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Here it is: The fruits of my labors.

I put together a curated book experience for @skelebirddraws since The Raven Cycle is one of my favorite series and I was dying for her to read it and also she said “No, seriously, do that” when I threatened to make her a book box for her birthday, and this is what happens when you challenge me.

The way it works is I devised a plan to have a reading adventure-style guide included in the gift that would explain when to use each item and the chapter it related to! But because I’m a graphic/product designer for my day job, I realized I could make the adventure insert look like one of Gansey’s journal pages, with all the collage and interesting bits about Welsh Kings thrown in. (For funsies scan the page and find all the references! In some places I used quotes and in others I got more tangential) You can see the print in the box in the photos above.

Included in THE EPIC BOX:

-The 4 TRC candles from Novelly Yours (Cabeswater, Manibus, Henrietta, and Gansey)

-300 Fox Way and Excelsior stickers

-Bumble Bee Enamel Pin

-The Raven Boys Book

-How much do you know about Welsh Kings Bookmark

-Earl Grey Tea

-A Fleur De Lis bracelet

-A Perfume sampler that includes scents that I thought matched the vibe of the Book (Raven Spells, Feather Heart, The Reading of Leaves, and Magic and Moonlight)

The idea is as she reads the journal page will make more and more sense to her and also who doesn’t love being told what to do and when right????

Also: @maggie-stiefvater because imma die if she sees this!

Imatge: Mercat de la Boqueria, Barcelona, Catalunya.
Image: La Boqueria Market, Barcelona, Catalonia.

[Based on @german-hobbit‘s Arabic market vocabulary]

El mercat: market
La botiga: shop, store
El client (m) / la clienta (f): client, buyer
El venedor (m) / la venedora (f): seller
Comprar: to buy
Vendre: to sell
Barat (m) / barata (f): cheap
Car (m) / cara (f): expensive
De segona mà: second hand, used
Nou (m) / nova (f): new
Vell (m) / vella (f): old
Antic (m) / antiga (f): ancient
L’antiguitat (f): antiquity
El nou model: the new model
Els bens: goods
El plat: dish (food)
La beguda: drink
Fresc (m) / fresca (f): fresh, cool
La fruita: fruit
La verdura: vegetable
Les espècies: spices
L’embotit (m): cold meat (typical Iberian)
El perfum: perfume
La joia: jewel
El bracelet: bracelet
El collaret: necklace
Les arracades: earrings
La plata: silver
L’or (m): gold
La tela: fabric
La roba: clothes
El mercat medieval: Medieval market

Quant val?: how much does it cost?
   Quant val aquest llibre?: how much is this book?
   Quant valen aquestes taronges?: how much are these oranges?
Val… euros: it’s ….€

Lee Jeno || Charm Bracelets & Pink Perfume

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Idol: Jeno (NCT)

Genre: Fluff

Summary: In which Jeno doesn’t know what to buy Y/N for Valentine’s Day, until he stops by some cute stores in the mall

Requested by @jeno-xoxo, Jeno’s wifey <3


[Jeno’s POV]

February 13th. Exactly one day before Valentine’s Day. And I still don’t know what to buy Y/N.

“Ughh” I groan, slouching down on the chair in my dorm room. I chew on my fingernails nervously, thinking hard and deep about what to buy for my beautiful girlfriend for tomorrow.

Everyone told me that flowers and chocolate would be enough. But me? Nope, flowers and chocolate will definitely NOT be enough. I want to give her something much more than that. But what?

I sat in my computer chair in thought, tapping my fingers on the desk lightly as a bunch of different ideas popped inside of my head.

As I was thinking, I felt my phone buzz in my back pocket. I pulled out my phone and check the caller ID. I widen my eyes and feel my heart beat fast. It’s Y/N.

I don’t know if I should answer her or not? Well of course I should, she’s my girlfriend.

But ugh, what if she asks me about Valentine’s Day and if I bought her something? She’ll most likely freak out when she finds out that I didn’t even buy her anything. God, I’m doomed.

I hesitantly answer the phone, holding it close to my ear. “Hello?”

“Jeno!” And there’s the sweet voice that I love to hear everyday. Her voice is so sweet and soft and adorable, I just love it??? I get emo every time I hear it, like seriously, her voice and her in general is so beautiful and perfect, I wanna die.

