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Some of the gorgeous chickens being shown at the 2017 Pacific Poultry Breeders Association show in Modesto, CA. 

Breeds in order of appearance: Golden sebright, silver sebright, araucana, australorp, frizzled American serama, Belgian bearded d’anvers, appenzeller spitzhauben, frizzled cochin, polish, and American serama.

Satan’s Hollow, Ohio- This creepy underground tunnel system has been dubbed ‘Satan’s Hollow’ by many as, according to legend, it acted as a meeting ground for Satanists in the 1960’s. Cloaked figures would enter the hidden tunnel system to sacrifice animals and perform dark rituals. However, the place was abandoned after one ritual went too far and the cult members reportedly summoned Satan himself.

you know you’re european when eurovision is only in may and you’re already hyped af about it

Serial killer Dr H. H. Holmes was born Herman Webster Mudgett on May 16, 1860, in New Hampshire to Levi and Theodate Mudgett. Levi and Theodate were strict disciplinarians and Mudgett was subject to physical and emotional abuse and neglect. It was reported that following his complaining of a toothache, Levi took Mudgett to the shed where he extracted the tooth with pliers. Mudgett was small in stature and subject to harassment by his peers. At an early age Mudgett developed a fascination for the mutilation of animals. Mudgett would capture stray animals and perform surgical experiments upon them. Mudgett was 11 years old when he committed his first murder, killing his friend and companion, and disguising the incident as a tragic accident that occurred in an abandoned house. 

My finished cover for Ravenous, a 4 issue comicbook project written by Fabian Rodriguez, art by Icarus Hall, coloring by Jurgen Kuqi, lettering by Taylor Esposito and editor Kirsten Thompson.

The art and script quickly catched my eyes and had full freedom about style and ideas, so it has been a pleasure be a part of this.

Ravenous is a 4-issue miniseries set in a tropical fantasy world highly reminiscent of Costa Rica. It tells the story of a group of animal rights activists who find themselves in grave danger when they become entangled in the schemes of a ruthless alchemist who is performing brutal experiments on animals and humanoids alike.

Logo by César Acuña


Schiaparelli Haute Couture fall/winter 2016-17 show Paris

Schiaparelli fashion house made this show in the same spot where dramatic “Circus” show was held in 1938. that all press and fashion lovers remembers as the most avant-garde and daring fashion show ever seen; with acrobats, performing animals and models wearing clown hats. It was most innovative and shocking collection of that time taking inspiration from the father of Surrealist movement; Salvador Dali. This time there were no acrobats and funny clowns to hang around, but still I could feel deep influence of the Circus and references to the art legend; Salvador Dalí……..

Schiaparelli’s spirit is successfully revived and lives with us again….

derpyyoursempai  asked:

I found something cute on the Internet today. Idk if you already saw it but there was a video from the 1992 oscars for best short film and Belle, Beast, and Chip were introducing the award for best animated short film! I actually found it quite cute and was just wondering if seen it yet.

You mean the animated one where Beast has glasses??? If yes, it’s adorable. :D  All of the Oscars performances involving the animated film were amazing, I saw them before I even saw the film because when I was a kid Finland sucked and we used to have to wait at least a YEAR for Disney films to be released after their US premieres.  So I had the Oscars and the “Something There” segment (it was featured on the Jiminy Cricket Christmas special) on VHS that I had recorded from TV and watched them over and over agaainnnn and I was so sad when the tape that that Something There was on got so knackered it would not rewind any more.  Oh and then AFTER the film had finally made it to the cinema we had to wait ANOTHER YEAR for the actual film’s VHS release.  How did humans use to live like that???  My kids are so spoiled.  We went to see Moana and then got home and watched the whole thing again and again straightaway.

Wait, was this the equivalent of “when I was your age I had to walk uphill in a snowstorm ten miles to school”?

March 17, 2016 entry: Before animating a shot, it’s important to plan! Thumbnail sketches are a quick way to start figuring out staging, poses, expressions, and performance. On Zootopia I animated a couple of scenes with Hopps’ parents, who were super fun to animate (Bonnie Hunt and Don Lake did incredible voice acting). Thumb nailing is more about brainstorming ideas than it is about making pretty drawings as you can see here :D #studiomomentsatdisney #momanddadhopps #zootopia #animationtips #thumbnails #drawing #animation #planning #sketchbook #bonniehunt #donlake