional he lacked a brain, and personality. Maybe I am being to hard on the men I date, but after dating a man like you….” You giggled slightly, “Well lets just say, dating has been bloody awful, since no one in this world compares to you.”

“Well clearly, since no one in this world, except for maybe Mycroft lacks my level of intellect. However Mycroft seems to think that he is too good for a mate.” Your heart stopped at the voice, which seemed to be coming from behind you, and the grave you so often talked too.

“However anyone in this world would be lucky to call you their companion, I know I considered myself the luckest man in all of England when we were together.”

You still hadn’t turned around, terrified your mind was playing a trick on you, 

“I must say these past two years I have missed you more then words can describe. I missed waking up in the morning to the slight added weight to my shoulder from your head resting upon me like a pillow, your finger lightly dancing over my skin as you moved in your slumber, the slight dampness from your drool. I missed how when you woke up the first thing you did was open your beautiful, [y/e/c] eyes and look up at me, smile and then nestle into me more.” 

You could hear him stepping closer,

“I missed you making me coffee in the morning, and how you would rant some days about the mass amount of body parts stored next to the breakfast food. I miss how you would curl up in my chair and read those books to me, or how you used to turn your music on and dance as you dusted. I missed you making my tea and how you always made sure I had my favorite biscuit with it.” 

You could see his feet now in front of you….

“I miss the nights when you would lay beside me, your hair thrown up a top your head, dressed in your shorts and cami as you read. I missed talking to you about how we would grow old, surrounded by our gifted children and even more gifted grandchildren. How John would be our neighbor, and how you would joke of his children marrying our own. I missed how even though you would fall asleep before me, as soon as I got in to bed, you would roll over and nestle into me. And how on the nights you convinced me to bed early how it took you an hour to do the same action I missed when you would whisper that you loved me when you thought I was sleeping.”

It was then that he knelted before you, your eye watering as you looked upon a ghost,

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“I missed how you would hide my drugs and cigarettes, and how you would yell at me for being rude, and how you always liked proving you were intelligent to me. I missed your perfume, and your voice, and your purple nail polish, which you claimed matched my shirt. I missed our comments about Anderson, and how you corrected me when I mispronounced Lestrade’s name, or how you would tell me to listen more to John, or chit chat with Ms. Hudson. I missed the way you could calm me down, how you helped me think, how you knew more about the solar system then me, even when you would sneak me a cigarette when John wasn’t looking. I missed how respected I felt around you, how you never showed affection outside of the flat, never pushed me outside of my comfort zone. I missed all of you, when you were happy, when you were angry, when you were crying…. I missed the feeling of your love, your hands, your mouth, your hair. I missed my soulmate, my lover, my partner, you.”

“Then why didn’t you come back then?” your voice was betraying you.

“Because I needed to wait for the truth to be revealed, for Jame’s plan needed to be…”

“I don’t know if I should slap you, or kiss you right now.” You interrupted, “All I needed, all John needed was a clue, a hint, that you were alive.”

“[Y/n] I so badly wanted to tell…” And then he felt the sting of your hand, yet before he could react to the pain in his cheek, he felt the very hand that slapped him entangle into his curls as your lips crashed into his, both of you feeling high at the very action.his own hands going to your face as he kissed you back. Finally, after a need for oxygen you both fell away from one another.

“I missed you too.” You whispered, “And I expect a full explanation when we get back to the flat.” 

“Ahhh I see you still have the flat.”

“Yes, and you can look at it as soon as we are finished.”

“Finished with what?”

“Well we should hurry back then, don’t you say, so I can show you.” You whispered in his ear, before jumping up and leading him to your car so that you could get him home.

Maybe Darkness finds Darkness

Evil Outlaw One Shot (Smut)

Well, this he hadn’t exactly been expecting. Regina is stunning, he hasn’t yet denied that even to her, but the Queen…she is…he’s not even really sure how to describe her. Their eyes are the exact same, and yet so much different. Where sad hopefulness resides in one, mischievous and irresistibly sultry swirls in the other. Everything about her is tantalizing. The slope of her jaw curving into a slender delicate line in her neck, perfect soft olive skin covering every inch of skin his eyes trail over. Damned be his train of thought of leaving this place when her breasts are pressed up for his endless viewing. Covered sinfully with dark elaborate silk and black diamonds that cinch down into her tiny waist, hugging the curves he’s seen on Regina.

