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my 2017 mood: sheer clothes, luxury skincare, tinted balms, matte makeup, sparkling water, jasmine, the shine of dark skin in the sun, the thick scent of rose, bare feet on white sand, messy, wind blown hair, carefree attitude, floral perfume, kisses that taste like coconut, berry and cherry colored cheeks, random things shaped like hearts, diversity, self love, shimmering eyes, soft silhouettes, pink lips, black tea, natural brows, glossy eyelids, sea air, southern italy, dreaming big, counting the stars and loving you for each and every one

Calling It Quits. - Bucky x Reader - One Shot

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A/N - Another Angsty one, unfortunately not so happy endings here. But I do enjoy Angst requests considering I find it my weakest spot. Thanks for the request @the-craziestone - I hope you enjoy it! Any requests or ideas you may have please feel free to comment or PM me.

Bucky x Reader - You know where he’s been. You know the smell of that perfume, the kiss marks he’s forgotten to hide on his neck. You have pretended for too long now. You’ve had enough.

Warnings: Just sad angst really.

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J O K E R ☟



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♡♡♡ Valentine’s Day Drabble (3/13) ♡♡♡

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Member: Jun
Genre: Suggestive
Word Count: 662

“Come on, baby, why can’t I see?”

“Because, silly, it’s your surprise for Valentine’s Day and I don’t want you to ruin it. You have a tendency of doing that.”

Jun bent his head down and smiled to himself, but then straightened his neck and mocked a pout. “I do not. You just can’t hide things very well. It’s not my fault that I get to see them beforehand!”

You tsked and lightly swatted the back of Jun’s head. “I’ll make you keep that blindfold on longer if you don’t stop irritating me.”

This time Jun didn’t even bother hiding his grin. “But that’s what you love about me! Well, besides my handsome looks and dance moves. And is that perfume you’re wearing? It smells nice.”

You shook your head and smiled, even though he couldn’t see it. “Yes, I am. Now shut up and take off the blindfold.”

Jun did as told and reached behind his head and loosened the blindfold. He took his jolly good old time in removing it and setting it to the side with his eyes still shut, and you figured that he wanted to hold out on the surprise longer, even if he wanted to desperately see it. It was only a shame that you weren’t recording any of the reveal or had your phone to take a simple picture of Jun’s face. This was the very first time you’ve seen his eyes that big or how his eyebrows disappeared into his hairline. His mouth fell open in silent amazement, but his eyes did all the talking.

His eyes shamelessly ran over the white two piece that you were wearing; it was a delicate white lace set that stuck perfectly to your body and accented everything that it had to.  The bra had straps running over the top of your stomach just below the breasts, and the matching panties had a high waist. Underneath the entire thing, smooth skin flashed through and tempted Jun for a better look. He couldn’t believe his eyes nor the way his blood was solely focusing on one important organ of his body. His throat went dry and he couldn’t find his words. “Wow… You look… Wow…”

In his eyes, your whole entire being emitted an angelic light and your small smile blinded him. He clutched the blanket under his fingers and pressed his legs together. He didn’t know what part he should pay more attention to; the pretty blush on your cheeks or the white lingerie that he was itching to rip off.

Your voice was quiet as you spoke. “Are you just going to sit there and gawk? Or are you going to do something and touch me?” Jun’s reaction was immediate. With his body quivering, he reached out and brushed his hands over the lacey material. He sucked in a breath and wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you in closer. He found himself placing his head on your chest and inhaling the sweet scent of your perfume and kissing the exposed flesh.

“I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I am thankful,” he croaked, and he was amazed that his voice even worked.

“I told you, this was your surprise,” you murmured and ran a hand through his hair. You climbed up onto the bed and straddled his lap. “I wanted to do something special for you. Hopefully this is enough.”

Jun shook his head frantically. This was more than enough. He let his hands run up and over your thighs and he inhaled deeply in an attempt to relax. “It is,” he responded weakly.

You sighed, a disappointed look blooming on your features. “No, it’s not. Something’s missing.” Jun was going to ask what you meant, but he suddenly felt his back being pressed against the mattress and your mouth at his ear. “And I think I’ve found it. Just relax, baby, and let me do all the work.

He gulped. 



Perfume doesn’t Netflix and chill. 

