The Long Way Home: On Love, Departures, and What Detroit Means to Me

(What originally started off as a little thought-seed about the Very Specific way I imagine my precanon Phichuuris turned into a grossly long-winded ramble about the nature of love???? I don’t know how to explain, omg. I’m so sorry.)

The fourth episode of Yuri!!! on Ice was a pivotal episode for me for many reasons. Prior to that my investment in the series’ early episodes was always tempered by a kind of caution—I’d been enjoying the push-and-pull between Yuuri and Victor as Yuuri struggled to come to terms with the fact that his idol had taken any degree of interest in him and Victor attempted to draw him out of his shell, and seeing the seed of what would eventually develop into a complex dynamic between him and Yuri Plisetsky, partly admiration, partly rivalry, partly a care and concern that neither of them quite knew how to express. But likewise I’d made it a point to be a little guarded—to hang back and wait until fuller character arcs for the protagonists and for the people in their world began to emerge before I gave the series my heart and soul. (I was a little scared, do you see? I didn’t want things to just turn out like another carrot-and-stick game between the shy anxious boy and the hot foreign guy he’d idolized forever who had taken a sudden and inexplicable interest in him. It didn’t help matters that at the time all the conspiracy theories floating around were that Victor was evil, or that he was dying. But anyway.)

All of that reserve flew out the window by the fourth episode, which essentially took the little hints the earlier episodes had been making at the characters’ hidden depths and cranked them up to eleven. There’s so much wonderful insight that comes out of this episode—from the by-now iconic “When I open up, he meets me where I am,” to the way Victor challenges Yuri to put together his own free skate as a way to build his confidence. The conversation they both have with Yuuri’s former coach, Celestino, is especially telling of Yuuri’s personal challenges and what he needs in order to grow: Victor asks, “Why didn’t you let Yuuri choose his own music?” to which Celestino replies that he chooses the music for his skaters unless they tell him that they’d like to pick their own. He proceeds to add that Yuuri only brought him a piece once, but that he’d gone back on it when asked if he believed he could win skating to it: “Please choose the music for me after all, Coach.”

In a sense, this conversation with his former coach reveals to Victor how past!Yuuri failed a kind of test—one that had to do with his capacity to trust his own choices—and that present!Yuuri now needs to face and surmount a similar test before he can move on. The difference is, of course, that Victor’s not going to let him give up on himself. Where Celestino withdraws and lets Yuuri fold, Victor insists on pushing. I also like how this short conversation is illustrative of the fact that, for all that it didn’t work out between them, and for all that his methods differ from Victor’s, Celestino knows Yuuri and has his best interests at heart, and understands what he needs in order to succeed, even if it’s not something he can help Yuuri with at this point.

Suffice to say that there’s a lot to like about this episode, a lot to love, but the real kicker for me came a little under ten minutes in, when Yuuri’s slumped at his desk at a loss as to what to do with his program, and he’s scrolling through his Instagram feed. He sees a friend of his is practicing in Thailand—and right then and there, he calls this friend. Yuuri, who’s anxious and overthinky and shy and has such a hard time opening up to people, just calls up this random boy from Instagram in the middle of the night, like it’s the most natural thing in the world. He greets him with “Sawasdee krab.” Cue me bringing my hand to my mouth in dismay—He has a Thai friend and he’s greeting him in Thai, oh my god. I felt the axe hovering above my head about to drop.

Suffice to say that it was love at first sight for me, as far as Phichit Chulanont was concerned. From his very first appearance as a smiley image on Yuuri’s phone screen, he exudes a natural warmth and an effervescence that it’s difficult to look away from, and that have proceeded to endear him to the fandom surprisingly thoroughly for a supporting character without too much screentime/internal monologue time/poignant backstory reveal time. But more than that, it was the ease with which I saw him and Yuuri talk to each other that intrigued me, and the idea of their shared past—“Detroit’s boring now that you’re gone!” he said, and I felt the axe smash me right down into extrapolation hell, because cute former rinkmate? Cute former rinkmate whose wiki entry later told me was also a former roommate? Look at all the fanfic waiting to happen.