Her smile had rooted him to the spot, a thumping in his heart when her leather gloved fingers brushed against his cheek, the peaking of her tongue licking across her lower lip. Maybe this is what he was supposed to be feeling for Regina. This lost sensation he’s heard her talk about over stories of her Robin. It’s indescribable. The tug in his gut at the sway of the Queen’s hip. The burning in his lungs to her rich perfumed smell. Even her voice had his chest constricting, a low glow that saunters seductively into his ears. She is bloody perfect. Stories of the Enchanted Forest be damned. He can’t find a single fuck to give for her past, not when the present is standing right in front of him, tugging playfully at the lapels of his coat in a way that has his cock stirring.

“So tell me, Mr. Locksley.” The Queen drawls out, eyeing him up with a glint, “Has Regina not been treating you well?” Her body presses into him, the groan catching in his throat feeling her tits brushing his chest. “Seems if you’re so keen on running away, I already know the answer.” She scratches against the stubble on his neck, “Such a pity, she just doesn’t seem to see you for you.” That is an understatement. Regina looks at him and see’s the other Robin. It’s frustrating. He’s not that man. He can’t be that man. Doesn’t want to be in fact. “I on the other hand understand you.” The Queen pouts, taking a step back from him, a step he is loathe to allow. Adjusting himself lest she see the effect she is having on him, Robin huffs, rolls his eyes and watches the way she watches him, her eyes trailing from boot to eyes, lingering on rather inappropriate places longer than others.

“What makes you think you know me so well?” He pokes back, waiting to see if she will take the bait.

“I know you better than you think.”

“Is that so, Your Majesty.”

She hums, taps a slender finger to her lips before turning back to him, a slight gasp escaping at the proximity of his body to her own, a distance he’d closed without her realizing apparently. He smirks smugly at her, Good, at least she too is rather affected by this…whatever this is. “Well for one, I think you’d have loosened an arrow at me by now.”


“Why haven’t you.” She leans into him, and there they are again, her bloody perfect breasts pushed into his face. God. He wants to burying himself into them, squeeze and tug at her nipples till she is gasping and crying out his name. Swallowing down his need to taste her mouth, he tilts his head down, inhaling heavy, watching her watch the way her hands move up and down with the movement just above his heart. If her past is any indication he should be rather afraid of the fingers that curls into the fabric just above his precious organ. “Probably for the same reason you haven’t reduced me to a pile of ash with your magic.”

She eyes him up curiously.

“I have heard of Robin and Regina’s connected fate.”

A dark eyebrow cocks, a smile creeping into her cheeks, “True Love?.”

“Soulmates.” He retorts, treading his hands around her back, testing to see if she will let him touch her. She arches slightly into his palms, his hands bowing at the top of her ass, presenting it delectably for his grasping. He does. Takes the leap and palms her backside full, forcing her hips to come into contact with his own, the hum she bites back with a gasp is pure sin to his ears. The thought that maybe the stinging in his heart is from a destined tether. Perhaps he doesn’t feel what Regina has explained to him of her love with Robin because he isn’t her soulmate, perhaps light is meant for light and darkness for darkness.

“An interesting notion if you’re into all that nauseating nonsense.”  She darts back, letting her eye wander his face.

“Not really.” He lies, turning them so her back is against the tree, his thigh wedging between her legs, her groan spurring his action on to explore more of her body she is so willingly to allow him to touch. And touch he shall. Starting with her hips, pinning her effectively between his erection and the bark of the tree.  

She moves before he can do it first. Her lips claiming his own, hot and greedily as her arms wrap around his shoulders and tug at his hair, pulling him closer. If possible, he’d have melted on the spot, tasting her. It’s thick and sweet, something he can’t quite put his finger on, but is happy to drown in it all the same what with her tongue prodding into his mouth. She pulls back, much to his dismay, her lips curved into an impish delectable smile. Her tongue swipes along her lips, tasting him with a purr. “My my, Regina doesn’t know what she is missing.”

His leg presses between her own, letting her weight sink on to him, a grind in her hips sending a shiver up his spine. “Maybe I prefer something darker.”

“Oh?” Her eyebrows raise matching the devilish smile that splits wider, “And tell me, Robin Locksley, “ She tugs him closer, warm breath ghosting across his face, his eyes remaining trained on the red shade of her lips, “Just how dark did you have in mind?” Her mouth brushes against his teasingly.