“Y/N! How are you, princess?” I say into the phone.

I could practically feel her blush across the phone. “I’m good, my prince. How about you?”

I bite my lip. Should I truly tell her how I am and tell her that I’m literally freaking out about what to buy her for the special day tomorrow and that I’m seriously the worst boyfriend in the whole history of boyfriends and she doesn’t deserve me and she deserves to be with someone that’ll give her everything in the whole wide world and will make her happy instead of being with a lame joke like me?

I decide to lie, though. “I-I’m good.” I clear my throat. “So… Valentine’s day is tomorrow…”

“Oh! Yeah, it is! I can’t wait to give you the gift that I just bought for you~”

I gulp, my cheeks turning hot and red. Oh god, she bought me a gift and I didn’t even buy her anything. I’m the literal worst.

“O-oh! W-well, I can’t wait to see your gift, babe! A-and you’ll love mine, also!” I cleared my throat, hoping that my stuttering didn’t sound too obvious.

“Yeah! And Jeno, are you okay? You keep stuttering.”

Too late.

“Yeah, I’m okay, Y/N! Don’t worry about me~”

“O-okay. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow then! Love you~”

“I love you too, princess. MUAH!” I sent a kiss through the phone, making her giggle. After we say our goodbyes, I hang up. I slouch down on my chair, slapping my forehead.

“God, I need to think of something to buy her.” I say. I check the time on my watch. It’s only 2:35 P.M. I still have a lot of time to go to the store and buy her at least something. I sit up and walk to my closet, finding my black hoodie and jeans. I take them out of the closet and put them on, before grabbing my car keys and walking out the door.


I walked inside of the mall, looking around and trying to find a decent store that Y/N would usually shop at. I continued walking around the mall, looking at all of the different stores but couldn’t find a nice one.

Until I stopped right in front of Victoria’s Secret.

‘Y/N usually comes in here when we have mall dates. This would be a perfect place to buy her something!’ I think before walking into the store.

My eyes trailed off to all the lingerie and bikinis. I could feel my cheeks growing hot and my heart pumping faster. My eyes stopped at a blue bikini. “Oh my gosh, Y/N would look so cute- NO JENO!” I slapped my cheek, which made some people walking past me stare at me with a weird look. ‘Don’t think like that, you idiot.’

I shake those thoughts off and continue roaming around the store, trying to find something nice to buy for Y/N. I need to buy something that is just as perfect as her.

I keep walking around until the perfume section catches my eye. The smell of cotton candy and cherry blossoms fills my nose, making me sigh in ecstasy. “Y/N would definitely love the smell of these.” I say, holding up a small bottle of pink perfume. I spray it in the air, sniffing it. “Ah, it smells like doughnuts! I’m definitely buying this for her.”

I put the pink perfume inside my shopping bag and continue looking around the whole store. I stop by a shelf full of pretty charm bracelets. I look at all of them, until my eye stops at a cute light blue bracelet with a heart carved inside of the steel part of the bracelet. “This would look so nice on Y/N.” I said to myself. I put on a wide smile before carrying the shopping bag to the lady at the front desk. 

“Would this be all for you, sir?” The lady asks me. I nod my head, smiling at her. She scans the items and puts them into a little bag.

“These are lovely items. Your girlfriend will definitely love these.” The lady told me, a grin plastered on her face as she hands me the little bag.

I could feel myself blushing, thinking of how happy Y/N will be when she sees what I’m giving her. “Th-thank you, miss.”

“No problem, kid.”

I wave goodbye to her as I walk out the door. I take out the items that I bought for Y/N and take another look at them. I smile to myself. “Y/N will love these.”


Today is Valentine’s Day, and it’s currently 5:55 P.M. Y/N will be coming over for our Valentine’s Day dinner in 5 minutes and oh my gosh, I’m so nervous to see her.

I’m wearing a black vest with khakis and I doubt I’ll look as good as Y/N. She’s so gorgeous and I can’t wait to see her and see what she’ll be wearing tonight.

I look in the mirror and fix my hair, wanting to look as good as possible for Y/N. I grab the gifts that I’m giving to her from the drawer. I put it in a nice red box for her to open.

I check my watch. Oh god, it’s 5:59 already. I quickly comb my hair and fix my vest before the doorbell rings. 

