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@allistics who want to cure autism

It seems that most of the argument on curing autism and other disabilities is that people “don’t want anyone to suffer it”

But here’s the thing about autism. We’re born autistic. We don’t know anything else. And as long as I have access to my coping methods, I’m totally fine.

I’ve been autistic my entire life. I didn’t know it until a couple years ago, but I’ve been finding my own ways to deal with sensory issues since I was born. It’s not really a problem to me. I have soundproof earbuds to block out extra noise. I have a necklace full of perfume in case of a bad smell, stim toys in case I get anxious. I know ASL in case I have a nonverbal shutdown. I know how and where to seek out accommodations for myself if I need them. My autism-related problems are hardly problems at all. They’re just life for me.

So here are the reasons I suffer due to my autism:

  • when I get overwhelmed but can’t leave the room because people accuse me of being rude
  • when I can’t plug my ears if there’s a sound I can’t deal with because people accuse me of being rude
  • when I get ridiculed for stimming in public
  • when I get ridiculed for whatever my special interest is
  • when people force me to eat food I can’t eat
  • when people force me to use spoken English when I’ve gone nonverbal
  • when people talk down to me because I’m autistic
  • when people try to force me to do things that my brain can’t handle under the assumption that I can do it if I believe in myself

Notice what all those things have in common? They’re all problems caused by people who don’t try to understand that our brains are different.

We don’t suffer because of our autism. We suffer because of YOU.

So don’t give me that “nobody should have to suffer the burden of having autism” crap. If you actually cared about autistic people, you’d let us be different and try to understand the way our specialized brains work. You don’t care about us. You just don’t want to deal with us.

How to feel like a faerie queen/king

*Fill your life with flowers

*Wear natural colors and dress according to the season

*Use rose water on your skin and in your hair

*Laugh often; laugh loudly and without inhibition

*Use a silk or satin pillow case

*Wear perfumes with lavender or rose or musk or citrus

*Put flowers (real or fake) in your hair

*Decorate your bed with ivy vines and roses

*Take a bath with coconut milk, honey, and olive/coconut oil

*If your hair is long, put it up

*If your hair is short, brush it differently–puckishly

*Eat a nutritious vegetarian meal

*Go for a long walk in nature

*Let the sun shine on your face

*Go barefoot if you can

*Dance without caring what you look like

*Kiss someone you love

*Spend time on skin care every day

*Use natural skin care products

*Make a clay mask with bentonite clay and rose water

*Use a body oil and a face oil

[march study challenge] • 17/03/17

Day 17: everything in your pencil case, aesthetic or not

Well, this one’s the big one - a picture of my pencil case, without a single muji pen/mildliner in sight. I was tempted to just put in the stationery that looked cute, but the prompt says “everything, aesthetic or not” so I just decided to throw in my lot and add some of my not-so-cute stationery. Pens from kikki.K (the only mildly expensive stationery in this photo and not even that expensive because I bought them on sale), Frixion pastel highlighters (the poor man’s mildliners), some sticky notes (to annotate books), my earphones (every girl’s necessity), phone (actually this is every girl’s necessity), a massive paperclip (go figure), a little lucky stone (for exams maybe? so far it hasn’t helped) and a lipbalm for when my lips are chapped. It all goes in a case by Fragonard, which is gorgeous but also happens to be a perfume company. Pencil case, makeup bag - same thing, right?

harrythestyleslegend  asked:

26? make it sad?

26. Why do you smell like perfume?

Send me a number from this post and I’ll write a blurb off of it!

Harry wasn’t answering his phone. You had tried calling him time and time again but it would give a few short rings and then go to voicemail. You left a couple, asking him to call you but you usually hung up with a huff and typed out a text to him - each getting more and more angry as the calls went unanswered. 

You eventually gave up, ate yourself a lonely dinner and then after aimlessly flipping through channels on the TV, decided to call it a night and headed to bed. You knew he deserved to go out with the guys, he had been working so hard, but he should have at least let you know when he was going to be home. Even a quick text to show he was getting your messages would have been nice. 

It was almost 1 in the morning when you finally hear his boots in the hall. He wasn’t even trying to be quiet and not disturb you. You sit up in bed, flipping on the lamp beside you, when he walks into the bedroom. The two of you make eye contact across the room but say nothing. He eventually shakes his head and heads towards the closet as he begins to unbutton his shirt, kicking off his shoes as he went. 

“Nice of you to call or text and let me know everything was okay.” You stay seated, the blankets pooling on your lap as you watch him rid himself of his clothes. He turns towards you, nothing but his boxers hanging on his hips. His ringed fingers push through his long curls and he actually has a look of anger wash across his face, his green eyes piercing into you. 

“You aren’ my mother. You don’t need to know where I am every second.” He says but as he says it you smell it. It was sweet, too sweet. There was a hint of vanilla to it but you could tell exactly what it was. 

“Why do you smell like perfume?” You question him. He holds eye contact with you and you see the conflict shoot across his face as he thought about whether or not he should be honest or not. “Well?” You push. You stand from the bed then, tossing the covers from your body. “You were with another woman weren’t you?” Your heart was racing, beating a quick rhythm against your ribcage as you wait for his answer. 

“You know wha’…” He starts, his voice quiet. “I fucking was. I was with someone else tonigh’. And it wasn’t the firs’ time I’ve been with her.” He actually sends you a glare and you felt your breath hitch in your throat. 

“You’ve been cheating on me?” You knew the second you smelled the perfume that was the case but now hearing the words from his mouth stopped your entire world. Harry has cheated on you - more than once too. 

