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fight | Jumin Han

(a/n: Hello! This is my first ever imagine and I decided to make it a mysme/Jumin Han one bc this game is my latest obsession. I apologize for writing mistakes, I’m not fluent in english but I had really fun writing this one. I hope you like it xx)

summary: For the past weeks, work seemed as he only thing Jumin could think about and after your daughter gets sick a small argument is unavoidable.


You let the big shopping bag fall onto your couch. Sighing, you peeled off your expensive coat, too expensive for your liking, and threw it right next to the object.

You felt miserable. Your feet hurt from the shiny black heels you wore, your muscles were sore und you could barely keep your eyes open. It was a really hard week for you .

First, your job as an estate agent lead you to meet up with some business people to show them free rooms for their company. The days consisted of extravagant clothing, changing the heels you wore three times a day and always keeping that fake smile on your lips. All to make a good impression. It was nerve wrecking. Sure, being married to Jumin Han for eight years made you used to talking to uptight suit-wearing men who seemed to live for their jobs. But that didn’t mean you didn’t feel intimidated. They had this strict aura, that just made you uncomftable.

You let out a sigh of relief when you slipped out of your shoes. Your bare feet touched the fluffy grey carpet, that Jumin and you had layed out when you renovated your house.

“I’m home”, you shouted, grabbed the shopping bag and moved towards your kitchen.                                                              A couple moments later a young woman came downstairs. Her black hair was pinned up into a ponytail and the plaid shirt she wore hugged her upper body perfectly.

“You’re back Mrs. Han”, she stated, her bright smile never failed to amaze you. It’s already been a month since Hawon worked as a babysitter for Jumin and you. The both of you had to work pretty long already but now with new business deals coming up for Jumin and the new projects you had to take care of, there everything let to Jumin and you searching for someone who could look after your little bundles of joy

“Hello, Dear”, you smiled at her, your fingers wrapped around a waterbottle you took out of the fridge. The cold plastic was soothing against your hot skin. “How are you? Did they both behave properly?”

Hawon chuckled and you filled the glass with water. “I’m fine, what about you Mrs Han?”, again she chuckled. “Yes they did. But I think Minha catched something. After they had dinner, she started to feel unwell, so I brought her to bed early"

“Maybe It’s the flu”, you sighed. “It seems to go around lately. Thanks for telling me, I’m gonna have a look at it"

You put on a wide smile, tried to make it seem as real as possible. You would never admit it but it hurt. It hurt to know that your child was sick and you weren’t there to do anything about it, to comfort her and to ressure her that everything’s going to be okay.

“You don’t have to thank me Mrs. Han”, Hawon said and rubbed her neck. It’s pretty late already, I gotta go"

I turned my head and looked at the clock that hung on the newly painted kitchen wall. Since Hawon was still a student who tried to earn some money with a babysitter job, you couldn’t be mad at her for taking the money after her work was done and leave immediately.

11 PM already, you thought to yourself. Was I really gone for that long?

“Sure”, you said, taking a sip of your glass of water. “Get home safe!“ “I will”, she said. “See you tomorrow, Mrs. Han" You nodded and watched her as she put on her jacket and left the house. The massive door closed with a sound.

You sighed. All the energy seemed to leave you. All you wanted to do, was to take a quick shower and go to bed. You ust wanted to cuddle up to your husband, feel his strong hands around you and be reminded that you were safe in his arms.

But Jumin wasn’t home yet, his car was’t in the driveway so he was still at work. And now you even had to take care of a sick child. - All on yourown. Fantastic. Your chest started to feel heavy by the thought of your husband. You had barely seen Jumin in the past week. He seemed to be more absored into his work, than you were. Sometimes you wondered if he was married to you, or his job.

You missed him.                                                                                                      It has been so long since you both had some time to yourself. Your last date was a month ago and you couldn’t remember the last time he has touched you. You missed his touch - how his lips left soft warm kisses on your skin and his fingers roamed your body, his voice and his dark laugh that made your knees weak…you just missed to spend some time with the man you love.  

After you drank the last sip of your water you grabbed the bag again and made your way back to the living room. You receved an invitation to a business dinner with some of the business people you met at your job. The evening was pretty boring. For three hours you chatted with the fakest people you’ve ever met in your whole life and you never felt happier when you could leave. The stiff men in expensive suits and the beautiful woman in sparkling dresses made you really comfortable.You hated going to these dinners or meetings, it just wasn’t your type of thing.

Normally Jumin would have attended the dinner with you. As a businessman himself he knew how to talk to these kind of people. He made sure to never leave your side so you wouldn’t feel lost or you didn’t have to chat with one of the CEO’s and make a fool of yorself.                                                                But this time he was again,  busy with work.

You were pretty jealous. Lately this job was more important to him than his family.

When you arrived on the second floor, you felt a little creature rubbing it’s soft furr against your bare legs. 

Surprised you looked down, only to be greeted by the bright blue eyes of Elizabeth 3rd.                                                                     “Hey Elly”, you smiled. She started to purr when your soft hands touched her small body. 