(Spoiler: Happen it did, and then some.)

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They were potentially the only one of these exposing accounts that MIGHT have known something. Two things stand out for me with EL. The first one could be a coincidence. #1 The people asking told her about 'The Stripper' fanfic, she fangirled over it. Two days later Camila followed the author. She claimed that she showed the fic to Camila. #2 one is more of a big deal to me: she said she (the account) would be gone after Jingle Ball ended. What happened when JB ended? Dec 18, Camila left 5H.

Haayy fam… Very interesting once the reviews you have given, hopefully it’s not just a coincidence that happened and whether behind the account is camila and lauren? Who knows … everything can happen fam. Hahahahaha … well Sorry back to serious again 🤔 I guess if it’s true the account has shown fanfic about the stripper. Then We can see the result that camila Cabello eh I means Karla Estrabao has been dancing very sexy in her Video Music CC1 Album and her appearance as opening performancing at bruno mars concert.

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AU when Sweden, Norway and Denmark are side dancers in one music agency and Finland is photographer (still learning) who has to practice taking photos of people moving quickly (let's ignore how stupid it sounds). And from the beginning he's like :O because they are really good. After some time they start to hang out and then Fin discovers that Nor and Den are also great singers and he tells them that they should tell their agency and start performancing on their own, as a trio. (1)

Wow, this is an amazing idea! I would totally read this :)

You know, what if Tino accidentally kisses Berwald after his debut? Because he was thrilled about!  And then they stared at each other akwardly, lmao




Q: What do you mean by they became skilful?

A: Their facial expressions and little details they show to deliver the emotions of each song, that’s where I can recognize their expert ease. During Kai and Sehun’s Baby Don’t Cry performances, this was very noticeable too.

Q :You have seen how they were in real life, can you tell us each member’s strength?

A: Kai is an artist whose stage presence is extraordinary. He gets immersed in songs, his ability to let his audience catch little details of the performance is outstanding. Whether Kai participates in their performance or not changes the whole aura of the performance. We’ve done the show for 44 times so far but the more I watch Kai’s performanc, the more I get immersed in it.

Q:Was there any moment you felt ‘They’re so cool/great!’

A: If I pick one performance, I’d pick the choreo for 'Baby Don’t Cry’. Even when they were just practicing, I already felt that the audience will love that so much.

Q: A member who is the most different during rehearsals and real performances?

A: Kai. Once he starts performing for the real show, his eyes just change. His facial expressions are different for every song. His expression ability is amazing.


Q:You had a chance to know their personalities, how was it?

A:I thought Kai would be a little bit unfriendly or cold since I heard that he’s shy of strangers also when I see his appearance, he has this cold man kind of attraction, but he remembered every staff and greeted and asked how we were doing first everytime he met us. And I felt that 'he looks somewhat cold but he is very pure inside’


Q: If you leave a short message for each member?

A: Kai, As I see you always have so many thoughts and worries about EXO’s performances, and also so much passion for dancing, I can’t help but think you’re a born performer. I feel proud to see you improve so fast. I will count on you to keep touching your audience’s hearts even in the future. And take care of yourself too.

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So I was asked to write a bit about the Phantoms I’ve seen. Putting it behind the cut, as the post turned into a quite massive lil’ thing when I was done…

I must say that although I have my favourites, I’ve never seen a bad Phantom live. They’ve all been good, in different ways. But if I were to list my top 5 Phantoms, it would look something like this (in no particular order): Flemming Enevold, Scott Davies, John Owen-Jones, Earl Carpenter aaaaand… not sure who the fifth one is, as there’s so many solid candidates. Somewhere between Brad Little, Marcus Lovett and Ian Jon Bourg, probably. Though I also have a big heart for Preben Kristensen and David Arnsperger.

59 performances, 16 Phantoms. Here’s my thoughts on them.