“I have. I’ve jus’ been so un-happy, Y/N.” He sighs and begins to pace. “I’ve almos’ broken it off with you so many times bu’ jus’ never do. So I found someone else.” 

“Why have you been un-happy?” You knew Harry had been distant lately but you had just put that down to him being stressed from all the work and promo he had been doing recently but clearly it was because he was too busy with someone else. 

“You jus’ piss me off, you nag on me, you don’ suppor’ me like I need. No’ once have you asked me how the album is going, how the songs are comin’ along. You make me feel so unappreciated and I’m sick of it.” He confesses and you can clearly see it was making him feel good to finally get it all out. 

“So this is my fault?” Your eyes were welling up with tears as you took in his words. “I caused you to cheat, huh?” 

“You did. You make me un-happy so I wen’ to find it somewhere else.” As he spoke these words he made his way back over to the closet and began dressing. 

“Where are you going?” You whisper as he slips into his tight black jeans and tosses on his white Rolling Stones shirt. He pushes back his curls again and actually rolls his eyes. 

“Leavin’, wha’ does it fuckin’ look like?” He pulls a few more things from the closet, grabbing a bag as he does so and filling it. “I think tha’s wha’s best.” 

“Wow,” You felt your heart breaking as you fall back to sit on the bed. “This is bullshit.” You were stunned, your mind was racing and all you knew in that moment was the heartbreak you felt at both the fact he had cheated and now was leaving you. 

“I’ll be back for the rest of my stuff eventually.” He sighs then, his face finally softening a bit as he looked at you. “I’m sorry, bu’ this is wha’s for the best.” You say nothing, instead a sob falls from your lips and you watch as he leaves the room. You don’t chase after him, you do nothing as Harry just walks out of your life.

Pizza (Lafayette x Reader)


Request- “Hey I love your Lafayette x readers!! Could you do another Lafayette x Modern! Reader?? Where they have a scary movie marathon and the reader get scared do they like cuddle and its super cute”

Words- 1,358


Movie night with the crew. You down?

You smiled at your phone and texted Alex back. 

Sure where?


Frenchy’s in ten ;)

You rolled your eyes at your phone even though you know Alex couldn’t see. Ten minutes… You looked down at what you were wearing. Was this good enough? More importantly, would Lafayette think you looked good? You sighed and shrugged. It would have to do. You needed to leave, like, now.

You went into your bathroom and put on some perfume. Just in case. You checked your makeup and decided that it was passable. 

Almost exactly ten minutes later, you arrived at Lafayette’s door. You’d barely knocked once when Alexander opened the door, with a huge girl. 

“Well hello, Y/N.” He smiled at you. “Don’t you look spicy.” You rolled your eyes. 

“You gonna let me in or what, asshat?” You pushed past him, and he put his arms up in mock surrender. 

“Ayye! Y/N’s here!” Hercules shouted from the couch. He stood up and pulled you into a bone crushing hug. 

“Y/N’s here?” A voice said. You heard a lot of crashing and swearing before Lafayette emerged from one of the doors. 

“Hey.” he said calmly. You bit back your laughter. 

“Hi there.” 

“I thought we weren’t inviting Y/N because-” 

“Shh!!” Alexander and Hercules cut Lafayette off. You turned around and raised an eyebrow at Alex. 

“It’s nothing. How was your day?” Alex asked. 

“Fine.” you said carefully. These boys weren’t telling you something. 

“We’re just waiting for Laurens. Then we can start watching.” Hercules said. “Laf’s making homemade pizza.” 

You turned around and looked at his sheepish smile.

“Do you want help?” 

“Oh no it’s-” 

“Of course he does!” Alex pushed you and Lafayette into the kitchen. You looked around at the kitchen. There were different ingredients strewn all about. On one portion of the counter there were three circles of dough with red sauce on them. 

“What do you want me to do, chef?” you asked. Lafayette smiled and looked around. 

“Well…you can put topping on these,” He motioned to the sauce covered pizzas, “while I roll out more dough.”  You nodded and got to work. 

“Is this enough cheese?” you asked. Lafayette turned around from where he was working and leaned over your shoulder, placing his hands on the counter on either side of you. 

La perfection

You turned you head to see Lafayette looking at you, making your faced extremely close. You breath caught in your throat as you looked at him. 

“I-” you tried to speak, but no words came out. You saw Lafayette’s eyes go from your eyes to you lips. You could’ve sworn he was getting closer, or maybe you were. 

“John’s here!” Hercules yelled from the other room. You jumped slightly, and Lafayette turned back around and started rolling dough. You added more topping to the pizza’s and picked up the pans. 

“I’ll uh put these in the oven then.” you mumbled. Lafayette nodded and so you did that and left the kitchen. You greeted John who was now sitting on the couch. 

“I’m gonna go get a drink.” Alex announced. You sat down on the two person couch by yourself and pulled out your phone. Moments later, Lafayette came out from the kitchen. He took a seat next to Laurens. 

“The pizza won’t be done for awhile. Go ahead and start the movie.” 

“What are we watching?” you asked curiously, pulling your feet up onto the couch. 

“You’ll see.” Hercules flashed a grin at you. He turned on the TV on which the movie was already paused at the start of the opening credits. Alexander came out of the kitchen holding a beer. He looked from you to Lafayette and sighed. 

“Laf. Move.” 

“Why?” Lafayette asked offended. 

“I wanna sit by John.” he said. Lafayette rolled his eyes and moved to sit by you. 

