perfume laser beam


Today marks the 6th anniversary since the release of “Laser Beam” on May 18th 2011.


My Perfume No Okite dance cover video!

list your top 10 girl group songs and tag 10 people

Tagged by @wanggaeparkgae​ The tag doesn’t say it has to be kpop sooo… These are from groups/ bands where the entire unit is female. Oh and I included a couple of solo things bc I don’t know much about female groups (I’m mostly in kpop to objectify men and sadly a lot of rock music is male dominated :(. )

1. Hair Short - Wings
2. Hello Bitches - CL
3. I am the Best - 2NE1
4. Fxxk Boyz Get Money - FEMM
5. Laser Beam - Perfume
6. Dream Fighter - Perfume
7. Polyrhythm - Perfume
8. Tokyo Rock City - Valshe
9. It’s on the Rocks - The Donnas
10. Take My Chance - Dollsboxx

i’m gonna tag @jypnior @pettyjinyeong @peachyjyp @pinkhoodiemark