“You got this, Jeno.” I say to myself in the mirror before walking quickly to the front door and opening it, revealing a beautiful Y/N wearing a beautiful blue dress.

My jaw drops as Y/N stands in front of me. SHE LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL OH MY GOD. 

“Hey, Jeno.” Y/N says.

I continue staring at her, looking her up and down. She looks so gorgeous, I wanna die.

“Jeno?” She waves her arm up and down, making me blink out of my trance.

“O-oh, Y/N! C-come in.” I clear my throat, stepping aside so she can come in. She walks in and looks around my house. I offer to take off her coat for her. 

“Dinner will be ready in a second.” I say, before rushing to the kitchen and checking up on dinner, which is pizza and macaroni. I check on the pizza in the oven. It’s almost ready. I check on the macaroni and it’s not done just yet, so dinner will probably have to wait another 20 minutes, how great.

Y/N walks into the kitchen, holding a small bag, and sits down on one of the kitchen chairs. “So, Jeno, are you ready to see what my gift for you is?” She asks me excitedly, a huge smile spread across her face. My heart melts at her smile. Her smile is so beautiful and everything about her just screams P E R F E C T.

“Yes! But I need to get my gift for you, too. Be right back.” I tell her before running off to my room and grabbing the box that has her gifts in it and rush back to the kitchen.

She hands me her gift and tells me to open it. I open it and I can’t believe what’s inside. 

“YOU GOT ME THE IPHONE 7???” I scream out loud. She smiles and says yes. I feel like dying liKE HOW CAN SHE SPEND SO MUCH MONEY ON ME? SHE DIDN’T NEED TO, OH MY GOD.

“THANK YOU SO MUCH, PRINCESS. I LOVE IT!” I bring her into a tight hug and peck her lips. 

“It’s no problem, Jeno. You deserve it.”

I feel like crying. She’s so sweet and nice and overall perfect, I don’t deserve her. Now my gift compared to hers is just a joke and now I’m having huge doubts.

“Do you still want to see your gift? I mean.. it’s not as amazing as yours. It’s not even close to being decent-”

“Jeno, I don’t care what you give me. I don’t even care if you buy me anything at all. I didn’t want this Valentine’s Day to be about gifts. I just wanted to spend this day with you and only you.” She intertwines her fingers with mine and kisses my cheek. I blush, wanting to just die at how amazing and wonderful Y/N is.

“O-okay. Well, here you go.” I hand her the small red box. She takes it and opens it up. Her eyes widen and I swear it looks like she’s about to freak.

“JENO, OH MY GOSH, I LOVE IT!” She takes out the charm bracelet and puts it on her wrist. She takes out the pink doughnut perfume and smells it. “I LOVE IT SO MUCH, THANK YOU!” She brings me into another hug, but this time tighter.

I laugh and hug her back, wrapping my arms around her waist and keeping her close against me. “It’s no problem, princess. I just wish I bought you more than these two things, but it was last minute and-”

“Jeno, I already told you. I don’t care what you give me. I don’t even care if it’s last minute. I love it and I love you for buying me these.” She kisses my forehead. I could feel my heart beat picking up its pace.

“I love you too, Y/N.” I tell her. We both smile at each other before I pull her into a kiss. Our lips moved in perfect synchronization. It was nice and slow, just how I like it.

We broke the kiss, and I pulled her into my chest, leaning my chin against her head.

“Are we going to stay like this forever or are we going to eat dinner?” She asks me.

“Let’s just stay like this a little bit longer.”

Day 52.


This earth is saturated with it. I have been here little over a month, and already I can see the effects of time and circumstance. On my planet, change, if it happens at all, is slow and deliberate. This planet, however, seems to be constantly bouncing off the walls of difference, trying to right itself. People are thrown around by the endless force of time. New bruises form before the old ones can heal.

Some humans have seen far more change than others. I can tell. It is more than obvious in those who walk around with stiff smiles and straight backs, sad eyes and darting gaze. It’s incredible what a human being can hide behind a false expression. Those of my race are far less skilled in this area. We simply say what we are feeling, and hope the person who is listening knows what to say.

