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PBS Filmed Performances schedule!

Friday, October 20, 9-11:30pm:
She Loves Me

Friday, October 27, 9-11:30pm:

Friday, November 3, 9-11:30pm:
Noël Coward’s Present Laughter

Friday, November 10, 9-10pm:
In the Heights: Chasing Broadway Dreams

Friday, November 17, 9-11pm:

Friday, November 24, 9-11:30pm:
Irving Berlin’s Holiday Inn

Set that DVR yall!


“the smile mark gives out when he gets up from his laying down position” for anon ♥︎

I would like to thank the Broadway actors who are performing on the Today show this week. Some of us might not take in or just forget that they perform at the 8-9 time period and that they are wake and arrive at NBC hours before to warm up, rehearse, and get “notes” from the crew at the Today Show. Although they won’t probably read this. I am mentally thanking them, so I and many others can see an amazing Broadway number.

Solo Harry Styles Asks

Send a number

1) What’s your favorite song on the album?

2) What’s your least favorite song on the album?

3) What’s a lyric that means the most to you?

4) Where were you when you first heard Sign of the Times?

5) Did you get tickets for the tour?

6) What was your initial reaction when you first listened to the album straight through?

7) Did you watch SNL as it happened? And what did you think of it?

8) What’s your favorite live or TV performance so far?

9) What do you think is the best song to share with someone who has never listened to Harry Styles?

10) Name one thing you dislike about solo Harry.

11) Who is your favorite member of Harry’s band?

12) What did you think of the Behind The Album documentary? What was your favorite part?

13) Do you have the physical cd or vinyl, the download, or do you only stream (ie on spotify)?

14) What has been your favorite solo Harry look so far? (Feel free to post a pic or gif).

15) What is your opinion of Jeffrey Azoff? Is it different from your opinion of him before solo Harry?

16) Put the songs in order from your favorite to least favorite.

17) Is there any song that you’ve changed your opinion on?

18) What song are you most excited to see Harry perform? (This can be a song he hasn’t performed on TV yet, or a song you’re just excited to see him perform in person).

19) Name a One Direction song that you’d most like to see Harry add to his solo setlist.

20) Name an artist you’d be thrilled to see Harry collaborate with.

21) Describe how you usually listen to Harry’s album. Do you listen straight through, do you shuffle, or do you skip straight to the songs you wanna hear?

22) Would you say you’re solo Harry stan, or an OT4/5 stan?

23) Musically, what is your favorite moment in the album?

24) A scenario: you’re in the car with someone who hasn’t heard the album yet. Do you let it play without saying anything until they ask or comment, do you turn it up and immediately tell them they need to listen, or do you switch it to something else because you’re too embarrassed?

25) Give a short testimonial on your feelings about solo Harry.

So many exciting things are happening soon, so here’s a list of everything upcoming:

▪️11/9: Performance of a new song airs during Scandal on ABC

▪️ 11/10: reputation is out!!!

▪️ 11/11: SNL Performance

▪️ 11/13: ‘The Making of the Song’ videos premiere on TaylorSwiftNOW

▪️ 12/1: Jingle Ball- Los Angeles

▪️ 12/2: Poptopia- San Jose, CA

▪️ 12/7: Jingle Bash- Chicago, IL

▪️ 12/8: Jingle Ball- NYC

▪️ 12/10:Jingle Ball- London

[ARTICLE] MONSTA X Shares Update On Wonho’s Health After Examination

After MONSTA X’s Wonho was unable to take part in the group’s comeback show-con due to health concerns, the group has shared an update on his condition.

On November 7, an official announcement was made by the group to let fans know that Wonho had been sent for a thorough medical examination due to symptoms of encephalomeningitis.

During the group’s show-con that day, Shownu shared the results of the examination. “They said that it’s not encephalomeningitis,” he said. “It seems like we’ll be able to appear together as a group soon.” Kihyun added that they wished they could have told fans sooner, but Wonho had continued to say he would be able to do it. Kihyun also said that they would be together as a full group soon.

A representative from Starship Entertainment clarified with a news outlet, “The final examination results show that it’s a severe flu. It’s possible that the full group will be promoting together starting with the next performance.

MONSTA X made their return on November 7 with “Dramarama,” and their first television performance is scheduled for November 9 on “M!Countdown.”

Source: Soompi