performer: montego glover

Good Morning, Good Day
Caramoor Cast of She Loves Me
Good Morning, Good Day

Good Morning, Good Day She Loves Me at Caramoor, June 23rd 2013

SHOWS I SAW IN 2015: It Shoulda Been You on Broadway

June 23rd, 2015

Starring Sierra Boggess, Tyne Daly, Harriet Harris, Lisa Howard, Aaron Finley, Josh Grisetti, Nick Spangler, Montego Glover, Anne Nathan, Chip Zien, and Michael X. Martin

REVIEW: Not nearly as bad as the reviews made it out to be. It definitely had its issues and it could be argued that it relied too much on start power, but it was funny even to me, who was probably by far the most conservative person in the theatre. I was in dirt cheap Rear Mezz seats ($45), but the Brooks Atkinson is so small that I could see perfectly. I was honestly just there for Sierra Boggess, and I wish she had more stage time and singing just because Phantom was what made me fall in love with her. This was virtually the complete opposite, but I live 12 hours away from Manhattan so I don’t exactly get to pick and choose when I go and this was the show she happened to be in at the time. But I’m lucky she was even on Broadway. In the end I actually found the show very enjoyable and worth the money I paid for it. All of the other shows I was seeing were serious, so it was nice comedic relief in the middle of the week. And Josh Grisetti rocks.