The first form of change I have noticed is how quickly a mood can snap. I swear, every time I blink it feels like a kind face has turned into an angry one. A conversation first bleeds red and then blue. A smile can evaporate. A laugh can fall dead. Fear, memory, and conflict can change a mood faster than a snake can strike. But there is also good in this pain, as I have discovered is true with most things on this mysterious planet. A frown can quickly vanish, a smile can suddenly shine through tears. One day there is sadness, but the next, joy. Pain can turn to love, shouting to singing. All of this change is held in a delicate, unpredictable balance. It is amazing.

The second is how quickly our idea of something can change. The way we view it. How it makes us feel. For example, I live with a host family. One of the family is a 17 year old son (2 years older than me). Four days ago, he was “in love” with a girl that smelled of perfume and wore dazzling bracelets. Now he tells me that he has, “moved on” and that she “puts a sour taste in my mouth.”

“Funny,” I think. “The sour taste must have been sweet four days ago, because he wouldn’t stop kissing her.” There are many examples of this. An actor was convicted of a crime almost 15 days ago. The family, who once crowded around the TV, cheering when this favorite man won an award, now only sighs sadly when his name comes up. And through the disappointment lies a silver strand of mistrust. A defense mechanism. A reminder to never trust with such absolution again, lest the heart will suffer. Strange, how even a celebrity can change our lives, teaching us to trust a little less. But once more this must be kept in balance. There is also change to be found in a new haircut, a brighter smile, book releases, baby announcements, triumph in human rights. Amazing.

The last form of change is perhaps the most beautiful and fascinating, and the least unfamiliar to me. It comes in the form of seasons. In how the broad green leaves put on their evening gowns and drift from this world so gracefully. In how the grating yellow air begins to melt into soft sunset hues and smells. On my planet, such gentle and prolonged seasons do not exist. One day there may be rain, the next snow, and the next heat. It keeps you surprised and guessing, but maybes it terribly hard to make plants. This planet is much different. Its seasons last months, and they do not come overnight. Instead, they transition with the sweet dance of tradition, changing colors and smells, sights and sounds, with a gentle hand. Amazing.

To conclude, this world that I am visiting is overrun with change. Some of it good, some of it bad. 

And I still miss home.

I miss home.

Until next time, 


Brad Simpson Imagine: Cute Times with Bradley

Request: I really loved your tristan and millie imagine it was all cute and fluffy and yeah haha um could I have a brad one something being cute like that (so not typically cheesy) where he just really loves you and youve been together for a while

“(Y/N) are you ready?” Brad shouted upstairs
“I’ll be down in a minute I shouted, rushing around in my room looking for the new perfume and the bracelet Brad’s family had given me for Christmas. We were off to his family’s annual summer barbecue, it was lovely because all of his family got together, even the boys from the band, and they all just chilled. I’d been with Bradley now for around 3 years so I’d been too quite a few of these barbecues, however I never got to see his family as much as I would like which is why I was really looking forward to going and spending some time with them. I walked down the stairs in my blue flowery dress, wedged heels and my hair in loose curls, much to Brad’s amazement.
"You look beautiful” He mumbled
“Thankyou Bradley” I smiled, kissing him on the cheek “Are you ready?”
He nodded and we set off from the house, hopping into the car and turning the radio up full blast as we jammed out too Uptown Funk. 

Pulling up at his house, it was decorated with lights and we could already hear the 80’s tunes blaring from the speakers in the garden. As we walked up the driveway and knocked on the door, Brad’s mum came rushing to greet us, hugging Brad and then me.
“Here they are, my favourite little couple, oh how I’ve missed you" 
We were led into the house and immediately Brad and I were separated. He went to speak with his cousins whilst I made my way around his family members, saying hello and making general conversation. I also ended up on karaoke with Nat, his older sister. It was such a laugh, we get on so well and I think that means a lot to Brad. I then went outside and played with his youngest cousin on the swings, pushing her and watching her as she pretended to be a fairy princess. I joined in too and we even did a duet from Frozen, she was Elsa and I was Anna. I hope Brad didn’t see, I’d never live it down, Finally, I ended up talking to Con and James, two of Brad’s bandmates and two of the more familiar faces at the party tonight. All of a sudden, my hand was grabbed and I was dragged away from James and into the garden. It was dark now and the fairylights lit up the tree house that Brad used to play in when he was younger.
"Where are we going?”
“Up there” he pointed as we both began to climb
Once we made it, the view was beautiful. The clear starry sky was something like I had never seen before. We sat with our legs dangling over the side of the tree house and my head resting on Brad’s shoulder. 
“I’m so lucky to have you” He mumbled
“I’m lucky to have you too Bradley”
“I wanted to get you on your own because I feel like I haven’t spent enough time with you tonight”
“Oh it’s okay, I’ve been keeping myself entertained”
“I believe you have…Do you wanna build a snowmannn?" He mimicked
"I was hoping you hadn’t seen that” I replied burying my head into his chest.
“Nah it was cute man, and it meant the world to Ella, she looks up to you a lot”
“She’s a good kid”
“I can’t wait for us to have our own children one day, you’ll be the most amazing mum, god I’m so lucky to have you”
Our conversation was then interrupted by the ladders of the tree house shaking and Brad’s mum shouting up 
“I can see you two love birds up there, don’t make me come up and get you”
“Coming mum” Brad shouted as we both giggled and made our way down to go and spend the rest of the night with his family 