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Rfa, V and Saeran react to MC being a pro belly dancer and they learn this at the party when MC thought it is being a bit boring so why not do a belly dance-


  • Actually thinks belly dancing is pretty cool
  • He has known it from his business trips to the east
  • But never ever had expected that you could do it
  • Especially in that elegant dress you wore
  • But then you started dancing and he just looks at you approving
  • Later after the party he probably asks you to teach him
  • “ Why ? “
  • You really wonder why he would want to learn that
  • “ It seems like a good exercise too keep your body healthy and isn’t too hard”


  • Is a bit embarassed as you start belly dancing
  • But now she knows why you have them hips
  • This girl never belly danced before but probably knows standard dance
  • So after you finished one song
  • She comes over and offers you to teach you standard dance
  • You say yes but only in exchange to her learning belly dance
  • Oh well somehow you end up having an oriental themed day at the café
  • With a special performance by you


  • Absolutely doesn’t know what to do
  • Like wow
  • You’re pretty awesome but everyone is staring
  • So he just kinda freezes and stares at you
  • After the first song people start clapping
  • And that’s his cue and he claps as well and walks over to you
  • Tells you about how cool that was
  • Probably only now gets super excited
  • And asks you all kinds of things about it : when did you start, how did you starty, why belly dancing and so on


  • Was talking to some of his fans when he suddendly heard cheering
  • Looks at where the cheering was coming from
  • Oh hey isn’t that MC?
  • What is she doing ? Oh wow is she belly dancing ?
  • He nods and then joins you on stage
  • Packing out some musical moves
  • You dance together
  • At the end both of you have gained a large fancrowd


  • Is super totally excited seeing you dance
  • Grabs a scarf from somewhere and joins you
  • He actually can’t belly dance
  • But he doesn’t care
  • And just has fun with you
  • You end up being the highlight
  • And in the end a lot of people join you to belly dance

Edit : Added V and Saeran !


  • He was scared when the mood on the party dropped a bit
  • It’s not that it was bad
  • But it wasn’t so exciting that it was worth coming again
  • And then he suddendly heared cheering
  • And walked to see what wass all the commotion about
  • Hey is that MC
  • Wow you’re the source of this commotion?
  • Hey is that belly dancing
  • Because of his travels he has seen a lot of things
  • Including professional belly dancing
  • And wow you we’re as good as them
  • At the end asks you if you can do that at every party


  • It was his first party not RFA but in general too
  • And so he kinda always sticked around you
  • But when you suddendly started belly dancing
  • He whispered “ What the heck are you doing”
  • He knew you we’re dancing he had read about it
  • But this particular kind of dancing he didn’t knew
  • The sudden cheer surprised him
  • And he quickly went to the rest of the crowd and stared at you
  • Hey you seemed pretty good at whatever you we’re doing
  • After the performanc e he asked you to tell him more about it

This is blog entry was brought to you by Director Sasaki, the self-proclaimed “only serious person in this staff”. If you watched the DanganGravity livestream, you might remember him as the guy who played Gravity Rush 2 and sucked terribly at it.

Sasaki identifies himself as Ki-bo and his work colleagues treat him as such. Just like Ki-bo, he is a very serious person surrounded by less serious people, has terrible luck, nothing he tries to do works but he is somehow still cute trying and he is that one guy who never gets the jokes. 

As a director he does some cool tasks like:

  1. Throwing ideas to everyone else in the project.
  2. Managing everyone’s schedules and work quality.
  3. Turning Kodaka’s script into an well balanced and performanced game.
  4. Many other less fun and more time-confusing jobs

After that, Sasaki finally talks V3. He goes on a little bit the struggles they had to make the new DanganRonpa new. Upgrading all systems aside, the answer they found were the lies and the Panic Debate. But he makes quite clear that the thing he most likes about DanganRonpa is how unpredictable Kodaka’s story is. He assures us that V3′s is more unpredictable than ever. It’s a story only DanganRonpa can do. An experience you can never get anywhere else.