perfume bottle bag

Title: I Promise/Whenever You’re Ready

Rating: PG

Warnings: none it gay 

Genre: fluff, slight crack???? idk m8 my friends say im funny so many idk what crack is anymore

Pairing/s: Phan

Characters:danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil

Summary: Dan gets resourceful with the seals on the perfumes they got for free from the BRITs.

A/N: idea taken from the screenshot I took above

A/N 2: another story written out of insomnia; I fell asleep writing this halfway and I continued on for another two hours after I woke up

A/N 3: it’s a drabble my children

A/N 4: this is also doubles as an apology for mixing up my blogs and accidentally reblogging posts here instead of onto my main blog i forgot to switch back aaaaaaaaaa

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