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holtworks  The 1, 2.
300 Blackout Pistol
@vortexoptics Sparc AR red dot optic
@hogueinc chain link G10 grip and trigger guard
@ballisticadvantage 9" Performance Series 300blk barrel
@vg6precision Gamma 300blk muzzle brake and CAGE device
@aimsurplus E3 black nitride BCG
@davinci_arms 8.5" Leggero Hand guard
@aero_precision flip up iron sights
@strikeindustries_si SI Curve fore grip, enhanced mag release, bolt catch, takedown/pivot pins and charging handle
@radianweapons 45/90 ambi safety 3.5lb curved drop in trigger
@inforce01 Gen 2 WML weapon light
@lancersystems Hybrid mag from @themagshack loaded with 220gr HUSH subsonic ammo from @freedommunitions.
Battlefield Green Glock 19
Slide work by @mod1firearms
@vortexoptics Viper red dot
@ameriglosights suppressor sights
@s3fsolutions threaded barrel
Frame work by @gnptactical
@overwatchprecision FALX trigger
@etsgroup mags

Permanent Vacation- 5sos
The Rules of Misogyny

Rule #1: Blame women for the negative actions of men.

  • Example: rape culture, victim blaming

Rule #2: Women’s bodies exist as objects for male consumption

  • Example: porn, BDSM culture

Rule #3: Female bodies exist as male property

  • Example: child brides, most traditional marriages

Rule #4: Women’s opinions do not matter, men know better.

  • Example: people asking specifically for a male opinion

Rule #5: All great achievements come from men.

  • Example: erasing women’s contributions from history

Rule #6: Male bodies and brains are inherently superior

  • Example: men’s vs. women’s sports, women in science

Rule #7: Sexuality is for men and is male centric

  • Example: ignoring the clitoris, lesbophobia

Rule #8: Women’s labor exists to serve men

  • Example: free labor in the home performed by women

Rule #9: Men must always be considered first and foremost

  • Example: anything women-only is considered offensive

Rule #10: Men must be the ones to control human reproduction

  • Example: abortion legislation, birth control legislation

Wayne Brady may be in joining the cast of Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s über sold-out musical Hamilton, but that doesn’t mean his friends can expect free tickets.

The 44-year-old actor — who begins performances as Aaron Burr (sir) in the Chicago cast of the historical hip-hopera on Tuesday — recorded told TMZ that he’s not the one to come to for handouts.

“I don’t get no damn comps,” he said in the clip. “Specifically, let me repeat that now: I don’t get no damn comps. Either you have to be related to me by blood or we’re sleeping together, and then you will get a free ticket.”


Brady, an Emmy winner for his work on the improv hit Whose Line Is It Anyway?, is scheduled for a three-month run in Chicago’s Hamilton — which opened Setember 27 at the PrivateBank Theatre. His last performance is set through April 9.

“I have been ready for this role since I saw Leslie [Odom Jr.] do it when it first opened,” he told TMZ. “I’ve wanted to do this so, so badly.”

His 13-year-old daughter, Maile Masako Brady, has also wanted her father to do Hamilton so, so badly. A Hamilton-superfan, Brady recounted how she jumped out of bed screaming “Oh God — we’re going to Chicago! We’re going to Chicago!” when she learned the news.

“That was our Christmas present,” Brady joked.

We are so excited to be in Bogotá, Colombia for our very first time! Looking forward to performing tonight at 9:30pm @almaxcolombia !!!! 🇨🇴!!!! ❤️!!!! @shane_timm

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13x13 on a Nutshell

- No matter how much cutting edge technology, skill or talent you have, without experience, you can’t really teach (learn if from Webber, Minnick)

- No matter how good of a resident/doctor/surgeon you are, you don’t have superpowers. Sometimes things just don’t work out. Bad outcomes are part of the job and a really important part of the education of a resident

- Arizona is actively being a peds surgeon again?

- What was the point of having Leah Murphy back again? As if the show wasn’t already overcrowded 🙄

- Perhaps GSMH should prioritise getting the right people to do the job before thinking about teaching. An ortho performing abdominal surgery on a 9 year old and a trauma surgeon being chief of General Surgery aren’t really promising signs of excellence and good qualifications

- Catherine changes her mind about April like she changes cities

- Has Alex got his job back or not? Haven’t the court papers been back yet?

- Has Maggie been spending so much time with Meredith that she’s learned how to be bitter and rude?

- Have Maggie and Meredith completely ignored that Amelia is “missing”? No one gets to bang their heads this week guys, sorry, we are closed for neuro

- GSMH trains trauma surgeons to perform elective surgery on cancer patients? Impressive Chuck Norris style surgeons. How many hours of training do they get a week to be skilled in so many different specialties?

- Nobody cares about Ben and Bailey’s marriage

- This season has had one of the worst continuity, writing and storytelling I ever remember seeing


The Number of Performances in the “Musical Touken Ranbu”

Since I had compiled the information, I thought it’d be interesting to post it here as well.

Musical Touken Ranbu ~Trial Performance~ (30.10.2015 - 08.11.2015) : 15 performances (Tokyo)

Musical Touken Ranbu ~Atsukashiyama Ibun~ (27.05.2016 - 26.06.2016) : 40 performances (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto)

Musical Touken Ranbu ~Bakumatsu Tenrouden~ (24.09.2016 - 27.11.2016 & 13.01.2017 - 15.01.2017) : 60 domestic (Tokyo, Fukuoka, Osaka) + 5 international (Shanghai) = 65 performances

In total, that’s 120 performances in a little over a year, not counting the special “Musical Touken Ranbu” events.

Musical Touken Ranbu Premium LIVE @ Akasaka ACT Theater (16.07.2016 - 18.07.2016) : 9 performances (Tokyo)

Musical Touken Ranbu in Itsukushima Shrine (12.11.2016) : 1 performance

Musical Touken Ranbu ~Shinken Ranbu Sai 2016~ (13.12.2016 & 20.12.2016 - 21.12.2016) : 6 performances (Osaka, Tokyo)

Adding in the special events, it would bring the performance count to 136 performances.