You realised that even Jumin’s beloved cat has recived more attention than you did. He even touched her more than he touched you.

Now I’m even jealous at a cat, how pathetic…

After you run your fingers through her furr some more, you made your way down the hallway.                                                              With every step your muscles hurt and you could feel every little bone in your body. All this stress made you feel pretty emotional. You saw yourself screaming and crying over the smallest things, it was really embarassing. It wasn’t like you to loose your temper that quickly. You were glad that you didn’t screamed at your kids just yet.

After you brought the bag with little goods in it somebody gave you into your bedroom(honestly you expected a little bit more than just a little flacons with perfume, extravagant beauty masks and body lotions), you wanted to have a look at your kids. Especially at little Minha.

When you passed the bedroom door of the 5 year old, you heard loud caughing and your motherly senses were activated.

You opened the door and saw how the poor girl held tightly on her stuffed teddy bear and caughed her little heart out.  “Minha…”, you cooed. Suddendly you didn’t care about your aching body, you just wanted to take your little girl into your arms. Minha opened her dark eyes and when she spotted you, she held her fragile arms out to you. “Mommy…”, she mumbled, craving her mother’s touch. 

“Hi baby”, you said, your voice low and comforting. You kneeled down infront of her und slung your arms around her fragile body. Her skin felt hot under your touch und suddendly your heart was racing. You couln’t bear the thought of your little angel being sick. She seemed so vulnerable and helpless.

“How are you?”, you pressed your palm against her forehead, your eyes widened. “Baby, you’re glowing!“ Minha nodded, she could barely hold her eyes open. “I’m not feeling well, Mommy”

Suddendly rage and sadness filled your body.

Didn’t Hawon think about giving  her some medicine? How could she leave my little girl all alone. How could she be so careless.

You really had to have a good talk with her. This wasn’t the first time she was this careless while looking after your kids. One time she almost set your kitchen on fire and that other time she let your little 3 year old all by himself for almost two hours because she was talking one the phone with a friend. You wanted to fire her, but there weren’t many babysitters who would work at the hours, Hawon would do. She even came on her free days when there was an emergency. So you had no other choice but to keep her.

At this moment you didn’t care if Minha wasn’t seriously ill. But the fact that your babysitter didn’t even bother to call you or take care of her properly, made you furious.

After you gave Minha some medicine, showered her with hugs and kisses  and made sure that she fell asleep properly, you entered the room of Jimin, your little 3 year old boy.

It was a releaf that at lest he seemd to be fine. Snuggled up into his blanked, his mouth wide open and little snores coming out. A little smile creeped onto your face. He looked a lot like Jumin. Both of your kids did, but Jimin especially. His black hair fell desiveled over his forehead and his eyes had the samle misterious sparkle Jumin’s had .


Now it was almost 1 AM and Jumin was still not back.

You were exhausted and needed some rest, but you kept yourself up with some coffee and unfinished work. It wasn’t healthy, you knew. But you wanted to wait for him. You needed to talk. So you decided to have a look at the documents you had to finish and looked at Minha from time to time. Slumbed against the chair in your bedroom the blending light of the display of you laptop hurt your eyes.

Yawning, you typed some words onto your keebord when you suddendly heard the closing sound of a door. Jumin was home.

Sighing your safed the darft on your laptop, turned the device off and waited till your husband made his way into the room. The chilly air that filled the room because of the open window, sent a chill down your spine. Soon you had goosebums all over your body. But at the same time, the cool night air was refreshing and soothing.

You didn’t know why you felt so nervous suddendly. Your heart was beating fast against your chest and you stomped nervously with your foot against the carpet. Maybe it was because you were scared, that the two of you would break out into a fight. You were always scared to fight with Jumin. It ust hurt to fight with the person you love.

“Hey, Elizabeth”, you heard his low voice in the hallway. He sounded as tired as you felt at the moment. You listened to his cooing voice as he petted your cat.

A few seconds later, he finally entered your bedrom.

Your eyes romed over his clothed body. His black suitjacket hung over his lower arm, the sleeves of his dress shirt were rolled up to his elbows. The blue tie around his neck that you bought him as a anniversary gift was loosened and his dark her was a mess. The dark circles under his usally so bright eyes, weren’t unnoticed by you.

When Jumin looked up, his gaye met yours and his pupils widened.

“Y/N…Honey, what are you doing up this late?”, he asked surprised. He wasn’t prepared that you were awake at this hour. Usually you were alredy snuggled up in the soft satin sheets on your bed, sleeping. Jumin made his way towards you, a concerned look on his face.

“Y/N?”, he asked and slung his arms around your waist. “Baby? Hey, why are you up? It’s pretty late. Go to bed” He placed a delicate kiss on your cheek and then your lips. Suddendly your whole body was on fire. You wanted him to keep going. You craved his touch, so much. You were quite dissapointed when his hands left your hips.

You watched him as he made his way towards his closet. You bit your lips nervously.

“I couldn’t sleep”, you admitted. It was true. There were so many things on your mind, that sleep was the last thing you could think of right now. “And I waited for you”

“Huh?”, he asked. He threw his tie onto the bed and worked on unbuttoning his shirt. “You waited for me? What’s wrong?”