“Cold?” he asked, offering you a blanket. You shook your head and looked back at the TV. Hercules pressed play on the movie and Alex turned off the lights before sitting in between Hercules and John. Some names flashed on the screen and you tried to guess what movie it might be. Then a single word flashed across the screen. IT. 

Oh fuck you guys!” you yelled. “Gimme that.” you mumbled to Lafayette. You took part of his blanket so you were now sharing it. Hercules and Alexander were dying of laughter. You glared at them over the blanket, which was pulled up to your nose. Lafayette looked down at you with a smile. 

You were probably half way through the movie, and you were clinging onto Lafayette’s arm for dear life. 

“It is fine, it is not even real.”  he whispered in your ear. 

“I know..” your voice was shaking and your head was almost completely under the blanket you and Lafayette were still sharing. He put an arm around you to hug you, but he didn’t pull away. 

Was he? Were you? 


The clown reappeared on your TV screen, and you decided not to think too much into it. You would’ve let anybody cuddle you at the point. But you were glad it was Lafayette. He smelled amazing like fresh bread and soap. He looked down at you and smiled. You blushed and turned back to the movie just as something jumped out at you. You squealed and buried your head in Lafayette’s side. You felt his ribs shake with laughter so you hit him in the stomach. You felt kind of like a little kid all curled up into Lafayette with your legs up to your chest, pretending a blanket could save you from the big scary monsters. 

A little bell chimed, signaling that the pizzas were finally done. Lafayette got up to go get them. 

“I’ll help!” you chimed, bouncing up. You were eager to get away from the movie. You followed Lafayette into the kitchen. Once you got there, you felt like you could finally breathe. In the light, you noticed a bit of flour clinging to Lafayette’s cheek. Without thinking, you reached your hand up and brushed it away with your thumb. You pulled your hand back quickly when you realized what you’d done. You turned around to hide your blush. 

“So should I-” Lafayette grabbed your arm and spun you around. His placed his hands on the small of your back and pulled you into him. His lips met yours quickly. You could nothing but stand there wide-eyed for a moment, but you soon leaned into his lips, your hands gripping his arms. Lafayette pulled away and stepped back. 

Je suis désolé I just. You were scared and it made me feel really protective and-” 

You leaned up and kissed him. 

“Don’t be sorry.” you said with a smirk. Lafayette smiled at you. You heard the door of the kitchen slam shut. 

“THINGS ARE HEATING UP IN THE KITCHEN Y’ALL” Laurens yelled. Lafayette face palmed and you blushed deeply. 

“We should get these pizzas in their mouths. Maybe, they’ll stop using them.” 

You laughed slightly and helped Lafayette cut the pizzas up. You may or may not have been staring at him arms the whole time. When you got back to the living room, all three boys were looking at you with grins on their faces. 

“One word from any of you, and nobody gets pizza.” Lafayette said. The mumbled angrily and grabbed slices. The movie started again. You were still scared, but it was overshadowed by lots of joy. After IT you got to pick the next movie, since you had to sit through a scary one. You stayed for another two movies. You wanted to stay longer, but Alex refused to leave before you claiming he “didn’t want to be an uncle yet.” Alex gave you so much shit while the two of you walked to your car. 

You were laying down in bed, unable to sleep because your mind kept switching from Lafayette’s lips to a freaky clown, when your phone chimed next to you. 

French Fry

We should not have watched that movie. I can’t fucking sleep. 

😊Easter Egg Hunt Blurb (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: You and Gray help with the Easter egg hunt! Warnings: None A/N: Ethan’s will be posted later today!

Warnings: None

A/N: Happy Easter you guys! I’ll post Ethan’s later tonight you guys!

Originally posted by graysonthealpha

“No Gray you’re going to mess it up!” I hollered taking the egg from Grayson. We were filling eggs with candy while Ethan was entertaining the kids in the other room. Gray and I had to pack about 100 to 300 eggs for the little kids to pick up for the Easter egg hunt. We had been here packing eggs since 9 this morning and it’s almost 11. “How will I mess it up Y/N?” Grayson asked laughing. “How many plastic eggs have you broken today?” I asked as Grayson unwraps a Starburst. “It’s not my fault my mom got the cheap eggs. I guess I’m just too strong.” He gloats as he raised his arm up flexing. I laughed as I grab his hand and give it a little kiss. I intertwined our fingers smiling up at him. “I love you.” I gushed. He smiled and leaned in kissing my lips ever so gently. His free hand pulled me closer into him deepening the kiss. I placed my hand on his chest while his arms hold me tight. “Ahem.” We heard Sean clear his throat and quickly pulled apart. He gives us a look telling us to calm down. “Have you two finished packing the eggs yet? Those kids are tearing Ethan apart in there.” Sean chuckles and we nod. “Yeah we have almost 320 eggs packed and ready to hide.” I said to Sean while I held on to Gray’s hand. “Alright go and hide them. Ethan can suffer about 10 more minutes.” Sean says with a smile. Gray and I grabbed the trash bags filled with the eggs and walked past Sean to the front door where we saw kids piled on top of Ethan. We made it outside and started throwing eggs places. We hid them in flower pots, on cars, in the grass, even in plain sight. We scattered the eggs all over the property. Grayson would snack on some eggs every so often causing me to smile. “Are you done Gray?” I hollered. “Yeah! Come here babe!” He shouts and I run over to him. He’s by his car smiling wide. I begin to think he’s going to prank me for snapchat. “Gray I swear if you’re planning on pranking me you’re going to have a raw egg shoved down your throat!” I shouted back and just then Gray comes from the other side of the car. He opened his arms for a hug. “Grayson Bailey I swear.” “I’m not going to prank you babe.” He says sincerely. “Come here.” Grayson calls to me and greets me with a gentle hug. He holds me tightly in his arms as he begins to rock us back and forth. “I love you.” He whispers in my ear kissing my cheek softly. My arms wrapped around him as I greet him with a kiss on the lips. “Thanks for coming and putting up with my family for today and helping me pack these eggs.” He says holding my hands and kissing my cheek. Before I can say anything he turns around and pulls out an Easter basket from his car. The basket was blue, pink, and green. Inside the basket was face masks, pore strips, candy, body wash, perfume, some phone cases and a stuffed bunny with a picture of Grayson and I’s first date in it’s paws. I looked up at Grayson with a hand over my mouth. I just wanted to cry. “Happy Easter Y/N. I do love you so much.” He says giving me a gentle kiss on my lips letting this one linger. “I love it Gray. Thank you. I love you so much and I am the luckiest girl in the world.” I said as our noses brushes against each other. “Go!” We heard in the distance and we see the kids outside holding baskets and running rampid picking up all of the eggs. Grayson gives me a quick peck and he grabs my hand as we walk back up to the house to watch the kids clean up all the eggs in 5 minutes that took us 2 hours to pack up into the eggs.