He crushes her to him, a hand fisting into her hair. It’s sloppy and wet, and down right incredible. His other hand veers from her hip, ghosting upwards skimming along her ribs and groping eagerly at her breasts. They feel just as amazing as they look. Better even. Soft and full in his palm as she arches harder into him. She pushes at his coat, licking a line from his mouth across his jaw and down his neck, nipping sharply at his adam’s apple. “Gods.” He groans following her path into her neck, sucking hard enough to leave a mark, biting and soothing as many spots as he can. Jacket divested, she moves onto his shirt, ripping them apart for a moment as she pulls it over his head, tossing into the fire, the material burning up in a second.

Her nails rake across his back, over his shoulders and down his chest, leaving red thin lines behind. He hopes they scar. Wants to walk around for the rest of his days with her brand emblazoned on him. And fair is only fair. The jewel encrusted cloak she wears following suit as he pushes it from her body, and this woman is a down right evil witch. The corset is leather, strung together tight enough he wonders how she can breathe. Best to rid her of it, lest she suffocate.

He mouths his way down her chest, fumbling at the ties at the base of her spine. Bloody garment refusing to part. “Need some assistance outlaw?” She chuckles darkly into his ear, rolling her hips into his pelvis near painfully hard against his cock. His fingers find the small knife in his pocket, slicing it through the silk laced ties that hide her body from him. She growls as the corset falls ruined from her body, and he’d care, but she is bare in front of him. Goosebumps covering from navel to nipple. And god her nipples are perfect. Tight and pink, begging to be sucked on. Well if he must.

The Queen sighs, bites her lower lip and cards sharply through his hair, directing him to do just that, lick and suck at her. Her head swirls at the heat of his tongue, a hard contrast against the cold air. She hisses as his teeth nip at her, tugging before his tongue slides over her breast, his hands squeezing them together, hard, just how she likes it. A bit rough, no sappy gentle touches. “You’re tits are amazing.” He groans between her skin, the stubble scratching in a way that has her thighs tensing and clenching around his leg still graciously wedge between her own. Grinding down onto his leg, she swallows back a tight moan, the seam of her pants rubbing against her clit.

His hands fall away, much to her disappointment, she likes her breasts to be attended too, but her eyes drift open enough to see him falling to his knees, lifting his hands to tug at the leather pants, and she was never one to wear undergarments, finds them all to restricting and just another barrier before she gets what she wants. “Christ. Fucking hell.” He lifts a leg over his shoulder, hooking her around him, she can see the hunger in his eyes, the way he licks his lips has her pooling hot where she throbs for some attention.

If he had any thought that this trip wasn’t worth the irritation of dealing with the townspeople, that’s all but flown out the window now that he is kneeling in front of who he believes to be probably the most perfect specimen of a woman he’s ever seen. He will devour this woman, make her cum and shake with just his tongue. And Robin is nothing if not persistent. He palms himself through his breaches, trying to give him some reprieve as he dots a string of kisses along her lips, sucking lightly, licking between her folds. Her fingers grip his hair, directing him where she needs it, he denies her. Reveling in the desperate arch of her hips as he makes his way to where her hip and cunt join, biting at the tender skin.

“I’m growing impatie—Aaah!” Her snapping giving way to a breathless moan as his lips close around her clit, sucking hard, the stubble on his jaw a pleasant sensation as he feasts on her arousal. She tastes incredible, the feeling of her legs quivering around him even better, she is shaking and he wants her to fall. He hears something along the lines of using his fingers to fuck her, and he groans against the feel of wetness that slides down his hand as he cups her from behind, teasing and prodding where it gathers. God she is wet, wet and hot, and tight and fuck, his other hand pumps his begging cock, faster as he presses into her, curling up and sliding slowly back out.

He’ll stay in this godforsaken town so long as he is allowed to finger fuck this woman for the rest of his life. It would be more than worth it.

She bucks and twists, grinds down into his fingers with a hitched scream, and it’s like he knows where to touch, where to press, finding the rough patch of skin inside that has her doubling over, fingers clawing brutally into his shoulder blades as he continues to suck and lick and fuck her. He can feel the way her walls tremble, the quiver and clenching against the relentless thumping of his fingers into her.

“Let me taste your orgasm.” He growls between her thighs, doubling in the effort as he leaves his own arousal to grip her backside, hauling her impossibly closer to his mouth. It’s apples. She tastes like apples. Everything about her is sweet and sinful.