They Kiss and Music.

we were so lucky, but it’s alright! the sun has risen over newer and better things for both you and I and the earth is starting to laugh again and I’m breathing in air now rather than every thought of you. I’ll come find you in another life and we can try this all over again and perhaps it’ll turn out better, okay!!

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This is the third fic in a series of Lana del Rey song inspired fics.

Title: National Anthem

Pairing: Ike Evans x Vera Evans

Fandom: Magic City

Summary: It’s New Year’s Eve, and the Evans host a spectacular party for the elite of Miami in the Miramar Playa, but 1960 is not the only thing that they will be celebrating.

Warnings: Fluff, smut

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Polish vocab: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day - Walentynki
Gift - Prezent
Love letter - List (liścik) miłosny
Jewellery - Biżuteria
Candy - Słodycze, Słodkości
Chocolate - Czekolada
Flower - Kwiatek
Bouquet - Bukiet
Poem - Wiersz
Rose - Róża
Perfume - Perfum
Kiss - Pocałunek, Całus
To kiss - Całować, Pocałować
To hug - Tulić, Przytulić, Przytulać
Heart - Serce
Angel - Anioł
Cupid - Kupidyn
Date - Randka
Couple - Para
Relationship - Związek
Love - Miłość
Flirt - Flirt
To love - Kochać
Girlfriend - Dziewczyna
Boyfriend - Chłopak
Wife - Żona
Husband - Mąż
I love you - Kocham cię
Romance - Romans 

Inspired by this post by @langrecs and since I haven’t seen one in my native language, here it is.

Yes, Really

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Genre: Fluffy smut

By: Admin Podo


Words: 1,901

Summary: You almost ruin all your preparations for your husband Seokjin’s homecoming 

You knew that your husband Jin (aka best friend, and best human in the world) had been having a stressful time with the latest comeback and all the touring. You had also had a hard time recently with going to college and working at the same time. But this whole week you had looked forward to Seokjin coming back home, so you both could spend some quality time together.

He had texted you yesterday telling you that he would be getting back a little late and to have dinner without him. He had made you promise you’d eat and not stay up very late if he was later then he thought he would be. Your precious husband, you did not feel like you deserved him. So, whenever he came back after a long trip you always made sure to set up something special.

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recipes for the signs

Aries: new running shoes, spicy food, leather jackets, curly hair
Taurus: butterflies, expensive perfume, big beds, kissing
Gemini: emojis, loud laughter, piercings, camera lenses
Cancer: studded beanies, diaries, big eyes, fresh snow
Leo: fancy eyeshadow, new phones, big dinners, good sex
Virgo: guitars, intricate paintings, pretty eyes, gold necklaces
Libra: long nails, green gems, city views, bouquets
Scorpio: pretty lips, black lingerie, painted nails, adrenaline
Sagittarius: tasty food, wide smiles, running, puppy love
Capricorn: paid bills, luck, jade jewelry, clear skin
Aquarius: pure silver, lake views, eye contact, foot prints
Pisces: fairy lights, skinny dipping, soft hair, music

Tangled - Draco x Reader

Hope you all enjoy! Let me know what you think! Requests are still open. :)

Y/N - Your name
H/C - Hair color

Request - anon: Hi, I love your imagines! Could I please have a Draco imagine where he loves Y/N’s hair? Like he’s always running his hands through it or just playing with it even when they’re in class and stuff. Thank you so much!

Warnings - None that I know of, please let me know if there are!

Y/N had never liked when people would touch her hair. It made her uncomfortable. In fact, she absolutely hated it - until she had started dating a certain blond hair blue eyed boy.

The first time Draco Malfoy had touched her hair it had been a night when they were all alone in the common room. He couldn’t sleep and neither could she. He was sitting on the couch in front of the fire. She had her head in his lap and her eyes were closed. He stared down at her. Her face was the most relaxed he had seen it in the past few weeks. Her breathing was slow, but not slow enough to assume she’d finally gone to sleep.

She opened her eyes and Draco smiled down at her. His hand that was previously resting on the arm of the couch came down to touch her forehead. He ran his hand backwards and into her hair. She stiffened but didn’t move. As his hands made their way through her hair, she began to feel a little less uneasy. He kept the same rhythm and she began to get drowsy.