Don’t Care

This is a little extra to Got7′s song “Don’t Care.” I’d been working on this today so feel free to share and make this one of your favorites. I’m taking requests so feel free to inbox me with your scenarios and I’ll try my hardest to recreate them. This will have a part 2 so stick around. 

Word Count: 2655

Type: Fluff, Angst, lil ol smut

“There’s an awning." 
As you run under, your heels come down hard on the pavement, thunder ringing out in the afternoon shower. How could you not have known about this?
Your clothes were now a mess. From head to foot you were soaked, your hair framing your face as the water dripped down your chest, soaking into your skin and leaving goosebumps in its wake.
"Ah…guess we’ll be stuck here for a while.”
JB ran his hand through his hair, flicking the water off as as shook his leather jacket. He was no different, his earrings glistening as water fell from the onyx hoops. His burgundy hair slicked away from his sharp features, tasseled at his expense, falling in his eyes as he looked around.

You never expected to see hadn’t in almost 3 months. One day you guys had woken up, staring at one another in the silence. His smile made your heart soar. Every time you giggled you felt the thunderous roar of his own shaking the bed. Everything was perfect.
The next thing you knew, he’d started yelling and before you could catch on to what was going on-
“I can’t do this anymore. We should end this before things get bad.”
He grabbed his things after that and left, slamming the door as he went. No matter how many texts you sent and calls you made he ignored them all.
You cried every day and didn’t sleep that first month…things were just turning around since then, this was the first day you’d decided to leave the house.
To enjoy some solitude and have some lunch on the patio of your favorite restaurant. Just a block away in the cross walk however, a loud group passed by, and one of them knocked the clutch from your hand.
By the time you looked behind, he’d picked it up and dusted it off.
When his eyes met yours you both stopped..
JB was the one who’d knocked against you. Frozen in the cross walk, you could only stare, afraid that anything you could say will result in your anger and confusion to come boiling out after finally getting a leash on it.
You gulped..hard.
You’d forgotten what it felt like to hear him say your name. The butterflies started in your heart, but we’re quickly smashed by the stone of pain down to your belly, where they flapped one last time before completely dying out.
He’d dumped you without warning. Don’t be an idiot falling into his lap when you see him. You’ve got better things to do and right now you are enjoying yourself.
“I’m sorry do I know you?”
“Y/N don’t be like that, you know me-”
The cars blared at the two of you, Jinyoung and Jackson had already been on the other side of the street waiting for him.
“Hyung, let’s go. We’re gonna miss lunch if you keep up.”

JB looked back momentarily as the horns went off again before grabbing you by the small of your back and pushing you to the other side of the street, trying to find a way to speak. 
“Your friends are waiting for you, you should go. And give me back my clutch-”
You tried snatching it from him, but he jolted it above his head and out of your reach.
“No way. Not until I talk to you.”
“Yeah right, you up and left 3 months ago without saying a word.”
“Without saying a word?! Are you serious? You-”
Jackson ran up beside them, looking at the female quizzically before he snapped his fingers.
“Y/N?! God it’s good to see you, you look great!”
He smiled halfway, your anger still coiling itself around you as your eyes cut back to JB.
“You too Jackson-”
“Listen if you don’t mind I’m just gonna be a second-”
“Like hell you are, you owe me an explanation Im Jaebum.”
His eyes cut to yours, a flash of darkness taking over.
“..Don’t call my name like that Jagi.”
“I’m not your Jagi anymore, Im Jaebum.”

JB nearly growled as he lowered the bag, making Jinyoung step in to try diffusing the bad blood between you two.
“Ok ok. Look. You two are in no place to talk about anything. So how about you go get lunch with Kit, me and Jackson will be fine.”
“No, I’m going to my favorite restaurant and I don’t want him-”
“The one down on G street?…I like that place..”
“Yeah cause of me and I really don’t want to eat with you.”
“LOOK. You two are in public. How about you go handle this elsewhere, OVER LUNCH and not on the street. OK?”
Jinyoung wasn’t giving us an option. He was hangry and we were keeping him up.

“…fine. But you’re paying.”
“You heard me. You owe me after 3 months of hell.”
As you snatched your clutch away and walked ahead, you grumbled loudly; clearly wanting to get this over with.