white lace dresses, glittery eyeshadow, crystal necklaces, vintage leather jackets, jasmine perfume, charm bracelets, dangly earrings, sheer tights, crushed velvet everything

What Would Dating Jung Hoseok (J-Hope) Be Like?
  • You will be dating the sun.
  • He’ll also be screaming like all the time. Especially when he compliments you on anything and everything.
  • Sometimes it hurts your ears but you get so used to it that you’re whatever about it and just let him go on yelling.
  • And maybe you’ll even scream back because A) he can’t hear you over himself, B) it’s kind of contagious sometimes, especially when he’s being hyper about something, and/or C) you want him to shut up so you mimic him.
  • The two of you will sing and rap together everywhere. The car, while cooking, in the shower. There were no limits. And you love joking around while doing so, being completely dramatic as you lip-sync the words or say them out loud.
  • He’d always tell you to rap to his parts in songs though cause he gets really giddy whenever you do it and it makes him happy to know that you kind of know it.
  • Even if you butcher it he’ll still think you’re amazing and adorable and will certainly shout that at you.
  • You have to drag him to go to amusement parks. Even if he has ridden roller coasters he’s still afraid. He’ll probably try to avoid them or he’ll be pouting or looking completely horrified while on the line.
  • But he likes to win you a lot of prizes at the stands and also show off how good he was at things.
  • That’s something he does a lot. He’ll always feel the need to do something extreme in front of you to show you how good he was at something. Whether it be lifting something heavy, doing complicated dance moves, incredible rapping, etc. He does it because he wants you to pay attention to him and loves the praise.
  • On top of winning prizes at amusement parks, he’ll bring home a bunch of gifts for you, sometimes for anniversaries or maybe even randomly.
  • He loves spoiling you with a bunch of gifts. He’ll bring you anything, too. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, lotions, perfumes, makeup, small necessities like chapstick, nail clippers, nail filers, and souvenirs from places he goes for promotions or even from the BTS merchandise.
  • He also spoils you with attention, too. He’ll always talk to you and want to do things with you whenever possible. Plus, he’ll always be by your side.
  • That means PDA is out of the roof. He will always hug you or backhug you, kiss you all over your face, head, hands, neck, wherever he could reach from his position. He’ll rub your noses together, he’ll hold your hand, cuddle and snuggle with you, and he’ll even throw in some thigh squeezing, butt patting and boob grabbing whenever he felt up to it (which is pretty much always). And it’ll move on from there and continue as well. The PDA doesn’t stop at sex.
  • Also he likes tickling you whenever possible. That will usually make you laugh a lot as you try to slap his hands away and soon it’ll turn into making out and then more.
  • He’ll constantly pop a lot of jokes, too. He’d love to make you laugh and see you smile, since it would always make him feel better and brighten his day. He also enjoys knowing that you were smiling because of something he said or did.
  • Although a lot of his jokes may be innuendos and you slap his arm each time, still being shocked at his audacity to say something like that.
  • And sometimes he’ll burst into laughter and tease you for something you said that sounds dirty even though you has absolutely no intention of being dirty. Hoseok is a perv.
  • But there would be times where Hoseok can’t always be optimistic. He’ll have his moments where he gets depressed or sad, feeling bad about what he puts out to the world whether it be his lyrics or his choreographies.
  • He always tries to hide his feelings, pretending that nothing bad was going on and that he didn’t have any struggles. He doesn’t want you to become upset or to be burdened and have the weight on your shoulder of his negative emotions. He tries to remain happy because he wants you to always stay happy. You are his happiness, after all.
  • However you end up finding out about it anyways. There’s a moment where he doesn’t hide it well and you’re forced to confront him about it and tell him that he needs to be open with how he’s feeling.
  • Of course then he’d try to close off and tell you that everything was perfectly fine and that you had nothing to worry about.