You sighed and hugged yourself. You made your way towards your bed and sat down on the soft matress.                                                                             Jumin’s gaze was filled with worry and confusion. Your silence killed him, but he would never really admit it.

“I wanted to talk to you about something”, you said, he slipped out of his dress pants. Now he was standing infront of you, only in his boxers and a large t-shirt he threw on to sleep.

The sight distracted you a bit. His trained body was am eyesight you could drool over the whole day, the way his black hair hung down his forehead made your heart swell and it kinda filled you with satisfaction to see him so concerned about you. It was nice to have some of his attention.

“Is everything okay? Did something happen when Hawon was babysitting?”, he asked nervously.

I nodded. “Minha catched the flu”                                                                 Jumin’s eyes widened. His little girl was sick and you're telling him only now? What a great message to come home to.

“What?”, he asked surprised. All he wanted to do now was to storm into his daughter’s room and take her into his muscular arms. He wasn’t as solicitous as you were, but when somebody or something hurt his little girl he turned into the protective parent you loved and admired.

“Don’t worry”, you ressured him and fumbled with the end of your large shirt. It was Jumin’s. Sure, umin bought you a lot of pretty expensive and sexy gowns to sleep, but you felt the most comfortable in something baggy, so Jumin gave you one of his white shirts.                                                                                           “I gave her some antibiotics and now she’s sleeping. But, I can’t believe that Hawon didn’t contact any of us. She just told me about Minha when I came home”

Jumin sighed and started to put his expensive suit into his closet.

“Just fire her, already”, he said. “It’s not the first time that she tested our patience”

“It’s not only that”, you said, your nerves started to tense. “I just think…I think we’re working too much Jumin. We are barely at home and we leave our kids alone with a random stranger-”

It felt good to pour your heart out to somebody. But when your eyes met the cold glare of your husband, you stopped talking.

“You know how important my work is Y/N”, Jumin said. His tone was low, raspy and he didn’t seem to get your point. “I can’t just quit. You know I have to give all my attention to the new deals that are coming up”

He turned around and closed the door of his closet. You could see his tense muscles through the thin material of his shirt.

You furrured your eyebrows. “You mean that your work is more important than our children?”                                                                                                          Your voice was loud and you were scared that it would wake up Mina and Jimin. You also didn’t want to snap at Jumin like that, but all the stress got the best of you.

It made you sick that the cared more for his job than for the well-being of your own flesh and blood.                                                                                           “No”, he said clearly annoyed. You also didn’t ignore the fact that he rolled his eyes at you. “What I wanted to say is, that it’s just a small sickness Y/N. Every kid gets sick. We shouldn’t loose our minds at something like this”

His words made you snap.

“Are you serious Jumin Han?” Now you didn’t care if your kids could hear you. You were furious and your blood started to boil in your veins. “She’s your child! How can you not care about her being sick? So what if it’s just a small sickness? That shouldn’t be important. What’s important, is that your girl is laying there in her bed, caughing her heart out and not having her parents at home, who should have taken care of her!

Jumin crossed his arms across his chest. He furrowed his eyebrows and chewed on the inside of his cheek. He always did this when he was angry. He was always scary when he was angry. But you tried your best not to seem intimidated.

“What is with you?”, he asked, not taking you seriously. “Did you eat something bad? Or why are you suddendly so histerical?”

You scoffed.                                                                                                      Due to the anger that has risen inside of you, you felt tears welling up in your eyes. You wanted to scream at him, tell him what was wrong and just make him feel guilty. He was in the wrong, he had to understand.

“With me? What is with you Jumin?”, you asked and put your hands on your hips. “All you do is going to work! I don’t even see you anymore because your always in your office. In the last weeks you payed more attention to Elizabeth 3rd than you payed to us. What’s wrong? Did I do something?”

You swallowed the lump in your thoat. “Please tell me”

Jumin just stared at you.                                                                                  There was a uncomfortable tension between the two of you and you just wanted him to say something. You felt like you could trow up

Your chest rose and fell rapidly and your head hurt because of all the screaming. You felt bad towards Jumin. You didn’t want to yell at him, you wanted to solve this problem like adults. Without an argument. Tings just turned out like that.

But, again, you couldn’t keep your anger to yourself. But your husband was one stubborn man.

After some time Jumin sighed loudly, his hand flew into his hair.                         “I’m sleeping on the couch tonight”

Your hand broke. How could he leave you like that?

“I hope you’re back to normal, till tomorrow morning. You know how much I hate sleeping on the couch”

Without another word he grapped his pillow and left your shared bedroom.

Suddendly the world seemed to crash onto you. All the stress and pain came back and you held your head, due to the massive headache. You heard the loud beating of your heart and couldn’t stand the hotness that filled your room so suddendly.

This was the first serious argument you had with Jumin Hand since you were married.


(a/n: so It basically took me 4 hours to write and edit this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it! I’m planning to write a part two and I hope I can share it soon with you guys:) If you have any requests, just leave a message! xx)