As you walked, it was awkward for a while, your heels clicking loudly as you tried staying a good distance away. But his legs were much longer than yours, and before you knew it you were tired.
“Y/N…why..I mean..what the hell…”
As you neared the restaurant, you saw the busy line leading out the door and then some, making you whine loudly.
As you pouted, thunder rang overhead, and a second later you were pelted by heavy showers.
Fast forward after making a break for the awning about a block away from your original destination, you leaned against the metal beam absolutely finished with this.

“Your fault.”
You retorted quickly.
“Your. Fault. First I see you, then my restaurant is crowded, now I’m stuck, drenched under an awning and hungry. You ruined my day. Your. Fault.”
JB glared at you for only a moment before sighing openly.
“I’m not your Jagi, stop calling me that.”

It was silent before he let go an exasperated sigh, pulling his hair from his eyes once again. 
“…you ruined that 3 months ago…you can’t call me that anymore…J..”
You crossed your arms in tight, a chill dancing its way up your arms as that day played back in your mind again.

“Would you stop interrupting me? Jeez Y/ know, for the past 3 months I’ve seriously been a mess and couldn’t figure out why. I know now it’s cause of you.”

You stayed silent, swallowing the comment as the fluttering kicked up once again. You stared out at the rain, half enjoying it, half cursing it as the heavy pelts clapped against the metal sheet above you.

“You..really don’t know why any of this happened do you..?”
His gaze meeting yours momentarily as you looked up. When the tears threatened to fall, you looked away, exhausted with the ordeal.

"You know JB? If I would’ve gone to lunch with y/bf/n today like I’d planned I would’ve never saw you. I wouldn’t be cold and drenched. I wouldn’t be hungry either. But I am. And I still don’t know what I’m doing standing under this awning with you.”

Tears fell as you tried turning from his view, but your voice had forsaken you as it broke.
“3 months ago I called you at least 100 times that day. I didn’t understand anything. 3 years JB. 3 whole years and you just dumped it without so much as even a tear. I wished everyday it was a joke. A test of some kind. But one day I woke up and knew you weren’t coming back. I slept in your shirts, wore your robe. Sprayed your cologne. Hell, I’m still wearing this stupid ring.”

You wanted to take it off and throw it at him, but all you could do was twist it around your finger, the onyx and gold band bringing you solace in the overflow of confusion.

“…For what’s is worth, I’m still wearing mine..”
A throaty, pained chuckle left you as those cursed wings started up again.  
“I read every text, called you back at night..but couldn’t get past the first ring. Your favorite shirt I keep inside my pillow case..your perfume I spray on my bed so you’re the first one I think of..when I wake..”
JB wrapped his jacket around your shoulders. The inside was dry and comfy as he pulled the lapels close to your neck. You felt like shrugging it off, but when his cologne hit your nose you breathed in deep. The one you like so bought it for him for Christmas..
“And when I went to sleep.”
His eyes met yours, before grazing over your lips, then your damp cleavage. That darkness flashed across his features once again as his hands rubbed down your forearms, those huge palms warm compared to your soft skin.
When he’d patted the tears away, you found yourself nearly leaning into his touch. Your eyes closed briefly before meeting his once again. 
The fight in you drained away as quickly as the rain trapped you here. You just couldn’t refuse JB. He submitted into your charms every time. Kryponite. There was no refusing the way you felt. No denying any of it..He shouldn’t have ever left you. If all it took was a simple touch to know the truth.
“Then…why did you…”
“I also dreamt of you. Every night. Thought of you every single moment. I never wanted to be alone because I missed being alone with you. Remember that picture you stuck in my mirror a week before that happened? The one of you in the park?”
“I kissed it every single day, took it with me on those late nights at the studio. Held it to my heart when I needed you most.”
JB came in closer, the words spilling from his mouth bringing down every wall you’d built. 

“Today was the first time I’d really went out for me. To enjoy the boys company and some good food to talk..about you.”
“..why me..?”
“They’d been wondering what happened since I came home that day, I was completely livid..angry..breaking shit..Jackson was the only one when he grabbed me..I lost it..”

His voice broke momentarily, tears threatening to fall as he looked away.

“Why..I mean what would you even..?”
“Everything..from every strand of hair down to your toes. To your high pitched laugh, and the way your right leg twitches when you sleep. To your hands and the way you play with them when you get anxious.”
JB smiled as he watched you twiddle with the ring around your finger once again before intertwining them with his own as he inched even closer. 

His voice was so low, an amorous tone flitting its way through your heart and up your spine before curling up warmly and taking res in your lower belly. JB was weak to no one but you, his eyes kept finding yours as you bit your lip before his hand trapped you beneath him with his chest pressed lightly to yours. JB always trapped you like this, and you couldnt help the way you instantly took hold of his forearms. That was just what happened when he got close..when he gave you that look. It felt good..his body warm, smooth, evasive yet invited. You wanted him crowding you, needed him to.

“To those beautiful big eyes that always looked at me cutely. To your nose that crinkled when you those lips..”
His thumb lightly brushed against your lower lip, back and forth before he’d caressed your jawline and gripped the nape of you neck as he used his thumb to make you look at him.
“Those petal soft lips that release the most beautiful voice..the cutest noises..the sexist moans and gasps I’ve ever heard. Theses lips that gave only me the softest kisses..”