“Sleep well.” he whispered as she drifted off into a peaceful slumber.

The second time Draco Malfoy had touched her hair, she’d had a terrible day. She had failed three of her exams, missed lunch, and had tripped on the last step of a staircase. All she wanted was her boyfriend and she didn’t even know where to begin looking.

Luckily, she didn’t have to go far before she found the blond boy sitting on a bench outside surrounded by idiots he called friends. As soon as he saw her and the tears racing down her cheeks, he ordered his friends away and ran to meet her where she stood. His hands came to her cheeks and his eyes searched her face. Her lip trembled between her teeth.

He brushed a strand of hair away from her face. His arms wound their way around her. His right hand rested on her head and his left on her lower back to pull her as close to him as he could. Y/N cried for an hour that day. Draco let her tears wet his uniform shirt. His hand kept brushing through her hair. She paid attention to that and only that. As he did so, she calmed down. She decided that he was the only one who could run his hands through her hair.

The third time Draco Malfoy touched her hair while they were sitting in Potions class. Professor Snape was teaching the class about a Calming Draught and Y/N was trying her hardest to focus. The boy sitting next to her was distracting. His hand would travel from her inner thigh, up to her hair, and back down again.

After pushing his hand away under the desk for a fifth time, the girl became irritated. The boy rested his elbow on the table and reached for another lock of her hair. She pulled away. He frowned. Scooting closer to his girlfriend, he reached up a second time. She let him twist it around his long fingers and he let it go. He repeated this action until Snape caught him not paying attention.

“Sorry Professor. I’m just sat next to a distracting person.” he smirked. Y/N blushed, keeping her head down.

“Don’t let her be too much of a distraction then, Mr. Malfoy.” Snape snapped.

The fourth time Draco Malfoy touched her hair was more intimate than the others. They were in his dorm lying on his bed. She had been stressed about upcoming exams and he was forcing her to relax. Her head was on his chest and his hand was tangled in her H/C hair. He began lightly scratching her head and she hummed in response.

Untangling his hand, he flipped them over so he was on top of her. Her hands tangled in his hair now as his lips pressed against hers. His hands were on ether side of her shoulders.

Y/N flipped them over once more and her hands trailed down his torso. His hands tangled in her hair again. He pulled lightly and her head followed the action, exposing him to her neck. As he pressed his lips to her neck, she moaned and tangled a hand in his hair again. They were interrupted by a door slamming. Draco was highly disappointed and they decided to resume their previous position.

The fifth time Draco Malfoy ran his hands through Y/N’s hair she became curious. They sat at the Slytherin table eating breakfast. His hand had been playing with the ends of her hair since they’d entered the Great Hall. Turning towards him, she spoke.

“Why do you play with my hair all the time?”

“Why not?” he smirked.

“Draco, I’m being serious. You seem to like it. I just want to know why.” she said.

“It’s soft. This sounds stupid, but it also calms me down. Like the other day in Potions, I was freaking out about the exam Snape said was coming up, so I just started to play with your hair. It smells good too.”

She laughed and kissed her boyfriend on the cheek. He smiled and rested a hand on her knee under the table. Y/N returned to her conversation with the girls sitting at her table.

The sixth -and most definitely her favorite- time Draco Malfoy ran his hands through her hair, they were alone. He’d told her to meet him on top of the Astronomy Tower. It was cold up there and she hadn’t thought to bring a jacket. Cursing, she wrapped her arms around herself and leaned on the railing of the tower. Looking up, she saw all the constellations she’d learned about already. With all of the lights from the castle out and the cloudless night, the sky was beautiful.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Draco’s voice sounded from behind her. Turning around quickly, she smiled.

“It is.” she replied. Draco tossed her a jacket and she silently thanked whomever above that Draco remembered she was forgetful.

“It’s not as beautiful as you, of course.” He winked and a blush crept up her cheeks. Wrapping her in a hug, he inhaled her scent of vanilla and expensive perfume. He kissed her temple and dragged her back over to the railing of the Astronomy Tower. Moments of silence passed, but they weren’t awkward. Y/N and Draco were comfortable with each other. They didn’t have to be talking every second of the day. He cleared his throat and spoke in a low whisper.