She growls, slams her head back into the bark with a thud as she does exactly what he asked for and coats his tongue with her climax, rolling her hips slower into the easier pace of his fingers, drawing out every last drop against the flat strokes of his tongue. He lets her hand push his mouth away, a sloppy pop as he relents his mouths grasp on her, and for a second he’s caught off guard by just how bloody stunning she is. Dazed and lust filled gaze sweeping down at him. He stands, brushes a damp curl from her face, and licks his lips, humming smugly as she catches her breath.

“We make a good pair.” She chuckles, letting him hoist her up into his arms, her hand twirling fractionally to release him of his tented pants. She rocks into him, bumping his erection between her thighs, laughing darkly at the groan he spills into her mouth. She’s a goddess, a stunning regal dark angel around him, sin and sweat slicking up his cock, and she is so bloody wet, so hot and greedy as he sinks into her. Her hands tangle into his hair with a moan, her hips moving and twisting to take every last inch of him, her demand for him to fuck her a prayer sent from the Gods as he rutts into her, hard.  Hard enough he knows the tree bark with scrape her perfect skin, and while she is free to tear into his own flesh, he’ll be damned if a single mark is left on her. He goes to move, shifts to wrap around her waist and lay her on the softer ground.

“No.” Her thighs clench around his waist, walls around his cock, “Here. Fuck me here. Against this tree.” He stills for a moment, caught between wanting to give into her demands and let his small streak of chivalry take over. “Robin.” She tugs his jaw towards her, a dark glow in her eyes, “Now.” Well if it’s what the Queen wants. He spins her back into the tree, drawing himself slowly from her heat before thumping back inside, and she makes this noise, these bloody sounds that stroke his ego beautifully, has his pace picking up quicker as she claws and mewls for him. Her breasts bounce with each thrust, thighs clench and grip around his ass, her heels digging into his backside. He buries himself into her, tits and cunt all at the same time, biting down on the supple flesh where he can, his hands gripping her ass, forcing the roll of her hips to take him inside harder, deeper, far enough he can hear her cursing to not stop, she is so close, so fucking close, and thank god, his restraint can only last so long with her arousal slicking and puddling across his thighs.

“God! Fuck!” She pants, losing her breath as he feels her finally clench and cum around him, her hips erratically squirming as he pumps through her orgasm, wanting to give her as much as she can and then some should he deem fit. Her tongue licks across his jaw, sucks on his ear as she breathes out heavily “Come for me Robin, only for me.” Her command is his wish. With a hard final raps of his cock in and out of her, he spills, climbs over the proverbial edge and lets her cunt drain him dry.

His arms shake from holding her up, but he will not release her from his hold just yet, not until he is certain she will allow him to do that all over again, sooner rather than later if he is hopeful. It’s with a playful kiss she grants him that wish, letting her tongue tease his lips, “Seems the darkness likes you.”

Perhaps she is right. Maybe darkness is meant for darkness. And if she wills it, he will follow her down the tunnel. So long as he is allowed to fuck her again.


Vicoli di Gangi, Sambuca di Sicilia, Taormina

Hai visto la mia anima? Era qui dentro di me, è bastato camminare tra queste strade fatte di sassi sotto queste volte o nei cortili ed è scappata via come un cane felice della libertà appena tolto il guinzaglio. L’ho vista andarsene via, libera, ridendo perché si è ritrovata dove i suoi sogni sono nati dove i suoi amori sono fioriti Se ne andata a cercare lei, a sentire il suo profumo tra le voci dei cortili e le finestre in cui si specchiano albe infiniti e tramonti insanguinati dalla passione, le sue la braccia tra i gerani dei balconi, i suoi occhi tra i lampioni che scacciano la notte. Se ne è andata a cercare gli amici, le loro parole i nostri sogni, i labili amori, gli indimenticati scherzi. La cerco tra le voci quotidiane che escono dagli antichi muri, chiedo a vecchietti ed asini stanchi se l’hanno vista. Ma lei si nasconde sorridendo come io facevo da bambino giocando a tuniciu a chiappatedda, combattendo le guerre dei bambini senza sangue e pieni di rumori, sognando i mondi al di la di queste mura che come le braccia di una delicata nutrice mi hanno protetto e amato. Hai visto la mia anima? La so felice e la sento che ride, voglio trovarla per avere anch’io il miele della memoria il ricordo di giorni sereni, di estati stordite dal canto delle cicale ed inverni fatti di cieli grigi e racconti della nonna attorno al fuoco. Se la vedi dille che la cerco, che dentro me senza lei c’è solo una stanza vuota, senza la gioia che ruba a questi vicoli nascosti c’ è solo una stanza buia, perché tutto quello che sono è nato con lei in queste strade silenziose fatte di pietre, di affetti immortali, di ricordi e di sogni che rendono una vita un giardino di amori.