His chest pressed in against yours more, making your grip tighten on him. The fixation on your lips lifted to meet your begging eyes.
It’d been 3 months since you last felt that kiss. Since you felt his warmth, since he’d been so close. You didn’t know how much you craved him till now. How your body absorbed all his heat, how you needed to feel those eyes on you. How that voice washed away everything those 3 months of damage had done, like a tiny wave pushing way at the sand.

“How you said-”
“Im Jaebum…”
He hissed, his member threatening to harden against your belly before chuckling.
“Just like that…especially when you need me…and you need me right now…don’t you Jagi..?”
JB searched your eyes as you exhaled, watching his lips as he spoke. The slight nod and mumble proved true to his question before he leaned in…just inches from your lips.

“I need you too Jagi..more than you could fathom.”
JB teased you, inching closer, hovering so as you could feel the warmth of those lips sure as if they were pressed hungrily against you.
The ache that left in his name had his lips pressed lightly at first, before he laced on another, and another till you gasped lightly against his lips. Your whole body shivered as his tongue grazed against your lip, invading you, taking your breathes as his hand cranked down harder on your neck. As a light, sinful moan escaped you, JB ran his fingers softly through your hair as his body flushed tight against yours. His arousal kicked up hard, and your hands gripped his waist, pulling him in more.

Pure need, passion and something dark poured into you, his tongue slipping in and out skillfully, giving you what you missed so eagerly. His hand crept up your spine, just the way you liked it; lightly, just his fingertips before they’d flatted out and pressed into your dimples. The one spot that had that aching moan leaving your lips, had your hands shaking, and your back arching seductively as he grabbed your hips. When your head went fuzzy he pulled away, your eyes still closed, lips puffy as you bit them to choke back the needy whine that’d threatened to escape you.

“Y/N…how about we take this to your place..we order some food. And talk there..ok?”
You managed a “huh?” Before he laughed at your dizzied expression.
“Food. Your place..I’ll pay. Deal?”
“Deal..just don’t stop kissing me.”

The throaty chuckle that left as he placed one long open mouth kiss on you, biting your lip and letting go with a pop, had you gasping as that warmth had began snaking down and sweltering inside your core.
“Chinese sound good to you?”
He placed another on you, going slower as you pulled him in more to grind himself against you.
“I’ll call now..and you call the taxi. Ok?”
“One more…”
Your eyes lifted slowly, pure need and sex glistening in them. JB shuddered, entranced in your gaze before he finally breathed.
“God I missed you..”
His lips assaulted yours eagerly, his hunger roaring as his thick arousal pressed into you hungrily.

A loud protest of hunger pushed between you like a needy child as JB pulled away, causing you to blush before your laughter rang out against heave of rain. 
“Alright, let’s get home and fed.”
“And talk?”
“Yes, and then talk.”
As he pulled out the phone he didn’t bother with the address. He’d known of for…well he’s never not known it. He practically lived there. The condo he shared with the boys was such a foreign placed since he’d been with you, he’d almost forgotten which room was his.
As you called for a taxi, you laid your head against his chest, listening to his heart thump loudly.
‘3 years and he’s still nervous around me.’
As you looked up, his gaze feigned true as rose hit his cheeks, making him smile as he’d cursed himself.
“I missed you.”
He smiled, and that heartbeat went faster.
“I missed you too.”

15 ASSOCIATIONS  .      

repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question .

001 .   ANIMAL .     snake . 
002 .   COLOR ( S ) .     shades of purple and red, black.  green, too  !  
003 .   MONTH .      april. 

004 .   SONG .    anything by yung lean  :///  
005 .   NUMBER .   13 .
006 .   DAY OR NIGHT .    night  ,   dusk  .  

007 .   PLANT .        burning   )   roses .   
008 .   SMELL .     death and weed honestly hes basic :// oh my god .. definitely sweet, but not too much.   think black xs by paco rabanne.   definitely quite cinnamon scented once you smell a bit more of it.    cheap cigarettes,   that cheap ass vodka you know you’ve only got it ‘cause the person you asked to buy bought the wrong one and you can’t go and return it for another one because you’re under 21. 
009 .   GEMSTONE .    amethyst  .   

010 .   SEASON .    winter .
011  .   PLACE  .    his bedroom.  a skating field in which there’s hints of red spray paint all over it, a suburban neighborhood with snow covering some of the grass     -    it’s night, and there’s some blue neon lights coming from the windows.   when it’s snowy outside and the trees have no leaves.   not exactly an actual place, and yet internet forums that look like they’re straight from late 90s to early 00s. black backgrounds, writings in a bold red style that, by the dripping letter effect    &.    all the bling bling shit u know its probably a blingee :// 
012  .   FOOD  .       honestly if u ask his ass .. hes fuckin extra .. he’ll probs say human meat or some shit eh .. but marinated meat or fish he loves that shit .   big fan of colorful food too .   loves chocolate    &    red velvet cake  !     sushi, too.    apple pie.    blue ice cream.   anything w cinnamon.    both sweets   &    spicy food.    blue and black licorice candy.

013  .    ASTROLOGICAL SIGN  .      pisces . 
014  .    ELEMENT  (  S  )  .      fire. 
015  .    DRINK  .     cherry cola, anything with cinnamon   (   especially coffee w milk added .   )   ,       slurpees     (    purple or blue !      )    ,     water    …    that ultimate fuck boy drink aka the purple drink w codeine :/// absinthe, too. definitely reminds me of him whenever i see that shit.

