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[NEWS] Jimin Describes BTS’s Relationship With GOT7 On “King Of Masked Singer”

After King of Toy Machines performed Kim Bum Soo’s “It Will Pass,” he danced to AOA’s “Miniskirt” as part of the talent portion. Naturally, host Kim Sung Joo put Jimin on the spot by asking him if either of the two contestants in the round seemed like idols.

Jimin hesitated and sighed as he considered it carefully, and then made everyone laugh by asking the contestant directly, “King of Toy Machines… Are you my senior?”

Kim Sung Joo laughed and waved his hand at Jimin, saying, “You can’t ask questions!”

Jimin commented, “I’m not sure. Last week, he seemed very young, but this time when I was watching him I became worried that he’s my senior.”

King of Toy Machines ended up losing the round, and Jimin yelled “I’m so relieved!” when the contestant’s identity was revealed to be GOT7’s main vocalist Youngjae.

After talking to Youngjae, Kim Sung Joo pointed out that Jimin had been worried about whether Youngjae would turn out to be his senior or junior. “I’m his junior!” confirmed Youngjae with a laugh.

Jimin bowed his head to him as he said formally, “Thank you for not being my senior.”

Jimin explained that he had guessed that Youngjae was his senior because his performance had seemed so mature. “Their group is really like our friends!” he added. “I know them well.”

“We talk often,” agreed Youngjae.

Kim Sung Joo then asked Jimin, “Even though he’s your junior, he sings well, right?”

“I think he’s better than me,” replied Jimin. He then cracked everyone up by adding with another bow, “I’m not a main vocalist.”


every year in Ireland we have the late late toy show right, we get some adorable kiddos to show off toys and perform while the most eccentric child of all (Ryan Tubridy) guides them along

But oh my god while it’s always been a much loved tradition I’m losing my shit and still holding back tears now because this year the first child they had up on stage was a Type 1 Diabetic, who got to demonstrate playing with the American Girl diabetic doll and then DEMONSTRATED ON HERSELF BY TESTING HER BLOODSUGAR LIVE ON AIR

this is so so important oh my god not once in my life have I seen any positive representation for any diabetics, especially not Type 1, especially not on Irish television. After years of the media spreading fear and false facts and generalising all diabetics as unhealthy, at fault for their own disease and a failed life, it means so much to have a tiny five year old do something like that so normally and out of the blue on live television. dont ever tell me representation doesn’t matter, especially for kids with illnesses and disabilities who are forgotten about so much when we talk about these things, if I could’ve seen something like that when I was newly diagnosed instead of hearing that I was going to die at 40 on health programmes or having kids and adults alike saying I was going to go blind or lose a limb or that it was my fault for developing diabetes i can’t tell you how much it would’ve helped me accept my condition and take care of myself. the impact this’ll have on young diabetics is huge

[NEWS] Main Vocalist Of Popular Boy Band Regains Confidence On “King Of Masked Singer”

On the January 15 episode of “King of Masked Singer,” masked singers “If You’re Curious, Give Me 500 Won: King of Toy Machines” and “Prince Anpanman” went up against each other in the second round of the episode.

The contestant “If You’re Curious, Give Me 500 Won: King of Toy Machines” performed Kim Bum Soo’s “It Will Pass,” which he delivered with such passion that he received great praise from the panel. However, the victory was ultimately accorded to “Prince Anpanman,” for his stellar song-and-dance rendition of Taeyang’s “Look Only At Me.”

“If You’re Curious, Give Me 500 Won: King of Toy Machines” then took off his mask, revealing himself to be none other than GOT7’s main vocalist, Youngjae!

Talking about how he felt, Youngjae said, “[For my solo parts,] it’s mostly ad-libs, so I feel really happy that I could show more [of my singing] through ‘King of Masked Singer.‘”

In the waiting room interview, he said that he would read through comments on his singing, and revealed, “Even if there were 100 positive comments, I would focus on the single negative comment. [There was] a long criticism that analyzed my vocals, and as I read it alone, I cried my eyes out without anyone knowing. [But] ‘King of Masked Singer’ helped me regain my confidence.”


MAMA is a joke this year

MAMA is usually a mess

But it seems to be a bigger mess this year (especially with those nominations)

I don’t understand how some of those nominations were made and how other groups didn’t even get a chance. I have so many questions to whoever made these nominations.

Why weren’t WINNER and AKMU nominated AT ALL?
I’m surprised EXO wasn’t nominated for the best MV?
Where is EXID and BAP?
Why isn’t Infinite nominated for Best Dance Performance?
Why is Toy not part of nominations for Best Song of the Year when it had one of the highest digital downloads for a boy group?


(I’m not hating any group already nominated. I just want to know why some groups who did promote this year were not even a nominee for any category and such)

Soken finished his performance, grabbed his toy piano, ran around the actual piano, tried to rip his box off the floor, cried, “NYYYYEH!” when the tape wouldn’t give, and then scurried of stage.

Send help he’s precious.



Otsukaresama deshita XLoli ~ my team to our 1st performance at Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair ^^

Too bad I don’t have any stage photos :(

XLoli big thanks to : Sacca Productions, Komunitas Sailor Moon Indonesia, Ais, Sei, and Cielo, Dino also Arthuro ~~ <3 <3

I have no idea why Taeil from Block B doesn’t get lots of lines in live performances. Take Toy for example. In the recorded version, taeil is obviously singing the chorus in its entirety, but in the live version they give most of it to U-Kwon whose voice, while good, isn’t as stable as Taeil’s. They’ve done this with other songs as well. He might not have the most versatile voice, but it’s a lovely voice and one of the most stable live that I’ve heard. Let the man sing live! He works hard for it

 " Tu ne dois pas aux gens, la personne que tu étais avant. Tu n'es pas obligé de parler aux gens qui parlent à la personne que tu étais avant. Et s'ils veulent la faire ressortir mais que tu as déjà laissé cette personne derrière toi, ils n'ont pas à te parler. Quand tu es passé de faiblesse à force, tu ne dois pas une performance de ton ancien toi pour quelqu'un qui ne peut se faire à ton chan-gement. “

— Dig Yourself