Have you seen my soul? It was here inside me, it was enough to walk between these streets made of stones under these arches or in the courtyards and it ran away like a dog happy with freedom just removed the leash. I saw it go away, free, laughing because it found where my dreams were born, where my loves flourished. It went to look for her, to smell her perfume between the voices of the courtyards and the windows in which infinite dawns mirrored and sunsets showed their bloody passion, it went to look for her arms between the balcony geraniums, her eyes in the street lamps that drive out the night. It went to look for friends, their words, our dreams, the lying labors, the unforgettable jokes. I look for it in the daily voices that come out of the ancient walls, I ask to old and tired donkeys if they have seen it. But iy hides smiling as I was a child playing with other boys or fighting the wars of children without blood and full of noises, dreaming of the worlds beyond these walls that like the arms of a delicate nurse have protected and loved me. Have you seen my soul? I know it is happy and I feel laugh, I want to find it to have the memory honey as well as the memory of peaceful days, summers stunned by the chanting of cicadas and winters made of gray skies and grandmother’s stories about the fire. If you see my soul telling that inside me without it there is only an empty room, without the joy that steals in these hidden lanes there is only a dark room, because all that I am is born with my soul in these streets silent stones, immortal affections, memories and dreams that make life a garden of loves.

tom glynn-carney imagine

okay so I’ve been 10 feet underground because of these stupid exams but I’ll be finished in a week or so, so I’ll be back to writing requests. This is a sad one I wrote about Tom maybe a week ago? Anyway, I thought you guys deserved at least SOMETHING because I’ve been gone for so long xox


He had been away filming for months. In the beginning you would text, call and FaceTime every day. He would set aside time for you, even if he didn’t have it, to talk to you and reassure you that he loved you. All your uneasy thoughts about him going away disappeared as soon as you realized that Tom was going to fight to make a long-distance relationship work. He had even told you to move into his apartment for the five months he was going to be away so that he knew you were in a safe environment. You began to have doubts about the situation with Tom when you were FaceTiming one night three months into his time away.

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Behind the Mask.

Pairing: Spencer x Reader

Summary: After moving away and breaking up with Spencer Y/N reunites with him at a Halloween party. 

A/N: I wrote this at work and edited it tipsy so ?? It’s a lot longer than I thought it was because phones don’t give you a word count so sorry about that folks. Also this is based off of the final kiss in Penelope which is a beautiful film. Also I don’t suggest ever kissing a person without consent because you’d get decked. 

“I look ridiculous” Y/N complains as she looks to herself in the mirror, attempting to fiddle with the masquerade mask, her hands instantly being slapped away by the quick hands of Penelope.

“You look perfect.” She reassures her, stepping back to admire her handiwork. 

Halloween only rolled round once a year, and since moving from the BAU, she rarely gave it a second thought. Before she had moved away, it had been one of her favourite times of year. The lead up to it had been spent listening to Spencer as he spoke in surfeit of the traditions and history. Y/N always listening with an endeared ear, almost always getting lost in his words. Even in the past two years, she’d remembered half of the facts he’d told her and she’d pass them on to her new team every time October reared its ugly head.

She’d been back in town for three months now, and after several late night conversations, Penelope had formed the perfect plan to reunite Y/N and Spencer. And at the time the plan had seemed foolproof. Or at the very least, a good idea.

So tugging on the hem of the red dress, and turning this way and that, Y/N letting her add the finishing touches to her hair as she tries to fight off the uneasy feeling that had steadily forced its way to the pit of her stomach.

The feeling of restlessness only growing as she arrives at the party, her hand clasped tightly around Penelope’s arm. 

Inside, the lights turned and disoriented the most sober of party goers. The air swimming with perfume and alcohol, voices fighting to be heard over the peremptory music. Letting Penelope lead her through the crowd, they eventually end up at a tall table where Derek and Emily are standing, knocking back drinks as they attempt to talk over the music. 

Although at first they don’t recognise her, the moment they do, she’s surrounded by warm smiles and her desperate search for a drink is immediately conquered as Emily slides forward the tray of shots they’d been saving. Y/N knocking a few back and slowly beginning to relax. 

