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A Man Of No Consequence, chapter 7

A Man Of No Consequence - Ardyn x fem Reader (NSFW)
COMPLETE. All chapters may contain spoilers!

CH 1: Into The Lion’s Mouth
CH 2: Famous Seafood
CH 3: The Covenant
CH 4: Blind Spot
CH 5: The Revelation
CH 6: In The Lap of The Gods
CH 7: Across the Seas
CH 8: In The Lap of The Gods, Revisited
CH 9: Callings
CH 10: Hand of a King, Heart of a King
CH 11: Into the Dark
CH 12: Breath Of The Glacian
CH 13: Redemption
CH 14: Cure for Insomnia
CH 15: A Gentleman’s Agreement

Chapter 7: Across the Seas

Running through the narrow streets, you squeeze your bags in your hands. I’m late. I’m gonna be too late, and he’s going to leave me here, out of spite… You turn a corner, bumping into an elderly man casually walking down the alleyway.

“Hey watch where you’re going!”

“So sorry! I’m so sorry!” you shout in passing, hurrying down the stairs on the alley that leads towards the main road.

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stars-and-satina  asked:

“Do we really have to go to your parents’ house for Christmas?” (lily and daisy~)

“Oh? Did you not want to?” Daisy had been going between being excited to see her parents and being really nervous. It was just a lot of contradicting feelings and all sorts of reasons. Lily was some of it, but not all. Daisy hadn’t seen her folks in a while and so seeing them now made her stomach churn. She was afraid she might throw up or do something worse.

“Are you nervous?” That was why Daisy was a little hesitant. She frowned, tugging on her hat a little to keep herself as calm as could be. She was starting to get really anxious and it was clear. “Or… I don’t want to force you to go Lily.”

Q:In the No. 5 film, you play several roles. Which one is most like you?
Lily: The one where I’m having fun with the mics, where my hair is curly and I’m playing a singer. I no longer have any desire to be a singer in real life, that is why it was so much fun to be a ‘pretend’ one.

Q:  It’s also the scene in which you most resemble your mother…
Lily: Maybe. Yes, my mother is a singer, but it’s not because you see me for five seconds with a microphone that you should get any ideas…

Q:  When you see the finished product of the Chanel film, what do you think?
Lily: Never in my life did I think I would have a connection with No. 5. I’ve grown up with the idea that Chanel is the very top of the crop. To be honest, it’s all very surreal to me.

Q:  How does your world change when you wear perfume?
Lily: It’s a way to feel feminine, but also to have your very own scent: a scent you’ve chosen. No. 5 suits me because it’s warm and welcoming… it’s comforting.

Q: And is Karl Lagerfeld welcoming and comforting?
Lily: Oh yes he is… I admire him a lot. He is very generous and welcoming. But the first thing to be said is that he’s a genius.