“You’re probably wondering why I asked you to meet me here in the dead of night. It wasn’t just to look at the stars or to pay you a cheesy compliment. I need to tell you something quite important.”

“What is it?” she asked, afraid of the answer. She adjusted her position so her body was fully facing his.

“You can’t laugh. It’s okay if you don’t say it back either. It’s just three words and eight letters. They’re not a big deal. Alright, maybe they are. I love you, Y/N. I always have and I always will. I just need you to know that.”

He turned and faced her. His hand automatically reached up and tangled itself in the side of her hair. His thumb rested in front of her ear and it made it’s way side to side. She leaned into his touch and smiled.

“I love you too, Draco. I always have and I always will.”

His hand pulled her closer and their lips touched for the millionth time. The sparks were the same and Y/N could get use to the familiar curve of his lips. They pulled away and their foreheads rested against each other. Their noses touched. Draco’s hand did not untangle from Y/N’s hair.

“I love you.” he repeated.

“I love you.” she laughed.

Y/N had decided that she wanted Draco’s hands tangled in her hair for the rest of her life.

Designing a spell:

The best way to learn about magic is to write your own spells. Here is how I break down my own spell writing process.

How will it function

For some people spells are circuits; power source, to module, to switch and all connected. For some, its a mini ceremony that mimics what you want to happen in simplistic terms, sympathetic magic with poppets and writing your intention down. For others, it a map of direction to the spirit, deity or force you are appealing towards. You can use a mix of all styles, none or whatever, but knowing beforehand will help you make the spell.


I’ve done a post already on how the means of a spell can affect the outcome in my opinion, but a good challenge is to think about what materials you have in the cupboard to make it work. A candle spell can yield the same result as a sigil, but if you really care about the outcome, think about the medium behind it. A sigil on paper tends to look more intimidatiing to me, the black ink and mysterious symbols on paper tend to put people off if they are unsure of what it is,so I use it for warding mgic very often. Whereas a candle gives off heat and light, its good for healing and more emotional aspects of magic. But that is just my opinion, take into consideration your own interpretations.


Everything from how you plan to ‘feed’ the spell to what you ‘store’ it in can be tweaked. I like to think in this department about waste not want not, I listen to my music quite loudly, so I like to stake that extra noises out my phone and do a little sigil on my earphones for banishing, so bad vibes are kept at bay. Need charge something with energy? Why not use body heat or a spritz of a certain perfume to get your point across? Everything yields something different in magic, so be careful.


Not everyone obeys ‘as above so below’ but you can think about how timing might affect your work; a crossraods spell in rushhour might scatter better than at a slower pace, a purifiction spell when its raining might well add to the energy you are looking for.

More of ____ Less of _____

This helps hone your intention and gives you a chance to double whammy your issue; creepy person at your workplace you can’t get rid of via conventional means? More peace and less creepy guy. Need some more focus for an upcoming exam? Less distraction, more focus. Attack both ends.

Conjure what you need not what you want.

Okay so this might be a matter of opinion, but I find it far more helpful to do a spell for a job interview success than immeadiate cash, or some other example. There are exceptions to this, of course, but keep it in mind.

Engaging your senses

You don’t necessarily need to be smelling, hearing, touching, tasting and seeing all at the same time to have a good spell, but its worth spending time thinking about what senses affect ou and how. For example, a health spell might be worth making in the form of food stuffs. Think also about the elimination of a sense; a spell for silencing an individual done in complete slilence, perhaps?

Write down the perameters

This is a do-as-I-say-and-not-as-I-do one… I am always forgetting the rules for my own spells, so just make a little note. I find myself being more conciousof my magic if a spell is only meant to last so long. If your spell affects a particular individual, think about writing down the terms and conditions, especially if it is a curse.

Begining, middle, end

One of my fave ways of doing spell is just ‘I’m gonna charge you object’ and then I charge it with an action, like I kiss my perfume vials for confidence, or blow on a hoodie to instill it with warmth, or stir comfort into tea, and then I nod or smile or clap. It marks the beggininng and ending of the magicing process so that it seperates the middle as the magical part, it doesn’t need to be fancy, it could b a simple ‘so mote it be’ or ‘in your name’ if you’re working with a deity. It really does help mark out the magic part of the magic, as well as letting it end in your head.