The evening melts into a series of questions and conversations as they catch up on the two years they’d missed of each other. Y/N keeping a constantly vigilant eye on the crowds around them. Searching for Spencer, failing to hide her disappointment every time he doesn’t show. And as she tipped back drink after drink, hoping that the uneasy feeling would be drowned by the consistent flow of drinks. 

Instead, the alcohol made the room almost unbearable. Dizzying lights sending the room spinning and the air becoming a claustrophobic haze where the smell of perfume and sweat overwhelmed the senses. Her breathing coming in short stifled breaths, she excuses herself, stumbling towards the exit.

The wind burning her skin as she pushes out into the night air. Evening out her breathing in deep breaths as she reaches up to the ribbon holding up her mask, fiddling and struggling to undo the knots Penelope had worked in. “Shit” She mumbles to herself and dropping her hands in resignation. 

“Do you need some help?” 

A familiar voice calls behind her and her heart practically skips a beat as she turns to face him. A small laugh escapes her as she takes in his slightly horrifying costume, a clown nonetheless. 

“No thank you” She shakes her head, watching as he squints towards her. She can see that he’s trying to place her, and she’s suddenly grateful for the mask and poor lighting. 

But she can feel his dark eyes flicking over her, watching her every move for a hint or a sign. And as she turns away slightly, looking to the floor she can practically see the small squint he does. It’s as though his presence took any sense of logic she may have had. All of the things she’d wanted to say, all the questions she’d wanted to ask him. Everything had gone. And in its place was left only the feelings of regret and longing. Dare she say even stupidity. 

Unsure of what to say in the sudden silence, she looks up, forcing herself to say anything. 

“Cool costume. Very creepy” She makes an attempt, wanting to smack herself at how awkward the words seem to come. 

But his face lights up, Spencer looking down to his costume before speaking. “Did you know that Freud came up with an idea as to why we find clowns scary?” 

She did, he’d told her on their first Halloween together, but she lets him carry on. 

“It’s the notion of the uncanny. Where an image is distorted but still recognisable. Sort of like a face that’s decomposing. Recognisable but perverted enough that it’s unsettling.”

She watches the way his hands move excitedly to his words, the upturn of his smile as he speaks. Everything she’d been afraid to forget about him. 

As he pauses, Y/N takes the opportunity to add in the second part of his story. 

“There’s also the idea that they used to serve as a constant reminder of our morality and stupidity. Shakespeare’s plays are the easiest example of this” She watches as he raises his eyebrows in pleasant surprise. His smile like the sun in September, encouraging her to carry on. Her hands waving as wildly as his did. “Plus masks are pretty unnerving. Not being able to see emotions…” As she continues, she doesn’t see as that smile slowly drops. Spender leans slightly closer to her, his suspicion carried in his eyes

“…Some jesters were even mutilated so that they’d always be smiling. It’s-“

“Take off your mask” He interrupts her, his voice controlling.

“Excuse me?” Y/N looks to him, taken aback by the sudden demand. Spencer dropping his gaze and shaking his head. 

“Sorry I just…you reminded me of somebody” 

Y/N hesitates for a moment, tilting her head as she asks,“Were they somebody special?” 

“Yes” He looks back to her, Y/N looks away, thankful that the mask hid her from the

“What happened?”

“She moved away” His voice is filled with hurt, it was the voice she’d heard often in the last few weeks of their relationship. “We couldn’t make it work.” 

“I’m sure she has regrets about that.” she speaks carefully, the two seemingly tiptoeing around what they both know.

As she walks around the paved area, deliberately avoiding his gaze. Spencer watches her almost skeptically. He was so sure of what he knew, It

to be her.

“She said that she doesn’t” Spencer holds back a smile as he speaks.

She knows that he’s trying to get a rise from her.

But it works nonetheless “You liar! You know that I –“ her words are cut off as he grabs her arm pulling her towards him, his hand on the small of her back as he presses his lips to hers. Y/N pulling him closer, the feel of his chapped lips on hers, subduing the regret and guilt she’d felt earlier.

“I can’t believe that it’s you.” He whispers in the pause between them. Spencer desperately trying to memorise every detail of this moment.

“I didn’t think you’d want to see me again.” Y/N admits, shaking her head as she keeps her arms locked around him. Spencer closing the gap between them as he kisses her again. She knew that this didn’t mean they were instantly fixed. That everything that had happened before had been forgotten. But for this moment, they were together.