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Prompt: Jumin finds out MMC works as a male stripper in lacy men's lingerie but mmc doesnt want to quit when Jumin asks him to becuz he enjoys it; he invites Jumin to one of his shows but Jumin gets turned on and it gets steamy in the club's VIP room

Oh my my my! Haha nice! I’ll do what I can ;) Keep in mind my smut abilities aren’t too too good, so I did my best :D

Side note: I listened to two songs to get the feel of the bass. For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert and Flesh by Simon Curtis 

Smut? below. 

There are continuations to this story by the lovely @just-waiting-for-a-better-ride 
Part 1 | Part 2 (smut) | Part 3 (VERY smut) 


It was difficult to get in hours. Very difficult. Zack looked at his watch and smiled. He knew he should tell him, he really did. But he couldn’t even get himself to do it. He felt bad but he couldn’t help but relish the time Jumin was away on a business trip in another country. “I’ll miss you.” Jumin would say.

“As will I.” Zack would say in all honesty. He would sincerely miss him. But when Jumin was in another country Zack could take up hours in his ‘part-time job’.

The clock struck 10. There was a low thump thump and then, silence. He felt a rush of energy as the large, red velvet, curtains pulled apart and suddenly a bright spotlight blinded his vision. The music was instant.

Thump thump.

He took a step forward.


Soon the bass was pounding against the dark violet walls. The crowd couldn’t even be heard. He reached out and gripped the long, cold, thin, metal pole in front of him and wrapped his leg around it. Instantly, almost as if it were second nature to him, his body swirled around the pole. He felt his back arch as he extended his other hand. He could see the crowd cheer but the music was so loud he couldn’t even hear them. He gripped the end of his jacket and pulled. The offending material flew off and, as it always were, the crowd jumped up and let out a roar of applause. They whistled. They fist pumped in that air. They sang along to the music. And, they watched.

It was almost like ecstasy. Except he wasn’t aroused by it. He was fueled. His blood pumped hot into his veins as the music let blared over the speakers. He relished the feeling of the see through lace on his body and the cold pole that was slowly getting warmer and warmer each time he moved around it. The way his muscles tightened as he lifted himself off the ground. It was fuel to his fire.

The crowd cheered, screamed, and all the while they just enjoyed it. He gripped his hand around  the base of the pole and flipped himself upside down. The crowd cheered. He swung himself upward using his legs as a grip and, right side up again, slid down the pole slowly. Women and men let out cheers and a string of profanities loosing themselves in the music, in the atmosphere, in the heat of the moment.

Zack smiled and cocked a brow, a move loved by most, and bowed as the music ended. Backstage he happily grabbed his payment and quickly changed into his street clothes. Tonight he could only do one act as Jumin was set to be home by midnight. He looked at himself in the mirror and chuckled. In some senses it was wrong but he couldn’t help it. He didn’t have sex with anyone here. He never kissed nor touched not even flirted with any customer or co-worker. No one. His heart was locked with Jumin’s. He just loved the rush. The atmosphere. It was all so exhilarating.


By the time Zack got home Jumin was already there. Waiting.




He sat there with his arms crossed, a look of pure anger over his normal deadpan one.

“He-hey.” Zack said taking off his jacket.


“You got home early.” Zack inched towards the bedroom. He couldn’t let Jumin smell him. Even if he was just in the strip club for only ten seconds he always left smelling like overpriced cheap beer and a lot of perfume, or in his case, musk. Jumin watched him like a cat. “How was your flight?”


“I see. Well I’m going to shower.”

“Sit.” Jumin demanded.


“Sit.” He glared. He was not going to say it three times.

Zack walked over to the armchair opposite of Jumin and sat stiffly.

“I was surprised to see you gone when I came home. I expected my beloved to be waiting for my return.” Jumin slid his phone across the coffee table. “But then I saw something very intriguing.”

Zack looked down to see a message from ZEN on the messenger.

[ZEN]: I… don’t know how to tell you this but
[ZEN]: I had to do research for a new role and I went to a strip club.

    [Jumin Han]: What are you trying to tell me?

[ZEN]: Well I saw…
[ZEN]: I saw Zack on stage.

    [Jumin Han]: Preposterous.

[ZEN]: I didn’t believe it either!
[ZEN]: But it was definitely him!

There was a picture attached. It was Zack in mid spin, crystal clear too.

    [Jumin Han]: ….

[ZEN]: Did you know he did this stuff?
[ZEN]: Jumin?
[ZEN]: Hey trust fund! You there!? 

Zack looked up and swallowed.

“I was quite surprised,” he said with poison “to see you up there. What is the meaning of this?”

“I-I just.” Zack felt his blood run cold and his hands clammed up. He desperately wanted to disappear. “I-I-I-I-I-I.” The look Jumin was giving him, Zack was terrified.

“Why are you working there? What are you ding there?”

“I… like it.”

Jumin’s lip twitched. “You like it? And what about this,” he roughly gestured at the phone, “do you like?”

“I…” Zack clenched and unclenched his hands on his pant legs. “I… like everything about it.”

“I can see everything. They can see everything.” He was clenching the fabric on his shirt sleeve like it was a stress ball. “I cannot believe you are so… so indecent.”


“That face you’re making, the way you’re dressed, the things you’re doing on that pole. Those are all meant for me. How could you show anyone else that?” He was doing his best to stay calm.

“I…I’m not doing anything! I don’t show them anything that isn’t meant for them!” Zack stood up. “I shouldn’t have to explain myself! You just don’t understand!”

Jumin stood as well. “I don’t know what there’s to understand. You need to quit.”

“You can’t make me! I work there, it’s my choice too, and…and I could never let it go! I. Like. It.”

“This is ridiculous. What in the world has gotten into you?”