  • You’d know that’s complete bullshit, so of course you tell him that it’s okay to feel sad and that he shouldn’t be afraid to open up to you. You would tell him that you want him to know that it’s okay to talk to you and that you’ll still love him no matter what.
  • And from then on he would slowly start to open up to you. Of course he’d still feel nervous about doing so since he doesn’t like feeling sad around you because he thinks you’ll get upset. There are many times you have reassure him that it’s okay and you’ll be fine.
  • Sometimes you may argue with him about this subject, though, because he doesn’t always open up and you can tell when something is bothering him. It takes a lot of persuading to get him to open up and afterwards you always care for him and assure him that you still love him.
  • Your dates will consist of anything and everything. Going out to parks, trails, sports games (even if you don’t like sports), bowling, touring the city, zoos, museums, kayaking, hiking, beach, ice skating, dancing together etc. Also Netflix, playing video games/board games, cooking or other small things. Most of your dates end in some sort of sex.
  • The sex in your relationship varies. It could be kinky, vanilla, rough. Hoseok is someone who is very open and has a range in his personality, so he wouldn’t mind trying out new things whether it be your suggestion or his.
  • He likes to dance all the time. Even if it’s some small celebratory dance.
  • But most of the time he’s showing off how good he is and you can’t even deny it. He puts on shows just for you.
  • And even though that sounds sexual sometimes he’ll do girl dances and be completely over the top with them. The worst part about that is that he’s better at girl dances than you are.
  • But sometimes they are sexual and you find yourself sitting down and watching Hoseok doing dirty dance moves to the beat of a song. And maybe there’s lap dancing because he’s shameless as hell.
  • He tries to teach you to dance and even if you mess up or look like a flopping fish out of water he’ll still say you’re amazing and should take his spot in BTS as lead dancer.
  • He can be on your ass a lot, too. Protective and naggy and uptight about where you may be going, who you’re with, etc. He wants you to stay safe and always come back to him okay, so he texts you a lot to check up on you, almost acting like a mother at times. Almost.
  • And sometimes you’ll be mothering him back and making sure he takes care of himself.
  • You also do a lot of the cooking and cleaning around the house on top of looking after him, and in these cases he’ll coo and call you “yeobo” instead of “jagi”.
  • There will be a lot more times where he’s not like that, though. He usually is adoring and admiring you. Sometimes silently but most of the time vocally. He’ll be so lost in his thoughts he interrupts you while you’re speaking.
  • “Hey, Hoseok, could you grab-”
  • “You are the most gorgeous girl I’ve ever seen. I love you.”
  • He will admire anything you do. You could probably breathe and he’ll celebrate it.
  • It’s actually encouraging even though you don’t like to admit it because he screams in your ear all the time.
  • You’ll constantly have the “No, I love you more,” argument.
  • He is always telling you how much you mean to him and how he never wants to be without you. Even though he’s super loud most of the time he has his relaxed moments.
  • Those moments consist of the two of you cuddling and relaxing, either watching a movie/show, stargazing, or about to go to sleep.
  • When you cuddle he’ll pet your hair and whisper saying how much he loves you, how he could never be without you and that you mean the world to him.
  • He takes a lot of photos of you. Sleeping, awake, off-guard, whatever. Even if they’re blurry he loves them and has a folder in his photo album on his phone just for photos of you. Photos of the two of you together is another story.
  • He definitely raves about you a lot. To BTS, managers, family, friends, fans. Anyone who listens will end up hearing him yap about you.
  • He posts a bunch of photos of you or with you on twitter, saying how much he loves you and how happy he is to be with you.
  • Hoseok will always love you and does his best to make sure you know that. He would dedicate himself to you and try to be near you whenever possible. Whenever Bangtan isn’t disrupting him all he wants is just be with you.en