Zack grabbed his jacket. “Nothing’s wrong with me. You… you don’t get it. There’s excitement to all of this. I don’t touch anyone, I don’t do anything to anyone! But the job itself? I like it. Maybe it’s the attention maybe it’s just the adrenaline rush.”

“The attention? Do I not give you enough attention? Maybe if I take you on the trips with me you wouldn’t go to such drastic measures to get attention.”

“That’s not it.” Zack shook his head. “You just don’t get it. I… I… I’m going to take another shift.”

“I forbid you!” Jumin started to walk forward.

“I don’t give a rats ass!”


“You sure Zack?” His boss looked at him. “You don’t have to take another shift?”

Zack wasn’t listening. He quickly changed into the lacy lingerie, really it couldn’t even cover an earthworm, and quickly put on the tear away clothes. “When can I go on?”

“12 show.”

“Fine.” That felt like it would take too long but whatever.

When 12 finally reeled around Zack felt pumped. Jumin just wouldn’t understand. The curtains parted.

Thump thump thump.

Yes. Yes! This feeling! It was so energizing. He felt like he could do this for hours. The music pounded and he could feel it through his bones. It was like when you were at a concert. The music was so loud you were almost sure your heart was moving with the beat, no matter how fast it was. The feeling of the pole. The crowd. The way his muscles fueled with oxygen and blood. It was amazing. Once he was done he let out a satisfied sigh.

“Zack.” The manager walked up to him. “Good show tonight, you got a private request.”

“I don’t do those.” Zack waved his hand away.

“Can’t turn down this one. You have to promise you’ll keep this customer secret.”

“I’m not going to get physical with him.”

“We know. Just do the show in the VIP room. Room 2.”

Zack sighed. He didn’t like private shows, it was too…personal. Ironic since he could dance around practically naked for a group of thirty people but when it was one on one, it felt wrong. Zack stepped in the room and nearly ran the other direction.

It was Jumin.




He couldn’t back away. Holding his head high the music started up almost immediately. He nearly fumbled over when he grabbed the pole.

Why?! It was awful. It was so awful to be stared at by him. He could see those steel grey eyes watching his every movement. He could see how calm and perfectly poised he sat. Zack felt his hand slide against the pole and, thankfully only audible to him, he heard the pole let out a squeak as sweat accumulated against his palms. He was ready to pass out. But…what was amazing was that he was more into it than normal. A little too into it. He never, never ever ever, felt this way when he danced for the audience. He felt a mixture of fear and arousal and he was sure it showed.

Jumin stood. Zack stopped. The music continued on.

He left the room.

Zack felt his heart nearly stop.

But then…he returned. Even with the ear blastingly loud music Zack could hear the door click. Locked with an animal. A beast. Jumin stood in front of the stage. He didn’t say anything. Zack crouched down and the moment he did…

Jumin had him pinned beneath him on the couch. They looked at each, sending signals to each other without any words.

Those unspoken words.



The bass was fast, Jumin was faster. The lace did not stand a chance, it was torn to shreds and was unrecognizable as a type of clothing, it looked more like a pile of threads now. Bite marks, scratch marks, tasting and taking everything that he could. The screams that were so loud in that room yet outside, where a crowd of people were, so very close by able to come in at anytime and see how one was to be properly defiled yet simultaneously cared for, no. No one would ever hear it. There was no time for begging, no time for sweet words. Just primal, unadulterated need. And yet, he didn’t feel like he was being used, every movement, every guttural moan from the man he loved, was pure, sweet, adoration.

The music started to reach the climax. There was a clear bruise on his hips now from just the raw power of Jumin’s grip. Zack clawed at the velvet seats and threw his head back seeing nothing but white, hearing nothing but the bass. His heart, his body, his soul. It all belonged to him. Forever and always.

“I will have to come to your show more often.”

VS/Pink Clothes Tips

Okay so I honestly don’t know how I started doing this and got away with it cuz I was so sloppy but here is how I used to lift clothes from VS without going in the dressing room or detagging (but better obviously because I was stupid about it)

•Gravitate towards the shelf displays in the middle of the store, not the hangers. Empty hangers would be sus and most of the clothes on hangers have tags.

•The piles of plain shirts and leggings are randomly tagged, or at least at my store they are. Yoga pants and yoga leggings are all tagged. Regular leggings are folded in displays.

•I would just rummage through the drawers and pretend I’m trying to find my size or color, meanwhile I’m rolling an item up into the smallest roll I can with one hand, moving stuff with the other. For leggings, do this from the ankle up and make sure it’s really tight. Then, with the rolled up item in my hand, I quickly close the drawer I’m looking in and open the one below it or two down, and while I’m opening it my hand passes over my bag and I drop the item in.

•By rolling it up, it’s easy to find tags because the item has to be completely flat so the tags won’t roll properly. Double check by just pretending you’re holding it up to look at it if you’re nervous. Holding it up also helps if the item is folded and you need to unfold it to roll (leggings need to be unfolded). I’ve never heard of VS using soft tags but if you can nonchalantly rip a tag in half then it’s better to be safe than sorry.

•Rolling it up also makes it easier to just drop into your bag since it’s not loose fabric and you won’t have to stuff it in.

•A lot of the time those types of displays are in the corner by the hanging clothes, sometimes it’s easier to just turn around with your back to the camera and just pretend you’re looking through the clothes on the hanger really closely and drop the item from there. That works with the perfumes, phone cases, and socks as well.

I hope this helps, I have a lot of lifted leggings and shirts from VS and like 20 pairs of socks that never even saw the dressing room